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Found 11 results

  1. Home Recording

    With the advancement of technology, making music has changed from a studio only process to a home affair. Anyone with a computer can now install the necessary software , connect their equipment and start making music at the convenience of their own house. As easy as it may sound, it still takes a significant amount of research and learning about all the different things that go into home recording. This may come off as a struggle at the beginning for a budding a musician or even a long-time musician venturing into computer based home recording. The following article will help you get on your feet and take those first few steps into the journey of home recording. http://www.songstuff.com/recording/article/home_recording/ Be sure to share and like the article if you find it useful. If you have any questions, feel free to discuss it on the Songstuff Community Forums.
  2. Komplete 10 Overview

    Native instruments have a history of making fine software and have become a staple for both home musicians and for those who make music for epic movies. All it takes is one look at what they have to offer and you can see why. With the advent of a program called Kontakt which is a sample player that doesn't really record samples things took off considerably. Since the release of Kontakt their product line has moved upward and onward. Today it is difficult to find any serious studio without one of their products. The largest heavyweight in their product line presently is a product called Komplete....Now they like to start things with "K" at Native Instruments. Not sure why..a German thing maybe, the main thing is they make killer instruments designed to fit inside your DAW and can be just as comfortable on stage as in your studio. Enter Komplete 10 and Komplete 10 Ultimate. You will try hard to find a more full featured set of tools anywhere on the planet. Remember me metioning Kontakt? Kontakt is full to the brim with everything from orchestral instruments to pop,rock and techno sounds. Before I bought Komplete all I used was Kontakt and it usually filled all the gaps. You get Kontakt when you buy Komplete.130 Gb of sheer music power in the Komplete basic version. Ultimate is even more than that. No matter what kind of music you like there is sure to be a lot of usable sounds there for you. Before I tell you a few things about Komplete I need to mention a requirement of it. You will want another hard drive to stream the sounds off of. Fortunately in the ultimate version a hard drive is provided. I have three seperate hard drives on my computer right now. Word of advice- Don't use "green" drives or anything that advertises power savings. All of those drives can hamper you getting the samples off of the drive. Get a straight 7200 rpm high performance drive before you ever think about Komplete.It isn't a matter of size. Two drives work better with one working the OS and another streaming the sound files. I You have at least two drives? Ok we're ready. Komplete 10 is 13 dvds if you opted for the basic version. Set aside some time for the install, maybe have another task to do alongside this as there is no fast way to install 130 gb of data into a hard drive. The first disk has the installer on it and if you already have NI's factory update program on your hard drive from prior installations then it will recognize you and registration will be straightforward.If you don't have that program, no real problem either as it will install it for you. From then on it will offer updates when they become available. Here are some of few programs you get in Komplete 10- Reaktor- It doesn't seem like much if you say it fast. What is Reaktor? Reaktor itself houses at least a half dozen synths ready to play complete with arpeggiators and effects. It's probably more than that, and they all sound good. In addition Reactor is programmable and is known for having a robust following of third party content creators on the web.You can program it yourself or look to see what others have done. Not necessarily intuitive, but once you get onto it you won't believe what you can do! Guitar Rig Pro 5- A big contender and a top one in guitar software. With GR5 you can plug your guitar into your audio interface and have that Fender or Marshall sound you always wanted. Deep and extensive don't begin to tell you all it is capable of. Chances are, if you can imagine a guitar tone of any kind..its in there Not just amps but tons of effects. Presets to play just about any guitar sound made in the last 40 years. Scarbee Bass- If you need a really good bass in your mix this is it. Various synths to fill any techo, electronic or soundscape desire- Monark,Rounds,Kontour, Ansynth and more lots more! Pianos- Tons of them. Kontakt has a slew of them already but Komplete has even more and they all sound good. Of special mention is the "Giant" piano. A nice peasant full sounding piano that sits well in mixes and had presets for the more adventurous. Yamaha,Bosendorfers, Steinways, Uprights. If you play piano you get a lot of bang for your buck. And each can be adjusted to your liking. Electric piano -The FM synth has all of the tine bases covered in addition to others. Organs? Want that B-3 sound with lots of presets? There are some sweet organs in Komplete! Battery and DRUMLAB are a few of the drum players in Komplete 10. In Battery Pads can be drug to selected pads and played to midi rhythms in any way you want.Same with DRUMLAB. Studio Drummer- A full featured and great sounding drum program competeing with the likes of Addctive Drums 2 and BFD 3. It has tended to me one of my go to drum programs many times because of the included loops and the sounds. Orchestral Music?- It's covered well in Kontakt. Its more than the sounds. Loops,patterns and presets abound in all of the different programs. The only limitaion really is getting your head around all of it. Kind of like eating an elephant, One bite at a time. It's really not that bad, especially if you happen to take well to things technical. You don't need to learn all of it in a day. Collectively speaking you get a LOT in Komplete. If you had to buy all of it seperately it would cost far more than the sum of its parts. If you already own an NI product you can get some kind of a discount to buy Komplete. Once you get into their system and own a product future buying is less painful. Cheer! Tim
  3. Hey There

    I'm a singer, an audio engineer, a multi-instrumentalist, a painter, a photography, a poet, a computer artist, a stompbox designer, a coder, a web designer & an IT technician. My music ranges from indie pop to experimental to electronic to instrumentals...I'm posting things I have made myself as well as collaborations that have been recorded over the years. Soundcloud - "single" postings, or sampler of full releases https://soundcloud.com/blisterpop Bandcamp site - full releases - free name-your-price downloads. http://music.blisterpop.com WordPress Blog - music + photography + poetry + art http://blisterpop.com
  4. Hey everyone, This is a song I wrote many years ago, and its still a work in progress. I like the intro, but its to long, this part I know,. Please let me know what you think, and if I have to... I will shorten the intro. I was trying to build into it, but it kinda lays there. but on the other hand, I like it to. I'm torn. http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=11645236 here i sit waiting for no one at all still no one comes to lend a hand at all this blood is aged theses eyes no longer cry still I reached out my hand to every passer by I caught the world Standing still I caught the world Standing still These hands have aged this body so weak so hard to believe living in these city streets A Life time of nothing nothing at all and still no one comes to lend a hand at all I caught the world Standing still I caught the world Standing still I caught the world Standing still I caught the world Standing still Peace Terry
  5. I am from Glasgow, Scotland and i have been writing song's since i was just a nipper. i have listened to some of the song's already on the site and i have been very impressed, Some fine tunes, lyrics etc. I am willing to collaborate with anyone.I am looking forward to some fruitful partnerships. I do my home recording in Cakewalk Sonar Producer Edition. I am just ok at mixing having realised that the Great Mixing Engineers are truly gifted guy's. I take my hat of to them. And all of you my womderful fellow musicians. May the next classic song be your's!!! God Bless........
  6. New Ways (M A N I C - P A N I C)

    Hi songstuff people! Iam very pleased to tell you that we won the qualifying round for a singer-songwriter contest yesterday! We didn't have any songs recorded yet so today we did. I wonder what you guys think of our song New Ways it is a simple one mic recording so I am looking for critique concerning the songs build up, guitar playing, vocals and lyrics. Any tips or idea's are welcome! New ways As your walking in a town, and no one knows your name. One thing you left home, your hideous shame. Wait for it. It will soon be there. Run for it. It is only your past. No matter were you go always people around. No matter were we go inside it has to be found. As your walking in a town, and you take a look around. Were all part of the same, no one plays the game. Wait for it. It will soon be there. Run for it. It is only your past. No matter were you go always people around. No matter were we go inside it has to be found. Wait for it. Learn from it. Wait for it. Learn from it.
  7. Hello Songstuffers

    its Thanksgiving. get it? so....I am here and I am new. My goals are putting together a small 4 song EP, playing it out in Madison, WI here often and getting a YouTube channel up and running. Lots of other stuff...but I'm just sayin Hi. Thx. ;-) Jay Peek
  8. Hello all, I guess I'll introduce myself. I'm Björgvin and I write at an audio production tips blog and I also run a crowdsourced music mixing website. I've been a musician for over 13 years and an audio engineer since 2006. But I'm primarily a writer/entrepreneur as of late. I run Crowd Audio as a serious startup looking to revolutionize the way musicians approach their mixes and productions. If you have any questions or want to know anything more, shoot me an email at bjorgvin@audio-issues.com. Looking forward to participating in the discussions.
  9. Another Original

    Here's another original! A little rough mixing but hope you enjoy!
  10. New Music

    Hey guys I'm new to this whole forum thing but I'd like to share some of my original stuff. Hope you enjoy it!
  11. Into A Dream

    This is one of the more recent tunes I wrote. The lyrics are kind of typical, and I don't consider myself a vocalist. I played all of the tracks myself and recorded it in my modest little home studio. I would definitely consider rewriting the lyrics and having someone else do the vocals. I would appreciate any input regarding the songwriting, playing, mixing/production quality, or anything you might suggest. Thanks for listening. http://soundcloud.com/phillipskains/into-a-dream Out of a dream you came alive Filled my days with delight And I want to hold you close tonight You are a dream I think of the times we've had so far And I'm looking forward to more for many years to come Say it's not a dream Racing around With the wind in our hair At the speed of a sound No one remembers their cares You put the stars up in the sky Brought peace into my life And nobody need you more than I Say it's not a dream Just like a dawn sunrise You bring my darkness into light And I really need your love tonight You are a dream.