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  1. Songwriter Needed

    Hi,Lenaflinga! You have good voice and Your "just for a laugh" cover sounds very well. Hope You will find songwriters here. Good luck!
  2. Dattie Do "dance With Me"

    Thanks for Your kind words,Achazia! I'm glad You like it. Thank for comments!
  3. Dattie Do "dance With Me"

    Oh,really? Honestly i always hear in every song i made lots of things to improve. Thanks for kind words,Dave! Btw,today is Friday - have a good weekend!
  4. Dattie Do "dance With Me"

    It's a compliment that you think this could replace a theme tune I hope this song will find its own place. Thanks!
  5. I'm Leaving The City

    Well done,Duarte and Jan! Nice and pleasant song. Btw, Duarte's English is not bad in my opinion. It would be great to shot a video for this song.
  6. Sister's Secret

    Achazia,thanks for another one atmospheric song. Honestly there's nothing to critique. Best thing what we have to do is close our eyes and listen Your mystic voice and music. Your music is like a parralel world.
  7. Dattie Do "dance With Me"

    Yes,this is not just my song, Ed made english text and Dottie did great vocal job too. I'm glad You like it. Thanks again.
  8. Dattie Do "dance With Me"

    Thanks,Matthew! do You think so? i had just a couple of comments on this track before. honestly it should be recorded much better with cool drive sound. Anyway thanks for Your feedback. Best wishes,Vlad.
  9. Dattie Do "dance With Me"

    Real name of Dattie Do - Thanh Dat Do. He is from Vietnam. Ed (lyricist) - from USA.
  10. Dattie Do "dance With Me"

    Dattie Do "Dance With Me" Hi, SS people! here's the last song i made with my friends Dattie Do(vocal) and Ed Millican(lyrics). So let me know what do You think about my music! Thanks for attention! https://soundcloud.com/vlg2009/dattie-do-dance-with-me-demo music V.Grebenkin lyrics Edward B. Millican III DANCE WITH ME You're lookin' so beat, dead on your feet Getcha' some green Time for a treat You… You gave it all that you got Heart and soul, every last drop So let loose your desire No, you can't stop the fire! You gotta' get up now and move to the beat Can't help yourself Can't stop your feet No surrender, no retreat Come on, and dance with me The first drink is free Music can breathe new life, so sweet into your feet I… I see you lookin' that way Your hips are starting to sway You can't fight it much longer It's only getting stronger! You gotta' get up now and move to the beat Can't help yourself Can't stop your feet No surrender, no retreat Come on, and dance with me Crying babies give you no peace Boss man only gives you grief I know you're struggling just like me Seems like an eternal week So, if you've got the workhorse blues and seek the Fountain of Youth, then follow me, you just can't lose Have a shot, time to cut loose You gotta' get up now and move to the beat Can't help yourself Can't stop your feet No surrender, no retreat Come on, and dance with me
  11. Hello Everyone!

    Don't worry! You're not the only one who can not speak English well,believe me. language of music is the main language here. Welcome and good luck!
  12. Got Demo's And Need A Full Band?

    Hi,i'm beginning composer. i need re-record well several songs. check some of my stuff on soundcloud vladimir grebenkin. cheers,Vlad!
  13. Black And White (Demo)

    Thanks for comment EriiCDAPRiiNCE! but i'm sure if this song will be re-recorded by good musicians and sound engineers - it will be sounding much better. I can not estimate the quality of the sound. I do not have good headphones or audio monitors. good luck!
  14. Black And White (Demo)

    Thanks for comments, Guitarboy. You're right, voice sounds not very good. But it's just a demo-version. I'm prefer not to sped my time for mastering. (exuse me for late reply)