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Found 69 results

  1. Hi guys! My name is static raps. I'm here in search of someone to collab with me, So I can write some lyrics. I would love to spread my writer's magic to the whole world. All you need it a beat/melody and I'll write lyrics to it. I've been writing lyrics for almost a year now.
  2. Lyricist Available - All Genres

    My name is Hayley and I am a lyricist of all genres of music. I have been writing lyrics since I was little and have worked with many independent artists around the world including a producer in Japan. I write on all topics & subjects and would love to work with other artists/songwriters/musicians. I have 2 ways that I work with collaborators and you can choose which you would prefer: 1) Collaborate with no fee BUT I do REQUIRE: Credit as the songwriter, Royalties if the song goes anywhere, and permission to use the song on my pages as references to my work and to send to music publishers. 2.) Collaborate with fee, credit (royalties if it goes anywhere.) I am always available to collaborate and can usually finish a song within a few days. Please message me if interested! Thanks Hayley.
  3. Collaboration

    Hi, well, i was told that I am good with melodies and OK with production, but not sooo good with lyrics and vocals. So - I guess that´s the sense of collaboration. I am looking for either a vocalist who can write lyrics or a Lyricist who can sing, to team up and try to create some songs together. i you are interested please drop me a line. For example: Couple of years ago I wrote a Song with German Lyrics. The Song was produced by a friend of mine. When I produce a track it sounds more... "unique" :). Would be lovely to have a version of this song with English lyrics... http://www.soundclick.com/html5/v3/player.cfm?type=single&songid=13421534&q=hi&newref=1
  4. Tiffany Hill intro

    Hi everybody! My name is Tiffany Hill. I love making music. I sing, I perform, I write etc. Alotta different genres. Mainly r and b/soul, and alternative rock. Never heavy meter tho. Anyways, yup yup, that's me in a nutshell I guess lol
  5. Hi there, Want to make sweet music but missing VOX or lyrics? Maybe I'm your man... https://leoandthedude.bandcamp.com/album/be-right-back
  6. waywardyouth

    Hi! I’m mid-level writer with a strong urge (for now) to make progress in my songwriting and help others in any way that I can. I’ve had it in my head to start writing songs since I was 15 and in recent years I’ve gained a little knowledge. I hope that I may, at long last, be able to write songs that I can be proud of (an end goal I’m sure most of us have). I have a background in writing and I know just how isolating it can sometimes be. So I hope that I can offer friendship or, at the very least, a critical eye to those that need it!
  7. My wife and I have written lyrics for several country songs and would love to collaborate with a musician. These lyrics have been published in our e-book, Passion: Romance and Love Poems. We are enthused to develop a collaborative relationship with the goal of successfully creating demos and marketable songs.
  8. Hello! Nice to meet you!

    I'm an English/German songwriter living in Spain. I write, mix and master my own songs and offer my services for other people also. I'm constantly on the lookout for mixing jobs, and also lyricist jobs. I found this site by chance and am looking forward to the discussions here. It seems like a good place to meet other songwriters.
  9. Hey guys! My name is Nikos, and I am a lyricist from Greece. I am writing since 2011, and have since released songs with various singers, within various genres, and from various countries. My aim is to collaborate with as many composers and producers as possible. Music is a passion of mine, which I can't live without. Since 2013, I am annually pitching songs of mine to various countries across Europe, for the annual Eurovision Song Contest. Of course, working on the Eurovision Song Contest is not the only direction I head towards. Songs of mine have been released in Romania, Belarus, Sweden, Malta, Slovenia, Moldova, with new opportunities and projects in the making. When it comes to what style of music I work on, my answer always is, in each style possible. Personally I am a big fan of Blues, Rock, and Metal music, but when it comes to songwriting, I also have worked on Pop, Pop/Rock, Dance, and Ballads. So, as you can see I don't stick to a specific style of music, but prefer working in different styles, as I also like the excitement of working on something new and different. I hope that I will be able to find several collaborators on Songstuff, with whom I can work on some great songs for great artists. Here are all my released songs to date (which always gets updated with every new release): Hope to hear from you people soon! Nikos
  10. Hello, my name is Ronaldo and I am a Brazilian songwriter with a few songs released commercially, plus some independent tracks available (most of them through collaborations I was able to find here in this forum). I'm starting a project with some colleagues called Sharp Radar. Our goal is to connect songwriters and singers and make great music together. A lot of times, people have something with huge potential in their hands (either lyrics, music or a voice...), but can't find other people who might have the parts they are missing. We believe that internet should be a very powerful tool to allow this type of collaborations to come true and we think this project brings the vision, the focus and the organization to accomplish that. It is a quest for synergy, above all. In this first stage of the project, we are building a close team of songwriters, who will, later, create music for/with the singers we will bring to the project (chosen by the songwriters themselves, as this will work as a collective). We are currently finishing our web site, where you can find all the details about how we plan this to work: http://sharpradar.biz.tm/ I know there are many lyricists here (being one myself), so I would like to point out that we certainly have space for top-line writers (those who write lyrics over pre-existing music). Whether you are a songwriter, a producer or a top-line writer, feel free to get in touch. If you might have any questions or would like to know anything else about the project, feel free to ask and I will answer as soon as possible. You can ask here in the forum, send me a personal message, contact us by the website... Looking forward to hear from the great community we have here!
  11. Aspiring Lyricist, Alexis

    Hello! My name is Alexis. I am a 23 year old living in the south and an aspiring songwriter/lyricist. I have loved writing and music with a passion ever since I was little. It's my dream to be able to show others my emotions and experiences through my writing and hopefully make them understand and feel the same way, or to be able to relate to it on some level. I am usually very shy and I don't like showing others my private thoughts, but I realize that I can't keep that characteristic and expect to be able to achieve my dream either. Due to a series of life circumstances, it has been literally years since I felt inspired or able to write, but I am happy that it's coming back to me. So I am on songstuff to help me overcome that fear and mental block, as well as to associate with others who are of a like mind, and to learn ways I can truly make improvement in my writing. I hope to hear good, honest, constructive criticism and to do the same for others, even with my limited experience and knowledge. I guess that's it. It's nice to meet everyone!
  12. Well, this is me

    Hello, My name is Jim Chalker. I live in the United States, in southern Ohio near Cincinnati, though I was born in Aruba and have lived in The Netherlands, Florida, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, and Virginia (plus a little time in California if you count military service). I am about to turn 62, and have been trying to write songs since my 20s. In my earlier years I wrote whole compositions. But lately I have been finding it ever more difficult to come up with melodies. I don’t think I was ever particularly good at them anyway. Nonetheless, I feel like I am coming into my own as a lyricist. My lyrics are fairly explicit as opposed to abstract and therefore probably suited to country music more than most other genres. But my favorite music is southern rock. I would love to connect with a melody writer or writers who can appreciate my work and put it to good tunes. I don’t play much myself, though I used to play guitar. Fingers don’t work all that well these days. So I can give you lyrics from which to write. If you need to adjust the rhythm I can work with you on that. I will be happy to share samples with anyone. I might even suggest some musical phrases or even tunes as a starting point from time to time. I will probably never make a living at this because I am not a writing machine. You can’t sit me down and say, “Write a song about such and such.” Lyrics come to me from wherever and whenever. When they do I write. As I say, I can adjust to fit someone’s melody. But any collaboration would likely be occasional and perhaps spontaneous. I will be posting some of my stuff in the proper forums, only copyrighted materials. I have recorded a few demos, only one of quality. Actually I get people to record for me. My one quality demo was done by a Grammy winning musician, Clay Hess. He did a nice job on my song and was easy to work with. What I hope to get out of Songstuff would be to see something I wrote just be good enough to be heard and recorded in professional music circles, to have a song perhaps on the radio that I could point to and say, “I had a part in writing that.” I suppose that’s a pretty common desire among songwriters, isn’t it. Well there you have me. Nothing too exciting I suppose. I hope something comes of this. I thank you for taking the time to read this far.
  13. Intro

    Over 160 completed song lyrics with copyright. All genres. Looking for music composers for collaboration.
  14. I usually hum on my android mobile anytime during the day, and then try to play and write the notes (not the chords) roughly on a music sheet. The humming consists of key lyrical words/phrases which need to be worked out by a co-writer lyricist. Also, a pro pianist need to come up with the key chords and maybe a riff. So, I am looking for a lyricist and a pianist (or lyricist/pianist if we are lucky!). I am ready to share the credits equally between the two or three co-writers (melody, lyrics, and chords). My genre is rock, pop, and R&B. I am an Armenian based in Thailand for the past 5 years (and don’t ask me why and how!). I wonder if we can co-write without meeting. In case you listen to my melodies and believe that we can be successful, jump on the next plane to Bangkok and stay in our villa in Chaiyaphum Province until the project is over (food and accommodation on my behalf but you need to cover your return air ticket expenses). Take care and welcome to Thailand.
  15. Writer’s Block

    Writer's Block, one of the worst enemies for a songwriter. The writer's block is something that restricts a songwriter or lyricist from being able to be at his or her creative best. You might have an idea in mind which you'd want to make a song out of but you're not able to find the right words or what you come up with sounds too cliche or that you can't come up with anything at all. Being stuck in a rut can really bum you out and make things further difficult to resolve. The following article deals with some insight and a few tips to overcome a writer's block and bring about a fresh approach to songwriting. Every songwriter is different in his approach but these tips may help you get more out of your musings nonetheless. http://www.songstuff.com/song-writing/article/writers_block/ Do you have any tips to overcome a writer's block? Let us know in the comments below or on the forums! Be sure to share and like the article if you find it useful. If you have any questions, feel free to discuss it on the Songstuff Community Forums.
  16. Hey my name is Jason Chukwuma and I'm looking to connect with other lyricist through this site. I consider myself a lyricist and I deal mostly with writing choruses , I always have a chorus going through my head ha ha .I wouldn't mind helping to write verses though .I have some very limited skills at ukulele enough to get my ideas across :). I feel like I could make a great contribution to a songwriting team so feel free to hit me up .
  17. Hi guys, my name is Fabio, I'm an Italian rock singer and I'm looking for an excellent lyricist for an exciting collaboration. Our band is about to release its debut album (mainly hard rock/alternative/stoner genre) , we've already written down lyrics for almost all the songs but I desperately need now someone who can actually give his own magic touch and make them more solid and robust. I want to have quality basically and it's extremely hard being not native. What I need is an experienced person in writing lyrics/song writing who masters the English language fluently, better if native, both in writing and orally and has a really good hearing for words and how they sound and which sound fits better in different scenarios. I write melodies just as many writers do using nonsense mostly and find what sounds good from a sound perspective. My lack of vocabulary is a huge deal breaker to express what I really want to express so your help could be fundamental. Few tracks are almost completed and sounds decently but others require strong re-editing and possibly they need to be written from scratch. The melody line is already in place, the meaning of the songs, the rhythm etc. as well. I just need some professional who can convert those "sounds" into quality robust lyrics. I can provide you a demo version of each one of the songs (played and singed with outdated lyrics months ago) and the new lyrics I came up with but I'm yet not satisfied about to give you an idea of the "how it should sound". I'm open to changes of course. In any case this will help you out because you will have all you may need from a music perspective. IMPORTANT INFORMATION Unfortunately I'm really late on this and deadline are really strict. (studio recordings are starting in just few weeks) Because of this, I saved a good budget for the whole collaboration. Chosen lyricist will be awarded with 50€ per finished song (this means I'm 100% satisfied with it) and we will proceed one song at the time. Signing of a non-disclosure agreement would be required. If you're interested please apply sending a set of lyrics of your own ( would be better if you could send more than one ) here through the Songstuff PM system, and you will be contacted back. Thanks a lot in advance.
  18. I'm looking for someone who can put music to my words. I have written lyrics that I would love to have completed in song form. I write country lyrics. Please, if you can help me out send me an email thelyricistx@gmail.com and I can send you the lyrics. I appreciate any and all replies.
  19. Lyricist Wanted!

    Lyricist wanted! The band "The Arctic Knights" are currently in the start of a project, so we are in the search for a good lyricist for collaboration. Mostly we do conceptual projects, meaning; our music and lyrics are connected with one story through a project. A few examples can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/arctic_knights -- Requirements -------------------------------------------- We hope you have some experience in writing lyrics/song writing You need to master the english language fluently, both in writing and orally. We prefer it is your native language, with all the characteristica of a native english accent. You have the possibility to make recording of melody line and phrasing. -- How to apply -------------------------------------------- We prefer applicants who send us two -2- written lyrics, of different themes. The lyrics should be sent to us as either in txt, richtext, (notepad, wordpad), or as a pdf. On the top of the lyrics, you should write your name (real name), and email address. Later on it will be required that you give us your phone number and address for registration of intellectual property. -- The process further ------------------------------------- You will be given a spesific tune (no melody line or vocal, only arrangements), with a lyric title and some key words which need to be in the lyrics. -- Other Information -------------------------------------- If necessary, you must have the possibility to come to Norway during recording session, shelter and food will of course be provided, and travel expences will be covered. Payment can be discussed, but key words here is: we are on a small budget. Lyricists will be registered as participant to the project, and also registered in GRAMO/IFPI for receiving mechanical and digital rights payment according to IFPI regulation, before project is released. Signing of a non-disclosure agreement and a musical rights agreement will be required. -- Time schedule ------------------------------- We prefer to get all applications, before february 28. 2014. Application(s) can be sent to: ak [at] arctic-knights.com Best regards, R.Mollvik
  20. Hey guys! My name is Megan! I'm from Basking Ridge, NJ and love writing lyrics (obviously). I've been writing songs since I was about 12 years old and haven't put down a pen since. My dream job is to become a lyricist one day. I hope to inspire people through my writing and have people relate to me through my written words. I want someone to read my songs and say, "hey, I didn't know other people go through that too!!" I aspire to make an impact on others through my lyrics. For the better of course!! Nothing is more rewarding to me than changing a life, and what better way to do that than through writing music?! In April I will be taking an online lyric writing tools and strategies course through Berklee College of Music with instructor Pat Pattinson who once taught John Mayer and Gillian Welch whom are two amazingly talented artists not to mention both Grammy winners. I will also be putting my song, "Oppressor" to music through a very talented company called Demo My Song in March. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to get their lyrics put to music. I can't wait to start sharing my songs with you guys and check out your material as well! Come get to know me, I'd love to chat!
  21. Dear All...

    Dear All, Hi. My name is Spike Summers. I started writing lyrics when I was around 14. Formed a punk band at 17 in the late 70s. I was the lead singer and collaborated with the guitarist to write songs. Later I learned to play guitar, a little piano and music production and started writing complete songs myself. I have pretty much been in and out of bands ever since and have been writing songs all that time. However up until now I have just written for myself and the bands I was working with, but today I had a thought that I might have a go at writing lyrics professionally for other people (Primarily in the rock/pop genre for both male or female artists or duets). This was the first website I came across and I was hoping that you guys might point me in the write direction. Professional Organisations? Unions? Copyright? Where to go to find collaborators? Where to advertise myself? etc. As I am new to this area of the business any help you could give me would be much appreciated. Spike
  22. New Songwriter Here

    Hi everyone! I found out this website and the truth is that I don't know if there's people just from the USA or also other countries like the UK. I say it because I'm from Spain, but willing to go to any English spoken country. That's 'cause I have a high level of English and I love it, so that's the reason I write all my songs in this language. Anyway, I don't want to bore anyone, just if you're curious, you can check my songs on https://soundcloud.com/edwinaworld give me your honest opinion. I'd love to collaborate with anyone interested!! Thanks!
  23. Hi everybody, I'm composer, guitarist and singer from Russia, just returned from LA and working on my new album. Now i'm searching for mind-blowing lyrics for my music, new age and mystic themed. If you create such texts, please shoot me an email vais2003@mail.ru i'll send you my drafts and we'll discuss the details. Best wishes, Vais
  24. I'm a professional writer. And I've been writing lyrics since I was a teenager. At this stage, I'm nearing the top of my craft. (I hope). I have a MA in English Literature and like to think that my lyrics are worthy of cultural exposure. I'm here hoping to connect with industry professionals or talented musicians. It would be great to turn my lyrics (and a few of my rough attempts at musical composition) into real music: Poetry in motion. My ultimate aim is to create award winning songs, and to thereby support myself full time through writing lyrics. Most of my lyrics can be found on Smashwords, while a few of my songs can be heard (and the lyrics viewed) on YouTube. http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/423175 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXku4Nuz2eFB3QdSpDSRvMA Or you can follow my on Twitter or Tumlr - Lyrico12 https://twitter.com/Lyrico12 http://lyrico12.tumblr.com/ NewAllTheTime2B.mp3BeingFreeVignettes3.mp3
  25. I am a lyricist who has over 1,500 songs that I have written. I write all genres of music and have worked with many independent artists from around the world including a producer in Japan. I am seeking bands, or Musicians that can sing to create full tracks to my lyrics. NOTE: This is an unpaid job BUT I will send the tracks to Music Publishers, Record Labels, and A&R'S so you may get discovered!! You will also receive credit! So if you are a talented band or musician an think you can do the job I would love to hear from you! ALL GENRES of bands and musicians welcome as I write all genres and would love to have a variety of new tracks. Message me if you are interested with a link to a sample of your work! DON'T FORGET THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR EXPOSURE, AND CREDIT!