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Found 6 results

  1. Express Yourself as a Musician

    Expression is considered to be at the pinnacle of qualities for any artist let alone a musician. Regardless of the genre, instrument or language, every musician tries to express a certain story, concept or thought process in the music he/she creates. For a guitarist, to be able to carve the right chord backing or improvise a solo befitting a song is very very important. Regardless of how many scales you know or how advanced of a guitar player you are, to be expressive is its own cup of tea. This article gives you insight as to how you can become a more expressive guitar player, though the idea applies to any instrument. http://www.songstuff.com/guitar/article/express_yourself/ Be sure to share and like the article if you find it useful. If you have any questions, feel free to discuss it on the Songstuff Community Forums.

    this a rap attack not a trap attack you got drama boy i ain't catchin that got my own check yeah i'm cashin that take the whole hit yeah i'm cashin that you hashin back old memories for my mental slack i'm flashin back to 3 am can't outrun my mental past you a crazy bitch i remember that but.. girl you f*ckin with my emotions and you're f*ckin up my notions were so same but so different come together like atlantic versus pacific oceans poppin up and down like a roller coaster got me poppin off like i'm off my holster
  3. Hey Guys, This is my first serious post within this forum. As I had previously mentioned in other posts I am currently doing my final year research project and it is based on how music can be used as a form of release from certain states of mind. Taking this for example.... This clip shows how Darden Smith used lyrics and music as a way to help soldiers defeat PTSD, my current research project challenges how this happens, and I am currently trying to gather opinions from the people behind the lyric writing, people who have been doing it for a while and have experience within the field. I am guessing people like you? I am currently needing a few people to fill in a survey which I have put together to challenge my hypothesis. It will only take 5 minutes of your time and will help me greatly. Once it has been finished and my final conclusions have been made I would be more than happy to place a link online for everyone to read. I'm hoping it would make a very interesting read for the people of these forumns! Many thanks, hope you guys can assist me and I will be more than happy to help you guys out with certain things. Regards Dan! Thanks guys! completely forgot to post the link to the survey...... https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1lp4wvQ0j_mhiGaacQFer8wRKMrxNvWDCSeAcfcxnSac/viewform here it is.
  4. Bar Room Massacre

    https://soundcloud.com/ryan-foss/bar-room-massacre Bar Room Massacre I found myself a kernel of corn and im ready to pop i found myself a fire and Im ready to douse I saw myself an angel leaving with the strangest man Bar room massacre social acetone leaving me all alone Bar room massacre social acetone leaving me all alone but i'll rock until the planets drop ill rip until the mountains roll i'll ride until day the is done don't you know? I'll probably drink too much and trip over the roots in the morning ill repent in search of the truth i've traded all my poetry for prose trying to make myself feel alive if thats all i ever wanted is that such a crime leave it up to me to have all these dreams but no one to share them with leave it up to me to have all these games but no one to play them with but i'll rock until the planets drop ill rip until the mountains roll i'll ride until day the is done don't you know? Well i'd leave all the games i'd give up the plans for a symphony i got all the angles i got all the hooks but i have nothing without your looks i imagined myself too many times holding you in my arms if that ain't something than i am nothing and this is all a dream I found myself an angel leaving with the strangest man Copyright 2013 © Ryan Foss
  5. Unanswered

    Hey there folks, there's a lot of new artists in here since last time I was around, WOOHOO!!! That makes me very excited. I have a habit of disappearing occasionally but never for too long because well, songstuff is my true love and all. ;p okay so...this is a song I wrote last night, having a bout of “depression†I suppose and this is what came out. It’s all verse and no real chorus, which is a different style of song writing than I normally do, but I tried to add a chorus and it didn’t sound right. I really wanted to focus on the sorrow in this song, the longing for understanding in the quest for purpose that we all try to obtain in some form. Please let me know your thoughts, and it’s also available for free download as are all of my songs on soundcloud. With Love but no answers this time...Kymlee ALSO* this song is mixed in headphones, because my computer speakers aren't loud enough, but I think that means you may not be able to hear the best detail without headphones. I'm not too good at that part yet, but for most of my stuff it seems to translate better with headphones on than without, so just a heads up on that end. I never even knew there was a difference until I asked someone recently about it haha... Here you go http://soundcloud.com/kymlee/unanswered Unanswered Copyright 2012 Kymlee Kopera Original registered works Trail of tears I hoped it would never come to this But hope is lost I can’t rely on it, or anyone Anyone… Anyone Youth is far In its place a harsh reality We think we’ve grown Until we forfeit our maturity Fear is gone… Fear is gone Empty eyes Used to shine with all the wonders Body’s frail, Once I felt so strong, all by myself All by myself… All by myself Days are new People, never change, they steal their stripes Under the sun All is old and broken, fix this someone! This is wrong… This is all so wrong Love was all The happy ending in a book But we will fall So is it good enough, to love yourself?! Answer me… Answer me… Answer me… (please God) just answer me Please answer me…
  6. I have a really strong emotion now that would make a really good song, but I'm having trouble putting it into words. I'm feeling really confused, torn between doing two things, and Im so confused that I'm having trouble thinking and just can't take action on either of them. Whenever I think about one the ideas I had about the other get mixed up and swirled around and distorted, and vice versa. Im just really having trouble condensing this and putting it to words that are original and not cliche. The "inspiration" for this emotion doesnt stem from a relationship, but rather from a decision I have to make between pleasing everyone around me and pleasing myself. However, Im afraid that if I choose to do what I want, then when it finally comes time for me to do so that I will not have the courage to pursue my dreams because I will be stepping way outside of my "comfort zone". So this is what my emotion is, kinda complex lol, but I would really appreciate the help! Thank you so much!