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Found 52 results

  1. Lourenzo carter

    Young guy from dublin
  2. New Backwards Freestyle

    Looking for critique and feedback thanks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3JYbXYpCK8
  3. New Contest 07/03/2017

    Okay, here is an idea I threw together this morning. If you want to use this as the basis for another contest, then please comment below and we can start it later this week (give Dek a chance to get his finalised). If there is anything needing adjusted or changed, just let me know and we can get the track fixed before the contest starts. Cheers https://soundcloud.com/moodman-1/breathless-07032017-1115/s-4Y4I2
  4. The Maverick

    Hi guys (and gals if there are any here) - I had started a track yesterday to show to @ALOPRODUCTIONZ, to see if he wanted to rap over it, but it became something totally different (I've posted it in the Song Critique section - it's called Glass if you want to have a listen), so decided to start something else this morning. This is a 5 minute thing I have thrown together, but if it works, or you would like the arrangement tweaked, just let me know. The track is not final and is almost the same all the way through with a couple of instrument parts added, but it's to give a flavour and see if it is something you guys can work with. If it is, I am quite happy to knock up some tracks for you to put lyrics and vocals over - and I am sure there are other members who might feel the same way. So let us know what you like and don't like and I'll see what we can do... cheers https://soundcloud.com/moodman-1/the-maverick-09032017-0929/s-ushY5
  5. Rap / Hip Hop Contest

    I am looking for some feedback from the members who are into composing Rap/Hip Hop lyrics and music. I had an interesting conversation with another member as this seems to be a fairly recent addition to the forums and I was wondering what you are using when you compose your lyrics? Do you create your beats, or are you rapping over another song? Are you writing the lyrics, with nothing to guide the flow of the words and vocal? Would it help if a member(s), were to assist you with this, by maybe creating a simple track with a beat so you could use it as a guide? This could be done with different tempos or beats, something more in line with the style of music you like (e.g. Your favourite rapper). What are your thoughts?
  6. Insomnia

    A new hip hop song I'm working at. I don't have a hook yet and also a line in verse 3 with two possibilities. Lyrics were written over the song Close to you (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5-Kdcrdf4s) Verse 1: Tip toeing on the tips of my feet Laying in bed, pulling over my sheet Got a fresh start tomorrow, a new day a new chance to get everything out of my way Gettin' comfy and hot in here It's gettin' empty and clear in here A quick glance, it's 2'30 already Lets doze of (now) all steady Eyes closing after a while Sinking deep in the pillows with a smile Boundaries between sleep and awake fades away Powdery like powder used in dactyloscopy You will become the star in this play With every performance a new choreography That's why it feels so heavenly For those who dream happily Verse 2: Something seems off to me Don't know what, but it bothers me Observe some shady identities in the shade of this monstrosity Then you slowly come aware Of the magnificent place you were There we are again, in a distorted reality Awake or asleep, what would I rather be? It's a constant struggle It leaves me puzzled Why is it such a battle Such a hassle to get some sleep Laying awake in this heat The only thing that helps is this beat A quick glance, it's 4'20 now Put your head down and sleep somehow Verse 3: Drank some water, checked my phone twice peed a little later, hear tripplin', probably mice Every sound seems so loud, that's how it goes at night Wind blows through trees, whisperin' loud and clear Like dueling knights, a never ending fight hashing, slashing without any fear Then it goes quiet again The darkness of the night absorbs anything, so it began Your body needs sleep, eyes got tired |Your back aches like it's on fire| or |Got cold feet, they seem to be on fire| If you pursue and stay quiet You will achieve your goal, just try it and when you finally let your guard down The traffic starts again in town And the rooster crows, it's dawn So with a big yawn a new day goes down
  7. Hi Songstuff Community, I am a Toronto based producer, recording artist, studio owner, and videographer. I create my own audio and visuals as I market myself and those who I work with. This video was shot by an artists friend of mine and edited collaboratively. It captures a raw edge to a TranceHop Live Mix that I put together, blending aspects from SBTRKT, Tyler, The Creator, MGK, & Lil Wayne. I would love to get your feedback and comments on the overall video and audio of this track. This video was shot using: Sony A5000 Mirrorless Camera HD This video was edited using: iMovie FX were created using: After Effects If you enjoy the music and the video, please like, comment, share, & subscribe.
  8. Rap Freestyle Critique

    Looking for critique on my freestyle. How are my lyrics, flow, voice, video production, etc? Thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pbWUVQFF9o
  9. How do my rap vocals sound?

    Looking for feedback on how my rap vocals sound. Thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pbWUVQFF9o&feature=youtu.be
  10. Strings of life

    Written on chill relaxed hip hop beat. Would love to get some feedback on wordplay and flow. Thanks a lot! [BRIDGE] Each individual has his own path To see the world in his true beauty Some may take a longer route than others In the end both will have had a good life [VERSE 1] As a kid we were highly energetic Running around dressed as pirates Some read books some were hectic But both were deeply admired When we grew older we became independent We ate, drank and slept seperate Though we still needed help Trying to find balance on a bike yelp! Holding hands at the local market Gazing at all those magnificent things Displayed in stands or on a carpet Wondering how it would be to have wings Wandering off to unknown places In the woods building secret bases Fighting against the monsters we created Crying for our battle-fallen mates [HOOK] x2 People come and go, that's how it goes It might sound cliche but who knows Truth is spoken through jokes So why wouldn't ours be so [VERSE 2] Years passed by months became years Turbulant times came by and past We grew older mind 'came clear Relationships ended nothing lasts We're strings of a bigger picture Each connected that's for sure Creating an indestructible web Each line pulled by gods hand We can manage our own way Our own markers in life We might bend the future like clay The basis stays our life Strings meet and part Some stay strong others break Some got strangled in each other Others hang lose without a brother [HOOK] x2 [VERSE 3] Some might find their special half Others never got the chance It isn't about wether you succeed What matters are good deeds And when you do so it will come clear That when we life without fear A new chapter will be opened As another closed You will meet wonderfull people Even though you might hate the way The path may lead through a needle Just enjoy it like one big play With you as a star and center figure Don't ever place you second I think you might have figured That it leads you third in just a second And then leaves the individual fractured
  11. Game-on (work in progress)

    [verse 1] I'm a young boy Fresh in the game Remember the days on my game boy Playing pokémon it was game-on But everything went on No one stood still to look How good we had it, shoot! But we kept playing The game of life can't be turned off sometimes we feel off, not in the game but we can't blame the players People came and went They were twisted and bend It's f*cked up to see them go down the path between heaven and hell it's a no-go Standing powerless craving for an end Hoping they won't turn their back 'Cause it will drag you down Flood your mind and flow now Through a ghost town of Eden The precious fantasy beaten It's like multiple layers You can try to bend them, stretch them But in the end you can't beat the game There's no turning off, no one to blame There's only moving forward and sometimes flying high in the sky To tumble back down because it's very sly As we look to others They have no worries Everything is good, nothing bothers Looks blurred by our vision Eyes wide open, split decision You got to row with the oars you have And show them the goals you cashed It's an endless parade Brands, looks and habits displayed But in the end you can't be changed You are you and she is caged In the material society she is maintained We're like Link, Mario or Luigi Trying to free the princess We can buy her Dior or Gucci But it's Bowser who gives less And takes her away We can fail the game any day If you pursue your dream You will beat it and become her main It's worth every second, sweat an tears You can beat it, cheers! [Hook] x2 We're going hard mode, boss mode Fighting off creeps and dragons There's no single cheat code Fully loaded with weapons

  13. This Flight

    Recently released a song, would really appreciate critique on vocal delivery/flow, the overall cohesion/progression of the record and the mix. Any other critique is much appreciated! Lyrics: Do I cry do I scream; I'm losing sleep; I see you when I dream; Did you have to leave; Or were you taken; Stolen from us in the world; And I'm Thinking Is God like Satan; Cause why would God take from his own creation; Make all this pain in his own creation; Make all this hate in his own creation; Now I'm comparing God to satan; Am I getting confused in my own imagination; On that day I found out, I prayed without hesitation; That's contradiction; Me not thinking; Asked for some divine Intervention; Hoped for a miracle didn't want to believe what I was reading; God left it as it was and left me bleeding; Wait is Gods evil and God hating; These were all my thoughts on the daily; Till I stopped and thought mediation could save me; Is it gods fault all this pains around me? Pains and suffering been around since the beginning of life; And if I can't deal with that- then who am I? So I straight prayed to the Lord and asked for forgiveness; Asked for my past thoughts to be left in the wilderness; I See it clearly that it isn't his fault; And I think this is what Kieran would've thought; He was straight a calm man and he saw things clearly; Yeah we could hype but we could also go deep; Talk about our lives and talk about our feelings; We Tried to understand the music and it's meaning; Talk about our lives and talk about our feelings; We Tried to understand the music and it's meaning; And I miss you; I see you smiling; You happy; You're one; Now that it's clear; I can live strong; I see you smiling; You happy; You're one; Now that it's clear; I can live strong; It's crazy how I had to buy my first suit for a funeral; Strangest times, it seemed so unusual; Had Black shoes, black jacket black tie; I never thought one of my friends would die; They said at the service that he was gods servant; And I think that's deserving because he was a good person; And bro; Listening to Music's not the same now you're gone; New albums dropped, but when I listened it felt wrong; I can't share it with you so the feelings not the same; I'm less confused but I'm still sad everyday; The other day I saw your mum and dad at the wake; Stood there in silence didn't know what to say; Finally I thought of some words of support; Don't know where they came from guess God took thoughts; Words can't express the pain in me; I pray to god hope you rest in peace; Even though you're gone we're still a team; I miss all the times you'd jam with Callum and me; You 2 make a beat,I'll bring the melody; I be sure to freestyle a quick sixteen; Make it all comedic you'd laugh with me; You a lways had good energy; Everyday I miss your energy; Everyone has a story, when Kieran did this when Kieran did that; When Kieran said this when Kieran made me laugh; It hurts everyday that you're gone now; Hope you're smiling down in the sky now; Hope you're there one with God now; Hope you still stay in my life somehow; It hurts everyday that you're gone now; Hope you're smiling down in the sky now; Hope you're there one with God now; Hope you still stay in my life somehow; Cause I miss you; I see you smiling; You happy; You're one; Now that it's clear; I can live strong; I see you smiling; You happy; You're one; Now that it's clear; I can live strong;
  14. No Brakes

    Would like critique mainly on vocal delivery/flow. If anyone has tips how to actively improve flow/delivery e.t.c would really like to have some help! Thanks
  15. $awchen is me

    My name is Sawchen, and I'm a rapper from Northern California out of the 530. Keep an eye out. I'll be doing big shit probly.
  16. Have you ever felt really bad about little things like that gift that you really wanted so they bought it and when you got it, said you loved it but it just sat in your closet might sound weird but i just wanted to say sorry that i lost it You asked if i wanted to visit my aunt and I said that I might but I spend the night playing games on the computer then I heard that she died and I sat and watched my mom cry I didn't even know her that well but I'm sorry for just sitting and switching the tv channel it might be random but I just wanted to say sorry because I really am though Its really hard for me to let that shit go say that I'm going to try harder but then I just don't Seriously I'm going to be try harder but honestly I probably won't damn, i don't know.... //CHORUS// I always feel bad about the little shit apologized but when you couldn't hear it had an opportunity but i missed it Im sorry, guess ill try to fix it I always feel bad about the little shit apologized but when you couldn't hear it ill try to try and fail but I suppose that thats expected //VERSE 2// Im sorry that when you asked me to do the dishes i complained and said it waste of my day You said ok, went up stairs and swept the hallway like you did yesterday then went and cleaned my laundry like pretty much everyday, I'm really sorry Im getting choked up while writing this sorry for making so many excuses sorry i couldn't just say it and had to turn it into music This song is starting to feel therapeutic, in opportunity for apology and i don't want to lose it Im sorry you gave me trust and i abused it Told me to stop but i kept on usin instead of homework just turned up my music sorry for the drugs, probably why I'm so f*cked up Im at the point where I'm at a loss for words, don't even know what to say maybe that I'm having a pretty shit day or that I'm sorry for f*cking up and that I'm happy you love me anyway //CHORUS// I always feel bad about the little shit apologized but when you couldn't hear it had an opportunity but i missed it Im sorry, guess ill try to fix it I always feel bad about the little shit apologized but when you couldn't hear it ill try to try and thats a promise Ill do better and you can expect it
  17. More Than Merely Human

    I don't know how to classify this song. Dubstep? Hip-hop? I've tried different styles of vocals and I settled on this one but I am open to suggestions. It is a rap or spoken word song. I tried singing it but it didn't quite work out. I tried rapping in a higher pitch with a bit of anger but that kinda sucked. So if this works for you let me know. Thanks for your time! (Also, if you can guess the percussion instruments, you get a star!) MORE THAN MERELY HUMAN You're more than merely human you're more than merely man you're more than merely human more than merely woman. More to you than flesh more to me than blood more to life than the physical more to life than the spiritual. More to life than just working more to success than wealth more to substance than glitter and glitter ain’t worth your health More to seeing than just looking More to listening than sound More to connecting than just yacking more to God than found. More to happiness than mere joy more to friends than hugs more to bonding than mere vows more to pleasure than drugs. More to truth than facts more to beauty than looks more to love than mere sex more to wisdom than books. More to us than we can judge more to us than meets the eye smell the flowers, smell the weed you decide what you need. We got free will to make the choice So choose your soul, reject the mold Cause you can feel what is real The love within, the spirit bold You're more than merely human you're more than merely man you're more than merely human more than merely woman. See with your soul, act with your heart come out of the box and realize the world outside your window can be a living Paradise! Copyright (C) Richard Omura
  18. debut mixtape

    so i made this mixtape and im looking for some feedback from people that like hip hop.
  19. I need to grow

    Haven't posted on this forum in a minute, these are just some bars that I recently wrote. Would really appreciate some critique. Enough of the small talk, homie I need to grow/ Young Pablo stunted by the shows/ of fake personality/ Fake f*cks with fake motives surrounding me/ I just want notoriety without everybody hounding me/ for solutions that I don't have and can't afford/ 40 a week for 13, my time is simply worth more/ I'm just trying to soar/ to have whiskey to pour/ and life with rapport/ So my girl can lay close and concur/ that my problems aren't more important than her/ So my father can finally say you're welcome/ because my life had a good outcome/ without retribution because I don't want none/ I don't want constant stress and pain in my liver/ with nothing to live for and branches splintered/ Surrounded by fallen leaves that I cover up in the winter/ To not even consider/ that maybe I'm just a sinner/ young in age that's got a life ahead of high f*cks and low blows/ Mary Janes and Jon Doe's/ But until god decides to show I'm outta time for my shadow/ So enough of the small talk, homie I need to grow/
  20. For Camilla

    This is one of the few more romantic songs I wrote. As you may have guessed I wrote it for a girl and she loved it but sadly we are not together at this moment cause the circumstances don't allow it But oh well I still think it's beautiful lyrics and hope you will agree. This will be the last one I post today and I know I've been doing a whole lot of posting and not so much critiquing but I just wanted to get most of my stuff out there first. I did a really nice long and thorough critique for "TheRevenant" but the author hasn't seen it yet I think. Right now I'm starving and friends are coming over so I will be busy but hold on people I promise I'll be back and critique all your amazing lyrics Oh and when I find time I'll write up an introduction about myself too so you may learn more than what you might have already picked up from my lyrics. Peace to you all stay chill ^ ^ Anyway here's the song: You know what, here's the deal It's a stupid rap about how I feel I just wanna tell you something real These rhymes are stronger than steel I never say the things I should Sometimes I really wish I would If some things weren't so hard to say I would tell you every single day That I think you're amazing in every way Instead of leaving I wish you'll stay I really suck at this so maybe I'll pray For you to be smiling when I say what I say I liked you before you even talked to me Opinion based on what the eye can see I've learned more about you now And all I can say is wow You're beautiful, smart and funny And your lips taste like honey I hope you know there's more to me Wanna be who I want to be I'm not just somebody's ex Or a guy looking for sex Might be weird for you to read My thoughts suddenly being freed But I don't even care if it all goes wrong And everything explodes in my face like a bomb Cause in the end there are no regrets Nothing to lose from making these bets Some things just need to be said Not kept forever inside of my head Now I'm gonna stop this stupid rap Cause I'm tired and feeling like crap At least now you know I like you for a fact All I can hope for is that you like me back
  21. Screw My Life

    Maybe I'll just screw my lifeNever find a f*ckin wifeNothing worth dying forNo reason to try more Stay alive only to fade away Do things in my own way Years have passed since the day When I came here not to stay The rainbow turns to grey Oh it turns to grey And I've got nothing left to say Words are dead and the song is too There is nothing that is new Is this even true Tell me is it true Who can know but you? So give me your point of view But don't push me to do The things that make me go Or even join the river flow And now you will not ever know Why I need you so Oh let me go Just let me go
  22. I already posted this under Rap and Hip Hop lyrics cause I didn't find this "First post" thing until after that. But I guess there's no harm in posting it again here since I am new member after all so here goes *Actually, there is! As it states, this section is for introducing yourself, NOT for posting work. Sorry! Additionally, we ask that members post each work only once. Thanks!
  23. People Are All the Same

    This is one of the very first things I ever wrote and it was during a time of lots of partying boozing etc so it's not a very serious rap as you'll see. It was more just me having some fun with my buddies People are all the same Wanna have money and fame Wannabe gangstas being lame Strangle a bitch in his name Our lord and savior is the main Very real nice cocaine But no heroin must go into the vein Or else we all turn insane Like ISIS motherf*ckers yeah f*cked in the brain Will give your team an ass whoopin in mid lane I use a f*cking massive crane To pick up bitches for my game Yeah something kinda like that Still don't know the reason for this rap But it keeps on going keeps on flowing Almost like it's f*cking growing To something greater than you or me The rap's setting itself free Unstoppable like hell's thunder It will roam the world and plunder And now its done the song has been sung This sure has been hella fun My raps flying right into the sun And when the words have left my soul Then its about damn time to roll Cause this raps gonna cease And finally I have peace Beat not made by me I own no copyrights.
  24. Slaves of Greed

    In order to be able to see We must set our minds free For too long we've been enslaved by greed That is not what we truly need Will our souls ever strive to be freed Can't you see those who lie and mislead Do you really think you will succeed In a planet that has started to bleed Nations are choosing to disagree! Mankind could be on the brink of war Now you see the cards you have drawn It could decide the fate of our world and us Darkness will only lead to ruins and dust Smart decision-making in these times is a must In our hearts we need to trust Have faith in yourself Not the books on the shelf The world will tell you lies It's the truth in disguise It's up to you to feel the signs Like the feelings I put into these rhymes Don't you know that people are committing crimes Blood drops fall as our injured world cries Yet people will never open their eyes And it is then that our hope dies There are a few who are truly wise And even they are being consumed by lies Negativity breeds darkness Darkness feeds on fear So that we forget what is real But in our hearts it is clear Search within yourself with an open mind Listen to yourself you've always been kind Don't let others pull you down Or make you feel bad and frown You are what you've always been A soul freed from within Just remember that wherever you go And let it be so That on one good day Happiness will find its way To your life, yes it may If you let it in From within That day could change your life forever Unless you just thought no never ! Come on you know you are better Don't you forget that ever Background music not made by me and is the Matrix theme song. I own no copyrights. Attached image is done by me and I feel it fits with this song.
  25. League of Rap

    NOTE: If you don't know much about the video game League of Legends you won't understand much What did the League player say when he had guests one day Come into my Rift you may a dozen enemies we'll slay Rift sweet Rift dont want to drift No bro I don't even lift Welcome to Humble Abyss Hope my ulti won't miss Or else I'll take the piss Here's our Crystal Meth Bar where drugs n booze are not far Shoot up top lane like a star Have Teemo's head in a jar Wait until enemy is at Dragon Then we roll in our killsteal wagon Slay the beast before their eyes Then cut their team down to size That is how we won the prize