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  1. New home recording. Idea for a song... The cure I’ve found a cure today…. I found a cure hip hip hooray Pass me another drink… fill my glass with laughter I found a cure toda-ay-ay. I wish that I could say I wish that I could say that The bar opens at 10 am. I’m five minutes late. Just another sweet o.n.s. kept me up all night. Now I’m running running behind The reason, it’s awful true, there is not a thing that I can do But pray and drink my pain awa-ay-ay I wish that I could say I wish that I could say that And the man from the Pharmaceutical company. A contract in his hand claiming all the rights. About life… and dead and what you're gonna pay for it. I wish that I could say I found a cure Hip hip hooray. Pass me another drink… fill my glass with laughter I found a cure toda-ay-ay. Hip hip hooray.
  2. As a participant in several online musician/songwriter forums, I can attest to the fact that the "lessons" question, is a fairly common one. It's natural to be curious about how others acquired their knowledge & skills. Many players are self-taught, but many take the formal lessons route. I actually recommend a combination of both. I'll spend the remainder of this blog elaborating on my preference & sharing some tips on how to get the most out of formal lessons. Let me begin by giving you a bit of background. I was a drum student 44 years ago, followed by several years as drum instructor. I became a novice guitar student 17 years ago and in recent years, have done some basic instruction in that capacity. My point is........I've seen the pros & cons of lessons from both sides, several times, with various instruments. Bottom line.........I speak from experience! Freelance music instructors are an extremely diverse group. When I say freelance, I'm referring to teachers who either: - teach from home or - teach in conjunction with a music store or some other type of retail entity (on or off-line) In the US at least, these are the most common, readily available type of instructors! Their skill levels, knowledge & basic qualifications run the gamut from virtually unqualified to extremely gifted. There is no certification process and no standardized list of requirements. In most cases, instructors are completely unregulated. What I'm getting at here, is that the responsibility for choosing a decent teacher rests entirely upon the student. Buyer beware, or in this case....student beware! Unfortunately...this model, which makes the student, or student's parent responsible for selecting the teacher, has one serious flaw. It assumes that the student (or parent) is qualified to make the selection....that they know what to look for. In many cases, they don't! Hopefully, I can offer a little assistance in that area. Here's a short-list of qualities that I look for in a teacher/instructor: 1) Reasonable competence as a player - They don't have to be great, but they should come across as being at least comfortable with their instrument. 2) They should seem more concerned about your learning, than about feeding their own ego by dazzling you with their ability & brilliance. 3) They should not only allow, but encourage questions from you. As a student, I never walked into a lesson without having at least 1 or 2 pre-prepared, written questions! Don't trust yourself to remember. Write them down! Typical lessons are only a 1/2 hour long. It's easy to get rushed, busy with something else, or simply forget....write them down! Always remember that the instructor is only half of the equation here. The other half is you! You're paying this person. Make sure you're getting your money's worth! This is the area in which a combination of self teaching & formal instruction can be most beneficial. Trust your instructor to guide the direction of the lessons, but don't hesitate to do extra reading & research on your own. This is where many of your weekly questions can come from. Use your teacher's knowledge to help you gain a better understanding of how all these musical concepts work together. Show initiative, be inquisitive & get them to share as much of that knowledge with you as possible. In doing so, believe it or not, you're probably making their job a little more interesting. *One quick caution about on-your-own reading & research. Try and stick to concepts that you're already somewhat familiar with. When it comes to music theory, skipping too far ahead isn't a good idea. Chances are.....if you've ventured into material you're not yet ready for, you'll know it. It won't make any sense to you! Whatever the subject is...don't panic. You're just not prepared to deal with it yet. Yes, this on my list of past mistakes. The funny thing is though, when the time is right....and you're able to place that information in the proper context, it'll make perfect sense to you. The trick is that the fundamentals always need to precede the more advanced concepts. Fundamentals are the building blocks. Skipping over them would be like trying to learn how to read, without first knowing the alphabet. 4) This final quality is a little hard to describe, but it's also the most critical for an instructor to possess. They need to be capable of remembering what it was like to be a student! If they can't, it's unlikely that they'll be able to explain things to you in an understandable way. If your teacher has forgotten what it was like not to know, you'll begin to see that within the first few lessons. Even though it not their intent, teachers like this tend to frustrate students. Too many times, frustrated students become ex-students. They walk away, assuming that their inability to understand is somehow their fault........and they never pick up the instrument again. Obviously, that's not the end result you want! Always remember that a teacher is there to be of benefit to YOU......not the other way around. Regardless of how brilliant & talented they may be, if they can't find a way to pass some of what they possess...onto you, it's a waste of your time and money! With this type of situation, my advice is simple......find yourself a different teacher! I did! When I first decided to take up guitar, I did what many folks do. I walked into the closest music store & signed up with an available instructor for lessons. Many times, new students don't even have the opportunity to meet the instructor before signing up. I didn't. However, I did have an advantage over many new students. I'd already spent time on both sides of this student-teacher equation and I knew what to look for! first lesson rolled around and I met with my instructor. He was a 21 year old, 4.0 GPA, pre-med student at a prominent local university. I'd played with enough good guitarists in my day, to recognize that this guy had skills! Anyway, if I had any doubts, he was only to happy to remind me of it....often . In his defense though, he seemed like a genuinely nice guy & appeared to have nothing but good intentions. Unfortunately, as an instructor, he did have one pretty big problem. He didn't have a clue how to teach beginner or intermediate students! Apparently, his own knowledge had evolved to the point where everything seemed simple to him. Rather than bore his beginner students with fundamentals, he decided to dig right into subjects that he considered more interesting. As part of my 2nd lesson, he proceeded to explain to me how a diatonic major scale & it's relative natural minor scale, are essentially identical. The only real differences being the starting & ending points of each....& the fact that the same note holds a different numeric position, depending on whether it's part of the major or minor version. If I've just lost some of you, I apologize. For those of you who do understand the concept, so did year later! I'm one of those people who still has every note, from every lesson he's ever taken. A year after that 2nd lesson, I pulled out my notes...looked them over and the light bulb went off in my head. After an additional year of guitar method & theory, it actually made sense to me! I understood exactly what he was trying to tell me. I also understood how completely insane it was for him to think it was appropriate to teach that in a 2nd lesson. But there-in lies the problem. In his mind, the concept was no longer difficult. Because he understood it so well, he'd come to believe that everyone would. He had simply forgotten what it was like not-to-know. Needless to say, he didn't remain my teacher for very long........3 lessons to be exact. I went to a different shop & got myself another teacher. My second teacher was also my last. He was very good at what he did. I wasn't unkind about leaving the first guy, but I did leave. In closing, I'd like to offer one last suggestion. Before you decide to change instructors, take a good, hard look at your part of the student/teacher partnership. - are you actually practicing regularly? - are you asking questions? - are you genuinely interested in learning & improving? If you're not, the best instructor in the world can't help you! A good teacher can make an immense difference, but even the best can't teach someone who's not interested in learning! Be honest with yourself because there's nothing to be gained by placing blame where it doesn't belong. If it's you, fix that! If it's them, try a different teacher. Thanks once again for your interest! HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON! Tom Hoffman Songstuff member profile
  3. Thanks for checking out my cover! Drop me a like on youtube if you enjoyed it! I'll be pumping out a lot more. Stay tuned =)
  4. A song I wrote a year ago, the day after a friend killed himself. An Idea for a song. Simpel home recording (on a Boss BR600). Two guitars, 1 voice. The trip: A perfect life starts with a fear you never felt before When you know you're leaving but you don't know what's ahead. Can a perfect day start with a pain you never thought that you could bare? Yeah all of this might have its reasons. Chorus: For if you never felt this pain and fear, how would you know? How could you? For if you never made this trip before, how could you know? It's a perfect journey To a place you never been before. Yeah you know you're leaving but you don't know what's ahead Can a perfect joy start with a tear you never spelt before? Could that be the start of?.. yeah might be the start of. Chorus... Bridge: Travel light my friend, don't carry to much weight There’s read ahead and it might not be straight. A perfect end starts with a fear you never felt before. When you know you leaving a you don't know what's ahead. Bridge (2X)... But if you never made that trip before, how could you know.
  5. "Hey, can you come play my party for free beer?!" "If you come play guitar for me for $50 this time there will be more gigs to follow!" "Do you have some unlicensed or royalty free music I can use for my video?" "I can pay you in (insert social media platform) more followers if you do this for me." Knowing one's value or worth is the best advice I could ever give anybody wanting to jump in this crazy music industry...OK, the end!! Whew, thank goodness you don't have to read anymore! Seems so simple, right? Monetarily speaking, knowing your worth can be an incredible advantage to your career, or not knowing what your "product's" value is can be a horrible disservice to you and your fellow colleagues. This is what I mean. What we do in the music industry whether it be a song writer, jingle composer, player, artist, manager, booking agent, etc. is entirely different than any corporate structure set in any other genre of business. There is no infrastructure to evaluate how much you should be making on a global scale. There isn't a chart on the internet to tell you how much you should be making. That certainly would make it a lot easier. From what I've learned, culture and the city you live in seem to set a standard. Granted I can only speak as an American understanding the evaluation process in music. Los Angles, New York, and Nashville are what I call the big 3. From there I would say the next tier cities could be an Austin, Texas or a New Orleans, Louisiana for example. But the big three usually set the trends in the largest commercialized music markets (Pop, Rock, and Country). They also have more opportunities in all areas of music as well. How much should I charge for my services? It all depends on your culture, city, and what will you gain out of it. In Nashville, a guitar player hired to play some songs have a pretty standard base rate of a local show getting paid $150 and if there is travel involved no less than $200. But I've excepted gigs for a lot less. Even $50! In corporate business suit and tie world they would ridicule you for taking a 75% cut. I don't blame them. Let that percentage sink in. I didn't know what I was doing was undermining a system that would devalue and under appreciate a player that would be well deserved of a base pay of $150. Integrity in the market place is a concept that , in monetary terms, people will know what to expect. Consistency if you will and it even sets a bar predicated to a system that can establish tiers. For example, do those local shows for $150 and when you have the street credit eventually you can make the jump up to $200, then $225, and then so on, and so on!!! Your culture may have something set in place. Maybe? Maybe not? Isn't it funny? Do you ever wonder if somebody slapped a sign on your back that says "will work for free" instead of "kick me!" Know your worth. Set a standard. Educate yourself from other musicians/writers/engineers/blah/blah/ bah. Let those that have walked that path mentor you. Help your community by establishing that your vocation as a creative is important to be worth given money. I had a coffee with a friend when I first started traveling to Nashville. I expressed that I didn't know my value or even when should I take a gig. I still use this rule to this day and I absolutely love it, and I think it applies here. After he mentioned base rates in Nashville he ended the subject by saying, "Two out of three ain't bad." 1. Is the money good? 2. Do you like the music? 3. Are they good people or are they fun to hang out with? "If you can say yes to at least two of those...two out of three ain't bad."
  6. Here's my most recent one.
  7. Thanks for checking out my cover! Drop me a like on youtube if you enjoyed it! I'll be pumping out a lot more. Stay tuned =)
  8. Hey guys. I have a weird issue with my electric guitar intonation. The B string is perfectly in tune on every fret except when played open it's too flat. If I put the open B in tune, all fretted notes are too sharp. Here's the weird part. The sharpness doesn't increase when going up the neck. So I guess the problem is not in the saddle position. (Plus it won't go any further from the neck, damn you tune-o-matic) I wonder if the string slots are not deep enough? But I don't want to ruin my guitar before asking the professionals here. Can anybody help me? Thanks!
  9. Hey Guys! Please give me some feedback on this cover I just created! If you like it please subscribe =D
  10. Hey guys, iv been playing for a year now and i decided to make a solo. I dont have a teacher to analyze my work so it would mean a lot if you guys could listing to my solo and tell me what you think and what i can improve on.
  11. Thanks for You opinion!
  12. Hey Guys, Our first cover of the song "Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia". Check it out and if you like it hit "Like". And subscribe to our channel for more.
  13. Hi, I am kinda new here. A songwriter that plays guitar. Here I wanna share an application for guitar players that I did build for myself. There are a lot of applications that show you scales and chords but I just could not find where I was really looking for, so I build it myself (It’s a Flash application so you need a Flash-player). Since I am the only one using (and loving) this app I was thinking maybe there are other people how would like this to. By all means: be my guest J Why is it differed and what does it do? 1. It Has two guitar necks/fretboards (to easily compare) 2. On top (above) of every guitar neck there are two menu’s (left “guitar scales” and right “guitar chords”) Here you can choose the key and kinda scale or/and chord. If you choose a scale the positions of all the notes in that scale will be shown on the keyboard (nothing special). 3. If you choose a chord it will not show you chord positions as you used to, but it will show you all the notes that are in that chord spread out over the keyboard! 4. Then there is the possibility to tune every string in the application! So if you put your guitar in another (let’s say “open”) tuning then the standard tuning, you put the app in the same tuning and you can then Easley find the positions of scales and chords in that tuning. (to tune: open the scale menu (on the left top of one of the guitar necks) find the tuning arrows (up and down) and hit the up or down arrow and see)… It’s free, no commercials and nobody owns me anything J just sharing a tool that I use a lot myself. A3D Guitar Scales and Chords Tool
  14. Hello, this is the first forum I've ever participated in. I was told to make an introduction and hopefully this is the correct place to do so. Ive been playing guitar for 21 years, been a part of countless studio studio albums, touring bands, studio sessions and also attended musicians institute years ago. I am am currently still performing in a touring band and a part owener of a recording studio in the Bay Area, California.
  15. For those who didn't get the invite.... Sorry Once I have enough data to get going I'm going to open a Guitar Rig Wiki Basically it's a database of famous guitarists and the equipment / settings they used to create the sounds they are famous for.
  16. HI

    My name is Isaias I am 30 years old from the USA, and I currently live in Northern California. I have played piano since I was 7 years old. In high school and college I sang in many different choirs and acapella groups most notably The Innocent Men from the University of WI Eau Claire. I also play tuba, guitar, and various ethnic instruments. I went to college for 3.5 years, and after changing my major for a 3rd time left. The prospect that going to college and being 45,000 USD in debt with no job prospects scared the crap out of me. so I left school 7 years ago moved to California, Got a job working with at risk youth, and started doing theater. Most of the theater was for non profit groups as volunteer, but I was lucky enough to win a regional award for local theater in the Sacramento area (Best supporting actor in a musical Avenue Q). I was also blessed getting some opportunities performing for a local cabaret theater (Basically glorified Karaoke), but it paid and that was an amazing experience. Getting a check for going up on stage and making people laugh and have a good time it clicked. I figure I spent my 20's trying to figure out who I am, and I hope to spend my 30's acting on it. I want to be a songwriter more then anything. If I can look back on my life 10 years from now I want to be able to say that at the very least I chased my goal and it was a dead end for me. I have a youtube channel, and plan on posting a new video at least once a week. the name of the channel is Day2Take1 which is a metaphor for getting up and trying again. Thank you Shine Always Shine Away
  17. How would i go about putting together a little beat or something for backup to my guitar to figure out how a song would sound? Drums are to expensive and i live in a tiny town, no buddies with these instruments
  18. This is a song I recently wrote, I'm really happy with the result and I am curious to know what others think of it as well. Thanks for the feedback! The Room Sitting here in a room Sitting here in the dark Nothing on the walls Just blank spaces The day comes around Just like the one before I'm in another world Just like they said Rounded days Don't get up I don't have you You don't know me I'm alone in this room Living like I should This room is smaller today I can't stay in the room The door doesn't open The door doesn't shut I wanna think the key Is in my hand My eyes don't deceive me My mind just tricks me I'm just waiting for My next escape I see the stars Not in my head My greatest fear Is not what's ahead I'm alone in this room Living like I should This room is smaller today I can't stay in the room Empty space Another chase Can I feel again Being in this room I'm alone in this room Living like I should This room is smaller today I can't stay in the room
  19. Hey there! This is our latest video of us covering Beyonce. A bit of ukulele, a bit of percussive guitar, and that's it! Let me know what you think We didn't chance the rap bit though - it would have turned into comedy otherwise ... ! Thanks everyone! ----------------------------------- Marry Me Emelie @marrymeemelie
  20. Hello everybody My name is Giovanni Perini, I'm an Italian guitarist and producer I just recorded a cover version of "Purple Rain" and I would be happy if you listen to it Gio: also available for online guitar services
  21. Hey. First time poster. This is one I wrote a long time ago. Not sure if I am supposed to say what's the song is actually about but will clarify if asked. Any and all feedback is welcomed. To be played just with one guitar, slowish pace. I am the captain of the ship and you will follow me Even if it's to suicide, follow me Even if we fall overboard, follow me I am the captain of this ship You are standing aboard the good ship discovery You will listen and do as I say So stand down or I'll cast you to the ocean deep I am the captain of this ship This is, the last thing I will say to you Before we roll out to sea I know, man is doomed to die Not while guarded by me Through thunder storms and through hurricanes Through lightning bolts and through tidal waves To the abyss and back again I am the captain of this ship Tonight we set sail in search of our destiny Tonight we set sail in search of the sun And if we don't come home our lives will live in infamy I am the captain of this ship I won't tolerate talk about mutiny You will listen and do as I say So stand down or I'll cast you to the ocean deep I am the captain of this ship This is, the last thing I will say to you Before we roll out to sea I know, man is doomed to die Not while guarded by me Through thunder storms and through hurricanes Through lightning bolts and through tidal waves To the abyss and back again I am the captain of this ship
  22. Hi! I live in a dormatory and therefore need to find a way to play around with my RC-30 loop station quietly - for now my setup is this: Guitar -> Pedals -> RC-30 -> Amp -> Headphones | | PC (Drum pad and midi) The problem with this setup is that the effect pedals going through the RC-30 sounds awful, and the amp is making the drum pad & midi sound awful. THIS setup sounds way way better: Guitar -> Pedals -> Amp -> RC-30 -> Headphones | | PC (Drum pad and midi) The problem with THIS setup is that the mono/L output from the RC-30 doesn't work with my headphones, the sound is only in my left ear Can you help me?
  23. Hey GUYS & GIRLS, My name is Brandon. I'm from Nashville, TN. I wanted to try a forum out to offer any advice that I might have to help you guys and maybe learn a thing or two. I've been all over the world touring professionally for 15 years now. So, whatever you guys want to know or I can help just let me know! I'm a musician first and learning the ways of being an entrepreneur at the same time. My first A-list band I played for was a band called Evanescence. Before you get to excited, I was never a member. I was the funny dude that got to hang with the band in 2003-04 that got to play guitar every once in awhile. From there I've played with Frank Sinatra Jr., Kris Allen (American Idol), and even my own project for Fox's America's Next Greatest Band...It Sucked! Then moved to Nashville! Since then I've been the Christian music genre playing for Sidewalk Prophets, City Harbor, Royal Tailor, Wavorly, to name a few. Then a couple of years ago I wanted to try country. I played with Brandon Lay (Universal Recording Group) and currently playing with Olivia Lane (Big Spark). I own Tour Solutions & Agency. We are a head-hunting agency that seeks musicians and tour personnel for touring commercial artists and managements. Basically, Kelly Clarkson needs a guitar player and a Front of House guy they call us! New adventure and it has been amazing. We are also in the works for a weekly podcast as a free resource for anybody interested in the music industry. It's called Surviving the Music Industry (SMI). My co-host, business partner, and I have a total of 58+ years in this crazy industry. So we want to be a resource that is useful. We invite guests in all aspects of the industry (Stylists, Models, Guitarists, Artists, Techs, Crew, etc.) and get them to share their crazy stories and give you some insight on how they are surviving working in the industry. We are gearing up to release our first episodes in May of 2016. Below is some more info if your tired of me rambling!! Love to help in any advice that I can offer. Talk to you guys soon! 1. Do you sing, play an instrument or instruments? What instruments?Guitar, Banjo, Bass, Keyboards, Accordion, Bazooki, Violin...anything with strings When did you start playing?I studied violin at 6 then picked up a guitar at 16/17. I then studied classical guitar i loved it so much. Did you teach yourself? Guitar...the early years...yes 2. Are you in a band or bands? What is the name of the band? I currently play for Nashville country/pop artist Olivia Lane What do you play? Lead Guitar What other instruments are in the band? Rhythm guitar, Mando, Bass, Drums, and a ton of Tracks Do you have a band website?....She has one somewhere, eh? 3. Do you write songs? Do you write lyrics, music or both? I love writing. I don't get to do it much these days and i decided to shift my focus on other things. I do have a couple of cuts but nothing lucrative what so ever. Do you have a writing partner? This town is built on co-writes 4. Do you record your music? Do you use a home studio? If so what gear do you use? I do have a very basic home set up. My gear is mostly used for live playing than the studio. So much gear, so little space. Do you use a recording studio?I do session work from time to time. I get hired a lot to look and play the parts. Do you have music available on the web? if so where? I decided to support other artists a long time ago and it has been very lucrative for me. Their maybe something out there in the abyss. 5. What other roles do you perform in the music business? Management? Label owner? Publishing? Promotion? Other? I own Tour Solutions & Agency and soon Surviving the Music Industry Podcast. 6. Are you a tech head? eh, yes and no. It has to work for me and what i'm currently doing. 7. What country do you live in? USA 8. What are your ambitions? To be a resource for the Music community and to be the best musician entrepreneur i can be! 9. Do you draw/paint/write stories/computer art/dance or other creative pursuit? No, not really. I work FULL-TIME What are your pastimes?Sports. I like watching just about any sport. But more than anything I love music and people. 10. What would you like to get out of Songstuff? I'd like to meet like minded individuals. Also, I really just want to help anybody that is interested in the music industry. I definitely don't have all the answers. I just have my stories, but I'm happy to share.
  24. Here`s a little piece I am working on at the moment. I am trying to go for a "big" sound With this one. Any suggestions in that direction are welcome. Any other suggestions as well........ :-) There is a lead going on almost all the way, panned 50% left, and quite a way back in the mix. I Wonder if that track should be removed??;color=ff5500&amp;auto_play=false&amp;hide_related=false&amp;show_comments=true&amp;show_user=true&amp;show_reposts=false"></iframe> The lyrics are not carved in stone yet so any comments on them will be appreciated: When Mama Shit is buildin`up To throw her load at you You`re so goddamn`out of Luck And feelin blue Feel like you were born to loose Everyday is a fight Struggelin`to make it through the day into the night When the shit hits the fan You gotta stand up like a man When you Wake up in an empty bed To find Your girl is gone You gotta put Your flat feet Down The line is drawn Dunno`what`s in store for you What the future brings Surely it ain`t over till`the fat lady sings. When the shit hits the fan You gotta stand up like a man