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Found 5 results

  1. Electronic tune with '80s bits

    Hi all. I've been working on a new song. I've tried to take some '80s style stuff and put into a modern electronic production. It's missing a verse and the structure of the song isn't final yet. I also want to redo the lyrics for the first verse. I would like feedback on the production, mainly. Also, this tune, to me, has a certain late night, dark city vibe to it, but with some uplifting elements. At least, that's what I've tried to create with the production. Let me know if this works. Thanks! https://soundcloud.com/will-sketches/should-have-been-my-baby/s-u9Qgm
  2. https://soundcloud.com/stephan-mathos/the-dreamingand-the-damage-done-instrumental A few weeks ago I posted this track and got a lot of mixed reviews regarding the vocals. After a lot of thought, I'm strongly considering dumping the vocals entirely and leaving this track as an instrumental only. I originally wrote this song as an instrumental and I feel like the vocals ultimately distract from the sound. I also made some subtle enhancements to the guitar tone and beat programming. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on the instrumental vs vocal version. Vox version is on my Soundcloud. Any feedback would be massively appreciated. Thanks again.
  3. Run From Monday

    What I am wondering from this song is whether the theme of running (jogging) and the idea of running towards happiness in the form of a loved one come together adequately. Does one get a sense of the narrator's struggle to get where he is? Run From Monday I saw you walking your dog As my lungs Begged for more fuel, I played it cool I would have ran to catch you But I had Miles to go, I'm far from home The tension, like a sickness, Does embrace Weighted shoulders, Taking over The sidewalk is unyielding Propelling me from this place Exhale the dark Now my life starts [Chorus] Today is a paper cut, today is a paper cut Frequent exposure makes the skin rough Layers of crosshatch, strange to the touch Tomorrow another one, tomorrow another one There were times when This distance Was out of reach I was not good Enough, and Neither was she [bridge] I've been practicing, can't you tell All the things I do so well I've been practicing how to speak With tenderness, before I sleep Like most good things I hold true This starts and ends with you
  4. Downtempo Track

    Hello everyone. I recently made a track: https://soundcloud.com/dreamcatcherdream/pleiades-pattern-reprise?in=dreamcatcherdream/sets/poolsides I am kindly asking for some critique about the track and what I should do to make it better. Thank you very much for your answers!