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Found 9 results

  1. Alo vs Scoob

    Infectiously spread into to there minds I see clearly now i realise iv got real eyes I see the signs Races erasing the traces of racism False educating there raising our children to race against other races A mason free mason amazing the places there traced in Training for trading the trailing plane are detonating Twin towers structures are failing bombs placed below in the basement Media paid statements Rationalization creating cognitive displacement Why were racist towards nations your mom your mom your mom your mom is an amazing woman she raised you into the world that is strong
  2. Alo vs Force

    im a lyrical king there isnt one line where im not lion like tiger in the woods i swing white against the hood you dont relion your self so let me call you debby downer wannab,able to suckseed as a king but your just like prince ever since you tryed to swallow eminems flow all in one go you little hoe mo more money more media statements scoob if you hear me bitch im still waiting im very inpatient so ill take this battle with force as training but in the end ill leave with noone remaining im phenomenal with literacy literally lyricaly unstoppable follow me force im a rolemodel real responsibble physically i hold a 6 pack on my abdominal ill open up a can an whoop ass put the other 5 into a bag beat youuntil your bodydents into the grass im not a sorry guy but i appolgise for speaking out of place with such a violent ryhme im still tryna counteract violence (count iraqs) why dont we just stop and take a moment of silence
  3. Distance

    This is a test recording of the chorus from my track distant. tell me what you think of the lyrics and ryhme structrure Lyrics>>>>>>>>>> i keep my distance from the devil spread wide apart avoiding sin revoking lust because i love from my heart a gift from my god l-ord jesus the freedom we want the freedom we want to be free with our god i was sitting quitely in meditation im contemplating is the matrix just a figment of imagination to my amazement my mind and body seperated but can the mind survive without the brains regulation i need more education for my minds elevation
  4. Bad Mood

    looking for advice on instruments to add for the drop, i like the bass guitar but for me its not bassy enough. the track is early in the making. the bass is literally a one take idea of the top of my head, that i took from my dumpscore, and then stretched out the notes on certain parts, still needs arranging to flow well
  5. rap critique

    read description id like to know how you think i can improve. critique everything
  6. I Remember

  7. Late Introduction

    Hi im aloproductionz but you can call me dex im from the uk and im 23 years old since a child iv been passionate about music my first instrument I started to play was the keyboard, I would love to mess about with the different preset sounds and play them along with the beats on there I spent a lot of time on there each day. after my older cousin taught me a simple song on the keyboard and challenged me to play it fast and it different adaptions I began wanting to make my own music I started 2 songs on the piano while in primary school and had a few lessons in secondary school but due to going to a bad school class was cancelled and replaced with me crap health and safety.in my spare time I would continue playing a creating music during school my passion for story writing and poetry blossomed I began making music on the computer towards the end of school where after I went on to do a music diploma but dropped out at the end of the second year because it wasn't for me other instruments Iv played include flute drums and guitar I still play and compose music but now on a piano rather then a keyboard and produce music onn my computer I still write poetry/songs but have taken a break to work on production where atm im at the stage of learning to mix my music and hope after to move on to promoting my music and working towards collaborations with other artist either stuff theyv written or that iv written I like every genre of music besides death metal to me music is an expression of emotion so each music can suit a better mood but screaming nastiness isn't for me however I once met a man who was a heavy metal listener and surprisingly he was the most gentle kind guy which was interesting I guess it shows how music can be a voice of expression
  8. Iv recently upgraded my music computer and now I have enough processing capabilities to mix. I have a whole lot of tracks that iv put a side for mixing maybe 30 or 40. some advice on a more professional mix would be appreciated I think iv got kicks and bass down with compression, filter and eq but when it comes to instruments like hats im not so sure what else too apply I like to give snares a slight reverb and raise up the low/mid frequencies a tad any advice would be very much appreciated thanks ALO
  9. harmoniously dancing together so free two sweet blue butterflys graciously greet her reflective gaze is, shimmering eyes her tounge tastes the river as ripples the sky a warm soft wind combs gently through her fur her dear heart is nourished as now so is she oh joyous soft brown deer, hop back to the trees full of gold, red and vibrant green coloured leaves underneath birds with wings wide spread gliding east picture you and me us together floating so harmoniously like leaves falling slow from a motionless tree carried around the winds circling a spiralling breeze