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Found 10 results

  1. Until recently, I knew very little about how YouTube deals with copyright violators. Sure…I’d heard stories from friends & colleagues, but I’d never actually dealt with it firsthand. Now I have! For those who aren’t aware, I’m a long-time YouTuber. I set up my first channel back in January of 2010 & currently administrate a total of five. Even with 5 channels, I’d never had occasion to post work I didn’t own, or have permission to use. A few weeks back, I decided to try something new.….a playlist series called “Play Along”. The videos consist of me playing drums to a prerecorded song. Not exactly a revolutionary concept! You’ll find countless examples this type of thing already on YouTube. But….it was new for me & it sounded like fun! My original intent was to post each video without the play-along song. That would have avoided the whole copyright quagmire, but it also had an unintended consequence. It made the finished product much less interesting! After some deliberation, I decided to roll the dice. If nothing else, it could serve as a learning experience. When I formatted my video, I used an mp3 iTunes version of the audio (song). Typically, mp3s of this type contain tagging which allows the track to be detected on platforms like YouTube. I uploaded my project & classified it as an “unlisted” video. This is standard practice for me. Once I view the upload & verify that it’s intact, I change the classification to “public”. It was late, so I put that final review off till the next morning. By the time I logged back on the next day…. The legal owner had already detected my use of his song Reported the violation to YouTube Decided what options to offer me Tagged & set up my video for AD monetization Keep in mind, at this point, my video was still classified as “unlisted”. I hadn’t even checked the upload yet! It seems the wheels of progress turn quickly when there’s revenue at stake! Fortunately for me, this was the outcome I had hoped for. Most of those 2nd hand stories I mentioned earlier had described a similar process. Below is a copy of the actual notice that YouTube/Google attached to my video….. Your video has been blocked in some countries. Copyrighted content was found in your video. Because of the claimant's policy, this video can't be played in some countries. VIEWING RESTRICTIONS · Video blocked in 1 country · Unavailable on some devices MONETIZATION · Monetized by claimant If you agree with these conditions, you don't have to do anything. Learn More Copyright details CONTENT CLAIMANT POLICY · Look Away (Album Version) - The Ozark Mountain Daredevils · Sound recording · 0:02 - 3:29 play match · UMG · Blocked in some countries · Remove Song · File a Dispute Additional details about original version of the notice: When you hover over the “Video blocked in 1 country” statement, it tells you which country…in this case - Germany. When you hover over the “Monetized by claimant” statement, this notice appears – “You can use the copyrighted content in your video, but ads might appear on your video.” As you can see, the poster is given 3 basic choices: 1. Do nothing, indicating that you agree with the arrangements already negotiated. 2. Remove the copyrighted song 3. File a dispute over the ownership of contested material, in this case the play-along audio track. Clicking on the “Learn More” link took me to a page containing this statement – “Am I in trouble? · In most cases, getting a Content ID claim isn’t a bad thing for your YouTube channel. It just means, “Hey, we found some material in your video that’s owned by someone else.” · It’s up to copyright owners to decide whether or not others can reuse their original material. In many cases, copyright owners allow the use of their content in YouTube videos in exchange for putting ads on those videos.” In the spirit of full disclosure, that page also contains information pertaining to other potential outcomes. Occasionally, the owner of rights can strongly object. In some of those cases, your standing as a YouTube member can be affected….both negatively & permanently. So, the bottom line seems to be this….doing what I did is a bit of a crap-shoot! There is a chance it could affect your standing on YouTube and more. BUT….the majority of the time, you’ll probably get an outcome similar to what I got here. For me it was win-win. They’re allowing me to use the audio and I gained first-hand knowledge of YouTube’s procedures for handling breach of copyright. When I changed the video classification to “public”, I added this statement in the liner notes…… ***The ADs you see here are not mine. The registered owner of "Look Away" chose to allow use of their audio content in exchange for placing ads in my video. Since I had no commercial aspirations for this project anyway, I thought that arrangement was more than fair! For anyone interested, here’s the video that brought about this learning experience - https://youtu.be/VRdqL_UCQz0 Tom Hoffman Songstuff member profilehttp://www.tune-smith.comhttp://www.youtube.com/user/DrumStuffTH
  2. Youtube Covers: Licensing Questions

    Hi all, This is my first post on songstuff. I tried searching "youtube covers" in this forum, in the hopes that someone else has already asked the same question, but couldn't really find anything. If it's already been addressed, my apologies! I'm planning on recording some cover versions of jazz standards and uploading them to YouTube. I wouldn't be using the recordings for any other purpose besides YouTube. I'm trying to find out about the licensing details. A really good website that I found that got me partway to finding an answer is www.harryfox.com. Specifically, this page: https://www.harryfox.com/license_music/youtube_license.html, where it says this: "To use the song composition, you need to negotiate a synchronization license directly with the music publisher. However, many music publishers have entered into license agreements with YouTube permitting the use of the songs they control in exchange for a percentage of any advertising revenues (although in some cases the publisher may set a policy that a particular song is blocked from use)." But, I can't figure out what songs would fall under that category of having already entered into agreements with YouTube. Finding and contacting the publishers of each individual song seems unnecessarily prohibitive, especially if they've already negotiated the agreement. Does anyone know if there is a list anywhere of the publishers and/or works that do fall under this category? It would seem that for people like me (and looking on YouTube for jazz standard covers it seems there are many) it would be useful to both the musicians in question and the publishers themselves to have this information published somewhere, though I can't find anything like this online. I'm guessing that all the people who do jazz standard covers on youtube have just uploaded them without worrying about it, and if they happen to get a take-down notice, so be it. For myself though, I want to be confident that everything is totally legit before I even get started. Some of the songs I was planning on recording (though it's not limited to these) are: Summertime (Gershwin/Heyward) The Girl From Ipanema (Jobim/Moraes) Autumn Leaves (Kosma/Prévert) What a Wonderful World (Thiele/Weiss) Caravan (Tizol) April In Paris (Duke/Harburg) etc. So, the main thing I'm after is finding a way to determine if a particular song falls under the "already existing agreement" with YouTube. Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated! And, if there is anyone who is actually an expert in the field, I'd also be happy to pay a consulting fee to chat with you to get some of these answers. Thanks very much! Tobin
  3. Peru Says ''Hi''.

    Hello everyone! My name is Giovanni Mangiante and I'm from Lima, Peru. I have been making music for quite some time already but I never ventured into promoting my work, whether they are covers or original music. This is, I believe, mostly because of the insecurities that I'm trying to fight off these days. I've never been good with self-promotion and such but I figured I should give it a shot and see if I can actually make a living out of my art. Or at least get some recognition. I started back in 2010 producing and writing rap songs for myself. Let me tell you, dear reader, that my lyrics were as awful as Kim Jong-un's hairstyle. I didn't speak English when I was that young so, I had to figure out a way of making rap songs in English and well, yeah, you can imagine how bad that was. Why didn't I use my native language, Spanish? Because I didn't like the sound of it and because one can be so picky.... So, 4 years later, I learned English to the point I even became an English teacher and dictated some classes for awhile. Now I still make rap songs but with the exception that I also decided to work on Metal, Dark Ambient and DSBM projects. Quite the contrast, am I right? Anyway, recently I started making covers and uploading them to YouTube (I think this site doesn't allow YT links because of the commercial issue but I'm not monetizing my videos so.. I hope I can sort that out here maybe with an admin or someone in charge) while I prepare my first rap demo and DSBM demo. I came here to meet new artists, some maybe even pursuing the same musical genres as me, exchange knowledge about the music industry, and promote some of my work. I hope I didn't bore you with my post and thanks for your time. Have a good day! Giovanni.
  4. Hello its me :)

    Hello i am Marc, born in 1987 and fascinated in singing and recording songs I am from Luxembourg / Europe and want to share my Coverversions with you Music is my passion and a very big habbit of mine, like all i love to share and listen to new songs and nice work. Kind Regards and a good time My Youtube Profile --> https://www.youtube.com/user/f1r3 Marc W. aka firef0xlu
  5. Always a risk covering a classic, but this is an acoustic take I came up with years ago. It's fun to play/sing, even if it's not very faithful to the original.
  6. Christmas Covers!

    Here is my version of the christmas song Winter Wonderland. It's inspired by Jason Mraz's version of it, but I also had to add a bit of my spice into it. I hope you all like it, and please tell me!
  7. Hi all, I'm new here, but thought I'd share a quick recording I did of Amos Lee's "Chill in the Air." Let me know what you think!
  8. Listen And Tell Me What You Think!

    Visit My Youtube Channel and tell me what you think Comment and Subscribe!!! Thank You https://www.youtube.com/user/DesireeHiltonMusic?feature=mhee
  9. If you could hear any artist covering any song, who would you pick to play what... and why? I don't even have a solid answer for this myself except to say I'd love to hear two totally different styles juxtaposed. That's why I always loved Marilyn Manson's version of Sweet Dreams.
  10. Please check out my Youtube Channel tell me what you think leave comments and subscribe if you like it!! http://forums.songstuff.com/uploads/emoticons/Songstuff2011_biggrin.gif' alt=':D'> Thank You I think you will like it!! https://www.youtube.com/user/DesireeHiltonMusic?feature=mhee