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Found 6 results

  1. what is this genre?

    Peace Can anyone offer an genre for my song? How would you tag this song? Also all honest reviews are welcome. Can I tag it world, psychedelic , experimental, world fusion ? Or anything else? Did you like it_? Gunes Sifa (Sun Cure) Lyrics; is about balance in universe, balanced sun light is cure in particular Meter 7/8 5 minutes with first 2 minutes is 155 bpm last 3 minutes is 130 bpm Key: E# min + Turkish Rast makam Instruments Drums Bass Acoustic piano Color instruments woodwings strings ambient guitars vocals http://cem-kaan.bandcamp.com/track/g-ne-ifa Thanks in advance
  2. Gate of Contempt

    Musicians Invited: Any musician whatsoever is welcome to take this, process/rework it and use in a song. I'm grateful for whatever music someone can turn this into! Harrowing background sound, cruel, heavy and callous voice acting and a mysterious tone are welcome, but do whatever you feel like. Ideal Tone: Think dark fantasy. Think fantasy Dwarfs, but malicious, mysterious slavers, idolaters and sacrificers. Think heavy, deep Dwarf voice, yet harsh and arrogant. Think contemptuous toward lesser slave beings. Think cruel monument builders and demented megalomaniacs. Think torturers and evil geniuses. Think bull worshippers, think shadow and flame, think fire and lightning. Think sons of Darkness. Think nightmare ash wastes, obsidian ziggurats, storms, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and pollution. Think death and misery. Think dark industry and fire temples. Think blacksmiths of Chaos who forges Daemons into armament.Think hearts of stone. Genre: Whatever you can bring to the table! Ancient oriental impressionism, metal, classical, folk... The list goes on. Give us your take on this! Don't be afraid to chop up the lines, polish, add and improve to make it a working song. We're happy with what we get. Setting: Games Workshop's Warhammer fantasy world. However, this can easily be made setting-inspecific and fantasy generic by exchanging "holy Hashut" for "Bull God" "Dark Deity" or whatever. This is particularly relevant for anyone wanting to turn a profit out of this. Find out more song texts by me and others in the same vein here, all of which are open for musicians to grab themselves onto. Song Text: Low-quality, I presume, since it's written by a raw amateur. Should you nevertheless find promise, then by all means rework it into something you like! Disclaimer: This is non-profit project, but I won't object if anyone uses it for profit ventures so long as I am credited and so long as I have full access to the audio files and have unlimited rights to use and share this for free however I see fit for hobby purposes. Also, should someone for some reason make a small fortune out of this or other song texts of mine I would advice you to toss me a small cash sum, but otherwise profit don't interest me here. __________________ Gate of Contempt "They pick at lice, the dumb their wise. Enthroned in glory dark, am I hereby proclaimed insane, by inert lowly simpletons who care but for the grain? Great works in stone they quietly bemoan as heavy drain, and ask why giant portal must be built in empty plain? O why, o why? They are but mice, can't see the prize. I swear to holy Hashut and by His rending horns twain, stragglers and doubters will be whipped back into lane. Appeasing Father's molten fury I will ramp up all the slain, and by this hill o' skulls and bones remake our terrain. O why, o why? With reddened eyes, their deathly cries. Restful joy of hale and lowly thrall remains our foulest stain, so burden them with labour and lock on the rusty chain! Their bones will snap, their backs will break for cruelty, their bane, will haunt their dreams and breath awake alike under my reign! O why, o why? They mouthed their lies, we cut their ties. The smallfolk may complain and whine, as they die off like flies, but I, o mighty one, am risen to the skies!" - Chaos Dwarf song from the construction of the Gates of Zharr, during the reign of Zhargon the Great
  3. Hi As most songwriters (I persume), I find it hard to label my Genre. I have set up a poll (I'm new to this, please bear with me) to help me find out what Genre my music fall's into. Please have a listen to a sampler of four of my song's at: Thanks, Dougie
  4. Hey there guys! As some of you may have heard from a previous post of mine, once I get at least 1000 plays on ONE song off of my SoundCloud, they will automatically promote me to there new "SoundCloud Next", which is a more social networking friendly version of SoundCloud. And as a bonus they will let me keep the 200+ followers I already have! So if you have a sec, I would GREATLY appreciate it if you could give this a listen: http://soundcloud.com/trav206/id-like-to-believe
  5. Hey! I'm new! Lol! I am 19 years old (20 on Monday ) and a undergrad student in New York. I've been singing my entire life. I am also a songwriter and rapper. I enjoy all types of music regardless of genre! I find beauty in anything labeled as music. My goal is to become a great artist and I'm teaching myself everything I need to know through networking and discovering as many aspects of the industry as possible. Check out my music at http://soundcloud.com/carleita7 and let me know what you think!! Please and thank you!! MUCH LOVE TO EVERYONE! Thanks, Carleita
  6. Oh Love - New Song

    Hi there! My drummer and I recorded this new song of mine on the weekend. This is a raw demo (the 3rd take whole) and the vocals were recorded at the end of the day, so they are a bit off-tune in parts as my voice was tired... I'd just like to hear any feedback you have, if you have any lyrical development suggestions, or vocal dynamic suggestions, or any ideas about instruments I could add to give it more power. Thanks! http://soundcloud.com/justine_electra/oh-love-2nd-session