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Found 128 results

  1. Hi guys, It's been a while i haven't posted anything. So here's my latest cover: Ray LaMontagne's Trouble. I hope you'll enjoy it. As useless comments welcome and sharing really appreciate
  2. So Long

    Hey there, New song, about to record a rough demo for it. All critique is welcomed, Thanks. So Long So long said a mountain to a rock, So long I don’t need you any more, You must roll, down to a hole, Stay off said a cloud to a raindrop, Stay off you have changed too much and so, You will fall, (down,down) down to a floor, Mmmmm No more said a poet to a word, No spaces are left for you to hold, You will call, nothing at all, Move out said the future to right now, I know that without you I’m the star, You must pass, no moment can last, Mmmmm Good riddance as I turn into dust, My burden is heavy, I've seen so much, I must trust, that my songs are enough, Mmmmm
  3. JAREK - Shore

    Hey, this is a song that I wrote for my band. We're really keen to write more, so any suggestions or criticisms are greatly appreciated. You can find it on both Soundcloud (below) and YouTube. Please give feedback Thanks.
  4. Gate of Contempt

    Musicians Invited: Any musician whatsoever is welcome to take this, process/rework it and use in a song. I'm grateful for whatever music someone can turn this into! Harrowing background sound, cruel, heavy and callous voice acting and a mysterious tone are welcome, but do whatever you feel like. Ideal Tone: Think dark fantasy. Think fantasy Dwarfs, but malicious, mysterious slavers, idolaters and sacrificers. Think heavy, deep Dwarf voice, yet harsh and arrogant. Think contemptuous toward lesser slave beings. Think cruel monument builders and demented megalomaniacs. Think torturers and evil geniuses. Think bull worshippers, think shadow and flame, think fire and lightning. Think sons of Darkness. Think nightmare ash wastes, obsidian ziggurats, storms, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and pollution. Think death and misery. Think dark industry and fire temples. Think blacksmiths of Chaos who forges Daemons into armament.Think hearts of stone. Genre: Whatever you can bring to the table! Ancient oriental impressionism, metal, classical, folk... The list goes on. Give us your take on this! Don't be afraid to chop up the lines, polish, add and improve to make it a working song. We're happy with what we get. Setting: Games Workshop's Warhammer fantasy world. However, this can easily be made setting-inspecific and fantasy generic by exchanging "holy Hashut" for "Bull God" "Dark Deity" or whatever. This is particularly relevant for anyone wanting to turn a profit out of this. Find out more song texts by me and others in the same vein here, all of which are open for musicians to grab themselves onto. Song Text: Low-quality, I presume, since it's written by a raw amateur. Should you nevertheless find promise, then by all means rework it into something you like! Disclaimer: This is non-profit project, but I won't object if anyone uses it for profit ventures so long as I am credited and so long as I have full access to the audio files and have unlimited rights to use and share this for free however I see fit for hobby purposes. Also, should someone for some reason make a small fortune out of this or other song texts of mine I would advice you to toss me a small cash sum, but otherwise profit don't interest me here. __________________ Gate of Contempt "They pick at lice, the dumb their wise. Enthroned in glory dark, am I hereby proclaimed insane, by inert lowly simpletons who care but for the grain? Great works in stone they quietly bemoan as heavy drain, and ask why giant portal must be built in empty plain? O why, o why? They are but mice, can't see the prize. I swear to holy Hashut and by His rending horns twain, stragglers and doubters will be whipped back into lane. Appeasing Father's molten fury I will ramp up all the slain, and by this hill o' skulls and bones remake our terrain. O why, o why? With reddened eyes, their deathly cries. Restful joy of hale and lowly thrall remains our foulest stain, so burden them with labour and lock on the rusty chain! Their bones will snap, their backs will break for cruelty, their bane, will haunt their dreams and breath awake alike under my reign! O why, o why? They mouthed their lies, we cut their ties. The smallfolk may complain and whine, as they die off like flies, but I, o mighty one, am risen to the skies!" - Chaos Dwarf song from the construction of the Gates of Zharr, during the reign of Zhargon the Great
  5. Savanna Shai

    Hi, I produced this album with Savanna Shai titled "Ghosts Of Denver's Past" You can find it on itunes etc, the album came out beautiful and Savanna is such a great story teller and songwriter Here is the video for the song Midwestern Lovin' Man
  6. Ramona (Dylan Cover)

    Here is a cover I recorded on my phone of the classic Dylan Song "Ramona"
  7. The Slow Reveal: the song

    So, in keeping with its title, I finally got round to recording my song The Slow Reveal. The 'so' above implies that I am taking about a topic we have discussed previously, which we have, and which you can find here I have recorded a one on one version of the song here. It is not as slow as the title implies, nor is it supposed to be. I think it is long enough already and can't think what to cut to make it shorter if it was slower. All feedback welcome We had a long, protracted debate about the lyrics, in particular how to resolve the chorus, and I reflected on the feedback over a couple of years ( i was doing other stuff too!) and this is where they ended up. The Slow Reveal Anticipating Can’t stand the waiting Now it’s killing me How you’re thrilling me Seductive temptress Undress to impress I’m no average Joe At some cheap peep-show How can a man you’ve blindfolded see? I'll bet you enjoyed it when you told me (Chorus) You don’t know me Like you think you know me You have to show me your love is real But love at first sight That lasts one night And how could one night prove how you feel? It’s gotta last a lifetime The slow reveal The slow reveal Slip off your silk dress Show me some bare flesh Or must I suppose What’s beneath your clothes? Oh make it quick please Curtail your strip-tease Need more than a peek How my flesh is weak When will this man you have handcuffed be free? Oh how I loved it when you rebuffed me (Chorus) You don’t know me Like you think you know me You have to show me your love is real But love at first sight That lasts one night And how could one night prove how you feel? It’s gotta last a lifetime The slow reveal The slow reveal (Bridge) Do I hide behind a mask of pure lust Or is what you see all that is really there? Here lies a man you can trust Cause all I want, I swear Is to see your soul laid bare (Chorus) You don’t know me Like you think you know me You have to show yourme love is real But love at first sight That lasts one night And how could one night prove how you feel? It’s gotta last a lifetime The slow reveal The slow reveal ©Alistair McIntosh - 8 November 2013
  8. Hi guys, I'm new here so what best to introduce myself than a good old cover. here's my latest one: I want you back from the Jackson Five. An chill-out acoustic cover of this amazing song. Hope you'll like it Cheers, Mike
  9. ---> 08/FEB/2017 <---- Song Title: Let Something Beautiful Happen(LSBH) - 2nd Draft Hey guys, we present to you the 2nd Draft. I finally got used to the guitar picking...sort of: I played sections and faded them into each other, a new audio recording technique I learned on youtube We made changes to the song according to some of the feedback we got from you's and every single feedback we get is important to us so we thank you all very much for that! Off the top of my head, these are the major updates we made: - There's an intro, now. - The bridge is quite new; both, lyrics and melody. - There's an instrumental break. - Verse 3 is no more. The final verse is the latter half of verse 1, which begins with "A strange dance but..." - There's an outro thing going on and I went high on the final, "Happen." We welcome any and all feedback and we understand that second rounds can get pretty critical so don't bother holding back Thanks everyone, Ken/Andy https://soundcloud.com/imken-2/let-something-beautiful-happen_2nd-draft/s-oorJW (Lyrics included) *************************************Old version/1st draft:****************************************** https://soundcloud.com/imken-2/let-something-beautiful-happen_1st-draft/s-HDYh9 (Lyrics included) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ---> 27/Jan/2017 <---- Hey guys, thanks for all the feedback so far - it is much appreciated. We're currently working on the 2nd Draft so an up-dated version will be posted here in a few days. Thank you, Ken/Andy ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ---> 17/Jan/2017 <---- Here's a new song Im working on with Andy. I think this the first time we worked on a VVBV song format... It's the first draft and we would really appreciate your feedback/critiques on the lyrics and vocal melody. The guitar picking is a little meh but it's the best I can do at this time; Im hoping that my coordination will catch up as this song develops(fingers crossed)! Thank you, Ken/Andy
  10. Hey id love to share this new video with you. The song is about winter time and a bit of a love story. Its independently shot at a recording studio. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated Cheers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_muKq13sQA
  11. As One We Rise

    Hi all! As usual, it's been a while. This song is called As One We Rise. I wrote it and recorded it on Nov. 21st. I wanted to write a song that speaks to all of us feeling fear since the election simply because of the color of our skin, the way we pray, or who we love. If we stand as one, we can rise up against hate. I felt that we needed a rallying cry of sorts. This is my contribution. This is not a political post. It is a song. If you don't agree with the sentiment, I get that. Just please either comment on the song, or move along to the next one. That said, I'm looking for critique on the song itself, not its production value. Feel free to have at it. I promise I can handle it. Thanks in advance! Linda Oh, btw, it turns out that this might be a really good time to be a folk singer/songwriter! Hahaha! As One We Rise (copyright Linda Knutson, 2016) Are you other? So am I. Did you stand up? So did I. Did your heart break? So did mine when they threw us back into the fire. Now you fight for your race or you fight for your faith while I fight for my love but we all battle hate. We’ve already cried. Now together we rise. (chorus) Push us down and we rise Hold us back and we rise Shut us out and we rise as one we rise. Call us out and we rise Stoke the flames and we rise Raise your fist and we rise as one we rise. When I fall down to my knees as the strong sometimes do will you reach out to lift me as I will reach out to lift you? And we’ll fight for your race and we’ll fight for your faith and we’ll fight for my love as we stand against hate Our tears are long dried And now, together, we rise. (Chorus) Give me your tired, your poor your huddled masses yearning to breathe free the wretched refuse of your teeming shores Send these, the homeless, tempest tossed to me I lift my lamp beside the Golden Door. We won't back down from all those words stand for. (Chorus – twice) We are strong when we are one and we rise as one we rise Oh, as one we rise.
  12. The Road Ahead

    The Road Ahead Copyright 12/08/2016 Peggy L. Smart-Barnes As we looked out on the road ahead As we looked out on the road ahead The distance left to go, was nothing we could know And we reached for the words that had been unsaid Where you going to, you're all alone Where you going to, you're all alone If I could go with you, we'd make a love that grew And we'd fill all the rooms in a happy home You could come with me, I'm all alone You could come with me, I'm all alone If you would come with me, it will change what is to be And we'd never again be left on our own What will our future hold, we're not alone What will our future hold, we're not alone A simple ring of gold, and a life of getting old And we'll cherish the place that has been unknown As we looked out on the road ahead As we looked out on the road ahead The distance left to go, was nothing we could know And our dreams are the words that have now been said And our dreams are the words that have now been said
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4ch2jWmFto
  14. Allergic to Cats

    First new song fro me in a couple of years. This lyric is autobiographical. I forgot my old email address and password so this is a new account. My old account was John Sargent. Chorus Let’s get this straight, I’m allergic to cats It’s biological, that’s just a fact When I get near em, my whole body reacts So now you know, I’m allergic to cats I fell in love with a beautiful lady I asked her to marry me On our wedding day, she adopted a stray Have I mentioned, I’m allergic to cats Now Katie was a gorgeous kitten And everyone else was smitten I said please, and started to sneeze Remember, I’m allergic to cats Chorus Our house flooded when it rained real hard 10 feet of water in our yard A boat came to evacuate, someone said “You hold Kate” Do I have to? I’m allergic to cats There we were floating on the water My wife, me and our feline daughter My face started to swell and I didn’t feel well Oh oh, I’m allergic to cats bridge My eyes were itching, lungs started twitching My nose wanted to leave my face Arms were shaking, and my chest started aching How did I get in this place? chorus
  15. Hi, I'm Izzy:)

    Hello, I'm Izzy! I have been playing guitar and singing for almost 5 years and have finally finished some of my own songs. My style is somewhere between folk and alternative, all acoustic at the moment but I plan to expand! They are all very stream of consciousness written so I am eager to see how people interpret them. Excited to hear all of your songs and share my thoughts!
  16. Dancing with Shadows

    Hello friends I have another song here. I was not planning to write more before I actually finish my previous ones. But I had this chorus melodyline in my head " when the night is young I put on my shoes" so thats where it started and it ended up into lyrics about missing someoone, but i also imagine is about missing a passion she has (like dancing). It also ends well for once. So I am working on many things at same times now. The outro is a little bit long, but I enjoyed playing the organ and doing this rich choir could be cutted I think All critics are welcome of course! I also played with de essing. it might be I did to much. Everything is done in Reason 8.3.2d7 Here are the lyrics: Dancing with Shadows Verse: When you are gone I have a story I want to tell, about passion and love that went blind. There is no one in this world that is going to say, I need distraction from my troubled mind. Seasons are fleeting, many moons have passed me by. There's no secret I miss you much. Echoes and whispers of your voice still make me cry and I remember your tender touch. Chorus: When the night is young I put on my shoes. I keep dancing alone with shadows of you. With you. Verse: When I am moving I have many seamless thoughts. I feel the fire still burns in my heart. I get this feeling that I am not quite alone that someone is watching the performance of my art. Chorus: When the night is young I put on my shoes. I keep dancing alone with shadows of you. With you. Bridge: All of a sudden someone takes my hand. Someone says: "This is not the end." Chorus: When the night was young I did put on my shoes. I kept dancing alone with shadows , dancing alone with shadows , dancing alone With you... Outro but now you are here I am dancing with you..with you..
  17. Introducing Jesse James Just-Costa

    Hey guys! My name is Jesse James. I'm a musician living in Montreal. Glad to be on this forum as I live for and love music and the people that surround themselves with it!

    This song is about Cris and I's first date It's basically just guitar and vocals, plus a few seagulls I'm wondering if I should add anything else, or keep it simple Thanks for listening and your thoughts I hope you enjoy https://soundcloud.com/crystalsuzy/first-night-1
  19. Come Evangelina

    (Posting in the non-members section...hopefully.) Hello everyone. This is a work in progress that I would love to get some feedback on. I recorded this demo real quick so that I could get the song out of my head and hear it more objectively before I start marrying myself to aspects of it. I am really looking for critiques on the lyrics and song structure. I know there are aspects of the production that need work, and I don't have the best voice. The harmonica is a new thing for me so I am still trying to figure out how to get it to sit well in the mix. Please have a listen and let me how it's going so far. Cheers! (I'm going to check out some other songs in the forum and leave my thoughts on them, don't worry! But I have to go for now.) Come Evangelina Come Evangelina it's time you learned the truth There's hunger and there's suffering and a path to freedom too There are wars and violent rumors afloat this wild uncaring sea That strain and tear the bonds between nations of debris So come Evangelina Be baptized and be set free Hey Evangelina escape your soothing disguise And the shepherds that're pull'n the wool o'er your eyes At night you bare your skin for crowds of wayward lonely men But you're never truly seen and you've never been kissed Hey Evangelina Step through the choking mist Come Evangelina Sing your song for those adrift Come Evangelina let this lighter ignite The embers that are fading & begging for life Countless mouths are moving but I don't hear a single voice Ideas thrown to wishing wells with words cheap as inflated coin So come Evangelina Illuminate the void Hey Evangelina sing your melody with pride And to my twisted little fictions pay no sober mind And make no promise to be faithful, beautiful or couth It's 'cause I don't need ya that I know our love is true So come Evangelina And paint red the moon Hey Evangelina I wanna dance with you Come Evangelina And bid your chains adieu
  20. We Are Orlando

    Hi all! I know I haven't been here for a while. But, I wanted to share this song I wrote with you. This has been a really hard week in Orlando. I sing with the Orlando Gay Chorus. We've been singing at vigils around the city all week. I'll be singing this song at a Equality Florida fundraiser next weekend. I'm sorry that I'm posting this when I've been gone for so long. I always intend to come here and offer critique when I have nothing of my own to offer. I've actually managed it a few times. But, no, I'm not the ideal member of this forum. Again, I'm sorry. Please still listen if you don't mind. Like I said, it's been a hard week. Thanks in advance. Linda We Are Orlando I didn’t know you but, I am you and I cried for you today Our hearts are one within this family and we stand strong against such hate Our hands are joined our souls entwined In our pain our love still shines We’re tightly bound in one embrace And, in the arms of all this love we’ll find our way (Chorus) We are Orlando We stand as one, and the Pulse of our hearts still beats so strong Heart to heart we rise above Hand in hand we stand for love And we’ll dance on with pride to the Pulse of love I didn’t know you but, I can feel you here with us today Your hearts live on within this family shining bright to light our way We will not bow We will not bend We will not break Love always wins We all are bound in one embrace And, in the arms of all this love we’ll find our way (Repeat Chorus twice)
  21. 'Changeover'

    Hi there everyone - here's my new track 'Changeover'. It's about old cinemas, love and running away. Still officially in demo form and needs a bit of fine tuning but see what you think. Any feedback most welcome. Lyrics Fire dancing on the lawn Burning for far too long Words on the pavement say where the day went wrong Curves redirecting light Dream that I had last night Watched as you drowned, I fell to the ground and cried In her head she'll always find that every day he takes the time To share with her the latest sounds and take her all around the town It doesn't have to be like this, it's easily felt but easily missed I can't recall the things I felt and that's why I need saving from myself Found what it's meant to be Can't trust myself to speak I've never been better, you never get to see Here's what they say they've found There's someone to turn it around I've checked and there's really not - to Australia! The highway in my head is jammed with things that I can't get around And she's just squirming in her seat and waiting for her turn to speak My aspiration's taking flight when you're the biggest star in my adventures that I had last night, a film strip running right behind my eyes The highway in my head is jammed with things that I can't get around I'm making sweet recovery from scenes where she discovers me My aspiration's taking flight when you're the biggest star in my adventures that I had last night, a film strip running right behind my eyes
  22. A new rookie

    Hey there! My name is Jason, I'm currently 18 years old and from a little village in Germany. I call myself a singer-songwriter for about 2 years now. I started playing guitar with 15 (I think) and soon was busking with my friend who encouraged me to sing. Somehow this succeeded even though my confidence was quite non-existent. With the time, we started writing first songs together and officially formed the band "Black.Box". This lasted about a year or so, but soon we realized our differences; he was quite extroverted and almost longing for drama to write about (he did some badass things back then), while I was sorta busy with my own mind and made up worries from nothing. As you can imagine, worrying is no good way of living and I found myself on the edge of depression. I never slipped though.. thanks to my passion, making music. So then, after I finished school and got rid of all the pressure, I got a girlfriend and life felt finally great again. But the drawback was, I was "dry" so to speak. Not a single line written in over 2 months(!). During that time I still was doing music though, taking lessons for guitar and singing and making videos for my YouTube Channel JasonINero, but still I never had such a blockade before, and for me there was no way explaining this but that being happy wont bring me inspiration. That's a hard way to put it I and surely I don't want to think this way. For me a journey started, looking for inspiration all around me. I got in contact with myself again, found new ways to express myself and bring emotions to paper but also worries started to form again, yet this time I know where I'm heading and I'm ready.. The moment when a person has tears in the eyes because of something I wrote, play and sang - that's what I'm living for! Well now here I am, I love singing, playing guitar and writing songs. With my membership here on songstuff, I'd like to share some lyrics, give and get feedback, discover new artists but most of all: learn. Because what's life without learning and striving for true greatness? And by that I mean, being the best me I can be. My main inspirations and influences right now are: Ben Howard, James Bay, Allman Brown, JP Cooper, Vance Joy, Jaymes Young, Johnny Flynn, etc... x JasonINero
  23. Broken Stranger

    Hi guys, Here's one the I've been working on I know the vocals probably need redoing, but I'm wondering if it needs more production, like bass drums etc? Does it keep your attention till the end, without it having much of a build? Any input, welcome https://soundcloud.com/crystalsuzy/broken-stranger Years of stale smoke still linger here As I watch the stranger sip his beer But I mustn’t let his eyes meet mine But I mustn’t look, I mustn’t see inside Of this stranger, in the bar In mismatched clothes from the fifties Or the eighties, or maybe the sixties From some other world, or caught between Or maybe he’s lost, in a borrowed dream But they all laugh at this broken stranger I don’t want to see inside of him I don’t want to feel his loneliness But the beating of my heart is sad and clear As if beating just for him, for him to hear Then I’m caught upon his wavelength, and I’m stoned Like wild fire, he dances alone With strange gyrations all of his own And their drunken whispers fill the air But he doesn’t, seem to care But he makes me cry cause I’ve seen inside, of him Ya he makes cry, cause I’ve seen inside, of him He walks towards me, through jeering crowd And his wild eyes, meet mine some how Then he fills his pockets, with all I have to give And he wants to love me, and me love him Now this stranger’s touched my heart Then he pins a golden rose upon my breast And he fumbles to words, “I don’t look my best” “But I’ll clean up, if you say your mine And I’ll love you forever, and that’s hard to find” Now I just can’t hurt this broken stranger Oh why do all the strange ones come to me? Does compassion have a sent that they can see Or is the beating of my heart too sad and clear? Is it beating just for him, for him to hear? But he’s caught upon my wavelength, and he’s stoned Ya, we’re caught upon a wavelength, and we’re stoned He’s just another broken stranger, in the bar Ya, just another broken stranger, in the bar
  24. Blossom

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and I'm curious about what is going to bring me and what I can give back to others. Here's a song I recorded, and I'm hoping you could critique it. And I hope you like it of course! https://soundcloud.com/kwintmusic/blossom
  25. (Sorry for the double post. I did not realize there was a specific forum for critiques) Hi everyone, I was hoping to get some feedback on this song. I don't think I have ever written a song so quickly. I guess the muse just hit me. When I have others listen to my music they almost never comment on this song but I think it is the best one of the four on my self made EP. Am I just too emotionally connected to this song to hear its problems? “Love was a Mystery” Love was a mystery You could never break. You could never give, But damn, how you could take. Was it that you never learned Or did you just not care? Now that I’m grown I wish I had known The pain you chose to bare. I know that demons haunt you, In the middle of the night. And you will never shake them, While you believe they’re right. We tried to make you listen. Shouting from the megaphone. But our words got caught on excuses you brought, And now you’re all alone. And I’ll continue to pretend that I don’t lose sleep, Thinking of you rotting there, With your gin and your grin as you remember when, The light wasn’t too hard to bare. Was it guilt or denial that led to your spiral, Down where you thought you could hide? But the beasts came down with you And fed on what virtue You had dying inside. © 2016 William Vaughn Craft