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Found 7 results

  1. Total Noob Question

    Hi folks.....I want to insert electric guitar tracks I play into some of my songs and I don't have a clue how to do it other than do an open recording through a mic.....is there some way to directly input into the DAW? My wife will thank you if there's a way to do it without having the amp cranked up. My DAW is Reaper 5.3 something. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. I know often it's not about need it's about want. Recently I had a rather large financial burden that wiped out my savings. Faced with limited income I took stock of what I had around me. (the guitars I kept) And my desires for the future. Most importantly my desire for a Line 6 Firehawk FX. I crave the idea of pulling up a magical setting to recreate the sounds I'm used to. But I also live in the real world. Rather then put my playing on hold I've gone back to arranging and playing fingerstyle guitar. When it comes to jazz chord/melody approaches that's a comfortable fit for me. When it comes to finger style playing ala Tommy Emmanuel or Chet Atkins. Well that's rather daunting to me. Nonetheless I'm slowly trying to get comfortable with that style approach. It keeps me focused on what could be attainable rather than seeking gear out which may not be attainable. So my question restated is.... How much gear do you feel you need to feel complete and how much of that is simply desire. If I were in a band my needs would be much more but my skill level or approach wouldn't be as demanding. What's your endgame?
  3. It's You

    I just finished this one up this week. https://soundcloud.com/jd-tate/its-you It's You It’s not the reason I stay up at night It’s not belief that I can win the fight It’s not some courage that I summon at will It’s not the shoes that I hope to fill Oh – It’s you It’s always knowing the next step to take It’s understanding what we’ve got at stake It’s never needing what you can’t receive It’s not retreating when you want to leave Oh – It’s you It’s not regretting what you used to have It’s not pursuing what somebody else has I don’t believe in the wisdom of youth I'm growing old and I've learned the truth Oh – It’s you Oh – It’s you
  4. Japan, There I Go!

    THIS IS A VERY SPECIFIC COLLABORATION I'm here to tell you about a project I started few months ago. It happened when a friend invited me to go to Japan on vacation with him. I couldn't say no, of course. But I thought that, instead of doing the typical video to show my parents "hey, I've been here and here and this is a squirrel", I thought that it'd be much funnier if we could do some kind of music video, specially because he's an interesting video director so something has to happen. It's exactly the same as staying in one place but singing! Hahaha. Ok, I'm doing a cover of a Japanese song (sung in English) by Utada Hikaru. I've loved her since I was 11 years old, which is the same age I started to love Japan too. She's like my emotional link with this land and it'd be very special for me to do that. So what am I asking for? If you listen to the song you'll hear an oriental instrument at the beggining, which I don't even know its name (if someone could clarify it would be awesome ♥). I'd love to have, if not that exact instrument, something similar, or just something that sounds really Japanese. I have transcribed it as good as I could and I'm starting to record it. The cover it's not going to be exactly like the original song, just a bit more like hip-hop, yeah! I don't know if there are any Japanese people here that could help me with this thing, but I hope someone can give a bit of light to this project, even an opinion is alright. So, if you're interested in some way, let me know by message or email (I don't know if I can write my email adress here or not O: ) and I'll contact you today (: I need it as soon as possible, just because I'd like to have at least one demo finished before the trip, which doesn't need to be de final version, but something we can work with. I'm leaving on April 9th, so if some of you live in Japan, I can invite you to have some drinks together! Anyway, thanks for reading.
  5. Backing Tracks

    i am a singer song writer and at the moment i am recording my songs on cubase. i have recorded a number of tracks with vocals, playing the acoustic guitar and adding in drum loops. i have pretty well got this right so far but have hit a dead end. i want to add other instruments in like a bass, keyboard or harp ect but dont know how i can do this. apart from learning the instruments or getting other musos to play is there a way where you can add them in through some sort of software. i know there is a vts option in cubase but i havnt got my head around this yet. is there a software that can add the instrument and track my original song and play to the beat and rythm. probably asking for to much but you never know. the drum loops are ok but they are constant so you have to keep time and theres no variation. i have learnt the bass and harp enough to play simple melodies and am trying to learn the keyboard. just want to add more instruments to my songs to give them more fullness. does anyone have a similar problem or better still has found a way to do this.
  6. Guys I am in college studying Industrial Design, hopefully i will graduate this year and start studying music next fall. You can trust me i didn't signed in to the forum for this, as you can understand from my previous comments on posts.. And I'll focus on idea recordings -recording of first version of a song which includes the first ideas of vocal line and also instruments- problem of a songwriter (who is also an arranger). What is your problems in the first recordings? Are you satisfied with recording with a soundrecorder or a smartphone? What would you wish as a product? Thank you, Sincerity.
  7. Hey all! So, here's my dilemma. I write lyrics and sing. I don't write music. I really wanted to release an album with 13 of my best tracks, but it's not exactly an album if there's no music to go along with it. I've tried messaging/emailing three people, but they all either didn't reply or said they couldn't help me out. So is there anybody out there who'd be willing to write and play the music for all 13 songs? I know it's a really big project, but I'm sure there's at least one person who would want to attempt it. Plus, I've written more than 13 songs and will continue to write more in the future. So I was thinking we could maybe turn this into a full-on partnership - that is, I'd write the lyrics and sing, and you would write the music and play. It might be hard to meet up since I live in Singapore, but perhaps I could record the tune to my songs and email them to you to write the music? And vice versa, you could send me music you've written and I could compose lyrics for it. I write mostly pop songs; if you'd like to see a few of my lyrics, please do private message me and I'd be happy to show them to you! Thank you! Topaz