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Found 38 results

  1. ADVICE for mixing my vocals

    ok so i just recorded this really quick. i would really appreciate some advice on setting up and recording vocals, before i record it properly. so what steps did i follow recording 1. i set asio to 128 samples 2. i insert my mic into stereo 1 and 2 in this case. sometimes just into one insert then i pan the vocals with fl balance and a plugging called ADT 3. PUT IN MY BEAT 4. add fx to mix the vocals , im learning to be subtle with it and add final touches after the record because it cant be undone once recorded 5. i record 6.i add a light mix and then i export i'm not sure what level the mic should be etc aswell basically i need a crash course
  2. Best Microphone you can suggest?

    What is the best microphone you can suggest for a home studio?
  3. Hey! This is my first time posting here, and I'm looking for pretty much any suggestions, and criticisms. I'm new at song writing, and I feel pretty lackluster. If you have general comments, or tips to help it would be much appreciated! Thank you for your time :)! Lyrics: You spoke of a willow Tree And being In love I spoke of a burning in my lungs I feel if I don't look away I'll likely turn to stone You point out the Birds returned I'm not sure I would have known You're Sown with pedals and a hope I'm not sure you know
  4. Hello all, this is my first time posting anything here and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to do upload a song file. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks very much, Moptop
  5. Hey guys. I have a weird issue with my electric guitar intonation. The B string is perfectly in tune on every fret except when played open it's too flat. If I put the open B in tune, all fretted notes are too sharp. Here's the weird part. The sharpness doesn't increase when going up the neck. So I guess the problem is not in the saddle position. (Plus it won't go any further from the neck, damn you tune-o-matic) I wonder if the string slots are not deep enough? But I don't want to ruin my guitar before asking the professionals here. Can anybody help me? Thanks!
  6. Figure it Out

    Hey guys this is a song I call Figure it Out. I'd really appreciate some constructive criticism!! You say that you're so incredible I figured out that you're really not that cool Over and over I fall for the same mistakes I say that I'm too afraid to love You ignored my words to release the doves Over and over I fall for the same mistakes And I Want to believe in you I want to believe your words are really true I don't understand what love is Why do sparks fly when we kiss? I'll figure it out I'll figure it out You say that your armor's laid down So we can be safe and sound I'll figure it out I'll figure it out somehow Time flies when you're having too much fun In the end, we all see the same sun Over and over I see things in different lights Yesterday, the present, future Is it love just waiting to burn? Over and over I see things in different lights And I Want to believe in us I want to believe in you, I can fully trust But I don't understand what love is Why do sparks fly when we kiss? I'll figure it out I'll figure it out You say that your armor's laid down So we can be safe and sound I'll figure it out I'll figure it out somehow Tell me how to love like you Tell me that your heart is true This love isn't fading to grey Because the colors are here to stay I now understand what love is Sparks fly whenever we kiss I've figured it out I've figured it out My armor is laid down Now we are safe and sound I figured it out I figured it out somehow
  7. Hey guys, I'm mainly a composer and a songwriter working with a piano, guitar and a bass. I don't have any good recording equipment yet, other than logic pro x. I am content as a songwriter and composer, but as soon as it comes to actually producing what I've wrote, I am never satisfied. There always seem to be quiet a corny, supermario bros vibe to the sound. I'm using mostly pre-set software instruments such as the on board pianos, basses, strings, brass drums etc. I wonder if anyone else has had similar issues? I'm hoping it's my production technique as apposed to the actual intellectual property of the music. Thanks Josh
  8. I'm Not Shook

    I'm Not Shook Verse 1: Looking for love in all the wrong places , Relying far too much on the looks of their faces. We were never meant to last. Everything was moving way too fast. Verse 2: I found a safe place, a home in you. I swore this love was something true. You said you don't believe in love but honey, That's all you were dreaming of... how funny! Chorus: I'm not mad and I'm not shook, but if you even gave me one more look I think I'd loose it and then you'd see You really meant something to me. Verse 3: Boy, When you look back on those days I hope you see more than just a superficial haze You said that we were just too the same But baby isn't that why you came? Verse 4: I hope you meet someone not like you at all, Who won't get too upset when you don't ever call... Someone strong to take away your pain, you see Someone who won't ever have to feign like, me. Chorus: I'm not mad and I'm not shook, but if you even gave me one more look I think I'd loose it and then you'd see You really meant something to me. Verse 5: You said my illness was far too much and just a little too hot to the touch. Which makes no sense cause you're hot too Something I wish I'd never knew. Verse 6: The closeness of our bodies made me cry. How can something so beautiful go so awry? You told me that was one thing keeping us together... I wish I'd never touched you, not once. Never. Chorus: I'm not mad and I'm not shook, but if you even gave me one more look I think I'd loose it and then you'd see You really f*cking meant something to me.
  9. Lyrics help

    Hello everyone, I hope this is the right section for this kind of topic. A while ago I heard a song in the readio and it had "do you really wanna go?"/ "I got you everything"/ "who you are", plus it has some really nice guitar (fingerpicked if i remember)(male voice) accompaniment, if anyone knows this song I would be REALLY grateful! It's been bugging me for almost a week.
  10. Hey guys, Zack here, So my band is coming over for rehearsal tomorrow and Im pretty pumped. But I've run into a slight hitch. I own a full 8 piece sound percussion drum set, but I don't have an amazing way to record it. The recording gear I use is an AudioBox USB 2x2 system that came preloaded with Studio One 2 Artist, It works great with my guitar and vocal recording, but what I could find digitally in the drum department was less than savory.. Alternativly, I do have a mic I can record with and worst case scenario just record the whole set with one mic by adjusting the mic placement. But I have not yet tested that theory out yet nor am I positive it will work. And I don't really have the cash to purchase digital drum sounds that sound great and I don't know of a place I can download free ones that sound good. Does anyone have an Idea of what I should or could do? Any and all suggestions appreciated. If there was already a topic on this and I overlooked it I apologize. But I figured it would be best to post my own new topic. And if anyone needs to know we play metal and different things like that. I just need a thick, heavy, classic drum sound if I were to do it digitally. That and I have no experience using digital drum machines or drum machines in general. Thanks in advance, Zack
  11. I'm not sure if this is the right thread. If not please let me know.Anyways I'm no writer though I am your closet singer in my hour long drives to the office. Anyways over the past few days a couple lyrics came to me. Now after I've completed the meat of it I realize there is a very popular song that has some similar lyrics. Of course this is bound to happen as we are all influenced by culture around us and that has a profound impact on us subconsciously. My question is how similar can two different works be without it being considered plagiarism? Anyways I'll post the lyrics here.So the basis is that it's a love song in reverse. It will be tough without any way of showing the Tempo, tune, ect. But I guess You'll have to imagine.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I'll always remember the sound of your voice - When you said I don't want you anymoreI'll always remember the look on your face - When you stared blankly to the floorAnd you've broken me - I'll never be the same -- I'm lost without youFacing the darkest thoughts all alone on the roadEmpty seat next to me and our songs on the radioI just want to turn the wheel - But I don't have the strengthLooking back at all the liesFor all the effort I all but diedBut you don't even care - you don't know what to say - you're not the same person anymoreAnd you've broken me I'll never be the same - I'm lost without you.(Something needs to go here)I'll always remember the sound of your voice - When you whispered in my ear ... I love youI'll always remember the look on your face - When you said .. I'll marry you.And I'll Never be the same - I'm found with youAnd I'll never be the same-----------------------------------------------------------------------There are various songs that use the words "I'll never be the same. But mine doesn't match them in melody or tone. It's in fact not the focus until the last two. It's more of a long "You've BROOOOOOOOKEN Me and I'll never be the Sayaame." Sorry that's the best way I could think to write it.Where as at the end it's "And iiiiiiiiiiiiii'lll Never be the Sayaaame"Anyways tell me what you think as far as origionality as I know we've all told jokes, or wrote lyrics, ect, where somebody beat us to the punch line. Like I said I'm not a writer, so I don't know how to write down melodies, tune, ect. But still feel free to critique me and make any recommendations for improvements. This is literally like two days of making stuff up in the car so I'm still refining it here and there.
  12. I need critique on my lyrics

    They say I should not be successful, that it would be stressful. But they don't know I could do anything, I am God's vessel. I'll wrestle with the devil, but I'll nestle in God's love. As for evil I am a rebel, and my enemy? He's just a pebble, God's love is broad in it I will revel. It's there even when I am flawed, if everyone knew that there would be no holy facades. Jesus in the heart was meek and lowly. But he confessed his love boldly on that cross, it was a matrimonial ceremony, people say they're their own God, but when they go home they pray to the Lord for those job's. its not not finished but this is what I have so far; constructive criticism is welcomed, God bless.
  13. Hello guys, so my name is Lukas and I'm 18 and I am making music. Most of the people tell me I am pretty good, but its really hard for me to get more than 500 views on youtube lately. Here's a link to my latest cover song of chet faker : please help me :/
  14. New to this

    hello just wanted to introduce myself to everyone:)
  15. Hi Songstuff My friend and I have been writing songs over the past year and have decided to now step out and start gigging and find a bass player. Thing is every person we have messaged has not replied. Even if they message us first saying hey send us some links. Its frustrating because we don't know what we are doing wrong and no one will tell us! Here's the songs. Two acoustic, two made up on garageband. They are a work in progress but we want a potential bass player to listen and see where they are able to fit in and then create some demo's. We have 8 in total but here are the first half. https://soundcloud.com/thebandcalledthe Could someone please give it to us straight?
  16. I Need Help.

    I need help with song writing and the skills needed to write a song.(knowlage of scales ect.)
  17. Hi there! I'm not sure if here is the correct place to ask this, so admins, feel free to change it in case! Since the beggining of the year I've been thinking about giving my live performance a new perspective, going to electronic devices that complete my keyboard. I have my band in Madrid but now I'm moving to Japan and I want to keep making music, probably on my own as they can't go with me. So I'm trying to be more independent right now and here is where lots of questions appear. I don't want to be a DJ or do the typical electronic music but I thought that maybe a looper could help me with different lines of melody, adding layers and so and probably using my laptop to play pre-record things (which I don't like that much because a live performance is a live performance buuut due to the circumstances... I need to eat haha). Then, the idea of a sampler came out, so I can play with different sounds at the same time, playing one pre-recorded line or another, then quite one, then another... I explain so well, I know hahaha. The point is I only have money for one of them before going (I'd prefer something under 150€, surely second hand) and I don't know which can be the best for me. Anyway that's not the question, I only want to ask for your opinion about these devices because I'm a total noob! Ok, so, to sum up, the questions are: 1) Which looper do you think is the best according to a relative low price? Specially one that goes fine with keyboards and can play different effects. I'd also like to play with my voice, so I can sing different lines and make it all sound as a whole. 2) Which sampler do you think is the best? Price/quality 3) Personal opinion. In my situation, what would you do? Would you buy first the looper or the sampler? This ones is what I've been thinking for, but probably you'll know more about all this things, so please, explain me a little! Looper: Line 6 M9 Sampler: Roland SP-404SX Sorry for my poor English, I know it's a mess. Thanks in advance!
  18. I'm new to singing (I pretty much got into it six months ago when I started learning the guitar) and would love constructive criticism on how to improve my voice and technique from more experienced singers. Feel free to be mean if necessary, I'm aware that my singing is far from prefect and I have no real technical training. It would also be really helpful if someone could tell me if I'm an alto, mezzo or soprano etc. I'm not looking to become a professional, I just love to sing for fun alone and with my friends and want to improve my voice. Here's my soundcloud and a few quick recordings that may give you a idea of my singing: https://soundcloud.com/tiinamaria Thanks if you take the time to respond!
  19. Please I am in need of someone to sing my lyrics....I hope we become the best of friends in doing it(: Please help(:
  20. Paper Aeroplane

    You need to let me go You need to set me free The world has everything I need I need to fly Like a paper plane They're not always in control But with someone stronger by their side They build up power They can glide Some days get too much I want to shut down But when I go in to overload it's no use Sometimes it can be the littlest things that make me frown But that's complicated, I run on a short fuse You need to let me go You need to set me free The world has everything I need I need to fly Like a paper plane They're not always in control But with someone stronger by their side They build up power They can glide You're the one who feeds me my strength When all my energy runs out You won't let me flat line You know me better than that Sometimes I wish I could sleep all day When I know I won't be resting at night Too many worries about letting go I will when the time is right You need to let me go You need to set me free The world has everything I need I need to fly Like a paper plane They're not always in control But with someone stronger by their side They build up power They can glide But if it starts raining Bring that aeroplane inside Cause even the most carefree things Need the love and attention to thrive.
  21. Japan, There I Go!

    THIS IS A VERY SPECIFIC COLLABORATION I'm here to tell you about a project I started few months ago. It happened when a friend invited me to go to Japan on vacation with him. I couldn't say no, of course. But I thought that, instead of doing the typical video to show my parents "hey, I've been here and here and this is a squirrel", I thought that it'd be much funnier if we could do some kind of music video, specially because he's an interesting video director so something has to happen. It's exactly the same as staying in one place but singing! Hahaha. Ok, I'm doing a cover of a Japanese song (sung in English) by Utada Hikaru. I've loved her since I was 11 years old, which is the same age I started to love Japan too. She's like my emotional link with this land and it'd be very special for me to do that. So what am I asking for? If you listen to the song you'll hear an oriental instrument at the beggining, which I don't even know its name (if someone could clarify it would be awesome ♥). I'd love to have, if not that exact instrument, something similar, or just something that sounds really Japanese. I have transcribed it as good as I could and I'm starting to record it. The cover it's not going to be exactly like the original song, just a bit more like hip-hop, yeah! I don't know if there are any Japanese people here that could help me with this thing, but I hope someone can give a bit of light to this project, even an opinion is alright. So, if you're interested in some way, let me know by message or email (I don't know if I can write my email adress here or not O: ) and I'll contact you today (: I need it as soon as possible, just because I'd like to have at least one demo finished before the trip, which doesn't need to be de final version, but something we can work with. I'm leaving on April 9th, so if some of you live in Japan, I can invite you to have some drinks together! Anyway, thanks for reading.
  22. Hi Guys Heres a song that has been bugging me for a while in the sense does it work? Your learn'ed thoughts and input would be welcome. Thanks for reading Skin Heading West? After some suggestions please! Intro Leaving city life far behind me No regrets on the decision I've took Heading out where no one can find me No turning back, not one last look V I’m heading west in a covered wagon They said it was the Promised Land It seemed like such and easy dream To a city boy who didn’t understand V The trail was rough and full of danger Never knowing what’s round the bend Forever distant was the horizon My journey seemed to have no end V I traveled on for days and weeks Searching for my promised land The sun beat down without mercy Cold night air laid wet the sand V Camping out neath star lit sky Dreaming of the things to come Live a life of peace and freedom No need to hide no need to run (PC) But then they came……..Slight pause before C with a little musical build up C Riding out of nighttime’s shadows Screaming like they were spat from hell Eyes a fire and shooting wildly I never missed, not a single shell One by one they fell from saddle Lying now on blood stained ground One by one they died in battle Blood stains now on my promised land B So here they lay These lifeless bodies Men who tried To end my dream This land was To be my sanctuary Blessed now by The devils scream May need an Outro?
  23. Demo Pimping

    Hello everyone! I am about to launch a new online service and wanted to ask you guys for your opinion. If there was a service that offered to better your demos, would you use it? Assuming you didn't have the technical ability to produce a professional sounding/release-ready demo at home, would you consider paying a small fee to have your demo produced and mixed? All you would have to do would be to upload the seperate tracks you had already recorded at home (stems) to our website (copyright secured), for then to have your song arranged and produced to a high standard. I'd really appreciate your feedback - good or bad! Thank you:)
  24. I really want to become a lyricist I spend most of my time writing poems, verses and choruses and I am really working hard to improve my skills. Please, please, please, help me enhance my writing capability. I'm open to all feedback ^.^
  25. Hi There, Right so I am trying to play about with my old digital multitracker and everything is fine just the Audio Quality is very distorted, how can I prevent this ? I know that it is due to an overpowered signal but I have played about with the settings and I just can't stop the sound distorting? Can anyone help me ? Any good sugestions out there ? Thanks, Hamish