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Found 15 results

  1. Alone - Bye: CDOG

    I am new to writing songs and i would love to know what people think of this first song. No beat yet but i will find one soon! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alone By CDOG Dropped off first day of pre-school Ran back to my mom crying "Bring me home" I was bullied. never really that cool All i wanted to do it roam from home Bye bye mommy. never grown ole' Always alone, Bye bye baby Always controlled, Im a drone. Never free, Constant patrol Always enslaved, Always alone. Age of 8. carrying around a suit case as a freight Drop dead stupid always in the back never chosen, so putrid, nothing left Cut off the head, run back to bed Always alone, Bye bye baby Always controlled, Im a drone. Never free, Constant patrol Always enslaved, Always alone. Got the girl, Strike that drop that girl Cry myself to sleep, keep that shit in deep dont let yourself get exposed and damn... i think its time for the leap. Always together, drop that shit Never controlled, Not a drone. Always free, Drop the shackels Ill never let you be.
  2. waywardyouth

    Hi! I’m mid-level writer with a strong urge (for now) to make progress in my songwriting and help others in any way that I can. I’ve had it in my head to start writing songs since I was 15 and in recent years I’ve gained a little knowledge. I hope that I may, at long last, be able to write songs that I can be proud of (an end goal I’m sure most of us have). I have a background in writing and I know just how isolating it can sometimes be. So I hope that I can offer friendship or, at the very least, a critical eye to those that need it!
  3. Dear Anyone. For starters, I've read the 10 rules and utterly agree with all of them, that's how come I'm posting this here. Please critique away and I'll do a new mix, from scratch, incorporating everyone's criticisms and hopefully it'll sound better! (It can't sound worse.) For seconds - I know these are not the best available sounds, but right now I'm hoping that won't matter too much. I've got better synths but I don't know where tweaking the sounds within the synths and using EQ/whatever on them in the mix starts and finishes (when should I be tweaking them in the VST and when should I be using more EQ/whatever!?! - that's rhetorical for now.) What I'd love to hear is all 4 freebie sounds sounding the best/clearest they can, yet with the pad in back, pan-pipe on top, ripply thingy just behind panpipe and choir not 'taking over' so much when it comes in. If I turn down the choir, the pad immediately eats it (ditto with adding reverb to it - it's just a soundfont with SF2 player release on it right now). If I keep the background ripplers (you'll hear them) less muffled, they immediately eat everything. If I keep them clearer but turned down, they jump out at you in bits and disappear in bits for no apparent reason - I'm not changing any levels but they do do that. (They don't now because I've EQ'd the bejeezus outta them but I don't want to do that unless I really have to!) Ditto with the sound that occasionally ripples into life panned right - if I keep the clarity bits in there, it eats the world. (I've got other VSTs but they've got probs., like they don't obey CC changes for some unknown reason and I've gotta do everything virtually cos I'm disabled, don't let it bother you.) So basically it's remix time from scratch. Basically, say whatever you like and I'll do it all and if it comes out better I'll thank you profusely, if it don't then I'll be back asking what I've done wrong again. I've honestly heard sounds as bad as mine in easy-listening music on YouTube, but they all sound a lot clearer yet in the right places in the mix. I'd be ecstatic to be able to achieve that for starters. So go ahead, have a ball, say whatever you like, it's an object we're trying to improve, not 'Muy Bay-bee, Don't Hurt it's Wickle Feelings!!' I've been trying to get the hang of mixing for years, I've got several albums ready to hit the Internet when I can do it (can't afford to pay anyone else) so vent away. When you can't vent any more, I'll know I've got it right. And hopefully be able to use what I've learned on the next track. Yours respectfully Chris. Please_help_me_sound_better_MP3.mp3
  4. Back in part-1 of this blog, I made the statement that new drum students don't need an actual set of drums to begin the learning process. In fact, I went so far as to suggest that starting out with just a few tools offered some real benefits. I promised to supply you with some reasons, so and here they are: 1) The student finds out very quickly if their primary interest is in having a new toy, or actually learning to play an instrument. Sitting down at a table, with a pair of sticks & a practice pad isn't glamorous. It's simply the means to an end. 2) It gives the new drum student something to work towards and sets-up a connect-the-dots kind of thinking. It becomes immediately obvious that there will be no drumset, without practice & authentic-prolonged interest. In my case, I wanted to be a drummer, wanted drums, understood from the start what I needed to do to achieve those goals and did it. Basically, if you do the work & spend the time, you get the prize. It's simple, direct & it works. Whether you're the prospective drummer or the parent, there's simply no downside to handling it this way. At the end of the process, you'll still have the drums you wanted, but you've earned them. Knowing that feels good! 3) It establishes a starting point - your hands. Drums are a tricky instrument in that they utilize both hands and feet. That's a bit overwhelming to think about. The trick is.....don't try to master it all at once. You tackle it in smaller steps, beginning with your hands. Because you only have sticks, a pad and a book, you're not faced with the temptation of trying to do it all right away. For new drummers, the hands are always the first thing addressed. Once you've begun to develop a basic level of comfort in utilizing your hands, the feet slowly come into play. At that point, you'll need at least a basic drum kit. One last comment on this subject. If you are taking lessons in connection with a music store, beware of any instructor who tries to tell you that you have to buy a set before you begin. Chances are that instructor has a commissioned sales arrangement with the store & will personally profit from his advice. Not that I have anything against making money, but your instructor will need that money just as badly in a few months, as he does now. Trust me...I know! Next time I'll talk about utilizing your feet, some of the issues which spring from that and a few suggestions on how to deal with those issues. Once again, thanks for your continued interest! Tom Hoffman Songstuff member profile http://www.tune-smith.com http://www.youtube.com/user/DrumStuffTH Once you do get a set, here's a brief video tutorial covering essential beat patterns to get you moving in the right direction. http://youtu.be/tKKy-My6QYo
  5. Learning scales on your guitar fretboard is very essential though some may argue that it is not absolutely necessary. Legends such as Eric Clapton and BB King never learnt scales but the importance of it cannot be denied. Scales are like the grammar of the language called music. One of the most important scales in music theory is the Major Scale. Most other scales in music is built upon the major scale. The following article teaches you how to learn the Major Scale with a guitar and 30 minutes of your time. http://www.songstuff.com/guitar/article/guitar_tutorial_scales/ Be sure to share and like the article if you find it useful. If you have any questions, feel free to discuss it on the Songstuff Community Forums.
  6. I Need Help.

    I need help with song writing and the skills needed to write a song.(knowlage of scales ect.)
  7. Universality

    chorus: I stay high cause the world is so low I need smoke fire up the weed n blow o's cause this my life I'm livin in it ain't yours i seems short time is limited so feed your soul x2 because now is all we have all that we'll ever be in where feel all of our feelings so experience it half of us acting scared victims of propaganda little flu breaks out Fox News all dogmatic broadcasts "swine flue rampant through Massachusetts we got a bigoted expert here with the only solution alright folks focus make sure your kids watchin this too it's very important they don't have an opposing view ok now so you remember that little cold? oops I mean the swine flu that's takin over the world well research shows it's an attack from Al Qaeda so stereotype Muslims an try ta drive em outside of America cause every single ones the same oh the terror of not having the browns to blame it's imperative that we keep everything the same keep parameters narrow so we control the change" that's the narrative they're feeding us that sound like freedom? to me it sounds like cowards coercing us to be dumb they provide the apples of ignorance we just eat em feed your soul with truth, love, an peace that's how well beat them chorus: I stay high cause the world is so low I need smoke fire up the weed n blow o's cause this my life I'm livin in it ain't yours i seems short time is limited so feed your soul x2 dont be consumed by the bullshit we all sharing this world with each other who knows who's views is what or what the truth is cause life's subjective and every humans views are insane all I know is the real truth what ever it is is universal cause every single life holds weight so either your against all violence or none so If your fine when we bomb people then they can bomb us (monologue talking over the beat) its gotta be universal reality itself is subjective so how can one person, country, or ideology be declared better and effectively perpetuate fairness it can't, we need a singular global right applicable to the entire human race the right to objective universality beat here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XxgG7CZ0aBA I sacrificed the creativeness of the flow a bit to express more complete ideas in this song
  8. Just got to share my happiness with you guys! I am a complete rookie that threw all my fears aside and started to sing infront of others for the first time in my life in december-13. I´ve been writing my own lyrics for some time now but never had the guts to do anything of them myself, so until now I shared them with another rockband. Not anymore Got lucky enough to find a guy that is starting up a musicproducion so now my first song is under production! It is so cool to hear my own song emerge from my text, the fact that I sing it myself makes me amazed. Who would have thougt?? But it is not without effort, of course. I see a vocal coach regularly and try to improve myself every day. A hard but delightful job;) I never though making music could give so much! Now it's all I want to do! Makes me wonder; is it just a beginners reaction or are you feeling the same everytime you managed to produce a song that you truly like? //MMR
  9. The latest article from Recording Hound . If you are new to recording this is a must read! Recording Hound- Read Here- http://recordinghound.com/2014/04/03/home-recording-just-starting-out-what-do-i-need/
  10. I'm a rookie in the music industry but I've written some lyrics and I've heard generally positive results. Let me know if you'd like to write some with me
  11. Hello Song People

    Hello Everyone, I remember when I was young trying to learn to play the guitar and I could never get anywhere, so stopped playing and packed it all in. I never thought I'd start playing again until I heard a colleague play the wonderful Ukulele. So about a year ago, I decided to give it ago and since then have never looked back! A couple of months ago I borrowed a guitar from a friend and thought I'd have another crack at it, and now I can string a couple of songs together. Only the other day, some words popped into my head and I decided to write them down, and then some more came. I've never really written before and thought to myself it would be nice to have somewhere to share them and get some feedback. Thanks for reading
  12. Hi There, Right so I am trying to play about with my old digital multitracker and everything is fine just the Audio Quality is very distorted, how can I prevent this ? I know that it is due to an overpowered signal but I have played about with the settings and I just can't stop the sound distorting? Can anyone help me ? Any good sugestions out there ? Thanks, Hamish
  13. Audacity Recording Wierd

    Hi There, Got a Problem with the Software Audacity, I'm trying to make a simple recording with my guitar, and I got my Amp fixed up to an old digital 8 Track and then hooked up to my Computer. Now when I record something and then play it back, the volume of the recording always goes up and down. Quieter then louder then quieter and then louder again and it goes on and on like this. Why is that ? Can someone help me please ? Thanks, Hamish
  14. Beginner With A Setup Idea

    Hi I'm new too this forum and a complete beginner in terms of recording. I'd like too start up a very basic home studio ! here is my Idea of setup and equipment. So I have an old recording machine , It's a FOSTEX DMT-8 Digital Multitracker and I'm thinking of getting a Shure SM58 Microphone, an Electro Harmonix Holly Grail pedal for reverb, and some headphones. Do I need anything else ? There's a Pre-amp in the machine for the Vocals , I think ! I'm mainly going to be recording Vocals and my Gretsch double jet Guitar. The Holly Grail Pedal I was going to plug into the AUX send-return , is that OK ? Do I actually need a reverb effect or could somebody maybe suggest something cheaper/better ? . I would appreciate any help I can get !
  15. General Topics For Beginners

    Hello, How are you doing, I'm Iain and like many others I appreciate music. I just started learning an amazing instrument, the guitar, and I want to share my journey with you. I've realized the more I listen to music the more I want to become involved! If you are curious to find out some basics about restringing and tuning the guitar, stick around So, today I made a decision to find out how I could re-string my guitar- since both my E strings have snapped, and all the other strings are so old they will break sometime soon. The two questions i first asked myself was :- how often should I have to re-string my guitar? and how do I re-string the guitar properly to prevent the strings from breaking so frequently? I've learnt how to re-string the guitar now, thanks to some help from a friend. First Step- Unwind the tuners, until the string becomes very loose. Second Step- Just pull out the string from the guitar machine head Third Step- The string at the guitar bridge, on my guitar, goes through a hole in the bridge and is then looped around itself three times or more. Once the string is loose enough, you can de-loop the string and pull it out from the hole.So now you have taken off the string. Fourth Step- Make sure that the new string is the same gauge as your broken/old string, (unless you are trying to change the note you will play on purpose). Put one end of the string through the hole in the bridge of the guitar, and then loop the string at least three times around itself. Fifth Step- Put the open end of the string in the empty machine head twice, entering from the same side each time. Sixth Step- Tighten the string till you are able to play the note properly, and you are finished So does anybody have any idea how often I should re-string my guitar, to keep them from getting too old? After reading this post I found a useful article on the subject, check this link to learn more on how to re-string a guitar. If you are learning the guitar as well,we can keep up on how each other are doing or help each other, you can mail me through PM, thanks!