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Found 7 results

  1. Just outa curiosity?

    I do not have any of these programs. I DO have the not-beginner-friendly (free) audacity. What I would be interested to know is 1). What instrument sounds are available with each that comes with the purchase? 2) Do loops come with the purchase? 3) Can you change pitch within what comes with the purchase? 4) Can you import more? a.) If you can, is it only the ones that are compatible with your program? b.) Where do you find them? c.) What might you expect to pay for them? d.). Is it per item or a package deal? 5). Anything else that might be helpful to know for someone who has not yet experimented with one of these programs (or similar programs not in the tags)?
  2. Anjuna Puszika

    Hi all, long time no visit. After taking a chunk of time away from music to write a novel I finally wrote my first new song is ages over the weekend. The song is about a week spent overseas as a backpacker and as such I got interesting in the process of recording music on the go. Having been a bit of a naysayer in the past, I downloaded GarageBand for my iPad to see what I could do with no real instruments and Anjuna Puszika is the result. It is a simple ballad with the instruments played on the touch screen (much more doable that I thought it would be) and the vocals done with an Apogee One iOS audio interface. I still have a lot to learn about GarageBand having never used it before, but so far it has convinced me that it is possible to hit the road and write songs along the way. LYRICS: The glimmering star in your crescent nape Caught my eye And when you spoke your lips gave up Your elegant Swiss cigarette The words you said were open They took me by surprise A dancing reed in a gentle breeze, sand beneath your toes Kashmir blankets, gifted smoke, they play for you alone A treasured moment in my life Beauty that will never be forgotten As the flame grows dark, in our beautiful balloon It sinks back to the crashing waves of the Arabian Sea I know that you don't feel sad, you'll launch another soon But I can only dream because it will not be with me Standing up there on the cliff top, excitement in our eyes You can see it in that photograph, up there in the sky As you passed so high above me, I watched you never looking back And I had to wonder Where will you land?
  3. Peace -

    So I'm new to Songstuff and I really love this concept of posting and critiquing songs. Thought after giving some feedback I'd post a song I wrote two weeks ago late at night while traveling and missing my man, questioning the lengths we will go to, to 'succeed'. It was recorded/sung at home using my iPad and Garageband for the instrumentals. My dream is to have a talented producer who can beef up the sounds I have in my head and add his/her flavor to the track... but for now what I've got are basic chords and instruments. I'd love your feedback/critique/opinion on how the song is as it stands as well as what could be added/removed to make it even better. And if you're listening to the tracking thinking 'I AM THAT PRODUCER', message me PEACE Written by: Christina Porter BMI, 2013 At night these waves of question marks They make it hard to breathe Can't figure out or pick apart What's real What's make believe Been flying cross the country Half alive Half asleep Still waiting for the moment Somebody says to me Kid you made it Kid you're famous You got all the things you thought you'd need To live a life that's painless Jokes on me Jokes on me So I'll be laughing this one off Until I find my peace I tried to understand, This funny game of life Tried playing by all kinds of rules Abandoned every vice I Shut the blinds late in the evening Shut the light off in my mind Still I can't contain the shadows Telling me I'm far behind From the kid that made it The kid that's famous Who has everything I thought he'd need To live a life that's painless Jokes on me Jokes on me So I'll be laughing this one off Until I find my, Until I find my Peace Oh, hello I've been waiting for ya Where'd you come from I've been waitin for ya Oh, there you are I've been waiting for you Oh yeah we made it This love is famous I'm not alone in outer space I've got a soul to fly away with and I'm Peaceful when I'm near you Oooh I'm so Peaceful when I'm near you
  4. UPDATE: 12/29/12 Hi everyone! I've been away for two months finishing up the semester and thinking about songwriting instead of doing it. Suddenly last night I was overcome with an uncontrollable urge to do an extended mix of my song "Let It Burn". Mahesh had suggested doing some high vocals toward the end that I could not imagine doing .. it's far out of my range and it took me these 2 months to work up the courage to try! Anyway, here is the new version of the song - the "Let it Burn - Extended Club World Mix" I would LOVE to hear your feedback. Thank you to everyone who inspired me to continue with songwriting! Sadly I still have to redo the vocals on a few sections - so it's still a work in progress.. your thoughts appreciated! https://soundcloud.c...-burn-world-mix * * * Hey folks! Here is a link to the song I would love your feedback on. Recorded/produced the first version on my iPad 4 days ago and settled on this last night: SECOND EDIT: Adjusted the volume of the harmony based on some of your comments: EDIT: this is the revised version I have now, based on feedback about the volume: http://soundcloud.com/alwaystheself/let-it-burn-latest-version OLDER VERSION: http://soundcloud.co...it-burn-final-v I would like to know your overall impressions: do you find it enjoyable to listen to? Why/why not? What do you make of the structure? What's strong about it? What could be improved? And what genres would you categorize this as? Which artists does this remind you of? Please note that I am not a vocalist but I also welcome feedback about my singing. Maybe one of these days I will actually take some lessons. Lyrics We were a beautiful mistake. I wish I never played this part It's not worth it to break my heart Oh, well I let it go Let it burn Oh and go and walk away Every touch Every kiss Every imaginary moment of bliss Take it all away Go and burn it on a flame Let it burn Let it burn I'm burning all away in this moment Everything I gave you I had you confused With somebody else You were never meant to be with me So go and walk away (Go, go, go) And burn it all away (Go, go, go) Every touch Every kiss Every imaginary moment of bliss Oh take it all away Go on and burn it on a flame Let it burn Let it burn [interlude] Well you know I'm burnin', burnin' I'm burnin', burnin' © 2012 Crystal Fleming ... If you didn't see my post in the "introduce yourself" thread, here is a little context about who I am and what I'm doing: *** Hi everyone! I'm so thrilled to find this forum. I'm new to songwriting and singing. I started a few months ago after getting an iPad and discovering the amazing app "GarageBand". I don't have any formal music training, though I did play an instrument (the flute) in middle school and high school. I also sang in the choir as a young(er) person, but sadly I've forgotten everything and can no longer read music...which of course makes songwriting a bit challenging Everything I produce and record is just the result of my sounding out the notes until it approximates what I have in mind. I've always had little songs that would pop into my head and I've written poetry since childhood, but I never had an opportunity to turn anything into an actual song until I got my iPad (eternal gratitude to Steve Jobs!!) So far I've recorded about 6 songs that are more or less completed products. Making music is the most enjoyable creative endeavor I've ever experienced. It is all consuming: the feeling of channeling emotions into an external form.. bringing something that's in my head out into the world.. conveying the energy and spirit that inspired the lyrics.. the excitement of giving birth to this new thing.. all of it is so incredibly rewarding. Quite a high - right up there with the transcendent experience of feeling my connection to God.. or making love. For me, it's all the same anyway: being one with creating, creation and the Creator. This artistic outlet is a fun hobby for me and a nice complement to my busy and largely analytical life as a college professor, researcher and writer. Several of my friends and family members encouraged me to develop my skills and consider taking it more seriously. I'm not sure if I want to take this "seriously" - it's fun for me - but I do want to get better at it.
  5. I Don't Mind

    http://soundcloud.com/alwaystheself/i-dont-mind/s-5SspB Lyrics, music by me, recorded on iPad with GarageBand. "I Don't Mind" Been a long road to where I'm standing. I don't even know how I got here where you are. But I can feel something building, Like a hurricane gathering wind. I don't mind, Stay with me tonight. It's been a long time, (I don't mind) Waiting for the sun to rise. I know how it is to force a square peg in a round hole. And I know how it feels to try and act like nothing's wrong. (And you know that's some bullshit). But now I see things so clearly, Oh 'cause it's easy and light When you know and you know and you know it's right. I don't mind. Stay with me tonight. Been a long time waiting for the sun to rise. I don't mind - 'Cause I know that this feels right. I don't mind, (Don't mind, don't mind, don't mind) 'Cause I'm ready for the sun to rise. (Shine on, shine on). I don't mind, I don't mind, I don't mind Oh, I don't mind. Copyright 2012 Crystal Fleming
  6. Acoustic Lifeboy Phish Cover

    This is the Phish song Lifeboy, instrumental cover I did in garageband using just my acoustic Taylor and multitrack layering. Just looking for some feedback whether you know the song or not, thanks for listening
  7. The songs in it are Birdsong (Grateful Dead) -> And Your Bird Can Sing -> Blackbird (The Beatles) -> Tela (Phish) -> Birdsong reprise I'm 16, first time recording. It's got no effects, just my acoustic Taylor and multi-tracking on some parts. First time uploading to youtube as well so the bird picture vanishes for some reason.