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Found 6 results

  1. Cell Phone Junkies!

    I guys, Here's one that I've been working on for a bit, but I could use some fresh ears I'm still working on the mix, so please feel free to give me some advice...in any area I know there are a lot of effects on the vocals...can you understand them for the most part? Sorry I haven't been around much this year. I've been dealing with some serious health issues https://soundcloud.com/crystalsuzy/cell-phone-junkie I never leave home without my cell phone It’s a part of me now, like an udder on a cow It’s gotta be with me, both day and night Or something feels wrong; nothing feels quite right I’m a cell phone junkie, dut da da dut da! I’m a cell phone junkie, dut da da dut da! We’re going camping, ya, me and my friends We’re gonna build a fire, so that we can send Secret messages, across the flames Text gossiping's, the name of the game the summer's here and were gonna have fun No one talks; no one hears We stare at our phones, and drink our beer We can text mean things, about a friend But they don’t see it, so we don’t offend Ya, it's summer time and were gonna have fun Me and my phone enjoying the sun We’re cell phone junkies, dut da da dut da! We’re cell phone junkies, dut da da dut da! Off to the beach, where we can suntan With earplugs in, we’re lost in cyber land Suddenly we feel like, we’re in a frying pan Now we all look, like a red lobster-man! In cyber space, we communicate Whether fishing or swimming, in the middle of the lake Our phones are with us, no matter what we do Taking lots of pictures, and self-ies too Walking through trails, takes a lot of skill Starring at the screen, we can take a spill Sometimes we’ll walk, right into a swamp But with the touch of a button, help is prompt We’re cell phone junkies, dut da da dut da! We’re cell phone junkies, dut da da dut da! We can surf the net, no matter where we go Listen to our music, and watch our favorite shows If there’s a fire ban, we watch it on our phones With virtual reality; we stay in the zone It's summer time and the weather is hot We swim in the lake and smoke lots of pot! Cellphone junkies...sell phone junckles Da da da dat da dat da.... Ya, were cell phone junkies, dut da da dut da! Ya, were cell phone junkies, dut da da dut da! Da da da dat da dat da.....
  2. I Thought I Married A Saint!

    Hi all, Sorry I've been haven't been active on this forum for so long, but I've been dealing with some health issues This is a rather poor attempt at writing a bizarre country song with a twist...it's suppose to be humorous, and hopefully somewhat entertaining I definitely don't have the voice for country, so I've doubled tracked the vocals I know it's on the long side, but does it keep your interest till the end? I've had a hard time mixing/producing this, so if there's anything anyone hears that isn't quite right, please let me know https://soundcloud.com/crystalsuzy/i-thought-id-married-a-saint So friends lend me an ear, cause your about to hear The ballad of Kate and Jim. No he couldn’t stop cheat’n, so she could never win I thought I’d married a saint; my white knight had finally arrived But when he left me with his baby, I began to realize He was just a man in a silver coat, and not much of one at that Cause he could never be faithful; but I always took him back (Ya, she always took him back: just one more time she say; This will be your last chance) While I was in, having his baby; he was out, fooling around With a pretty young lady living high on the town… Secret picnics, on the beach; and then they’d wine and dine I was home with our newborn; so I didn’t read the signs (No she didn’t read the signs) Oh he could be so sweet, and very charming too I believed his lies; I knew, I knew his love was true I was naïve and foolish; my heart was very young Until one day, he exposed himself, with a slip of his lying tongue He had the eyes of an angel…he cheated like the devil The tongue of a serpent… he cheated like the devil And his heart lay buried in his jeans I thought I’d married a saint; my white knight had finally arrived But when he left me with his baby, I began to realize He was just a man in a silver coat, and not much of one at that But that was his last chance; I swore I’d never take him back (She swore she’d never take him back: that was his last and final chance) But then he showed up on my doorstep, with flowers in his hand He said, I’m so sorry babe; I wasn’t much of a man But don’t you worry honey; you’re the only one for me I can change; you just wait and see; We’re gonna be happy; a happy family (This is the last time baby) So he moved us to the big city, to start a brand new life He swore she was gone for good; he’d be faithful to his wife But then it all started again, and I couldn’t ignore the signs But he denied it over and over; I was going, out of my mind She could read the signs this time She found her bra in his pocket Her panties in his jeans And her name, tattooed right on his buttocks She was going, out of her mind, With a baby on her hip, and another on the way Where would she do; where would she stay? What was she going to do? She decided, she’d have to kill her, kill her in cold blood (a crime of passion, said the judge) Now she’s finally free, serving time behind bars While he’s home looking after, the kids; Now ain’t that just a cruel, cruel twist?
  3. I hope everybody had a wonderful Xmas. Here's my Xmas song for this year, which reflects some of my 'Xmas pasts' It's a bit rough, but it's all in good fun! I'd appreciate any constructive advice, for any aspect of this piece///thanks https://soundcloud.com/crystalsuzy/the-most-wonderful-time-of-the-year It's the most wonderful time of the year! Xmas, is coming, once again But Xmas Cards are such an expense So I dig out the old ones, so I can resend And hope I don’t, offend any friends Xmas carols, are playing in the malls Halloweens not even over; we’re barely in fall But decorations up, on every wall By Xmas time, I’ll be sick of it all Snow is falling, but I always get stuck Which pisses me off; I’m such a schmuck Then it turns to rain, and then into muck What a mess; it really sucks It’s Black Friday! You sleep on the street, the night before So you’re first in line, when they open the doors Sales, sales! Ya, a shoppers dream Pushing and shoving and lots of screams Snatching toys from kid s hands There are no rules in BF’s land Its time to party’s with lots of cheer Ya, I get drunk, on to much beer I embarrass myself, every year But it’s tradition, just to be clear It’s the most, wonderful time of the year, oh ya The kids are all sitting, on Santa’s knee They’re so wide eyed, they really believe But some get scared, and start to scream When they pee on Santa, it’s an ugly scene It’s my worst nightmare! Xmas eve’s come at warp speed I’m not ready! I still got gifts to get I don’t even have the turkey fixings yet We don’t have a tree; the decorations aren’t up; This really, really sucks! We’re really desperate, we gotta find a tree We drive around looking very frantically We finally see one on the side of the street It’s not perfect, but least it was free The children are nestled all snug in there beds But the parents are stressed, right our of their heads Cause they’ll be wrapping gifts, well into the night No they won’t get to bed, before daylight! It’s Xmas morning! The kids are up at the crack of dawn Yelling and screaming cause Santa’s come Paper and bows; flying everywhere Chaos prevails, but the parents don’t care They’re barely awake, for goodness sake! Xmas magic’s in the air Turkey smells are everywhere Everybody’s feeling fine…so divine...we just wanna be…. It's the most wonderful time of the year!
  4. Mrs Claus's Not So Blue Xmas!

    Merry Xmas guys I thought I'd resurrect this Xmas song for those who haven't heard it yet, and I hope you get a laugh out of it https://youtu.be/p8vFkQeDqIY
  5. Mrs Claus's Not So Blue Xmas!

    Thanks for the heads-up on this topic Tom. Here's my Xmas song/video. I hope you all get a laugh out of it Merry Xmas everybody! https://youtu.be/p8vFkQeDqIY
  6. God Gone Dog! ©

    Hi guys, Here's a song/spoken word piece that I've been working on. I never know when a song is finished when it comes to production, as I'm still a beginner at this stuff. I know this piece is on the long side, but it's more of a story then anything. It's humorous, but it also has a message. There are far too many words for me to type them all out, but I will post the God/dog parts because the effects on the vocals, might make it a little hard to understand. I hope you enjoy and any constructive feedback is welcome. Thanks for listening. I may look like a dog, but really I'm God, and from Heaven I've just fled I had to escape those pearly gates, cause I was overworked and underpaid and always dealing with the incoming dead, I'd be lucky to ever get fed So I decided to come down here, join the living and try their beer And God spelt backwards is dog you see, so that's what I decided to be I know it's a shock, so take your time, cause I'm not in any hurry Oh I could've come down as a St. Bernard or a yappy Pekinese but a big black mangy old three legged dog, would get me sympathy What? God can't have a sense of humour? Who starts these ridiculous humours, about me? And what's up with your beliefs? I created it all, and you have the gall to think I would sit in judgement over what's right or wrong, as you stumble along, on the game-board of life, trying to get things right? I'm your biggest fan, ya, I'm the man, and you got me all wrong. I'm all abut love and forgiveness, and getting along. I'm not someone to be feared, and I'm not up there, I'm always right here. Your separation anxiety is out of control and if you want to reach the goal, you need to look deep into your souls. Now I'll take suggestions, but please no questions or any confessions...I get enough of that when you pray, and you never listen anyway...and besides, I'm on vacation in my own creation.