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Found 27 results

  1. Hello I'm dazzlingmusicgirl

    Hello I am a 24 year old. I am from Georgia. I have always loved listening to music. But only recently began playing the ukulele and writing lyrics. I hope to become a songwriter as a career in the future. I hope to get good advice about writing and make friends.
  2. Hi all, I'm Giora tal

    Hi all, my Name is Giora Tal and I'm a singer songwriter living in Portland. I teach guitar on my free time in my local community center and make small music production in my home studio. I wish to collaborate with more artists and make some cool music. I currently have a few music blogs, YouYube, SoundCloud and some more. Feel free to visit and share. Giora T.
  3. Introduction

    Hey yall ! I'm Vibez from Jersey US. Im a singer/songwriter/musician/producer/creator . Just thought I'd find a community of other music heads like myself! I love all kinds of music and Im open for suggestions on new music to listen to ! What's your favorite genre? Who's your favorite artist?
  4. Tiffany Hill intro

    Hi everybody! My name is Tiffany Hill. I love making music. I sing, I perform, I write etc. Alotta different genres. Mainly r and b/soul, and alternative rock. Never heavy meter tho. Anyways, yup yup, that's me in a nutshell I guess lol
  5. Hey Ho everybody !

    Hi im stark a hobbyist who likes music ! Im working on a project with my friends we are trying to make a song and we got everything ready except for the lyrics so i came here looking for songwriters to help me complete my goal.
  6. What are the most common or not so common chord intervals for intros and outros? Song beginnings and endings. Thank you.
  7. Our World

    I'm looking for some feedback on how I can generally improve this piece and advice on how to continue. everybody only worryin about a brand new car and kids these days don't know who they really are they tell you jump for the star as if that's really far this culture is how kids will end up sittin on a bar and sure you could say that my rappin is pretty up to par but if i'm doin me and you're doin you it doesn’t even matter kids in the school nowadays actin like sharks as they encircle these bitches preyin on you cuz you're different just like Steve Urkel all of life's universal that shit come back like a full circle i cant believe its so hurtful when these bullies get so verbal keep your shell hard like a turtle know you above em like the color purple people puttin down people and that's just today's culture got niggas jumpin over hurdles just to get to the herbals dont pick on a nigga cuz he got his pokemon squirtle for all you know he's makin your girl go squirtle all these losers gloin up now cuz they fertile
  8. Hi

    Hi, just signed up for this, not 100% sure how to use the site but i'm looking forward to being an active member. I'm 21 from Ireland at uni in england, not sure how in depth to go but have been in a band since november and we've released two songs and will be recording our album this year, we've been gigging quite a lot and have had BBC play and other radio play. Hope I can learn some stuff and contribute too
  9. Hi, Newbie-On-Board

    Hi guys, I'm glad to have found this spot, and please trust me when I tell you how much I need to be here. I'm very shy... at first, but I warm up quickly! You can call me Nat. I love to write and currently co-write songs with a friend that I've worked with since I was 15 years old. I took a leap of faith and left my day gig last month just so I could write and record (there could be hell to pay after making a decision like that, but, I won't worry about it right now). I truly don't know how to describe my music but I'm always game to give it a try. What would mean a lot to me, would be to share some of the songs I'm working on as I develop them and get your honest critiques, if you don't mind. My music is a bit off the beaten path - which could spell trouble for me here or anywhere else...lol. But, again, I won't worry about that. Instead, I prefer to take your constructive criticism as a tool for improving my craft and becoming so much better than I am currently. Having said that, thanks to the creators of this site for providing this forum for people like me and thanks to everyone here who will help me grow as a songwriter (and artist) by giving me honest feedback - good or bad! Best, Nat
  10. Michael North = North3D

    Hello everyone A - I do a one-man-studio-band thing (On a Mac using Logic) B - Have a catalog of original tunes (Have about 70 songs, most of them are now fully arranged and recorded) C - Function at a very strong level in Computers, Audio Engineering. (I've been doing music on computer since MIDI was introduced) D - But know next-to-nothing about Song Publishers (New space for me, looking to see if my songs can find a home in a publishers catalog)
  11. H-Hello...

    H-hello... My name is Verdant, and I am new to this website. I would like it, um, if we could be friends... And that I could get your help on some of my works... I'm new to the whole "songwriting" thing, so I thought it'd be a good idea to get the opinions and critiques of others to better myself. Best Wishes, -V
  12. Hi all, been looking for a music community like this and I'm sure happy to have found Songstuff. I hope to listen to some good tracks and also share what I can to get some good advise. I'm a vocalist and play a bit of guitar but I'm no professional. I currently record my tracks from home, sure that won't be too hard to tell but I'm not letting that stop me from doing my music and yeah.. other than that, Kaige Evans is not my real name but the name I chose to make my music under, English is my second language, I break software for a living, play games with my awesome wife, and .... play with my dogs Not sure what more there is to say, so yeah, that'd be me! Cheers KE
  13. Hello Everyone!

    Hello! I'm Hannah Kewn, a 19 year-old singer songwriter from Liverpool, England. I'm here because I thought it would be a cool place to meet new people and discover new music, as well as recieve feedback on my stuff etc I've been writing my own music for a few years, and performing it around Liverpool and surrounding areas for just over a year. My music is described as unique, dark, ambient but I don't really know what to call it as I'm not really going for anything in particular, so I think it's fun for people to make their own mind up If you would like to hear some of my stuff my soundcloud is https://soundcloud.com/hannahkewn Looking forward to being a member of this site x
  14. Hey guys, my name is Mike, and I'm just a friendly Canadian guy who has a great passion for music, performance, creation, and everything in between. I decided to join this forum because I'm looking to improve my creative process when writing songs. I'm mainly looking to receive criticism for my lyrics and song structures. I've been playing acoustic guitar and singing for just over a year, and it's something that has sparked an amazing and new excitement within myself. Anyways, that's a bit of an intro for now. Looking forward to posting some material in the near future for perhaps some criticism, or even maybe some complements! Thanks guys!
  15. Wassup Every One

    Yo, wassup up everyone. I'm kinda new here. I heard this site was for song writers and the works. So any way heres some things about me. I was born in baltimore,maryland for 14 years then my family and i moved to north port, florida. When we moved down it was summer and i knew no one, so i started rapping and soon it was all i do. im a good rapper and an ok songwriter. I met some chill kids in high school and they supported what i do and even helped me, but now my songwriter has left and im in search of a new one.
  16. Vinny Vetrone

    Vinny Vetrone, 18 year old from Levittown New York. Just making music and Having Fun.
  17. Greetings, I'm Greg Anderson, a producer/composer/songwriter in Atlanta, GA. I compose music for film/tv as well as for recording artists. I've had my music featured on television shows as well as composed original scores for short films. I'm always looking for talented singer/songwriters to collaborate with on various projects. I'm very professional and timely when it comes to work. I also operate with honesty and fairness when it comes to business. I look forward to hearing from other members. You can check some of my music out at http://www.soundcloud.com/gregandersonmusic. Peace, GA
  18. Hello

    Hello, I hate filling this things out I never know what to say. I write mostly as a means of therapy. Done it for years, I like to write lyrics but rarely sing and I can't write music. I've tried I'm not to good at it. I'm hoping maybe to improve what I write, maybe find someone who can play and I can work with if I'm lucky. So feel free to ask whatever questions you want.
  19. Hey, I'm New...

    Hey, I'm new to SongStuff. I guess the appropriate thing to do would be to paste in the About Me section from my profile. Sorry if that's a sin or something. My name is Ryan Miller; I am independent composer/producer. I produce music ranging from classical to hip-hop to house and back. If you are interested in hiring me as a producer or working with me, email AnotherLostKing@Gmail.com. Some of my favorite artists/bands include Alt-J, Aesop Rock, RHCP, Nirvana, Klaypex, Marcy Playground, and Tool. I dabble in 2D (and 3D) design (ex. posters, cover art, logos, advertisements, etc.). I can't sing (very well). If you want to ask me any questions, feel free to reply. (Hi, by the way.)
  20. Hey there. I just have a few quick questions about composition. Intros: I always get stuck on the beginning of my songs! I will usually try to start with a simple riff/melody fade-in that becomes more complex later in the song. Any tips on how to get a dynamic and audibly pleasing intro? Outros: I usually just start decomposing (funny pun) the song by making the various sounds fade out until it is a simple melody again, which I then fade out slowly. I feel like there is a better way to end my tracks other than just systematically removing sounds/instruments until it is the main melody. I don't know how else to end my songs without making it sound uncomfortably abrupt. Transitions: This is the worst! I have two melodies that I want to smoothly transition between but I end up with a less-than-acceptable mess of changes in the flow of the piece. I usually use a drum solo accompanied by an extended note in order to transition between melodies, but it never sounds that great. How do I get a clean transition without ruining the flow of the song? Mastering: This one is simple. What effects (reverb, lo-fi, delay, etc.) do you think should generally be applied to specific instruments for the best quality overall? Sorry if this post is in the wrong place. I'm new! I'm really only looking for tips and tricks that more experienced producers would use. As a side note: I have a wide variety of VSTs, but I mainly use soundfonts for basic instruments and drums. Should I not use soundfonts?
  21. Song Truths Here!

    Hey there, hi there! I am here to just network, discuss, and most importantly connect with other songwriters like myself. I am 23 turning 24 and have been writing songs since I was about 6. I've published 3 but have written a little over 100. I going back in the studio soon to bang more out and see what I've got. In the mean time I own and operate my own website So pretty much...hello!
  22. Introduction

    My name is Alina. I write lyrics and poetry. I am interested in finding musicians that need song lyrics that I can work with or sell my lyrics to. I know a good bit about music because my boyfriend is in a band that I help to promote and organize concerts for as well as following them on tour. I also have a ton of friends in bands that I have helped in many ways. My lyrics are similar to my favorite bands such as Mumford and Sons, Death Cab for Cutie, City & Colour and Mayday Parade. They would work best for either an acoustic artist or an indie/pop band, but anyone that likes what I write can use it!
  23. Hello

    Peace to all. I am new to songstuff. I was a proffessional musician many years ago. Now that I am semi retired I am pursuing songwriting/playing career. Eager to connect with people especially in NE Pennsylvania. I used to be professional keyboardist; looking to perform as a synth accordianist. I would love to audition for cruise gigs as I love the sea. I have writen rock/folk/reggae, but would love to perform tangos or reggae.
  24. Hello - New To This...

    I assume this is where I introduce myself. I have not written songs a last several years..but have a folder full of ones i wrote through the years. I just wrote'em and left'em.... I am not that good of a musician..always wanted to team up with someone to put the music to them. Most of my stuff is Etta James type lyrics..she was my favorite. I wrote one song that I thought that only she could pull off. Maybe I will post a couple of them and see what comes out of the woodwork...
  25. Hello Fellow Accappellos ;)

    The name's FLEXX... & This is my Project... To share with all of you a few of my Many Many songs; inspired by Life. But I'll be sure to keep it light and mainly post topics about love & happiness. Yes I'm new to this site, but No "this Ain't my 1st Rodeo!" hahaa I've been writing almost 10 years now! As a hobby, of course; no aspirations of making it a career. I welcome Any & All Critiques; but just know that I really DGAF about your opinion. LOL not to sound mean, but I am truly My Own WORST Critic; so if I'm bold enough to post something on here, then I must believe it is worthy of global recognition... Not Always a Perfect Platinum hit, but it's Golden... Good enough & Greater than the Norm; that you're probably used to reading. Rapper / Poet = I'm a New School Lyricist with Old School influence; meaning the flow is kinda fast-paced with plenty word-play. Hopefully we're all Adults here... but I will still Try to modify & censor my verses, for those of you that are so DANG sensitive!!... =] Not much of your typical story-teller, but I can paint pretty vivid pictures with my lyrics. But You be the Judge! lol Hope you'll enjoy. -FLEXX