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Found 2 results

  1. Improve Your Vocal Range

    Though it might not be an absolute necessity for a singer to have a wide vocal range, it does prove to be a huge asset when it comes to giving a powerful and emotional performance. Singers such as Freddie Mercury (Queen), Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) and Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge) are great examples of singers who've shown vocal power and range being used to its maximum potential. Even for an experienced singer, the vocal range cannot be expanded in a day or two. It needs consistent and dedicated vocal routines and the right technique used in combination. The following article presents you with a few exercises and tips to help you expand your range without pushing and straining your voice but through the application of correct and proven techniques. http://www.songstuff.com/vocals/article/3_ways_improve_your_singing_range/ Be sure to share and like the article if you find it useful. If you have any questions, feel free to discuss it on the Songstuff Community Forums.
  2. Hi Everyone, I hope all is well. I wonder if you can help me out. I'm a lead singer and guitarist for a band that I started about a month ago. It's my first time performing in a band as the lead singer. I write all my own music, guitar, melodies, lyrics, song structures. You name it. Now my last hurdle is singing in front of people. I've had about 5 rehearsals with my band where we have gone through all the songs. Music only. So now we have 7 songs. The finishing touches are now for me to add the vocals so we can finalize the songs and start performing. So I'm kind of shy about singing in front of people. I can sing. I'm really good. I've just never sang live in front of anyone. I have recorded acoustic versions my songs and the guys in the band all like them and are looking forward to start playing them live. So any way I can quickly build some confidence? As many tips as you can give me would be apprecited. Thanks and Rock n Roll!! Carlos R.