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Found 23 results

  1. I have a soundcloud Account with the instrument track The track is private so i have to know your soundcloud account name to send it to you if you guys wanna help
  2. Greetings all, Project Intro: I'm working on a remix that is loosely based on "Simple and Clean" and "Sanctuary" by Utada Hikaru from Disney's Kingdom Hearts. The goal of the production is to uniquely blend the two songs together with an end result features new instrumentation, a completely original arrangement, and new orchestration, while adding new lyrical content based on ironic/metaphoric references to Kingdom Hearts framed as a (tragic) love song. It will take some work, but if could be both a challenging, fun, and well rewarding project. The track will feature two rappers, and two singers with plans for a guitarist to help fill the rest of the track. I've already begun production and am shooting for a release within the next few months. A studio performance video is planned as a YouTube release. What I'm looking for: What I need help with is the lyrical content for the two singers throughout the verses (predominately lead by a female vocal). Being able to use metaphoric references in a cleaver and non cheesy way is critical here. It also helps if you're familiar with Kingdom Hearts to draw some inspiration from. If you are not familiar with KH, no worries! I created a document that I can share that holds a host of references, as well as abridged story breakdowns and a few key fan highlights for you to digest and aid in your writing. Why this: The project aligns with a user demographic that I'm trying to capture, also considering the content of this nature is popular on my YouTube channel aka my previous video game covers. I figured, I want to give this group something special and something as epic. And, since Kingdom Hearts is a popular subject right now (considering the upcoming full number release), I figured it also gives up opportunity to capitalize on upcoming search quires as the new game gets closer to release....should we hit things on time. Lets also not forget that I think it'd be both a fun project and a nice proof of concept for myself and others for a quality production. Scope: The final production will be completely free to download and listen to on SoundCloud and YouTube. Should it do well, it will be part of another project called Project Kingdom XIII, an EP of remixes and covers based again around Kingdom Hearts. Apply: Please send me some of your lyric samples to me at kjxdamu5@gmail.com . I may or may not be able to reply to each submission. If I do not, I apologize in advance. Please tell me a little about yourself and why you think you're a fit for this project. If you have any concerns or questions, please send them to me at the above address along with your samples. Thank you and looking forward to working with you!
  3. Success Ft. Tells (Also produced by Me) (Im on 1st and 2nd verse, tells on 3rd). PEaaace!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm a pop songwriter. Live in the NYC area now. Have been writing songs on and off for years. Last worked with a few producers in Los Angeles when I used to live there. My goal right now is to find a producer that wants to collab with me. They send me the beats, I create demos with the ones I like (lyrics, melodies, vocals). Ideally I would like to work with someone who is connected in the industry so that we can pitch the songs we make. I'm not looking to work with producers that want to be artists, and therefore will try to keep the songs to themselves, or any shady characters. Contracts will be drawn up for every song we work on. My demos can be heard below. Looking forward to hopefully getting some responses. DEMOS
  5. Hi everyone, been a while. This song has always been one of my favorites, but I've known for some time that I didn't nail the mix (regrettably, not before uploading this terrible version to Youtube.) I'm confident I've finally got the thing moving in the right direction, but have some lingering questions I was hoping to get some feedback on. There was way too much reverb on the earlier percussion, so I blended in some dry samples to bring it more into the room. Have I sufficiently done so? The bass had to come way up, is it on target now? Any missing notes? Did I thin out the opening acoustic too much? Both vocals were way too up front and have been pushed back with reverb/eq. Do they sit right in the mix now? Any other feedback is welcome. Some of you may recognize Janice Ho's lovely vocals, which carry the song. I can't thank her enough. EDIT: A mix update [has been removed]. A starlit veranda A table for two It's easy to pretend I'm still here with you Now it's long days And empty chairs But I don't care I sit each night Beneath an endless sky Watching memories replay I stay every night Beneath this endless sky Till the stars.... fade away I remember falling And you pulling, pulling me to the grass We got lost in the heavens As eternity passed Now the stars don't change The way we did So I sit.... Sit each night Beneath an endless sky Watching memories replay I stay every night Beneath this endless sky Till the stars.... fade..... away
  6. Seeking a vocalist for a track I'm nearly finished making! Song's key is F and BPM is 147. Choruses and bridge are instrumental so only need two verses from you I'm new to the track producing thing and am by no means professionally experienced haha. I have lyrics already written as well as the keys for all the notes, which are represented through piano keys on the track itself. (may not stay there, just for the vocalist to follow) Reply here if you're interested and contact me on soundcloud! "User 155413641" Track is based on this ad: Thank you!
  7. Rewriting one of my songs as dancepop with a hard-rock edge. Or some combo like that. I'm a trans-girl and it's a humorously naughty LGBT theme in the lyrics. DaHell do I know about dancepop?? Not much, but I'm studying it and some of it, I really like. I'm not sure I can write dancepop by myself. Or do those kind of synth tricks. Ya prolly don't need to be LGBT to collab this with me, you just have to be able to put up with a humorously naughty LGBT lyric. :-P Don't wanna describe the song further in public, but I have several reasons to believe it's a good idea that can be picked up by DJs doing the Phoenic-area LGBT dance circuit and open a few doors and maybe expand from there - if written well enough. And this is me when I'm not strung out on dancepop: my YouTube. Msg me if interested. :-)
  8. I couldn't Find a Heart

    Any advice is appreciated. I have chords to this. The song is in em. I'd love to hear any suggestions of chord progressions. Thanks ! V1 wanderlust burned in my soul been there since I was 10 years old Always had one foot out the door My mind would wander from mountain to distant shore V2 I longed to roam like tales of old Yellowed pages lifted my soul Rugged heroes struggled and explored In a 49 Hudson, on wagon wheels, behind box car doors Chorus I could see those bright lights from 100 miles away High above Georgia pines Convention halls and strip malls Shined so bright but I couldn't find a heart V3 I headed to Atlanta without a plan Counted every penny -hardly a grand stuffed my car with all I owned headed on the southbound highway into the great unknown V 4 No gritty glory in this town The world Greg Allman sang all about That face of Georgia withered away Replaced by cardboard mansions where there'd been red clay Bridge They Say "bless your heart and praise the lord" From mansions made of cardboard It suits some - it's not for me. I'm not coming home it I gotta leave x2 Chorus We could see those bright lights from 100 miles away High above Georgia pines Convention halls and strip malls Shined so bright but I couldn't find a heart.
  9. Hands Off (She's Mine)

    So, first of all: this is not my song. Karen aka MonnoDB wrote the song but I'm posting it here for feedback with her permission and will forward all input to her. Anyway, she had this great song and felt it would work well in a rock kind of style but she is more of a singer/songwriter/folk kind of artist (do check out her other stuff, some great songs over at soundcloud.com/monnodb) so I helped out the best I could with arrangement, playing, recording and mix. Karen did the vocals of course! I'm so proud to have been a part of this song and I love it as had it been by my own pen. Any and all feedback very much appreciated of course.
  10. Critique My Songs!

    So I have two songs on the internet right now and here they are on my soundcloud which I will link in a second. I wrote these songs very differently, Brand New Company was a melody and then I found a chord progression to fit it, and I mixed and matched different vocal patterns and lyrics to the same rhythm. It worked out really well but there wasn't a lot of diversity, but all in all I think it is a good song (Check it out.) All for you was written on the guitar and then I matched lyrics and a melody to it, actually a few melodies, just too different strumming patterns. The chorus is the only part where I actually change the chord progression, and I like that because its the catchiest part so it is nice that there are changes and it sounds good together, it's almost happy but still matches the songs! That was just a little insight to how I have been songwriting, there are obviously much more songs too come, if you are interested please check out my youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyYKBCayJ0ap2v6bvtvVZXw And my soundcloud for studio versions! -
  11. Happy 2016, everyone! Im finally starting to get inspired to make melodies again, so here's the latest collaboration work we're doing. The lyrics belong to a fellow songstuff member and personal friend, Johnny Longfellow. He sent me a whole bunch and this one kind of just "happened." Everything flowed so fast, I wanna know how it sounds to you? Feel free to tear this one right up, the more honest you are the better! Thanks in advance, Ken/Johnny I'm not ready to say goodbye ©JCB 2015 Verse 1 I shoulda held you tighter I shoulda kissed you more You deserve a medal for the pain that you've endured Verse 2 I shoulda been for real looked you in the eye Told you that I loved you instead of telling lies Pre-chorus Shoulda, woulda, coulda All the things I didn't do Guess I'll spend my lifetime really missing you Chorus I, I'm not ready to say goodbye, oh no I, I'm not ready to say goodbye, oh no Verse 3 I shoulda bought you flowers I shoulda held your hand Should've always been a loving, caring man Verse 4 Should’ve kept your trust But now all that’s lost If I could do it over, you'd be my first choice Pre-chorus Chorus Bridge I wish I woulda done All the things I shoulda did You deserve the best love Best love, best love Pre-chorus Chorus
  12. Late Introduction

    Hi im aloproductionz but you can call me dex im from the uk and im 23 years old since a child iv been passionate about music my first instrument I started to play was the keyboard, I would love to mess about with the different preset sounds and play them along with the beats on there I spent a lot of time on there each day. after my older cousin taught me a simple song on the keyboard and challenged me to play it fast and it different adaptions I began wanting to make my own music I started 2 songs on the piano while in primary school and had a few lessons in secondary school but due to going to a bad school class was cancelled and replaced with me crap health and safety.in my spare time I would continue playing a creating music during school my passion for story writing and poetry blossomed I began making music on the computer towards the end of school where after I went on to do a music diploma but dropped out at the end of the second year because it wasn't for me other instruments Iv played include flute drums and guitar I still play and compose music but now on a piano rather then a keyboard and produce music onn my computer I still write poetry/songs but have taken a break to work on production where atm im at the stage of learning to mix my music and hope after to move on to promoting my music and working towards collaborations with other artist either stuff theyv written or that iv written I like every genre of music besides death metal to me music is an expression of emotion so each music can suit a better mood but screaming nastiness isn't for me however I once met a man who was a heavy metal listener and surprisingly he was the most gentle kind guy which was interesting I guess it shows how music can be a voice of expression
  13. dancing harmoniously together so freee two sweet blue butterflys graciously greet her reflective gaze is, shimmering eyes her tounge tastes the river as ripples the sky a warm soft wind combs gently through her fur her dear heart is nourished as now so is she oh joyous soft brown deer, hop back to the trees full of gold, red and vibrant green coloured leaves https://soundcloud.com/aloproductionz/joyous-brown-deer-complete
  14. This is a ballad set in the old west. Cognac originally recorded this with guitar and vocals then asked if I could add some supporting instrumentation to give it a movie soundtrack feel. This is the result. (I'll leave it to Cognac to post the lyrics) Cognac is responsible for the song writing, vocals, guitars and sound effects. I added my parts (strings, brass, pan flute, choir) on top of his original mix. Better Than I Used To Be NOTE: the above link was updated prior to comment #5 I don't think the original version of this appeared in this forum for comments, but the original can be heard here: Better That I Used To Be - original Let us know what you think. Paul
  15. Guided by what starise had already created, I've come up with this new version of the instrumental "Emmanuel" here: NOTE: this was modified just prior to comment #5 and again just prior to comment #9 Emmanuel - new version All thoughts on the new version are welcome. The previous version was very recently posted by starise here Emmanuel - original post ... although the original version at that link, has now been replaced by the new version. Paul
  16. Going to pull the plug on this one as the lyrics need a bit more work! And may be a while, as is some of the lines don't sound right when I sing them. Thanks for comment and the read Bryan. Hi Guys Wondered if anyone would like to collab on this song? looking for someone to put the music to it. I can't play to well but heres a sample of my effort and a short part of the 1st verse. Thanks for reading and listening. Les https://soundcloud.com/skin-13/old-man-sample-1 Old man lonely On the street Ragged clothes Blistered feet
  17. Tom Tognaci (cognac) wrote what I thought was a great, single guitar and vocal song. He agreed to let me add some tracks to it, do some creative mixing and after he added a little harmony, we have a new collaboration version. Walk on Fire - new version Check it out and let us know what you think of this new version. The original version was posted here: Walk on Fire - original Paul
  18. Hey everybody, I'm a producer of various genres of electronic music, but I mainly focus on progressive and electro house. I recently finished a track: https://soundcloud.com/romos-1/romos-telemores-radio-edit that I think would go great with a vocalist. (The first verse would probably start at 30 seconds in after the intro) If you're interested in collabing, you can hit me up at itsromosx@gmail.com Thanks!
  19. I'm looking for someone to put some music to my poetry! Anyone interested is welcome! Message me on here for more information, or contact me on skype at pixiefsh22.
  20. Hello everyone, I've been writing lyrics and songs for years but I have found that my best piece of writing is the one written for a melody. I would love to emulate this quality song. It would be great if someone who wrote melodies would be willing to send me an mp3 of their work for me to write lyrics to. If you are interested in collaborating with me, please PM me and we can discuss how we want to collaborate.
  21. Lyricist Wanted

    I get inspired and write music and can never get inspired to write lyrics. I have a few songs that I have composed for the piano, If there are any lyricists looking for songs please reply. I usually write in minor keys, that sort of sets the tone for a darker song. They are medium tempo with quite a bit of movement, so no slow sappy love songs. I'm setting up a soundcloud to share. Thank you so much!
  22. So... here is the deal. I have been writing melodies for songs, and lyrics, which are not notated, i.e, only in my mind/terrible quality recordings. I also know how to play the trumpet, and have an OK ear.. I dont play the piano, drums of the guitar... I have around 5-6 songs that way, and I need a person, who has the equipment to help me finish these songs by creating drums, piano, guitar and bass parts... Like producing it, by creating the instrumental... My style is kind of a bit like Evanescence, but has scents of pop, and every other kind of music you can find... If anyones interested, think they can do this, give me your email so we can talk on the details, how you want it to be, how I want it to be... etc.... Thanks!
  23. Hello everybody! I posted this in the recording crit section, but realized there was another section for collabs.... So I must post here too. So musicbybruce and I have been chattting, and he sent me the lyrics to his song "silence of the night" to work with and put music and arrangement to. So I added a few and changed them a bit and voila, my very first lyrical collaboration. Thanks Bruce for beliving I was the right one for these. this is the first draft, and I'm going to save corrections for the studio, but I'd really love to know what y'all think. I'll apologize for the hiss again, which I can't get rid of unfortunately, and also, Some of the harmonies and "S" sounds are more out of sync than I thought, but of course those will be corrected at a later date. Thanks for listening everyone! xo With Love, Kymlee http://soundcloud.com/kymlee/silence-of-the-night Silence of the night Song & Lyrics by Bruce Wallace & Kymlee Kopera Silence of the night (Repeat softly) I can hear you (Repeat softly) I feel your heart pound against mine and darling there's nothing to hide... in the silence of the night (repeat softly) Silence of the night (Repeat softly) I hear you (Repeat softly) I whisper there's nothing to fear Echoes of love, and all we are, it's so clear... in the silence of the night (repeat softly) In the silence of the night (Repeat softly) I hear you (repeat softly) Footsteps, they sound in the street, Coming close to this love and they cannot speak in the silence of this night (repeat softly) We are all alone (repeat softly) Oh, yes my love we are home I hold you in my arms, oh I can never let go it's that silence in the night Silence of the night (Repeat softly) I can hear you(Repeat softly) I tell you that I love you in our soft spoken tongue, I know now that this is our Heaven above... In the silence of the night (Repeat softly) Silence of the night,I hear you (Repeat softly)