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Found 7 results

  1. Gate of Contempt

    Musicians Invited: Any musician whatsoever is welcome to take this, process/rework it and use in a song. I'm grateful for whatever music someone can turn this into! Harrowing background sound, cruel, heavy and callous voice acting and a mysterious tone are welcome, but do whatever you feel like. Ideal Tone: Think dark fantasy. Think fantasy Dwarfs, but malicious, mysterious slavers, idolaters and sacrificers. Think heavy, deep Dwarf voice, yet harsh and arrogant. Think contemptuous toward lesser slave beings. Think cruel monument builders and demented megalomaniacs. Think torturers and evil geniuses. Think bull worshippers, think shadow and flame, think fire and lightning. Think sons of Darkness. Think nightmare ash wastes, obsidian ziggurats, storms, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and pollution. Think death and misery. Think dark industry and fire temples. Think blacksmiths of Chaos who forges Daemons into armament.Think hearts of stone. Genre: Whatever you can bring to the table! Ancient oriental impressionism, metal, classical, folk... The list goes on. Give us your take on this! Don't be afraid to chop up the lines, polish, add and improve to make it a working song. We're happy with what we get. Setting: Games Workshop's Warhammer fantasy world. However, this can easily be made setting-inspecific and fantasy generic by exchanging "holy Hashut" for "Bull God" "Dark Deity" or whatever. This is particularly relevant for anyone wanting to turn a profit out of this. Find out more song texts by me and others in the same vein here, all of which are open for musicians to grab themselves onto. Song Text: Low-quality, I presume, since it's written by a raw amateur. Should you nevertheless find promise, then by all means rework it into something you like! Disclaimer: This is non-profit project, but I won't object if anyone uses it for profit ventures so long as I am credited and so long as I have full access to the audio files and have unlimited rights to use and share this for free however I see fit for hobby purposes. Also, should someone for some reason make a small fortune out of this or other song texts of mine I would advice you to toss me a small cash sum, but otherwise profit don't interest me here. __________________ Gate of Contempt "They pick at lice, the dumb their wise. Enthroned in glory dark, am I hereby proclaimed insane, by inert lowly simpletons who care but for the grain? Great works in stone they quietly bemoan as heavy drain, and ask why giant portal must be built in empty plain? O why, o why? They are but mice, can't see the prize. I swear to holy Hashut and by His rending horns twain, stragglers and doubters will be whipped back into lane. Appeasing Father's molten fury I will ramp up all the slain, and by this hill o' skulls and bones remake our terrain. O why, o why? With reddened eyes, their deathly cries. Restful joy of hale and lowly thrall remains our foulest stain, so burden them with labour and lock on the rusty chain! Their bones will snap, their backs will break for cruelty, their bane, will haunt their dreams and breath awake alike under my reign! O why, o why? They mouthed their lies, we cut their ties. The smallfolk may complain and whine, as they die off like flies, but I, o mighty one, am risen to the skies!" - Chaos Dwarf song from the construction of the Gates of Zharr, during the reign of Zhargon the Great
  2. Hi there, I spent the last days working on this little tune... https://soundcloud.com/dustin-naegel/journey-onward ...a somewhat rhythmically driven (almost march-like) medieval/fantasy theme soundtrack theme. It's build upon a (hopefully) heroic melody and is intended to accompany the travel montage of a fantasy epic (game/film). But it's not really complete since I am not satisfied with the overall sound. If you have some handy tips, especially concerning the mix, please do not hesitate to share your insights. Best regards Dustin
  3. Forest Of Eldor

    I have been playing with some new Christmas toys :0) I got a few vocal sample libraries and plug-ins. I wanted to make something like a video game/movie fantasy theme. I used my sample libraries to create " Forest Of Eldor" I played all instruments in manually...no midi programming. I added two different harps and panned them slightly L/R.I panned many of the instruments here. I added flute, basson and english horn...plus some ambient synth background. I intentionally washed this pretty good in reverb to give it a spacial reveberberant effect. I used three different female vocal lines and elf whispers to create this.
  4. IMG 0012small elves

    From the album Paulettea's Art Delights

    This is one of my favourite pieces its a surrealistic piece capturing a child's mind of magic, imagination, creativity and dreaming. It has been painted in oils and pastels.

    © P.S.Stewart

  5. Lost Somewhere Between Reality and Fantasy Shattering the Diabolic Phantasm Hello, hello, hello Howd'ya holiday The sins became undone The shadows are now long-gone, though the sky's still overcast Hello, hell-low, hello Holy brand-new day Sweet dreams of your past I know you want to make it forever last Fly like a dragon If it is worth to drag on There is always someone to brag on What I get is what I give Don't you get it? Let me live In the light In the shade Your memories don't fade Close your eyes, visualize That you're no longer fake In the pit of spit culprit There is not much to see The void that you avoid Just to keep yourself free You're lucky to be blind I'm sure you wouldn't miss What you leave behind You'd do anything to Regain your sight In this wrenched town Plagued by blight I adore the way The birdies sing How they dispose of The deadly things Think of nothing But question everything I have steady clothings My feathers do not sting You are claiming I am not all right And you're saying To get out of your sight And you're praying For your new god to come You're only staying To later on be gone Mention something.. Dementia.. the way to be Watch the weather change Whether I'm deranged.. Mention something.. Mention anything Just catch your vision's range You'd never get enraged Too blind to see me Too cold to feel me No feelings touch me Just an empty shell The sky's all-out gloomy All prospects are bloomy I am much worse than moody Captured in my own hell I follow the track The trail of the mist I am lulled by the scent Of the pure and damp bliss I am all in my head I am still outside What's making me sad Is that I got nothing to hide And when the ceiling starts to girth And world screams like sprains of firths Just praise my eyes until you can imagine solace, Yeah, like some secret grace at will Screaming and dreaming Blood-veins is streaming Concealing the feeling And shooting and hooting And raging and booting And never relieving Devour with passion Along with sorrow Live your life like There's no tomorrow Crumbling ceiling On your shoulders Is now veiling Like lucent boulders Justify The trap around you Stupefy Astound what owns you Close your eyes and lie Through the night you'll strive again You'll loathe nothing When darkness lends You the footing Of self-defense Without heartache Flesh a corridor The pain it entails When throat becomes a door You never act like Like heaven sent you Feel what it's like When God resents you And when you pray Lord takes indulgence Leads you astray A sense of urgence You can not see What inside haunts you Petrified By the world around you Close your eyes and die Through the night you'll strive again Hoping for tomorrow Making this so hard to swallow Wandering through the maze With my eyes ablaze I see nothing but the inside, As my sight betrays The corridors are covered With some yellowish haze Dear benefactor Set me free I ain't detractor Please let me be Rave all night Forget the pain The grave that daunts your Defected brain Please set me free I can not live like this The holy path to hell Erased all my bliss Hallowed be thy name Thy kingdom come... My life is such a shame Bliss has come and gone I am withering within The thorn in my side Wrapped in a mist Fear is my shelter Upon myself I falter Haunted by a thousand fists You will faint Into bed of nails No restraint Even cruel hell wails Your blood will paint The spikes in red But god will saint A martyr death A worried mind No disgrace Pouring down In your face Sinking always In the sea Arid hallway Legacy Cruel insights Annihilation A wicked mind Abomination Devour the swans Make them bleed Show them large spans That's how you feed Justify The trap around you Stupefy Astound what owns you Indulge in trance Sweet state of mind And leave the whole damned world behind Materialize At light-speed A sense of rush Is what you need Justify The rope around you Gratify Resound what's blown you Despite your lies, you'll thrive Through the night you'll strive again And when you pray Lord takes indulgence Leads you astray A sense of urgence Mortify In vain what bounds you Gratify Disgrace shines on you Think of nothing Don't depend Sink in loathing Be reverend Death is soothing So don't defend When crows are hooting Bygone legends Tier of Agony Feeds off my brain Seer's Atony Seed of a grain I'm still breathing My wounds are profound I'm still bleeding Can not turn around Gospels I'm reading And cry for mayday Parasite's breeding It just ain't my day Infiltrate The chain inside you Agitate The freedom bounds you Violate And break the orders Annihilate Destruct the borders Just stay tuned Be overburdened The stray's attuned Then all feels hardened Adore the angels Pigmented minds Let them glorify And spur besides I fainted, got covered In red paint The town turned red And now I'm a saint Enslave or serve, Get what you deserve Resist the temptation, or be doomed to damnation If I haven't a soul How could I lead it If I have no hopes How could I abandon them If I am the vacuum How could I vanish I am just a medium And I can not be banished And too weak to heal me It is in sooth the real me But no one could sue me My lies already consumed me There is no way out You got nothing to hide To me, you are inside out And there's no place to hide To you, I bid farewell Suffer into your hell Gloomy looms are blooming Our soul it is consuming Religious sins are booming A thorn stuck within us There's not much to do now I can not tell how But hell's on the loose now Entirely pointless, Inaccurate, jointless Something is dripping Gripping my throat Stripping my soul And ripping my chest Leaving me no rest They sucked out my new source And life with me divorced My voice is now so hoarse Stopped up by rust And the masters of dire pain Gained right from those slain Who died not in vain For emending our lies Relive the glory Relieve my story Past-life regression Nothing but aggression Measure the treasure Rush through the pleasure Baptize the erasure Forever-entwined us Resolve the obsolete me Revolving around me Blurring my vision No chance for revision Pumping brains glowing Blood from sore veins flowing Those who don't know things Horrid doomsday begins Lucifer flapped his dead wings Savage winds are blowing Death on the unkowing Within our dreams More war-like visions Feed my mental provision It is more like a story Made up to say sorry Forget or forgive Regret or retrieve Shockingly disturbed Mocking me for resurge Consciousness fading Black death invading Frontiers pervading Our invisible fears The black robe that she wears Imperfection that never errs I am now all hers From scalp to toes Regained my awareness Welcome back, darkness There's nothing to worry No need to hurry Time is an illusion Mostly just an obtrusion Elapsing it is just our fault A value set to default And those restraint convulsions Rampageous compulsions Mental diffusion Subserving contusions Blurred is my vision Vocal cords elision Zone of delusion Fed by confusion Flaming up my tracts Contracts and contacts Rinse it then spit out Let's split or spin out The time's getting closer For a loser imposer Over and over Keep digging lower Nothing to lose now Heaven will take bow Even if it's too late I'll divert my own fate And those casual anointeds Will get so disappointed In sizzling-hot cauldrons Imploring for torture The ancient fission Accomplishing my mission Deep beyond in outer space Tracked by cosmic spice in a fast pace Brought a great shame Upon the human race My ideology was reshaped Now my fate is pointed at my face
  6. Upon the plain of Lebelketh The Mountain Army met The Freedmen’s Corps: The Corpsmen were not slaves But hadn’t passed to freedom’s light They passed from slavery to greater dark The Freedmen earned through murder The unbinding of their chains Through bowing at Consumption’s altar They became elite of Uthmar’s killing fiends. Mardel led the army of the mountain folk. He had avenged his mother-slave By slaying Uthmar’s raping priest He ran into the north, evading King Aghoza’s legion-bears. He lived apart, a woodland-haunting Renegade, a running slave, That didn’t know a free man’s ways— Alone for many, many days Until a sickness brought him down. He fell; a maiden found him, In the woods around a mountain town. The mountain people nursed him well, And he was strong the day the reavers came, A violent band that bore the maiden to the ground, Their pleasure interrupted by the sound, Of Mardel, sword in hand and challenging. He killed a dozen, wounded three, Before he fell awash in blood. The nightfall would have seen him dead, If Diurleva hadn’t come to tend him. That ancient healer told Mardel to stay. If not he would have run away, To spare the town the vengeance that would come. Too late, the healer said, the time had now arrived, For Mountain people to arise with sword in hand, And drive oppressing reavers from the land. The Mountain Army then was born, Led by the slave that killed Gad-Agba’s highest priest and got away. More came to be his soldiers, every day. In every village, every town were those who’d seen Beloved blood soaked into mountain soil. They brought Mardel their broken hearts to be remade, Upon the field of battle, with the blade. Gad-Agba knew; Aghoza heard. The King swore oaths upon Consumption’s Lord: To wipe the Mountain Army from the Earth. And marching to the north he sent the Freedmen’s Corps, Men immersed in murder and in evil lore, Men who fought with axes and the Demon’s claw. The rumor of their coming was enough, For folk to slay themselves in fear and awe. But the Mountain Army didn’t quail. As men and women, free, they chose to face, The power conjured up by sacrifice To demons in Gad-Agba’s tower. And if their freedom brought a consequence of death, Still they marched upon the plain of Lebelketh. The Mountain Army thought they marched alone, Against an army of the cruel in numbers greater than their own. But Wind, the Rebel God, loved courage in the human heart. Among Wind’s favorites long had been Mardel. Against the force of the Destroyer, Wind now stood as well. Few were the bows; none were the horse. Blows traded face to face would be the battle’s course. So it began: a murmured crash Was heard on distant hills as armor bashed With club and blade. The first installment Of a butcher’s bill was paid. At first the warriors were merely brave, or cruel. On either side they fought and died as humans do; But then began the supernatural duel. The wizards of the Freedmen’s corps, Began the chants that open doors, Unleashing a demonic force, That changes men to killing beasts, Untiring gluttons in a bloody feast, Their faces black with bulging veins of raging blood, Their minds submerged in floods of lust and hate. The Freedmen troops passed from the mortal state, To strength of violence far beyond the human frame. To stand against them was beyond the sane. But Wind had brought a magic, too. His whispering raised folk to heights, Of courage, love and sacrifice. To Mountain troops Wind brought the Passion of the Blade, The kunastir, to ancient tongues: A kind of gentle rage; the anger of a lioness defending cubs, The force behind the sacrifice of love, And so they did not reel away, The Army stood, The kunastir their only palisade. More chanting then, in desperate note, For those who serve Gad-Agba know, The Wind to be their enemy, and strong; The Freedmen saw the battle could go wrong. They took a chance, unleashing then A power that they knew, Could easily destroy them too. Screaming birds of black and red, Appeared to spiral in the air Above the field; they were not real, Not creatures born of egg and nest. But heralds of a holocaust. Where even mountains might be rent. Not the Children; not the kin. The Demon Lord himself: it would be Him. The Destroyer came to end the fight, and smite the Wind. And if he lingered, it would be the End. Those who fight for Wind may enter kunastir; But beyond that passion is another realm: The Oneness with the Wind in Battle, Or, the tirakel. The kunastir will fade, But from the tirakel is no return, So fiercely does the fighter’s passion burn. And it is not in every man or woman To unite with Wind; the human breath seeks to remain, A little wind in its own realm—the human frame. The tirakel must come to those a bit in love with death, Those who freely choose to pass through glory, to the end. And sadder still, it is the young, Who may believe a battle won, Is worth surrendering to death; they may be right, They may be wrong; but tales of youthful sacrifice, Will always make the saddest songs. To broken hearts, Wind whispered then: Just follow me, and all sad memory will end. The loves you lost beneath the knife Will join you in the afterlife. The broken hearts crossed over then, From kunastir to tirakel. Their swords were bright, their eyes ablaze, As they clove through the battle line. Before them, every wizard fell. The herald-birds dissolved, their magic failed, Powerless the Destroyer railed, His path into the world destroyed. The Demon Lord could not escape the Void. The Freedmen’s ranks fell back, amazed. Their Corps had never known defeat. Mardel’s fighters drove them in retreat, Pursuing them until each one was dead, Demonic bargains coming due at last, The Freedmen’s souls immersed in some eternal dread. In coming wars, in many fights, Mardel recalled the sacrifice, The awful way, The Mountain Army won the day, Because a few accepted death, Surrendering young lives, To Wind’s embrace at Lebelketh.
  7. Fantasy Orchestration, Riverside Village

    Hello all, I'm a singer that is also interested in musical composition, and orchestration. As I am very much into fantasy, most of my work is related to it. Recently I wrote and released an orchestration called "Riverside Village" and I want to see what people think of it. Any critique is appreciated! Also this is my first song with a new program I have, so my songs will get better with more experience writing with it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58mYI6_QlZA Thanks and I hope you have a good day! Larson, "PrecentralGyrus"