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Found 19 results

  1. Introduction

    Hey yall ! I'm Vibez from Jersey US. Im a singer/songwriter/musician/producer/creator . Just thought I'd find a community of other music heads like myself! I love all kinds of music and Im open for suggestions on new music to listen to ! What's your favorite genre? Who's your favorite artist?
  2. Hello Songstuff Community, I am Palm Baker, and I am a Toronto based music producer, studio owner, and recording artist. My journey as a musician started with a cheap guitar at a young age. I have since learnt guitar, along with piano and a handful of classical brass instruments. Aside from being a multi-instrumentalist, I am also a studio engineer. Building my first studio four years back in the basement of a London, ON. apartment, I began working with friends and close networks to figure out the ropes. I have since worked with artists and producers across Canada, the United States, and even one team of EDM producers and rappers from Sweden. As an artist I have performed across venues in Toronto, ON. Some of these venues include The Opera House, Revival Bar, & The Mod Club. To organize my live set I use the Roland DJ 808 where I can control my studio produced tracks along with my vocals mic-ed through a vocal processor that lets me control Volume, EQ, Pitch, and Reverb. Here at Songstuff I hope to develop networks and build my company, while sharing feedback and my music. Looking forward to what this community has to offer. All the best, Baker
  3. Sharing a videos of a new artists from youtube which you should watch. A bollywood song *Video removed*
  4. Express Yourself as a Musician

    Expression is considered to be at the pinnacle of qualities for any artist let alone a musician. Regardless of the genre, instrument or language, every musician tries to express a certain story, concept or thought process in the music he/she creates. For a guitarist, to be able to carve the right chord backing or improvise a solo befitting a song is very very important. Regardless of how many scales you know or how advanced of a guitar player you are, to be expressive is its own cup of tea. This article gives you insight as to how you can become a more expressive guitar player, though the idea applies to any instrument. http://www.songstuff.com/guitar/article/express_yourself/ Be sure to share and like the article if you find it useful. If you have any questions, feel free to discuss it on the Songstuff Community Forums.
  5. What's up, everybody? I go by SilverDollar. I write my own songs, make my own beats, and record my own songs all by myself. My songs are 100% clean but still manage to capture different types of styles and feels. I'm currently working on a mixtape that will drop this summer. I would be willing to collab with people if they you want to- just email me at silverdollar.rap@gmail.com. Nice to be a part of this forum!
  6. Hey, Im a music producer looking for singer-songwriters for my tracks Im up for making any kind of music. Also I'm looking for somebody to cover "All about that bass" to put onto my recreated version Contract me Jake.collison@hotmail.co.uk Many thanks
  7. Hello Folks!

    Hi, Strauss here! The last few months I'm engaged in writing songs. In the past I was often writing motivational stories. Lately I've been working on writing songs. I have a lot of crazy ideas and I express them in many forms (painting, writing songs and stories). I'm friendly, caring, little bit weird (in good way, I guess) and creative person. I just want to improve myself. What I'm really looking for is someone similar to collaborate on Skype. I'm looking for fun person, who love to write songs or create melody for songs or who just have beautiful voice and love to sing (I prefer female voice, but nothing wrong with male voice either). Anyone interested? I wanna learn and create with you. Add me: strauss.session I'm glad I found this forum. Have fun!
  8. Please I am in need of someone to sing my lyrics....I hope we become the best of friends in doing it(: Please help(:
  9. Hey songstuffers! My name is spencer and im in a band called American Island from Seattle. We recently finished recording our debut record "Wild Life" with John Goodmanson (Deathcab For Cutie, Sleater-Kinney, Los Campesinos, Nada Surf) at Robert Lang Studios (in the same room as Nirvana, Foo Fighters, sir mixelot ). The single "Dream of Me" just went live on iTunes along with a music video last week. Would love to hear critiques/thoughts on the track! The youtube is a little music video we put together for the song, with studio footage and footage from a show at the high dive in seattle! Youtube: American Island - Dream Of Me - YouTube SoundCloud: American Island's sets on SoundCloud - Hear the world American island website: American Island | Indie rock and roll music from Seattle, WA. Let me know what yall think, trying to spread the word! Thanks for your time! Lyrics: verse 1: Cryin in your car with the rain pourin down screamin on the phone with your tears runnin out i thought you'd stick around when i started to shout for the life of me i dont know what about pre: But when i wake i hope to find you there between the sheets wrapped in the clothes i wear chorus: and when you dream you dream of me verse2: Rollin in the grass with the light pourin down laughin at the world with your breath runnin out i broke your little heart when i started to shout for the life of me i dont know what about Pre: " " Chorus:" " Instrumental bridge Chorus: " "
  10. American Island

    Hey Songstuffers! My name is spencer, im in a band called American Island, from seattle, and wanted to get on here to find new artists, get feedback on our tunes, and share with new listeners! Im excited to be here and can't wait to hear back from all of you out there! Thanks!
  11. Hello Fellow Musicians!

    Hi everybody! My name is Andrea and I am from Canada - more specifically in Toronto. I am a songwriter mainly writing for electronic, electro-pop, acoustic-pop, or pop in general- music. Music is my passion and I really want to share and join a group of people who have the same passion as I do! I play piano, guitar, sing (roughly), but mostly produce using software instruments. I'd love to work on bigger projects in the future and contribute more to the music industry.
  12. Check out my new single produced by the legendary Keith Olsen and written by Jud Friedman! My name is Ashley Honnell. I am a Country/Pop artist, who has just released my first single, called 'I Just Wanted You to Know. Be sure to check it out on Vevo! Can't wait to receive your feedback! Watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jE9Iel6s7bI Buy it on iTunes Here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/i-just-wanted-you-to-know/id718740319?i=718740443&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 My website http://www.ashleyhonnell.com/
  13. Song Critique: Depression Pt. 2

    Enjoy! Depression Pt. 2 By Lucy Rider There’s something about the night that makes me sad I start missin’ And reminiscin’ About all that I ever had And if I had the chance to get it back Don’t know if I would Because Some things are better off left unsaid Skeletons in our past are better off dead Misery has gone ahead And paved the way for me Silently I fall Darn the night and all that it makes me think of I start missin’ And reminiscin’ About something called true love And I’d do anything to get it back You know I would have Because Some things are better off left unsaid Skeletons in our past are better off dead Misery has gone ahead And paved the way for me Silently I fall I fall And where are you to help me back up When I fall Need time to catch up You’ll catch me, hope that you’re the one Some things are better off left unsaid Skeletons in our past are better off dead Misery has gone ahead And paved the way for me Silently I fall
  14. Hi, My name is Tigran Gasparian, 26 years old from Israel. I'm glad to tell you guys that I've been chosen for nomination with 2 more nominees (from 100 artist worldwide) for the best "Unsigned male artist of the month" - August 2013 of the Australian magazine STAR CENTRAL. The voting is now open and the deadline is 11.9.13 The voting takes 10 seconds, really. 1. Enter the link. 2. scroll down a little, press on my name (the first one) and then hit VOTE button. That's all. If you want to SHARE I will be very happy, it will help me a lot. Thanks guys. Have a great week! http://www.starcentralmagazine.com/male-artists-2/2013/08/20/unsigned-male-artists-august-2013
  15. Feeling Your Flow

    Your on a roll and I'm feeling your flow, yeah lay down your tracks yeah just like that your beat, your rhyme is blowing my mind play it back one more time (2x) Boy the way your spitting bars and singing lyrics has me in hysterics you don't need to rehearse freestyle, I like it wild spontaneous I fell for you quick instantaneous I'm out of control I just want more, ooh slow down the pace I can't feel my legs that sound, that bass sends me to another place do it again (2x) sing that pretty melody for me high notes make me weak vibratos and falsettos room filled with echos trapped in a musical Ecstasy s-s-s-sing it again sing again babe your music heals me keep rapping to the beat
  16. Hey I'm looking for some talented lyricst to work with on my up and coming mixtape. Maybe you can give me some good lyrics, or maybe you have a hit song you like to see made. I'm looking for talented writers to work with if you think your that then email me at swazzysway@gmail.com with the subject title "lyricsts"
  17. New Member!

    Alrighty! Well, I'm new to this website and I'm not quite sure how this works, but I know I am looking for good critique and feedback. So, I'm Tori. I am a singer/songwriter. I'm not really sure how to describe my music, besides calling it acoustic, because all I ever rerally use is an acoustic guitar. Well, I guess I will post my soundcloud URL and you all can tell me what you think, and spew your brilliant advice at me!
  18. Going To See Fink On Tour?

    Pretty excited about Fink starting his new tour..... But wondering if anyone else is catching one of his shows, when and where?
  19. I'd live to wish everyone a merry xmas:)...i'm new to this forum for advice on my songwriting career. Thnx Dunn