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Found 1 result

  1. Alo vs Force

    im a lyrical king there isnt one line where im not lion like tiger in the woods i swing white against the hood you dont relion your self so let me call you debby downer wannab,able to suckseed as a king but your just like prince ever since you tryed to swallow eminems flow all in one go you little hoe mo more money more media statements scoob if you hear me bitch im still waiting im very inpatient so ill take this battle with force as training but in the end ill leave with noone remaining im phenomenal with literacy literally lyricaly unstoppable follow me force im a rolemodel real responsibble physically i hold a 6 pack on my abdominal ill open up a can an whoop ass put the other 5 into a bag beat youuntil your bodydents into the grass im not a sorry guy but i appolgise for speaking out of place with such a violent ryhme im still tryna counteract violence (count iraqs) why dont we just stop and take a moment of silence