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Found 28 results

  1. New song ft. chloe Opondo.. Written, performed, recorded and produced by me. Thanks!
  2. Here is the final version of "Dancing Down the Rabbit Hole" (former names "Down the Rabbit Hole" and "The Spiral" for earlier renders). @HoboSage I completely redid the drums. Of course I had to do some weird shit to them, but hey, a guy has to have his fun.
  3. Seismosphere - Questions for the Cosmos

    So my band, Seismosphere, put out this song as a single three days ago in promotion for our upcoming album, Elytra. And why, you might ask, didn't I post it here sooner? ...Kinda forgot....whoops. Anyways, this is "Questions for the Cosmos", which will be the ninth track on Elytra. A bit of background on us considering this is my first instance of uploading Seismosphere content to this forum, my longtime friend John Stewart and I formed this band in 2014, and we've been steadily putting out albums, EPs, and singles since then. So this is just the latest release from us and is in no way our "first song" or whatever. We in fact encourage you to go back and check out some of our material from eons past...so long as it isn't from our piece-of-shit first album. Enough about that, onto this track. "Questions for the Cosmos" is a song I wrote (though all songs are credited to "John Stewart and Brandon Davis") back in October of 2016. Between September and November of that year, I went through a bit of an existential crisis, constantly tripping balls on the concept of consciousness, life, and especially death or the lack of existing. Luckily, this killed all my moody teenage angst about life not being worth living and crap - now I fear death like the plague! Yippie! So in the turbulence of this, out pops this track, and honestly I think it's one of my best compositions. There's psychedelic goodness to be found, and I'm pretty proud of the chord progression/melody combo. The cover art was especially way out there for us to do, but then again, a lot of our artwork nowadays is becoming more involved and/or surreal than two years ago. Give it a listen, and tell us what you drink. ...wait a second... ...nope, that's right. Licensed under Creative Commons (Attribution/Non-Commercial/Share-Alike) Composed by John Stewart and Brandon Davis
  4. Fireball

    This I wrote because I couldn't sleep and was inspired by my hand (yes, literally, by my hand, of all things). The dashes signify bridge - chorus relations, if that makes sense. Hope it works, so here goes! Open up the lie See what's within Go ahead and try It's just another sin Set another fire, child Like you always did I know they call you wild But you better not be hid The fire's getting higher I'm coming down the wire --- Set the whole world ablaze An empire in a thousand days You'll go far again I hope I'll see you then I know you'll stand tall Become my little fireball Draw up your plans Draw out your sword Slaughter all the fans Carry progress forward An enigma in a riddle An great digital pain The joker's playing fiddle With the dead sheep's brain The fire's getting higher I'm coming down the wire --- Set the whole world ablaze An empire in a thousand days You'll go far again I hope I'll see you then I know you'll stand tall Become my little fireball Carry banners higher News is on the wire --- Set the sky and stars ablaze A heart sent to a thousand ways You'll make it here again I hope I know you then I learned that you stood tall Against the great firewall
  5. Nameless Mind - Red Angel

    Our new track without lyrics: Nameless Mind - Red Angel Any feedback would be highly appreciated.
  6. Did you know?

    Hey everyone, "Did you know that you have more bacteria than you have human cells?" - from "K.N.G.R" I'm Aria from the band "The Strawberry Republic". We have just released our debut album "Perfekt Information" (which I will share links to in Showcase threads), and I hope that I can learn a lot from you and pick your minds about the different aspects of our music making process. Thanks.
  7. "A Sign of Exposure" by Nika S.

    Hello everyone! It pleases me to post the first song I have posted on this forum. "A Sign of Exposure" is short, at 1:56, but it is still some of my most progressive work. It is a song about feeling exposed. I often playback my songs through a composing software I have called MuseScore, because it is relatively hard for me to play instruments and relatively easy for me to notate the sounds I hear in my head. I hope to gain critique in terms of my progressiveness, my coherence (lyrical as well as in terms of musical ideas), and my conveyance of the ideas (lyrical and musical alike) that I have written (in other words, compositional technique). (PS: The song really might be better off notated with time signatures "halved" [e.g.: 5/2 instead of 5/4], but those things are subjective anyway, lol.) Link to "A Sign of Exposure" (playbackable online): https://musescore.com/user/551296/scores/1412536 "A Sign of Exposure" (Note: The chords interluding between verse stanzas are now inaccurate. Feel free to update them for me, if I don't yet (-; ) Even when you guard your words I still get a little nervous Am7b5/G (Eb-Bb-F Bb-Cm) (potential bass melody: G-G F-f A-A-f Bb C) Even when I guard myself I still seem a little furtive Am7b5/A (Eb-Bb-F Bb-F) (ditto on bass melody, except replace C w/ F) You Bb7 Don't know what it's like Eb7 But you can imagine Am G F And that's all I can ask for Fmaj7 G6 Amaj7 Even if I won't ask for it Fmaj7 G6 Am When it all settles down Fmaj7 Cmaj7 Do you know who you are Fmaj7 Em9/D Do you know what you stand for Fmaj7 Em A7#9 (Pensive, solemn organ (or similar instrument) accompaniment at the chorus, above. Chords: Fmaj7-Cmaj7-Fmaj7-Em9/D-F-E-A7#9) I play the memory again and again until it falls apart Am7b5 (Eb-Bb-F Bb-Cm) For a moment it felt like you'd stolen my heart but it really just eased the pain Am7b5 (Eb-Bb-F Bb-F) (7/4) Oh, this sound that's a humming in my heart – I'm still a little scared about it F/G (Eb-Bb-F Bb-Cm) (8/4) After parties I head back to my dorm and think about what it means to be real inside Cm/G (F-C-G C-Gm) A7-D7 You G7 Don't know what it's like C7 But you can imagine A7#9 G7 F7 And that's all I can ask for Fmaj7 G6 Amaj7 Even if I won't ask for it Fmaj7 G6 Am When it all settles down Fmaj7 Cmaj7 Do you know who you are Fmaj7 Em9/D Do you know what you stand for Fmaj7 Em AmM6add9
  8. I would like to know what do You think when You listen to this ritual song/soundscape. In this song I am showing how the dark satanic rituals by mighty people might look (sound) like. Feedbacks are welcome
  9. Seeing as my friend would rather go unnanmed I will just explain that they wrote the poem I am reciting in this song. I recorded/ preformed this song and am very proud of this collaboration! Yet again, a friend of mine that wrote this poem was very kind to let me use it within this song ! LEAVE A CRITIQUE PLEASE! Memory Tea.mp3
  10. My review of moth electret's dawngazer is now live on The Oneiric Moor. https://theoneiricmoor.wordpress.com/
  11. Experimental Guitar Play

    Merry Christmas! Matěj Keberle, friend of mine, played and recorded some acords with his guitar and I edited melody and added some effects to make it more stereo and reverbic on Renoise. These tunes are going to be part of my first experimental album, 'Da Calmies' which is going to be released soon for free. I hope you enjoy the experimental tunes!
  12. Through The Leaves

    I had the music sitting around for quite awhile; and, in one night this just flowed through me. "Through The Leaves" refers to the leaves of a threshold (though I still like to picture one making their way through a forest). I personally like to listen to this piece and am curious to what the songstuff community thinks. Thanks in advance for taking a listen:) https://soundcloud.com/omenrama/through-the-leaves
  13. Hey There

    I'm a singer, an audio engineer, a multi-instrumentalist, a painter, a photography, a poet, a computer artist, a stompbox designer, a coder, a web designer & an IT technician. My music ranges from indie pop to experimental to electronic to instrumentals...I'm posting things I have made myself as well as collaborations that have been recorded over the years. Soundcloud - "single" postings, or sampler of full releases https://soundcloud.com/blisterpop Bandcamp site - full releases - free name-your-price downloads. http://music.blisterpop.com WordPress Blog - music + photography + poetry + art http://blisterpop.com
  14. Ep: "i Am Not A Ghost"

    https://soundcloud.com/aristadt/sets/i-am-not-a-ghost My most recent release is a 5 track ode to Nine Inch Nails' 2008 instrumental album Ghosts I-IV. I really enjoyed it for just napping. The tracks are mostly tame, with two really rhythmic experiences and three more ambient, low-key soundscapes. Hope you enjoy it!
  15. The Urge To Jump

    No, I am not feeling suicidal. Nor is this about suicide. I know I'm not alone (I know of at least one other person, lol!) who understands this crazy thing. Just a short experimental musical meandering. https://soundcloud.com/desertrose-4/the-urge-to-jump The lure pulls me closer to the edge.... I could dive over and down spiraling like a moth with no wings if I dared.... Falling, oh falling the sweetness of abandon in my head... I would drown, surely drown If I take another step As the ocean gets more insistent at my resistance .... The urge to jump Don't you ever feel it? I know it's strange I know I'm not alone You're never far from We're never far from the edge The urge to jump
  16. Hi guys! I hope you're doing well. I released a new track about 7 days ago....I thought it would be cool if you guys checked it out. Here's the link: http://soundcloud.com/eman4life/mellow-express Have an awesome day guys!
  17. Experimental Music Producer

    Hello, how are you doing? I'm an experimental music producer who releases music under the name Eman. I would appreciate it alot if you gave my music a listen. Here's the link to my material http://soundcloud.com/eman4life . Have an awesome day!
  18. I finally finished my most ambitious piece to date; Dreamscape. Dreamscape is a 22 minute long eclectic blend of contemporary electronic styles and the common practice orchestra. I had many breakthroughs in my harmonic, melodic, formal, textural, and composition voice during the creation of this piece. I hope you all enjoy it, as always I would love to get some serious critique on the mix/master/musical content. https://soundcloud.com/zacharyhuff/fracturing-thoughts
  19. Any feedback on our new album would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.. you're a star..love and blankets http://floodedhallways.bandcamp.com/
  20. highly experimental art piece. kinda retro, languidly metronomical, post-modern analog electronica, dada, psychedelic. envision pseudo-stereo terminal velocity via taping an AM radio to each ear during an acid trip while john lennon and maya deren make an art film backstage at a velvet underground show. built the recording around a single snare hit that i digitally reversed, and an African shaker that i've had for a long time and looks like something from a museum collection. drums are real acoustic drums which i quad mic'd: kick, snare and two overheads. ran the snare and kick through distortion w/ heavy gate. lyrics are about a recurring dream i guess...one that has its genesis from the summer of 1990, the first time i shot heroin, in the back of a church in madrid, spain. this is a rough demo. i messed up the 2nd chorus vox, singing a bit flat on the lowest harmony track. all guitars tuned to open C (C,G,C,G,C,E) http://soundcloud.com/abeautifulvirus/reverse-an-experimental-piece Reverse (rough demo) © 2012 MRI / Words & Music by Daren Thomas Turner --------------------------------------------------- wounded by a violin in heat tasting of the rain i became the aperture; i became the iris with no colors save the greys and the only stains are fades giving way to just a blank page now and then it blows my mind forward, play, stop, rewind... reverse forward, march! another taste. this time a little taste of spain remained inside me with its eyes gouged out. i remember all the veins (you know i used to name my veins) i named them after the apostles now and then it wears me thin slows me down and puts me in... reverse --------------------------------------------------- Daren Thomas Turner: acoustic & electric guitars, vocals, bass, drums, African shaker
  21. An Experimental Piece In 10/8 Time Sig

    an experimental piece in 10/8 time signature. this is more towards Luigi Russolo 'Noise Music' in its spirit. kinda weird; but honest in a life story unveiled in a droning alien abduction sorta way. in Latin, rex regis means "king of the king". guitars tuned to open Esus2/add9 (E,B,E,F#,B,E). some have said it could have been done in 5/4, but since the guitar arpeggiates with 10 8th notes and the main distorted drum downbeat coming in on the 5, 10/8 deemed a better fit. repetitive drums are actually acoustic kit played live with distortion, and i put a heavy gate on the kick and snare. http://soundcloud.com/abeautifulvirus/rex-regis Rex Regis (demo) © MRI 2009-2012 Words & Music by Daren Thomas Turner -------------------------------------- {{we will contact you shortly}} {{we will contact you shortly}} {{we will contact you shortly}} {{we will contact you shortly}} well I just don’t ever get it just wont ever get it murder me with all the questions stick a needle in where it hurts just don’t ever get it school only made it worse blood type written double spaced underground and in the dirt and I just won’t ever see and I wont ever feel because my spine is broken and forever I will always be the king of kings when I sleep but even then I’m depressed ‘cause my castle’s in the basement even then I’m depressed ‘cause my castle’s in the basement even then I’m depressed ‘cause my castle’s in the basement even then I’m depressed ‘cause my castle’s in the basement {alien vocals} well I just won’t ever say it just won’t ever make it bludgeon me with all the questions shove my face right in the dirt just won’t ever get it Nietzsche even said it first “nothing matters anymore- hold on fast ‘cause it gets real worse†don’t know where I’ve been don’t remember anything: like her coma... memories that cease to be now like the books she’ll never read forget-me-nots & chrysanthemums & flower pots filled with heroin euthanize every politic eulogize like a Jesuit every prayer said for everyone goes to hell and back before it is gone wonder how I stay around when what I lost I haven’t found… all the things I never did became the life I never lived all the things I never did became the life I never lived all the things I never did became the life I never lived all the things I never did became the life I never lived (everything's gonna be ok...'cause there's nothing left of me) (everything's gonna be ok...'cause there's nothing left of it) (everything i never did... and there's nothing left of it) -------------------------------------- Daren Thomas Turner: guitars, vocals, drums, bass
  22. Underneath The Soul

    Hey fellas, new beat here.. Went with a little something different, a tad slower than what I usually produce, but I heard the sample and just had to make this.. Let me know what you think... [media=]
  23. Starfish Of India

    Tuning D#, D#, Removed, D#(Nylon), A#(Steel), D#(Nylon) The wood block percussion noise is actually the edge of the sound hole where we removed the "D" string. The "B" string is supported by a slightly radius'd strip of spring temp (H04) phos bronze to pick up the buzz, the other end has a heavy gage wire wrap at the tuning machine. I'm recording this from inside using a clip-on flute mic attached to a brace. Currently, I can't alter the noise levels, so the wood block is a bit predominant.
  24. {re-posted as per administrators; original post was eaten by database drive error} something radically different from what i normally produce. this is more something for a film soundtrack etc.... i placed my dry vocal way back in the mix, then doubled it and tracked a few delay/reverbed harmonies singing through an octave divider and also some though an envelope filter with a wide oscillation pattern. i used the same filter and oscillation for the linear guitar line which parallels the vocal melody. naturally the words are barely discernible on purpose, perhaps only registering in the subconscious. but if you read the lyrics while listening you can see where they are in the audioscape. the drums are real acoustic drums played for duration of song in one take: i'm playing a repetitive rhythm pattern on my Pearl kit & used distortion and heavy gate on the kick and snare to emulate electronicia sample sound... the piano is an antique Cable-Nelson. the hand claps and other guitar lines are ping-pong delayed far left and right. cool to listen to in stereo headphones. there are no samples or loops in any of this. all tracked live in real time. Listen on Soundcloud.com PULSE (demo) [Electronica, Ambient, Experimental] © MRI 2009-2012 Words & Music by Daren Thomas Turner ----------------------------------------- (spoken softly) I didn’t really know what to do, so I just took the pen and began to write. Afterwards, this is what I had… (/spoken softly) When will it happen this time? It will probably be a while There, it happened again before fading… Then all the tapping that time Was the beating of my heart Not the sounds running off From myself ----------------------------------------- Daren Thomas Turner: piano, guitars, drums, bass, vocals, hand claps