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Found 94 results

  1. Linnon - Sometime

    At the moment working with an amazing singer \ songwriter with dark soulful female vocals and unique style, Linnon https://soundcloud.com/linnon/ Think this track almost done and should be ready after a few tweaks, Just let me know if you would have any thoughts
  2. Who I am

    Hello guys, I am a Brazilian lyricist, I have several songs made with friends from around the world and besides them I need more opinions about my lyrics. This is the only way I have to improve in my day to day life. A friend who has been around for a long time was the one who indicated me this site, I hope to make friends, get collaborations and who knows how to help someone on some project. I ask for a little patience because I do not speak English and my lyrics are translated by other people. Hugs! Edson Brasil de Castro
  3. I would appreciate your comments/suggestions, please. David Wonder If I’ll Ever Get Home David Ritchie When I step out on that highway I wonder if I’ll ever get home Two thousand miles away I wonder if I’ll ever get home It’s hot early in the morning Daytime’s hotter still I hope someone’ll find me walkin’ And let me rest a little while It’s way too early in the morning To be on my torn down way An’ I ain’t got no place to stay So I’ll just get on goin’ Chorus: (more intense) Walk on, walk on, boy, walk on I lived my life too fast Gotta’ slow down ain’t got no choice ‘cause there’s a ball o’ fire ahead! C’mon man, pick up that shoe Put it out as far as it will go Cain’t you move it on, cain’t you move it on Cain’t you move it, my man I wonder if I’ll ever get home Before the sun go down for good I wonder if I’ll ever get home It’ll be a dark and dangerous day Chorus: (more intense) Walk on, walk on, boy, walk on I lived my life too fast Gotta’ slow down ain’t got no choice ‘cause there’s a ball o’ fire ahead! Well, I ain’t got no time to lose Don’t wanna be late, my life’s at stake I’m going home, man, I’m goin’ home I’m goin’ home, my man, I’m goin home.
  4. Suggestions Appreciated "Rushing"

    You comments appreciated, many thanks. Rushing David Ritchie Staring at this strange new ground taking in the things I’ve found, I’d best sit back not dance so fast ‘cause time is short let’s make the music last Chorus: So let’s raise our hands And lift our glass Enjoy our life before it’s past Live life fully, make it last I’m thankful for the life I’’ve had It’s always been with you I chanced upon you long ago Changed my point of view Now let’s try that road less traveled There’s no need for us to rush We’ll slow down and find our way And dance in the middle of the day Chorus: So let’s raise our hands And lift our glass Enjoy our life before it’s past Live life fully, make it last Have you ever lost serenity With never ending rushes A time where things don’t seem to matter Do you dream of places faraway Prepare ourselves to start again That’’s a lesson hard to learn Follow our passions we’ll be fine And of the future…….unconcerned.
  5. Headaches

    Hey guys, just wrote this song. Let me know what you think! Can't really seem to come up with a good name for it either, I thought of calling it "Drunk", but that just sounds more like a party song to me. For now I've called it "Headaches" but feel free to suggest something else! Over and over againDown this bottle for helpBut time after timeThere's just none to findI'm so hungover from lifeknow these headaches better than my mindbut lately, I swear I will trybaby, just hold on for tonightCause my head hurts but my heart's worse Just give me a chance I'll fix it, after this dance But I feel drunk, when I sing this Cause it wont make sense, cause we don't I wake up like I'm deadYou're sitting on the bedDon't tell me thoughI already knowGot so drunk that I couldn't speakGuess the Jack just spoke for meTold you things I didn't meanNow you no longer speak to meAnd my head hurts but my heart's worse Just need one more chance After one last dance And I feel drunk, when I sing this Cause it won't make sense, cause we don't Baby, baby , pleaseIf I feel it, aint it real?Ooh Ooh baby pleaseNo, dont you leaveAm I drunk, when I sing this? Cause it don't make sense, cause we don't My head hurts My heart's worse You said no more chances And I'm still here dancing noooo, baby noSo danm drunk, when I sing this It won't make sense, cause we don't
  6. The last blues

    A new Blues song by 'Leo and the Dude' would love to get some opinions on the lyrics, thanks. THE LAST BLUES There is no use in saying, All the things that I think, You cannot change some people, They hold strong at the seam, Little dance of opinions, Oh the tricks of our minds, Make you feel like your wining, When you close up your mind, Hold on, the circle turns, Hold on, Oh I cannot remember, When I first had the taste, Of betraying my brother, With a knife in his back, But we both have been killers, For the whole of our life's, Oh a blindfolded creature, Who believes it is not, Hold on, the search is done, Hold on, So the faith our children, Will be left up to god, We imagined our maker, To answer our pride, While the time we invented, Takes over our life, I go back to a feeling, What is basically right, Hold on, the circle turns, Hold on, Hold on, the circle turns, Hold on,
  7. Linnon - Run!

    https://soundcloud.com/linnon/ While this one would require more work than Sometime, since it is a more complex mix with three bass lines, Looking forward for any thoughts, Thank you!
  8. Blue

    Just wrote this song, supposed to be a sort of stripped down country blues song, maybe with a little bit of a janis joplin vibe though. Let me know what you think! You have a power over me you hate to use but can't let it be Anything you say, I'll do I any kind of way, I let you Hurt me , cause that's what you do cause when you hurt me, it hurts you too and you hate yourself, like no one else So your favorite thing is to hurt me come back just to desert me and my favorite thing is to let you Do it over, baby do Then at least we share this blue You tear yourself apart cutting through my heart God danm drunk on this pain all we know are these games So you left it there for me to find did her like you do my mind hurt me, cause that's what you do feels like home, all we ever knew misery, sure loves company So your favorite thing is to hurt me come back just to desert me and my favorite thing is to let you Do it over, baby do Then at least we share this blue You love me, baby don't you too much for my own danm good sometimes I wish I'd never met you Cause don't you just love to hurt me Come right back to desert me And don't I just love to let you Do it over, come on do it over, baby do At least we share this blue
  9. 'Be Right Back' was recorded over four long nights in a Tel-aviv basement. A lone classic guitar and vocals to songs written over the previous 7 years. It was then mixed and produced by Ido yaron. The album has a unique sound originating from the minimalist nature of the recordings. It draws inspiration from Blues, Folk, Rock and Popular music. The lyrics in the album deal with love, hope and human suffer. for your listening enjoyment, https://leoandthedude.bandcamp.com/album/be-right-back
  10. Hey all...It's been awhile since i posted something new....my work/life balance has been decidedly not........so recording time has been nil. I have been working on new songs and re-writing some lyrics though. This is the first re-write attempt I'm posting.....the first version had no chorus and was just verse and refrain throughout. Hopefully, David (HoboSage) this version will be slightly less.......creatively incessant...lol. All comments welcome. I’m Just a Mongrel (Livin’ in Your Poodle World) Copyright 2016- JH Michaels All rights reserved Intro: A x2 Verse 1: Baby when I met you I was all alone You thought you could teach me all the things I should’ve known Refrain: I’m just a mongrel livin’ in your poodle world Verse 2: I tried to learn my manners and where to put a fork and a knife Yeah, it drove you nuts ‘cause I never could get ‘em right Refrain Verse 3: You dressed me in a suit to meet all your friends last night They all looked at me like I was going to bite Refrain Verse 4: You like dancin’ and drinks with fancy names But I like beer in cans and football games Refrain Verse 5: You like keepin’ up with the Kardashians But I’m really happy with Hee Haw re-runs Chorus 1: Honey, it’s time to stop thinkin’ 'bout the dollar So take off that diamond studded collar. I want my poodle girl To come live in my mongrel world……….. Verse 6 Now your friends think you’re really strange They shake their heads ‘cause this ol’ dog can’t change Refrain Verse 7 But we have a brand new leash on life They never thought you could be my wife Chorus 2 Honey, it’s time to stop thinkin’ 'bout the dollar So take off that diamond studded collar. Pretty soon we’ll be scratchin fleas Livin’ just how we please……… Refrain We’re just mongrels livin in a poodle world x3 End.
  11. I've Lost My Mojo (New Version)

    **New Version in new comment** Hi Songstuffers, this is a project we are working on now, and it may change a lot, but we got the layout out. The part with "and a headache real bad" was supposed to come out sounding more comical, like it did when I practiced it, but I missed the mark when recorded it seems, as I listened to it again. The way I phrase it is everything on that part (imo). Thoughts on anything and everything welcome. I will probably try a different vocal tonight. Walter Paul Owen - Music, Production George Schiessl - Bass, Organ, Backup James Tanner - Vocals, Lyric I've Lost My Mojo I used to have no problem, was a ladies man, They melted like putty, while eatin outta my hand They use to call me debonair, a real Don Juan; used to call me a charmer, but now the magic’s gone Where did it go I don’t know I’ve lost my mojo My face is pretty red, I’m still feelin the sting Didn’t see it coming, from that pretty little thing I gave my usual spiel, the smoothest lines I had All I got was cold-cocked, and a headache real bad Where did it go I don’t know I’ve lost my mojo Just goes to show Before you know You'll lose your mojo I've lost my mojo I've lost my mojo I've lost my mojo 2016 © L. James Tanner
  12. More Than Merely Human

    I don't know how to classify this song. Dubstep? Hip-hop? I've tried different styles of vocals and I settled on this one but I am open to suggestions. It is a rap or spoken word song. I tried singing it but it didn't quite work out. I tried rapping in a higher pitch with a bit of anger but that kinda sucked. So if this works for you let me know. Thanks for your time! (Also, if you can guess the percussion instruments, you get a star!) MORE THAN MERELY HUMAN You're more than merely human you're more than merely man you're more than merely human more than merely woman. More to you than flesh more to me than blood more to life than the physical more to life than the spiritual. More to life than just working more to success than wealth more to substance than glitter and glitter ain’t worth your health More to seeing than just looking More to listening than sound More to connecting than just yacking more to God than found. More to happiness than mere joy more to friends than hugs more to bonding than mere vows more to pleasure than drugs. More to truth than facts more to beauty than looks more to love than mere sex more to wisdom than books. More to us than we can judge more to us than meets the eye smell the flowers, smell the weed you decide what you need. We got free will to make the choice So choose your soul, reject the mold Cause you can feel what is real The love within, the spirit bold You're more than merely human you're more than merely man you're more than merely human more than merely woman. See with your soul, act with your heart come out of the box and realize the world outside your window can be a living Paradise! Copyright (C) Richard Omura
  13. Burning Seed

    Okay, here's my first song post. I'm attaching an MP3 below. I guess I should get a Soundcloud link. Anyway, this song needs something. Maybe a guitar, keys. Or maybe not. It kind of goes with my vision but still feels like it's not quite right. My vocals could be better. Maybe give it a more punk feel.Tell me what you guys think. Updated: Soundcloud link: Burning Seed I got what you need, I'm a burning seed I can give you such a blast, I can make it last. You can run with me, you'll be safe with me I can take you to the end where we can start again. It comes from way down deep, the fire in my keep the pulse of my heart hammers out the beat It drives me to the edge, propels my dreams, I take the sacred box and kiss open the seams. I got what you need, I'm a burning seed. I will fire up your brain and light your soul aflame. I'll destroy your silly thoughts, make you really feel; I'll give you what you want, a real sweet deal.
  14. Here's To You Baby

    This will be the last one I post this week, scouts honor. Walter just finished this preliminary mix a few minutes ago, and is waiting on the other collaborators to listen and discuss it I believe. I know my vocals aren't that great and will probably be attended to and helped some, but I was wanting some feedback on the mix and instrumentation. I don't have the best headphones, but after a couple listens I noticed the snare in my headset at about the 2:54 mark seemed louder. Any thoughts and help would be appreciated so I can throw out the idea's to my friend. Walter Paul Owen – Music, Rhythm Guitar Josh Miller – Lead Guitar George Schiessl – Bass James Tanner – Vocals, Lyric Here’s To You Baby What you mean you’ve had enough Oh, I’m the one who’s had it rough You’re incessant bickering ‘s got old Don’t care if you leave me, truth be told Here’s to you baby This cheer’s for you Here’s to your leaving; please do You can place the blame on me but you’re just to damn blind to see Your constant nagging’s the problem here The reason I need me lots of beer Here’s to you baby This cheer’s for you Here’s to your leaving; please do Did you think I’d cave in to your threat? That proves that you don’t know me yet I’d start shaping up, if you did too but I know you won’t, so sweet adieu Here’s to you baby This cheer’s for you Here’s to your leaving; please do 2016 © L. James Tanner
  15. Bats In The Belfry

    Hi all, most of you know I post collabs I'm part of, but it's always with others doing the vocals and me staying with just lyrics. This is a quick pass of a blues lyric and melody I wrote and actually sang myself, so don't go to hard on me, but tips on how to sound better in the mix would be great. I'm being asked to do a blues cd, but I don't think I have it in me, yet it was fun giving it a go Walter Paul Owen - Music Sean Mcgrath Moycullen - Harmonica L. James Tanner - Vocals, Lyrics Bats In The Belfry She's got bats in the belfry that woman's loony tunes She's got bats, in the belfry and that woman's loony tunes She's the kind to use tuning forks just to play the spoons She's four beers short of a six pack and a couple pints low She's four beers short of a six pack and a couple pints low and she don't have the brightest bulb Hell, you can barely see it glow She's got bats in the belfry for marrying this man She's got bats in the belfry for marrying this man Yea, she may have bats in the belfry (but I love her) and I don't give a damn © L. James Tanner
  16. Dave Michels

    Hi Everyone I'm Dave Michels, I' m 50, NY born, raised in CA, in 1983 went to Europe for about 13 yrs toured in 2 different bands(Perfect Stranger & Holey Wood) all over Europe as the lead singer, did a lot of studio time for commercials, vocals for many other artists projects, background vocals, voice overs & also had my own studio called Froggy Studios where I helped local up and comers to get into the music industry over in Europe. Moved back to AZ met up with John Nightwolf and grounded Stress Monkey, left AZ in 2006 moved to S.E Asia, eventually landed on the beautiful island of Borneo where I owned several tourism based businesses in different parts of Malaysia, sold them all off in 2010 and retired, bored of retirement I opened up BTW Music here in Kota Kinabalu, Now I support local artists and help record, promote & market them for free or donations. I feel its a awesome way of giving back to a music industry that has been very good to me. I'm very happily married and we travel several times per year all over the world, we are foodies and love to blog about our adventures as well as where we eat & go out to. I don't drink or smoke pretty much a healthy person through and through 1. Do you sing, play an instrument or instruments? What instruments? Vocals, Guitar, bit of keys When did you start playing? 18 Did you teach yourself? Yes 2. Are you in a band or bands? What is the name of the band? Stress Monkey What do you play? Anything that is needed What other instruments are in the band? Anything that is needed Do you have a band website? Label https://www.facebook.com/BTWMusic.My/ 3. Do you write songs? Do you write lyrics, music or both? Both Do you have a writing partner? Team 4. Do you record your music? Do you use a home studio? If so what gear do you use? DAW : Mixcraft 7 pro(about 310 Effects, 50 instruments), USB Interface : focusrite 2i2, Analog Interface Tascam 488MKII(Run all my physical instruments through here and the 2 outs go into my Focusrite 2i2 to keep plug in & out wear & tear down), Midi controller : xkey m.......... too much to list Do you use a recording studio? BTW Music, Ram studios & Megaboogie studios Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia Do you have music available on the web? if so where? https://www.facebook.com/BTWMusic.My/ also 5. What other roles do you perform in the music business? Management? Label owner? Publishing? Promotion? Other? Everyone listed & more 6. Are you a tech head? Yes 7. What country do you live in? I live on the Island of Borneo in Kota Kinabalu Malaysia 8. What are your ambitions? Already reached them, retire by 50 on a beautiful Island in the middle of a tropical region & be very involved in the local music industry 9. Do you draw/paint/write stories/computer art/dance or other creative pursuit? No What are your pastimes? 10. What would you like to get out of Songstuff? 1. Collaborations, 2. Points of view, 3. Feedback & 4. Intl. Friendships Thx for reading Dave Michels BTW Music
  17. Hello everyone, this is a new song I just finished, what do you think about the lyrics, bass and, well, just everything. Thank you in advance for your comments. LYRICS I THOUGHT I WAS INVINCIBLE © Music and Lyrics by Fernando Dominguez You only live once I said all the time a self-given licence to be rash my wings felt so sturdy father told me “lower!” I was under twenty for a moment I thought I was invincible I thought I was invincible You only live once my friends used to say “This is the next round I dare you now” The sun was a new road very exciting new road very twisted road for a moment I thought I was invincible I thought I was invincible The crash was so fast and surprising that i felt at first the sun was in my hand but then some pain told me something wasn’t right with some red flavor in my mouth a strange red flavor You only live once I said all time I just didn’t get it until now the might of forgiveness work fast on your healing now I feel so lonely please forgive me I thought I was invincible I thought I was invincible Please comment on this lyrics and music, thank you. Fer.
  18. Hello, thank you all for your comments on previous versions! This is an update with version 3, it is based on your feedback and everything I learned from it. Changes are: Lyrics: from "they smell like freedom" to "their scent is freedom" - do you think it works better? Music: less dissonances, I tried a different and more pleasant melody, chords are the same, so, there will be some still, I think. I also changed some phrasing on some lines. Voice: Just one chest voice, an octava lower. Still pitchy at many points, but these are the best takes I could record until yesterday, and as I'm on vacation I didn't bring the mic with me I hope you can give me some feedback on this new version, thank you in advance. VERSION 3 Hi everyone! What do you think of this song? I only added a little reverb and ambience to the voices. Every critique is welcome, thank you Version 1 https://soundcloud.com/fer-dominguez-674800964/i-think-of-the-moon VERSION 2 I THINK OF THE MOON Lyrics and music by Fernando Dominguez © Copyright 2016. Your collarbone and the sea their scent is freedom Your hand around my cheek my golden prison Once, you kissed my lips, and ever since, I think of the moon Obsession is not a word it is my nickname You give scars to my world the jellyfish way Once, you kissed my lips, and ever since, I think of the moon It’s funny how life and love use the same light finally life is to the sun as love is to the moon and the other way around for sure this is good to know I throw seashells to the sea they bounce a few times It’s good that you’re not here tonight the moon shines Once, you killed my dreams, and ever since, I know what to do
  19. Apex Predator (Acoustic Rock song)

    Hey, check out my song Apex Predator, It's rough, sloppy, poorly recorded, and raw. I hope you like it.
  20. Whiskey Morning

    Whiskey Morning Stumbled down town I was singing the blues Bound set and ready on drinking some booze I’m going to drink my life away Liquor store bound when I ran into a friend He knew I was out to get drunk again He stayed with me to make sure I was okay Chorus Another whiskey morning It’s time to rise and shine Have another drink, have another drink Drink your life away I started drinking in the middle of the evening That early morning drunk is the best of feelings Having that whiskey in your veins All night long I had the low down blues So I sang to everyone that was in the room It was the only way to keep sane Chorus I’ve drowned my blues in whiskey and beer I’ve slipped from sorrow and nearly died from fear The whiskey just keeps ah flowin’ When your friends leave and women deceive The bottle will be there you better best believe I know exactly what I’m doin’ Chorus Some are blessed and walk along smiling Others fall to the bottles sweet beguiling None of it matters in the end The sun comes ah shining when the moon goes down You might as well live while you’re still around Pour another round of shots my friend By Scott Lee
  21. Psychoblues

    Here's a departure from my usual cheery chirpy cheeky chappy guise, into something deeper and darker. The idea is to take the blues, and bring it bang up to date, to reflect this modern throw away soundbitten world, to leave behind the homely warmth, humanistic optimism, the dignified sublimation of suffering of old for a twisted, cynical, chop 'n' change angular scrap at tonality and reality, hence the Psychoblues,,,,,, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuIyjby02DY ​LYRICS All one, begun, to run from each other instead. Ever endeavour, strive alive, survive dead. Stuck here, in fear, sad sister, bad brother, what for? Wanting more, wanting more, wanting more, more, more. Brilliant baby, duty or beauty soon grow Sucker or psycho. Pretty pollution, poke, stroke, revoke pleasure pure. Cold convolution, cover convenient cure. Dangerous desire, wild wanton wonder hangs on Nearly gone, nearly gone, nearly gone, gone, gone. Lullaby lady, use love above as below Sucker or psycho. Delicate daisy, suffer this cynical show Sucker or psycho, Sucker or psycho, Sucker or psycho, Sucker or psycho.
  22. Straight Faces E.p.

    Hello everyone! I normally just post in the lyrics critique section, but today is a special day. My band and I have just put out our first E.P.!!! It would mean a lot to us if you gave it a listen or helped spread the word of our new music as we are trying to make a name for ourselves. You can check us out at https://www.facebook.com/straightfaces and you can here our new songs at or https://straightfaces.bandcamp.com/releases Thanks for checking us out! ~Jess G.
  23. Johnny I Gotta Tell You (Album Version)

    My band and I (Scott lee and the Whiskey River Boys) are putting out our first record in a few months named 'hey Mirage". This track is the first one to be completely done. There will be a few more edits along the way, but for the most part this is how it will sound. I'm looking for feedback on the recording quality, and individual performances of vocals and instruments Johnny I Gotta Tell You I sat last night with Johnny Now my pen is soaked in dreams There's lightning striking in my chest Now I'm riding high on lost memories Well, brother let me tell you How you keep on keeping on There is freedom all around us A journey in every song I lost the feather in my cap Somewhere along the way Down low on a dusty road Chasing something that I crave But my boots hit sand And my thoughts were bland I was trying to bum a ride On a lonely moonlit night Chorus: Johnny I gotta tell you I can't find my way back home Johnny please won't you tell me How I can keep on keeping on Then I got spun on a dream like drug And I caught a glimpse of hell I fell down without a sound And it seemed like my spirit fell I was twisted up and wound down I was falling through the walls I bust my brain and went insane I was feeling kind of raw But johnnies eyes were sparks His hands were fire There was music in his soul I sat there and I wondered why I had to pay the toll I guess, this road is free If you look and see That every story has to end For a new day to begin Chorus By Scott Lee
  24. The Jester Song

    The Jester Song I've been walking down the road of fools By hanging desperately to a dream I thought I owned your heart of jewels But now I'm hanging from a string As you fly away on a white-winged dove And as I wait here on my one true love When it seems hard to do what's wise Let the water strike the coals And when the flames cease to rise Let the darkness rinse the soul from the shadows watch a white-winged dove Carry away my one true love If you could see just how I feel Would you come knocking on my door? Would the darkness begin to reel and let your light grace the floor Don't fly away on your white-winged dove for I'll forever wait on my one true love I've been walking down the road of fools By hanging desperately to a dream I thought I owned your heart of jewels But now I'm hanging from a string As you fly away on a white-winged dove Will you return my one true love? By Scott Lee