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Found 5 results

  1. I'm Special

    SPECIAL look at the name of the title…..thats me I'm special replace jesus in the bible….thats me im special with my hood hanging low,but my head held high i didnt start it at the bottom,i started up in the sky special at young age i was labelled the chosen one i lived up to the hype all my battles fought and won by me because im special,upper league level im premier league your not even championship your ships sinking man from a stevie gerrard slip im special,proper rule breaker an evil rebel and i wouldnt flicker an eyelid when i triple tap the trigger think your better?bring all your homies come see im bigger and nastier and willing to die for the life no second thought of taking you away from your wife that special twisted feeling takes over my mind ..my head its me vs you bitch and i aint leaving here dead im not ready to go to hell i haven't been crowned king you can turn into a walker but ill grab lucille and make her swing cant wait for you to test me put me into a psychotic rage my inner strength flows out AKA marvels Luke Cage pure power unleashed upon you and your crew cower i dont need Bin Laden ill destroy you like twin towers you call the 911 see me i don't turn and run phone the 999 your a snitch job done clocking off time when we dump your ass in the lake overtime pay bitch now do you realise i aint fake so pay attention snakes i don't ask i just take your life away i aint a fan in the stands man i come to play venom attack I'm special in my bones black belt gangster but crazy like Jon Jones look at the name of the title…..thats me I'm special replace jesus in the bible….thats me I'm special
  2. Hello, I'm Ricky Duvall, found this website and wanted to see if I could meet some new peeps. Looking just to collab and work and view other musicians work via the interwebs!! Hope to meet some new folks!
  3. Silent Voice [Acapella Demo]

    hello , I would like to know something about my voice , I have never sung before, so please be gentle . And the microphone is a bit too cheap . I just want to know, whether my desire to sing has some sense .the lyrics of course are mine . https://soundcloud.com/filip-wyrwalski/silent-voice-acapella-demo
  4. I was honoured to make song with acapella given, the singer's name is Bonnie Legion, she's got a beautiful voice and is good singer. It made the tune sound colourful. I am sorry for some parts in which the melody doesn't go right with the singing. I really love using Renoise, it helped me much to make it sound so beautiful, especially the vocals! Anyway, gratitude for your feedbacks and opinions is granted. https://soundcloud.com/brain-claim/ft-bonnie-legion-spring-the-summer-original-mix
  5. Catch Me If You Can

    This is a song about fleeing the 9-5 life in pursuit of a meaningful one. When we were writing this song, we wanted the arrangement/structure to coincide with the song's theme; breaking the standard mold. The result was a combination of several genres with one uniform direction. I'd very much like to hear your thoughts/advice on this song! Please note: This is only one song, but it's separated into two tracks that flow together. I posted the two tracks together as a set on Soundcloud. I'm well on my way to eclipsing The Moon Should they let me come home, I'll take you Are you sick are you tired of living inspired by love of a game? They don’t let me see the sun ‘round here too much anymore Keep me somewhere safe until I’m rotten to the core And I don’t understand if I’m supposed to Like it when they tell me I’m so good at what I do... How much sense does that make to you? Baby don’tcha know that brain of yours is overrated? There’s a million carbon-copy-people glad to show ya how to make it Oh, take it slow, put your hands down, try to simmer Nothing half as big as Texas needs to sport another lonely Vineyard My oh my, catch me if you can I can learn to fly higher than you can Sleeping on a rainstorm dancing on a cloud I can touch the sky from here And I can hear the crowd And I’m under the impression that You’re only half-rated to the ground Are you afraid of falling down? I’m scared of stalling out Old Mister Sunshine’s smiling A million miles away Hey, I’m breaking out Yeah, I’m escaping now Fluorescent prison cells Cardstock paper-chains Nothing’s keeping me held down I’m rolling out, you catch me if you can My oh my, catch me if you can I can learn to fly higher than you can My oh my, I’d die if life was nothing more Than pushing pencils, life is short, friend Catch me if you can! This alarm clock is my favorite broken thing I won’t be alive on time until it learns to sing What’s it like to like to live inside a broken record now? Shake a leg, boys and girls, I’LL SEE YOU IN SOCAL. Old Mister Sunshine’s smiling A million miles away I miss him more each time I lie Fluorescent prison cells Cardstock paper-chains I swear I’ll live until I die I can fly! I can fly! (My oh my) And don’t you try to stay me (Catch me if you can) I know I’ll live ‘till I die (I can learn to fly) Someday (My oh my) We’ll take the sun and (I’d die) You’ll know we’re born for the skies (If life was nothing more) So, Catch me if you can!