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Found 3 results

  1. Hi community, I want to share with you this track I conjured last night. I'm working with Abletone and Launchpad (Novation Mini) so the argument is being set live. I like the idea of creating a live show but I find it confusing and hard to set it up first. Do you have any suggestions on how to "structure" a live track? how do you decide the arrangements before? Thanks!
  2. So, I got a DAW setup - yeh, party time. I got all my plugins to link (well 99% of them) correctly - yeh, party time. I got a Novation Launchpad hooked-up and making noise- yeh, party time. But there hasn't been any time for a party You see 'between' each potential party-time of the first three lines, are a lot of things each respective company doesn't tell you. How could it with all the permutations of OS, DAW's, Plugins, Soundbank file types, Sound Card setups, Keyboards, Controllers etc. Well it could go a long way if truth be told !!!!! Take this Presonus example; they offer you a list of compatible and tested 'external devices'. But if your 'things' aren't in the list, then you set them up manually. To do this you choose which category your 'thing' fits under: New Keyboard New Instrument New Control Surface. But that creates a problem, since if your 'surface controller' acts as a Midi interface and you add it as a surface controller, it will not act as the Midi interface it is supposed to. So you have to add it as a keyboard. They don't tell you that, but they could (and if they do, I haven't been able to find it 'from them'). Then take the Novation Launchpad problem. They made it to work with Ableton Live, so that DJ's could perform amazing live sets. DJ's seems to have united to the Launchpad and have been busy creating various maps etc that will allow them to use it with FL Studio, VDJ and a host of other DJ type programs. But it has the ability to be used like a Midi keyboard, just pads to hit instead of keys, and to organise the pads in the way you want (called mapping). So if you have EZDrummer, you can create a Midi drum track quite easily. But there's little help in this area, probably in one respect due to all the permutations of OS, DAW's, Plugins, Soundbank file types, Sound Card setups, Keyboards, Controllers etc. But it doesn't stop the frustration of knowing it 'will' do the job you want it to do, but taking a lot longer to work out how to. Couple that with the hours spent going through say Youtube and people's so called tutorials that are just them showing off what they can make the Launchpad do without saying how, and finding out way, way down the line about how you setup the wrong permutations of connecting and routing a Midi external device .............. you end up not feeling very much in the party mood. People create these amazing 'map' files, but they seem to omit where you put them to work. All these little types of things just mount up in frustration and time spent tracking down answers that offer solutions aswell as joining multiple forums to ask basic questions that leave you in 'limbo land', as you wait for days for a kind person to answer your question. It's no wonder really that musicians walk away from mixing and production - they'd have no time left to make music So, if you're the kind of person who gets a new toy and opens the box and plays with it without reading the instruction manual first (requiring some doctorate in language interpretation), or you have zero PC / technical skills, or you have no patience .......... I advise you to think carefully before going down this path I mean, install Ableton and be left wondering why the 64 bit version will not utilise your 32 bit plugins, I dare you I bet you're glad this is 'my' mountain to climb now Onwards and upwards ......... as they say!
  3. Live Set Clip

    Hey guys, I have a full hour set that will air on Savage Night Radio on October 20th. I "linked" a clip to my youtube channel. Please give me your feedback and I hope to see you there! Also, let me know if you have any questions regarding what I'm doing. I'm performing live, all improvised, with vocals. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQ4Hc5JdpCU&feature=c4-overview&list=UUjTcUHu9n-G-o0xM0WLn8bA