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Found 1 result

  1. Arrogance

    Do any of you think you are arrogant? Do any of you KNOW you are arrogant hahaha? I have struggled with it all my life and I find it to be such a strange thing to deal with. I think it's hard to understand the arrogant, because it's not like... a conscious decision to think you're better than everyone, it's like I know how exciting what's going on in my head is and I'm aware that I tend to see deep angles most don't. I don't think "Ok Chris just go into this remembering you're the smartest person in the room" but it's like it's a subconscious assumption I am not intending to make. The result is me kind of... not letting anyone else steer the conversation anywhere I keep unwittingly trying to dominate. Another thing is my quickness to admit my good looks. Not FLAUNT mind you, I'll just admit quite readily I know I'm a good looking guy, and I don't think this is arrogant for the reason you might think haha I don't do it to draw attention but more because I just don't see it as something I can take credit for so I'm like "yeah God gave me some great features haha Not sure why he wanted me to have that but I'll take it right?" But see, not everyone can grasp that you're coming from a place like that, and I won't explain cause I just talk instead of thinking about how THEY will percieve me right? And there-in lies the pesky arrogance, just kind of riding my own train outloud while I force everyone else on it. Lately however I've started FINALLY learning to listen, and just admit my arrogance or stop it, when I see I'm overloading someone or taking over I try to stop and say "Oh wait, I don't think this is the direction you were trying to go in, could you explain what you were saying before please?" Cause I also won't be listening as I sort of... globalize everything I hear in my mind, connecting dots, seeing a big picture. It's hard for me to "Come back down to earth" so to speak, though it's not narcissism since I put all this energy into studying Jesus and his love for me and all mankind and so like... the good source makes me good but without that? If I was more like... a person who didn't have a good sense of self? I might totally be a textbook narcissist. Does anyone relate? (I don't expect you to admit it if you're not comfortable haha my arrogance just let's me talk about my flaws all day long with no fear Muhahahaha) (Oh let me know if you were uncomfortable with the Jesus reference, I'm guessing you're ok with people referencing religion to the degree they kind of have to to be honest and themselves, I'm guessing you just don't want anyone trying to STEER everyone into a religious debate yes? Let me know if I get the idea now)