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Found 10 results


    SUPPORT NEEDED !!!!! FOR ONLINE FACEBOOK SINGING CONTEST Hi everybody, I'm in this facebook contest. Would really appreciate if u could go to this link like,comment and share if u like the video. Forward it around too. singing is my passion. Do help spread the msg around. Tq so much! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1855878314634518&id=1841922472696769
  2. Hello everyone, I'm gonna explain the situation, hoping to get some advice, insights and ideas from you. Please note that English is my 3rd language so don't be surprised to see any mistake or awkward sounding phrases. Sorry, it's gonna be long cause I want to give as much as info as possible. Ok so first of all, I'm based in Canada. Back in 2012 I started a Youtube channel and a Facebook page, to basically promote underrated/unknown/indie/unsigned rock music. In my Youtube channel I've been doing rock compilation videos, and uploading full songs, with giving credit to the original band. In 4 years, I got 2 copyright strikes that have been cleared and one request to delete a song. But overall, artists are grateful for what I do because it gives them more exposure. So today in 2016, here are my statistics: Youtube: 6498 subscribers 126 videos(compilations of snippets + full songs) 3 036 161 total views Video that has the most views: 951 254 views(video compilation) Video that has the least views: 576 views (separate full song, which makes sense because unknown bands don't attract many people) My last upload on Youtube was in July 2016 Facebook: 5825 likes, but the number seems to be more or less stuck since my Youtube channel hasn't been active for awhile(this is where most of my fans come from). However the Facebook page is active everyday by sharing songs(90% unknown and 10% mainstream music). Ok now here's the question. Even though I've been doing this to help bands and for passion and love of music, I'm now looking to see if there is any potential way to earn money from all of this. I'm pretty newbie in this music business combined with online marketing, so be ready to read some newbie questions below and that's why I'm seeking advice today. How does this business work in general? I regularly receive requests from bands to promote their music on my Facebook page, and I accept their request for free if I like the song and if it fits with the page general content. On Youtube, I received and accepted 2 requests to upload new singles exclusively on my channel for free. Do you guys think, it was a missed opportunity? Like was I supposed to charge money to upload their music on my channel? And once, I received a message from a band saying that they're releasing their music video soon and they would like to submit it on my channel as well as future opportunities and collaborations. Ok, I kinda denied their request because I did not like the content. And yeah, for me the content quality I put in my social medias come first and way before money. But what does their message mean? Were they ready to pay me money? If so, what's the average money we're talking about for this kind of service. Now guys, I sometimes see bands that have a pretty good fanbase(about 70 000 likes on Facebook) submitting their new music video with channels that have less subscribers than I do and I'm like pissed, wondering why they didn't choose me instead. The music video can get easily 100 000 views, giving exposure to the channel itself. So here I'm even wondering, who paid who? The band paid the channel, or the channel paid the band? Finally, as I mentioned earlier in this post, I'm really looking for a way to make my channel/page profitable, so if you guys have any tips, insights, information about the music industry associated with social medias, proven business strategy to share, I'm all ears. Also, if someone is knowledgeable, sees potential in my channel/page and wants to partner up, don't hesitate to message me. Sorry for the long post guys and thank you.
  3. Caitie Hiatt

    https://www.facebook.com/caitiehiatt/ Please go check out this page. This girl is beyond amazing~ Please like and follow everything! She will be famous one day!
  4. I performed it to a few people back at my guitarist's place for his birthday. A friend shared it and it's been crazy since! Over 300 shares and 35k Views since yesterday and counting. Never had such a response to any of my music ever before. So It's all new to me. Thought I'd share it with the family! Hope all are well. Cheers Mahesh
  5. I Know You Have A Facebook

    https://www.facebook.com/pages/My-Lyrics/301586500007397 Can you please like this page for me(:!!!!!!!!!
  6. FYI - http://www.cnet.com/news/facebook-tightens-the-privacy-of-your-updates/
  7. We are Burning Down The Villager, a melodic rock band from Nebraska seeking reviews of our latest full length album "In Time". The album has been released on Tremulant Records, and is available on all major online music retailers. We are currently working on booking our first major US tour, and seeking reviews of the album to know how our fans feel about the songs, and see what cities we should hit on the upcoming tour. We appreciate your time, and can't wait to hear what you think of the album! Check us out here: Facebook iTunes Spotify Reverbnation
  8. Thrashimation's Progress!

    Songstuff forum goers! I've been on here for several weeks now and have made a lot of feedback for other songs, and also learning about the music industry, getting your valued opinion! Well today, my YouTube channel that is launching this September made another huge step forward! We finally finished our channel art and have uploaded it to our YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Tell me what you think of it (we'd love some feedback!), and if you enjoy comedic music, give us a subscribe, a like, and/or a follow! Thank you so much for reading. -The Thrashimation Brothers YouTube Facebook Twitter
  9. Hey, Don't Leave Me Alone

    I could yap for quite some time about this song, how it came about and it's meaning. But I won't! I'm hoping its pretty self-explanatory with a little hidden meaning in there. Enough of that though. This gave me all sorts of headaches while mixing. Trying to get the two different guitars playing with each other in "left" and "right" speakers works just fine in my car, but when I put headphones on I get too much of a "wavey" feeling. Of course that's due to me not being all that good with mixing. It's a work in progress I hope to get fixed. So anyone with some mixing skills that may be able to point me in the right direction please let me know what I need to do to get this one to gel a little more. One thing may be the right-side guitar might be too loud. With that guitar, I was trying to pull it forward to rattle some teeth but it's just not working yet. Also, I got a lot of feedback when recording the vocals so I'll be redoing those as well. This is the first time I've done "screaming/yelling" type vocals and really have to work on recording those. I have a drummer that will play on this. My goal is to get him a copy to listen to as he plays that won't hurt his ears. I have a few other changes in mind but one thing I'd like feedback on also is the harmony in the last part of the second chorus (between the verses). I have it pretty low in the mix now but I think you can hear it. When I first did it I liked it, but after hearing it a few times I wasn't sure if it went well with this or not. So any feedback on that is appreciated. Thanks for listening. Randy (Just1L) DON'T LEAVE ME ALONE Randy Drilingas 2012© Hey, don't leave me alone. Hey, don't leave me alone. V1 Touch-screen motherboard social life. The Introvert's out. Now digitized! The new e-You. V2 Saying something witty waiting for your "likes". Hoping others feel the same way inside. Do they? Or is it only you? CHORUS I hear somebody saying. "Don't leave me alone." Can ya hear somebody saying? "Don't leave me alone." V3 Big boner electronic high. Sitting at a stop light. Can't take your eyes off a... text to you. V4 We're sitting at a table getting ready to dine. We can't even talk, you keep checking online. What's wrong with you? (Invisible to you) CHORUS I hear somebody saying. "Don't leave me alone." Can ya hear somebody saying? "Don't leave me alone."
  10. Hello Everyone, Thanks for the overwhelming reponse from Songstuff.com. Now looking forward for some Music Composers/Melody Composers for Wild Blossoms Band (https://www.facebook.com/WildBlossomsBand). WB is the First Internet International Girl Band with members from almost all parts of the world & we work towards getting the world music together. Recently we have been added in a Record Book "LIMCA BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limca_Book_of_Records) We are currently working towards finishing our first album for which we need some new talent. It will be based on collaboration for 1 or few songs for which you will be given the lyrics. You should be able to record the melody in a good quality and instruct the singers how to sing the lyrics with the composition. Plz contact me with your previous works at wildblossoms.band@gmail.com The selected person's compositions will be distributed by a very professional and dedicated music company who is our agent in India who promotes us and ensures that we get the much needed guidance and resources wherever and whenever required including concerts and marketing opportunities around the world. Cheers, Sag