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Found 4 results

  1. I made music using the crying laughing emoji! πŸ˜‚ This is my first attempt at creating a MIDI drawing that actually sounds good. It ended up being an epic orchestral piece with jazzy chords! What do you think? πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ’―πŸ”₯
  2. On The Edge Of A Silver Moon

    Hi All, I'm working with someone producing a little melody for a song I wrote last year, but he's suggested some lyrical changes and I need opinions on which convey my emotional conflict better. I feel his suggestions make the song darker than I want it to be but I' not sure. HELP My V1 White clouds that dance shade emotions you hide the colors shine through the deep brown of your eyes his V1 when dark clouds dance and shade emotions you hide darkness run deep in the brown of your eyes my prechorus I color your world you paint yours black the harsh words we say no way to take them back his prechorus you color my world then paint yours black harsh words we say need some way to take them back Thanks for reading :-)
  3. All in Good Time

    This is another I've had kicking around for a little while, the problem this time is that the vocals were just too damn loud. How it took me over a year to realize it, I don't know. Of course, once I finally tamed that, other issues popped up, but I think (hope?) I may have gotten them squared away. Anyway, does anything about this song feel like it still needs work? I know the lyric is opaque, but I'd say they are mostly written in stone at this point, partly because I like it and partly because I worked on this lyric for two years and never came up with anything better. Thanks! EDIT: No, not all of my songs begin with "all"... just most of them. Anywhere, anyway you are All in good time With a word, whether near or far All in good time Whispered on a gentle breeze All in good time When I'm alone My thoughts return to you When I'm alone I can hear You silently drawing near In time Scattered leaves of red and brown Tattered dreams swept off the ground When I'm alone My mind returns to you When I'm alone I can tell The sound that I know so well When I'm alone I can here You silently drawing near In time
  4. Mr Clean - Even Newer Version!

    Heres a song I wrote a few years ago. I've always been partial to it and never thought I had the right recording. Here's another stab at it. As always, please give me your honest opinions if you care to share. Thanks! https://soundcloud.com/spadanny/07-danny-rains-mr-clean Well I've been hard at it remodeling this song and here's the result. Let me know what you think of the new version Here is the new and maybe final version. It's complete with background electric guitar and a slightly remixed bass part. I'm kinda liking it. Let me know how it strikes you. I believe that I have wings to fly but right now I just take the bus Me and boss been living on cheap wine but it doesn't really bother us Now I'll be parking my sports cars and writing my memoirs like nothing this worlds ever seen When my destination catches up with my dreams then I will be Mr. Clean Pleased to meet you, pardon the mess, my other lifes in the shop But leave you name and your address, I'll send a post card when I reach the top I've been thinking big and living small, I guess there's just no in between but when my destination catches up with my dreams I will be Mr. Clean Had a little too much fun last night, I probably should get some sleep instead of laying here holding my head, making promises that I can't keep if lady luck never shines on me, I guess what you get is what you see but when my destination catches up with my dreams then I will be Mr. Clean when my destination catches up with my dreams then I will be Mr. Clean