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Found 150 results

  1. Enjoy The Silence (new mix 05/07/2017)

    Hi all, I have decided to create a new topic for this one as I have decided to try and get an E.P. ready for release at some point this year. It will be an E.P. of instrumentals. I decided to go back and look at the mix for this track and see if I could improve on the previous version. I have had a lot of decent feedback about this track from family and friends and feel it might be a good starter track for the E.P. It might not be to everyone's taste as it is very electronic, but this is the style I am looking to go for this release. I have also decided to create a website and needed some content, hence the need to go back and do something. I am looking to put up tracks as they are being worked on and the end result to show the process in creating a track. I hope to do a video like this at some point, but need to find the time to do that. Anyway, I'll stop rambling and ask if you wouldn't mind having a listen and let me know what you think.... Cheers R https://soundcloud.com/moodman-1/enjoy-the-silence-2nd-mix-05072017-2054
  2. Stop

  3. Seismosphere - Paladin

    Well, this single's a couple months old, but I figured since I gave "Questions for the Cosmos" a thread I might as well do "Paladin", which came afterwards. What held that off was the fact that I couldn't post in the Showcase yet. But now I can 'cause I proved I'm not a spambot........I'm just a death machine. Anyways, this is "Paladin", the final single to be released from my band's upcoming album, Elytra. I actually didn't write this one, unlike every other Seismosphere song I've talked about on this site. This is my bandmate John Stewart's composition. I think the only thing I had to input on this song's composition was the suggestion that he use the F major chord during the climax. Other than that, I provided horns for this track as well as a rhythm guitar that's kind of buried in the mix, and I designated the text that was put on the artwork he made. This is probably my favorite of John's on Elytra, and definitely a highlight of the album. It combines Celtic folk elements with an orchestral sound, so it's got a rather unique arrangement. As you'd expect, we'd love your feedback. Licensed under Creative Commons (Attribution/Non-Commercial/Share-Alike) Composed by John Stewart and Brandon Davis
  4. JAretro - "Short Fuse"

    http://youtu.be/4ArJZ87jfww The instrumental song I made is called "Short Fuse". Shot and edited by Andrew Joseph Alexander. Thank you. Youtube version: youtu.be/4ArJZ87jfww
  5. Come Into My Garden

    This is a fantasy instrumental inspired by natural sounds of nature. Since it's a bit meditative in sound I added instruments and percussion with an 'India' flair in addition to electronic music. Hope it's sound adds a little peace to your day Interesting note is that none of the 'creature' sounds had to be pitch corrected as they were naturally 'in tune'. come_into_my_garden.mp3
  6. Fantasia

    Some themes collected over the years put together in a continuity with hopefully interesting contrasts. Please feel free to comment in this or any other perspective.
  7. Hello all, Here is an instrumental song to celebrate spring I hope you will enjoy it. You can listen to other files and follow me here : on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcZqCDfr8fUkN1UBLTqbzcA on Twitter https://twitter.com/bielkamusic on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Bielka-Music-1368356019843598/
  8. Cemetery For The Soul

    It's been a while since I posted any new music here. I've been busy creating the orchestral sample library that I used in this piece of music, but now that I'm done with the library, I can turn my attention to composing music again. Cemetery For The Soul I started with the guitars, synth and drum tracks created by Scott Thomson and added all the orchestra stuff. As always all comments are welcome, but I'm mostly looking for feedback that I can keep in mind and use as I work on the next thing I do. Paul
  9. no title yet check it out

    Sorry for the sloppiness. I just wrote this minutes ago and by the time I finally filmed it, my fingers were hurting pretty bad. This will have vocals, another guitar,bass and drums. This is just the main part. I wanted feedback before I actually started recording
  10. Looking to improve the music in any way possible
  11. Success Ft. Tells (Also produced by Me) (Im on 1st and 2nd verse, tells on 3rd). PEaaace!
  12. Seismosphere - Questions for the Cosmos

    So my band, Seismosphere, put out this song as a single three days ago in promotion for our upcoming album, Elytra. And why, you might ask, didn't I post it here sooner? ...Kinda forgot....whoops. Anyways, this is "Questions for the Cosmos", which will be the ninth track on Elytra. A bit of background on us considering this is my first instance of uploading Seismosphere content to this forum, my longtime friend John Stewart and I formed this band in 2014, and we've been steadily putting out albums, EPs, and singles since then. So this is just the latest release from us and is in no way our "first song" or whatever. We in fact encourage you to go back and check out some of our material from eons past...so long as it isn't from our piece-of-shit first album. Enough about that, onto this track. "Questions for the Cosmos" is a song I wrote (though all songs are credited to "John Stewart and Brandon Davis") back in October of 2016. Between September and November of that year, I went through a bit of an existential crisis, constantly tripping balls on the concept of consciousness, life, and especially death or the lack of existing. Luckily, this killed all my moody teenage angst about life not being worth living and crap - now I fear death like the plague! Yippie! So in the turbulence of this, out pops this track, and honestly I think it's one of my best compositions. There's psychedelic goodness to be found, and I'm pretty proud of the chord progression/melody combo. The cover art was especially way out there for us to do, but then again, a lot of our artwork nowadays is becoming more involved and/or surreal than two years ago. Give it a listen, and tell us what you drink. ...wait a second... ...nope, that's right. Licensed under Creative Commons (Attribution/Non-Commercial/Share-Alike) Composed by John Stewart and Brandon Davis
  13. Hope For Mortals

    Here's my most recent one.
  14. Hi all - I started this yesterday morning as I was going to do a hip hop track to post up for Aloproductions. It kind of took a different route and then I thought about the track @Steve Mueske posted recently with the short different parts woven together and decided to try something like that. It's not as technical as Steve's track, as I am so far away from that level, but felt there was something interesting in this. So, looking for some feedback on all aspects of it - I feel like it needs something else in there, something big near the end, but any suggestions and critique would be welcome. Cheers https://soundcloud.com/moodman-1/glass-08032017-1621 Okay - I purchased Ozone 7 Elements today and wanted to do a quick comparison of the same song, but with one of the master presets. I tweaked it slightly and this is it - it was the Electronic preset. Let me know what you think of the difference and does it feel like a mastered track? I should add I lowered the stereo out volume by 5.5db prior to mastering and reduce the threshold in Ozone so that the Loudness wasn't ear splitting, which is why they both sound about the same level. There are other plugins on this track, which help to boost the volume of the overall track - this is more for the clarity and whether you can tell there is a difference. https://soundcloud.com/moodman-1/glass-master-09032017-1413
  15. The Maverick

    Hi guys (and gals if there are any here) - I had started a track yesterday to show to @ALOPRODUCTIONZ, to see if he wanted to rap over it, but it became something totally different (I've posted it in the Song Critique section - it's called Glass if you want to have a listen), so decided to start something else this morning. This is a 5 minute thing I have thrown together, but if it works, or you would like the arrangement tweaked, just let me know. The track is not final and is almost the same all the way through with a couple of instrument parts added, but it's to give a flavour and see if it is something you guys can work with. If it is, I am quite happy to knock up some tracks for you to put lyrics and vocals over - and I am sure there are other members who might feel the same way. So let us know what you like and don't like and I'll see what we can do... cheers https://soundcloud.com/moodman-1/the-maverick-09032017-0929/s-ushY5
  16. Track

    Hey guys, wacht my track, give me some feedback, it's important to grow the feedback. Everyone need it. Thank you
  17. rough beginnings of a song. let me know

    So I've written more to this since this and yes I know this recording is sloppy and not as fluent as it should be. I'm still in the writing faze of this so suggestions is what I'm looking for or maybe some ideas on where to go from here. If I should scrap it, keep it, and so on. Hope to hear back from you all!!
  18. Kyle Peks - Narcissus

    Hey guys! I recently put out an album about two months ago, and I figured I would post this one in the instrumentals section. This is one of two instrumental tracks on the album. The name of the song stems from "Echo and Narcissus," a chapter of Ovid's "Metamorphoses" that details several stories of Roman Mythology. The idea of this instrumental was to create the image of Narcissus falling deeply in love with the reflection of himself in the water and gazing at it until his death, fading into nothing as a single flower grows in place of where he last laid. I had a friend that played open mics with an old band of mine provide the saxophone on the recording. I would love to hear what you think, and if you dig this track, there's several others on my YouTube channel that are available for you to listen to if you're interested!
  19. This is one of the first songs I've made. Its pretty simple with a repeating backing track and two improvised guitar solos overlaying each other throughout the song. Any criticism would be really helpful, thanks!
  20. Epic Instrumental Chill

    Composed this one several years ago and never shared it much. Listen to the end as it builds throughout...Hope you enjoy.
  21. Hi. It's the first time I write a topic. please leave your comment freely. Thanks.
  22. Chase's Nervous Breakdown

    Has a few audio issues, but I like it.
  23. Hi all. critique and assistance required. Okay, i have two parts that should go together, but are in a different feel. I was wondering if anyone has examples of sextuplet shuffle feels moving to standard feel? The intro part and first musical hook is in a sextuplet shuffle feel. https://soundcloud.com/rnodern/rock-shuffle-example The chorus set for this song is in a standard measure. as below. I need to be able to 'effortlessly' transition from one to the other. I could always do it with a multi bar guitar fade on the common chord, to make the feel change less disjointed, but i think that's lazy. disregard the solos, i won't keep them, it's actually the chorus and will have vocal lines over it. Thanks!
  24. Chug It

    Here's the first thing I ever finished. A huge step for me. It's just a hard rock romp I made for cranking in the car,so it's vest loud. Any critique is welcome.
  25. My Everlasting Sunshine

    So this is a instrumental demo I made that I think I'm going to use for the intro to my EP. As you may hear in part of the song, my 2 year old came into my studio area while I was recording, but her voice sounded so pure with the song that I decided to just keep it. Thanks for the feedback! https://www.youtube.com/embed/vxfmEqZWD90