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Found 32 results

  1. Pandora

    Hey guys, I'm new here and wanted to get involved. So here's a short song I made. I was trying to portray waking up on in a beautiful and vibrant landscape if that helps at all. Thanks, Rowan.
  2. JAREK - Shore

    Hey, this is a song that I wrote for my band. We're really keen to write more, so any suggestions or criticisms are greatly appreciated. You can find it on both Soundcloud (below) and YouTube. Please give feedback Thanks.

    Hi Guys, Here's one of my latest creations. I know it's on the long side...I could probably cut some of the intro(with some difficultly)...what do you think? It's not fully produced, as it doesn't have any drums or bass...do you think it needs them? I won't say what this song is about to me, but I would be interested to know what you get out of the lyrics Thanks for listening and I will get to listening to more songs asap https://soundcloud.com/crystalsuzy/come-with-me :Come with me, to the other side of the moon: Come take this trip, on a sailing ship It leaves at dawn, and it won't be long Before we reach, our destination So come aboard, you can't afford To miss this boat, cause tho stay afloat You must assess, your situation It's time for, some exploration Come with me now, can't you see What's on the other side of the moon, ya the moon If you'd only take, this chance we me I could guarantee, your satisfaction It's hard for you, without any proof To follow blind, through your mind Without complete, evaluation The captain said, as we pushed ahead Trust in me, cause beyond this sea, Waits a land of, higher vibration It's time for, some exploration The possibilities are endless Step out of your limited physical box Discover your unbounded self, your true nature Come with me, to the other side of the moon You won't be sorry, if you take my hand, and trust in me So trust in me, don't be afraid I wouldn't lead you astray So take my hand, come take this trip To the other side of the moon...to the other side of the moon
  4. Charon - (NEW VOCAL VERSION)

    ***** HI ALL - I'VE POSTED A NEW VOCAL VERSION ON PAGE 2 - WOULD APPRECIATE ANY CRITIQUE... CHEERS ****** Hi all, this was originally going to remain as an ambient instrumental piece (already posted as Ethereal in the Instrumental section), but on @MonoStone suggestion, I have added lyrics and vocal. Dek thought maybe go down the David Sylvian route, which I decided to do, hence the strange title and subject matter It is by no means finished - the vocal, lyrics, arrangement etc need work, but I am just looking for feedback on all the parts that are there at the moment. Does anything work? Is there parts that don't work? Am I finally going mad?!?!?! - I was trying to make the vocal sound a bit strange to go with the content - a bit ethereal so to speak. Any critique would be most welcome... Cheers Lyrics (feel free to critique) Can you pay The ferryman There's a cost He will demand If you don't have the coin He will not take you on He will leave you to wander Acheron Charon Help me out Please I just want to see my family If you can let me on your boat Then I know that I can go on home If you're lost Or if you know Just how far You must go With the souls of the others Who can't move on You will be left to wander Acheron Charon Help me out Please I just want to see my family If you can let me on your boat Then I know that I can go on home
  5. She Dreamed the Swans

    Hi, A month ago, I posted a link to Verses Records Code Red compilation to benefit the ACLU in the lounge. I'm not sure if people knew which track was mine, since I've been going by "müesk" for the last year or so. At any rate, I've remastered the song (the version on the compilation was mastered by the label). I'm not interested in composition or development comments -- I spent nearly three months working on this. I am, however, interested in mixing or mastering comments because either / or both can still be modified.
  6. Ethereal

    This is a small instrumental piece I started the other day.. I just don't know what else to do with it to keep it ambient, but not have it repeating too much. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Cheers
  7. Sof

    Hi, this is a song I made awhile back, waddyathink.
  8. Enveloped (ambient)

    This is a song I put together this morning. Not to confident in the ending but I kind of want to keep the simplicity.
  9. Same Time Tomorrow

    Hi, I have posted a possible candidate for final mix for my short minimal ambient electronic piece "Same Time Tomorrow" Thoughts?
  10. Same Time Tomorrow

    Hi, Everyone: I started work on a new piece recently, called "Same Time Tomorrow" It's in regular 12-tone temperament, and is a minimal ambient piece. Trying to teach myself patience, I guess. Yes, it's still a work-in-progress, but there's enough here that you get the general drift.
  11. Heaven

    I have been working on this track for about 6 months since I couldn't find the right result. At last, here I am, serving You this piece of music! I hope You enjoy and share Your bad or good impressions with me. What the track contains: ---heavenly choir -----drums leading to more heavenly choir -------more drums leading into the most heavenly choir P.S. Well, I hope You hear for Yourselves...
  12. I would like to know what do You think when You listen to this ritual song/soundscape. In this song I am showing how the dark satanic rituals by mighty people might look (sound) like. Feedbacks are welcome
  13. 2 Songs In Progress

    Hi, for those of you here who don't know me, I've made it a practice this year to post works in progress, usually every time I add another minute or so of music. Anyway, here are two new pieces. One is a 6/8 thing that uses normal tuning and is fairly ambient and another that is kind of glitchy and is in 18 EDO (octaves divided into 18 steps). Any comments are welcome on either one of the songs. Unlike the past, I have created a group on Soundcloud for these works so the links won't die when I post new versions. Thank you! https://soundcloud.com/steve-mueske/sets/stuff-im-working-on P.S. Has the forum organization changed or am I just freaking out? Is this the right place to post?
  14. Dark Ambient Horror Soundtrack

    Scary dark ambient project made on Renoise. Two people gave me their vocals to the song even more scary. Enjoy the horror ride and happy nightmares... I will be very grateful for Your feedbacks https://soundcloud.com/brain-claim/let-me-feast-on-your-fear-feat-outstander-outrigger
  15. Tall Tales Of Corporal Smith - Concept Work

    Hey guys its been a while since i posted here and got great feedback. Its been about a year when i asked you all to check out my first serious song. Years before that i had dabbled in various music genres created in FL Studio and Reason but last year is when i started taking musical creation and production seriously. It is my goal in life to carv out my own musical piece of the pie by either my musical creations, performance, production, collaboration, live sound, cinematic music etc. I am determined to find a place in the musical world for myself as a career. I had read a post on here about how in order to move foward as a musician, you must be torn down first and realize you are not great. This has happened to me on several occasions. So much so that last year, i stopped releasing every track i made until eventually, i wouldnt release any track at all for fear that it had nothing musical to offer. I fear i have lost perspective, as we all do, when it comes to my music. It is a passion and fun for me but i long for my music to have meaning to other people as well. So with all that said i would like to present the culmination of 5 years of bedroom production has taught me. It is called Tall Tales of Corporal Smith. It was created at OO Studios (my bedroom). I have invested quite a bit of time and money into my music and my studio, so with that i ask and expect everyone harshest criticism of this project. I would like it reviewed as if you had bought from ITunes. CONCEPT ALBUM play from beginning to end without stopping https://soundcloud.com/oo-records/sets/tall-tales-of-corporal-smith/s-j5HZa I specifically am interested in how the mix sounds and thoughts on the overall theme and production quality. Any and all comments are welcome. We can talk more about the subject material when you have a listen but it is meant to be played from beginning to end. Thanks for any and all comments as this is an amazing community and am grateful to have the opportunity to talk to real musicians instead of cheap listens.
  16. Nick Andrews - Ainqa

    Hi to everyone! Can you review my experiment in New Age music genre? Thank you!
  17. Beach Walk

    I wrote this a couple weeks ago and will start on lyrics as soon as my health picks up. Thoughts, suggestions and any input is very welcome.
  18. Broken Heart - Original Song

    Greetings, to the first topic in which i'll share my music, with you guys. After a couple of sleepless nights due to loss of rather.. important 'terms' that disconnected the gap between solace and so to speak inner uhm..'wraiths'. I went straight to my computer, booted up the programs and started making music inspired by my feelings, which I could no longer escape from. My emotions led me to create this... rather melancholic tune. Some might even say it's upbeat! (But you know what my original intention was either way so let's get too it.) Broken Heart - Original Song Composed by: Ayrayen Copyright © 2014 by Ayrayen All Rights Reserved. Genre: DnB [Drum 'n' Bass] Ambient Melodic (Probably more) [soundcloud] All Critique is welcome! I would really like to hear on what I can 'Improve'. And I would even like to hear what 'You' think about the actual 'song', tune and melody. Does it convey any feelings to you? Do you imagine something, do see something in your mind? Tell me everything! (And yes.. I know there is no 'lyrics') And please don't be shy about leaving a comment. If you have any questions. Ask me. Thank you all. ~Ayrayen~
  19. From my Silent Hill tribute album that's been in the works for about close to 2 years now, "Restless Dreams", the song 'And The Error of our Ways' is a theme to Silent Hill 2's protagonist James Sunderland. It's one of my favorite games and game protagonists, for that matter. https://soundcloud.com/aristadt/and-the-error-of-our-ways
  20. Ep: "i Am Not A Ghost"

    https://soundcloud.com/aristadt/sets/i-am-not-a-ghost My most recent release is a 5 track ode to Nine Inch Nails' 2008 instrumental album Ghosts I-IV. I really enjoyed it for just napping. The tracks are mostly tame, with two really rhythmic experiences and three more ambient, low-key soundscapes. Hope you enjoy it!
  21. Memories

    Hi guys! I've been working on this one for a bit now and I figured I'd get you guys' opinion on it. It was really written with vocals in mind, so I'm aware that some bits might be a bit empty. I'm still a bit of a noob to production, so I'd really appreciate any advice in that area, but I'm open to general critique as well.
  22. Momentum (A Homage To Portal)

    Hi guys, I wrote the first section of this while testing out some new gear and messing around with different tones. It really reminded me of the ambient background music in Portal, and I liked it. So, I decided to build on it and this is what came out. I'm open to hear what you guys think, so feel free to leave your thoughts, criticsm etc. Hope you like it! Thanks, Sam
  23. Distant...but Not Gone

    Hi guys, I wanted to write something a little more rockish for this one, and this is what came out. I wanted to give it a more positive, hopeful feel, so hopefully that's what it conveys. I think vocals would sound really good on this one, but...I can't really sing...I'm currently looking for a male vocalist for collaboration at the moment though, so if you're interested, I'm open to hear what you've got. Anyway, be free to share your thoughts, rip on me etc. I hope you like it. Thanks, Sam https://soundcloud.com/sam-wilfan/distant-but-not-gone
  24. Blue Winter Soul

    My band's first musical endeavor. I started writing it a while back, but we only recently got a chance to record it. It's very much inspired by Emancipator and Periphery (weird mix, but yeah). I was listening to those bands while I was writing it and tried to incorporate elements from those bands while trying to keep an original sound. It isn't perfect, but I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to comment, criticize etc, but make sure the criticism is constructive. https://soundcloud.com/sam-wilfan/blue-winter-soul-1