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Found 32 results

  1. Champion

    Hey all! New song I've been working on called Champion. What it's turned into is sort of an uplifting, empowering "I can do it! bring it on!" type of anthem. The deeper context behind it is dealing with depression/anxiety, but it can fit with whatever anyone happens to be going through. Would love any feedback on lyrics, melody, overall sound and top 40 appeal. Also, whatever else you may want to tell me! Thanks! (There are a couple of bad words, btw.)Micky Lyrics:I've got a backbone for f*ck's sakeI can take it a hit, take a shot yeaof anything you want (anything you want)You can throw me in the deep endwithout a paddle or a boator a mother-f*cking floatI'll be alright (ooh i'll be alright)I'm full of shock, shock therapybaby you don't know meChorus:Oh, come and give it to me any way you wantI can take it like a manI can take it like a championGive it to meGive it to me goodGive it to meGive it to me goodI bet you didn't think you'd see me walking down this road againI guarantee double takes when I enter inYou've got another thing comingYou think you're slyThink you're slyThink you're slyBut I've got eyes in the back of my mindWell, surprise surpriseYou've got another thing comingCuz you don't knowI'm full of shock shock therapy baby, you don't know meChorus:Oh, come and give it to me any way you wantI can take it like a womanI can take it like a championGive it to meGive it to me goodGive it to meGive it to me goodBridge:Give me something good...Cuz I woke up this morning with the fire in my eyesBut by mid-afternoon I thought the flame had diedSo I picked up my chinI said "I've got one life"And starting right now I'm gonna do it rightRepeatI'm full of shock shock therapy baby, you don't know meChorus:Oh, come and give it to me any way you wantI can take it as I amI can take it like a championGive it to meGive it to me goodGive it to meGive it to me goodI can take it as I amI can take it like a champion
  2. [Work in progress!] I'm really trying to make improvements on my songwriting skills, lyrics and rap delivery. The final version will not have me in it. Please focus on: -lyrics -how it might sound with a professional rapper -maturity and relevance of the song compared to current trend -delivery -melody etc... Verse1] Been around the Globe couples times, and once more If you don't believe me then, you can check my Visa. I’ve seen the good and bad, witnessed the rich and poor World full of preachers, but not enough teachya.s People strap c4s, when all their beliefs are shaken to the core. I know what it's like to be sidelined, in the bleacha Think about millennium, we should of voted al-gore Wrong choices, like the leaning tower of Piza How many hood niggas have to die, Tell me How many hood mamas have to cry For these youngbloods in the hood to realize Why the coppers want you to stay on that side They wanna prove their aim or ego, if you don’t comply, You aint no pharoah, you cant take that when u die. And Politicians, they don’t want you seeing the Sunrise, Didn't you know? they the ones who planned the crack rise? Hook] I pray for god, but i can’t help feelin jaded, I can’t help, that im running outta patience, I guess im just tryna better my-self Im waiting on my salvation. Thank you very much for your critique! the harsher the better! Lets get to it!
  3. Help Me Please! :D

    So I roughly created this chorus to a song I'm interested in creating in about 3 hours. I'm pretty new to making music (so don't yell at me about no mixing lol) I am currently at a stuck point. I made this melody, and I REALLY REALLY like it. I have some chords and drums. The problem is I don't think the melody fits the BPM. It may not be the BPM but something just doesn't sound right. Maybe the drums are too fast for it. I don't know. That's why I wanted some of you geniuses to help me! What should I do differently? Here is a link to a video of my project.
  4. Rite of the Undertaker

    Hey guys I'm back, I was busy with school so I wasn't active here for a good few months but now that its summer and I have more free time I'm trying to be more involved in the community. Anyways, here's a song I made up just recently, Rite of the Undertaker, and I was hoping to get feedback mostly on it's composition and melody and stuff like that. It's played purely on classical guitar so there's not much I can do in the way of sound or recording quality. Any and all critique is greatly appreciated and I would love to hear your thoughts!
  5. Breaking Blue (demo)

    Hi Songstuff community, your feedback is super appreciated. Breaking Blue One last call for all my lost causes One more shot to give all I got for a chance One last fall, on the floor I get up and, take one more Another day I fail to erase my regret Another way I try to make myself forget I was on the side, of the road You were driving by, didn’t slow Under the blue of a thousand moons Are the broken truths of a thousand fools The blue is breaking I'm breaking blue the blue is breaking I'm breaking blue You've set my life on fire I'm feeling higher You say that you're a liar I see desire I am breaking blue I'm awake but my eyes are shut I can hear my scream but my mouth's not open When you're around, there's no sound You shut me up, when I'm down Under the blue of a thousand moons Are the broken truths of a thousand fools The blue is breaking I'm breaking blue the blue is breaking I'm breaking blue You've set my life on fire I'm feeling higher You say that you're a liar I see desire I am breaking blue Under the blue of a thousand moons Are the broken truths of a thousand fools
  6. LoFi Dance Rock

    Hey Everyone, I haven't been on here for a while, but I've been doing a good deal of songwriting and am excited to listen to some of your songs and write some critiques again. Any critiques of this song would be a great help! About my song, the mix isn't great and the vocal track needs some cleaning up (sorry for the mouth noises), but that stuff will come after it's fully written and recorded more carfully. I'm thinking I'll have a real drummer and bass player come in replace the programmed drums and my sketchy bass track, does that seem like a good idea or do you like what I have? Thanks! Lyrics: Bear in mind my shitty rhyme scheme Go ahead and say what you mean In my head my words don’t come off Nearly as first grade as they seem Cause I’ve been wasting my time And now I’m wasting your time, you’ll see Unrelenting words cementing My own elementary school dreams, what does it mean? I almost hope nobody listens Maybe then I’ll get off scot-free I doubt it but we’ll see Cause I’ve been wasting my time And now I’m wasting your time, you’ll see This is evidence that I've been wasting my time
  7. First post - If you go (demo)

    I have a few songs I'd like to test out with you and get some objective feedback. I'm my own worst critic, and it's hard for me to decide what's worth working on. I don't claim to be a musician, vocalist, producer, etc...I just like to write simple songs. Here's my first post. Thanks for listening! If You Go last winter i couldn't feel how cold i was i felt so sure that nothing could tear us apart it took all this time to realize your pain inside your eyes they look so lonely tonight i hope that you don't go cuz if you ever go away yea the hole that's left to hold i can't hardly carry the weight, yea we don't know how things might go if you go if you go would it be better if you took all of your things and left would it be better if i said i'm sorry for the things i said i tried to write a song and right what was wrong but it went on and on and on if you go now all I have will be gone
  8. Hello, I would just like someone's opinion about something. So I find it very hard sometimes to find a melody that sounds good but hasn't been used before. Very often, when I find something good, I realize what song it's actually from. But... it's not always a long melody. Sometimes just one bar of 4/4. So my general wonderment is this: If I'm writing a melody, and one bar is similar to an existing song (we're talking about 3 seconds of similarity here), should I just use it as long as the other parts of the melody are different than the song in discussion or am I being an extremist of originality? Thanks!
  9. Make you Stay

    Hi, This is my original song, "Make you stay". I only joined Soundcloud two days ago and am not very skilled at recording/mixing but would love any feedback you can give (Lyrics, melody, structure, quality, catchi-ness, instruments, arrangement, tempo, voice etc). Thank you in advance https://soundcloud.com/alexxxiii/make-you-stay Lyrics: So this is how the story ends Decided we were better off as friends The way you look tonight with your sorry eyes and your goodbye smile Nothing I can do to make you stay Same old you and same old me Beginning to see things differently From the moment that we met you were saying things that I won't forget There's nothing I can do to love you less Am I wasting time trying to make you feel the same So I'll try and try change my mind cause I can't change the rules of your game but I'll still try Can we go back To when we were more than friends Can I be the one you love again Cause I can't bear to watch you walk away Darling I would do anything to make you stay Such a feeling such a rush It started off as little more than a crush and it's the way you look tonight with your sorry eyes and your goodbye smile there's nothing I can do to change your mind Am I wasting time trying to make you feel the same So I'll have to change my mind cause I can't change the rules of your game but I'll try So can we go back to when we were more than friends can I be the one you love again cause I can't bear to watch you walk away darling I would do anything to make you stay Back to when we were more than friends can I be the one you love again cause I can't bear to watch you walk away darling I would do anything darling I would do I would do I would do anything I would do I would do anything to make you stay
  10. Hi! This is a quick remix I made of one of my favourite verses by Childish Gambino. Thanks for having a look
  11. Diversity

    Hey folks, Sorry for posting so much, I have a couple of days off work.. But, here's a demo for a song I'm working on right now, I would love your opinions on it, Thanks. Lyrics at the bottom. https://soundcloud.com/leosherman/diversity-v1/s-QU7mV Diversity I hope I'll never have, I'll never have, what I just had, I hope I'll never have, I'll never have, what I just had, I need diversity, for you and me, I need diversity, in everything that I see, I hope I'll never have, I'll never have, what I just had, I hope I'll never have, I'll never have, what I just had, I want diversity, for you and me, I want diversity, for all the people to see, I hope that I will change, that I will change, each passing day, So I won't know myself, from who I was just yesterday, I want diversity, for you and me, I want diversity, for you to see, I want diversity, from being me, I want diversity, in every thing that I see, I hope I'll never have, I'll never have, what I just had, I hope I'll never have, I'll never have, what I just had, We need diversity, for you and me, We need diversity, for all the people to see,
  12. Goblin Dance

    First track for me here. I have no idea whether you are interested in classical music or not. This is a lively and joyful naturalistic painting of a scene from a pond in the forest where the goblins gather to perform their ritual. The tune was written in these surroundings together with my vivid fantasy helping me to put the notes together. I hope you enjoy it and for sure critics of any kind is welcome.
  13. I usually hum on my android mobile anytime during the day, and then try to play and write the notes (not the chords) roughly on a music sheet. The humming consists of key lyrical words/phrases which need to be worked out by a co-writer lyricist. Also, a pro pianist need to come up with the key chords and maybe a riff. So, I am looking for a lyricist and a pianist (or lyricist/pianist if we are lucky!). I am ready to share the credits equally between the two or three co-writers (melody, lyrics, and chords). My genre is rock, pop, and R&B. I am an Armenian based in Thailand for the past 5 years (and don’t ask me why and how!). I wonder if we can co-write without meeting. In case you listen to my melodies and believe that we can be successful, jump on the next plane to Bangkok and stay in our villa in Chaiyaphum Province until the project is over (food and accommodation on my behalf but you need to cover your return air ticket expenses). Take care and welcome to Thailand.
  14. I'd like to talk about learning a 2nd instrument and why that can be so beneficial......particularly for drummers. Many of my blogs, including this one, are inspired by lessons that I learned the hard way. By exposing you to my perspectives, I hope to provide you with some food-for-thought. Even if you choose to repeat my mistakes, perhaps you'll correct them more quickly than I did. Most well-rounded drummers end up with a reasonable understanding of rhythm, timing, time signatures & dynamics. Typically, drums don't offer much exposure to the concepts of melody, pitch and harmony. That's a shame, but it's simply the nature of the beast. Because it's not essential knowledge for drummers, it's generally not taught. Unfortunately, that lack of knowledge leaves a huge hole in a drummers understanding of....and overall appreciation for music. It certainly did in my case. I simply didn't realize it at the time. During my 9 years as a drummer/singer in various bands, I was perfectly content to concentrate exclusively on those 2 skills. Why....I'm not altogether sure? I guess I had convinced myself that widening my musical scope would somehow detract from the focus on my primary instrument - drums. Looking back, I realize that was complete nonsense! But, as they say.....hindsight is 20/20. Honestly, if I had it to do again, I wouldn't hesitate to take advantage of the excellent musicians I had around me. Off the top of my head, I can think of several who would have shared much of their knowledge with me for free. Oh well! I guess in the final analysis....whether we learn, matters more than when. Fact is.....I did eventually expand my musical horizons. For anyone wondering about specific instrument recommendations, both guitar & piano (keyboard) deal with melody, pitch and harmony. Certainly there are other instruments to choose from, but guitar & piano (keyboard) offer one big advantage over many others. Both are capable of playing multiple notes simultaneously. In other words - chords. Chords & harmony are inseparably linked and are vital parts of the overall musical puzzle. Guitar & keyboard also offer the widest range of practical applications. Either will allow you to: - recreate recognizable parts of your favorite songs - play strictly for your own enjoyment - play as part of a band - write songs - any combination of the above An overwhelming majority of songwriters choose either piano or guitar as their primary writing instrument. My personal choice was guitar. Finally....learning a melodic instrument aids dramatically in developing your sense of pitch. As a drummer, even a singing drummer, you may think you hear pitch well now. I did! But, it's simply amazing how much better you're able to scrutinize it after a few years of dealing directly with it. I first began to notice the difference in the accuracy of my hearing a couple of years after beginning guitar. I was listening to some of my old vinyl albums, from back in the 70s. Pitch imperfections in some of the vocal tracks were smacking me right in the face. These were songs I had heard hundreds of times before! It wasn't like I was listening any harder now. I was simply hearing things I hadn't been able to before. In one particular song, which happened to be a long-time favorite of mine, the main vocal in the first verse was really sharp. Honestly, it was tough for me to believe that I'd never noticed. Fact is though....I hadn't! It had been there all along.....I just couldn't hear it. At least not like I hear it now. Unfortunately, this is one of those things that truly needs to be experienced to be understood. So don't take my word for it.....go experience it for yourself! That's all I have this time. Thanks for your continued interest! Tom Hoffman Songstuff member profile http://www.tune-smith.com http://www.youtube.com/user/DrumStuffTH
  15. Hi Everyone!

    Hello, my name is Yassin Philip I make music in a Free Open Source Software environment, and has several albums under my belt. The last one is called "Faux Frogs" Thanks all of you guys for your welcoming me --phil
  16. I wrote an article about which notes pull where in a melody and how that can help us as songwriters. There are certain moments in the melody that need to be more tense than others and we can look at the “note gravity” of the notes in our current key to pick the right notes for the right moments. I thought this would be helpful to some fellow songwriters. Here we go! With all the talk of notes in music we might mistakenly draw the conclusion that the note itself is the most important thing to a musician. However, this is not true. Music is all relative. That is to say: music is all relationship-driven. Frequencies (notes) themselves don’t mean much when it comes to music—it’s how the frequencies (notes) relate to each other that matters. Likewise, chords themselves don’t mean much on their own—it’s how they relate to each other that matters. It’s the relationship between the notes—not the notes themselves—that actually matter. And the relationship between 2 frequencies (notes) is called the frequency ratio. Each frequency ratio represents an interval. An interval is the distance between two notes. There are certain frequency ratios (intervals) that have names. Specifically, the distance between any given note in the chromatic scale and the root note of the chromatic scale has a name. (As a side note, there are in theory an infinite number of intervals. The distance of 27 half steps, for instance, is a valid interval but it doesn’t have a specific name). Let’s take a look at the frequency ratios in the chromatic scale and their corresponding interval names: From this chart we can see that the interval between a D and a C, for instance, is a major 2nd. The interval between A and the low C is a Major 6th. It’s worth pointing out that the Minor 2nd interval is also called a “half-step” or a “semi-tone”. Each successive chromatic note is a half-step apart. Likewise, the Major 2nd interval is also called a “whole-step” or a “whole-tone”. Take a look at the “stability” column in the chart above. We can see that whether an interval is consonant or dissonant is based on the simplicity or complexity of its frequency ratio. More complex frequency ratios sound harsh and dissonant (with the Tritone interval being the most dissonant) while simpler frequency ratios sound consonant (with the Perfect 5th being the most consonant interval after the unison and octave). When it comes right down to it, music is about intervals and how they interact. And since intervals are simply frequency ratios, music is about the relationship between frequencies. There’s really no surprise there but it’s not something that should be quickly dismissed. If we pay attention to this fact we can learn a few techniques that can help us with our melodies. Melodic Note Gravity If there’s one other thing we can say about music it’s that music is dynamic. Music is a journey of tension and release. Intervals are no exception to this rule. In fact, intervals have a gravity field of their own. We can even say which intervals want to resolve to which other intervals and by how much they want to pull. Before we go further, let’s talk briefly about melody. It’s important that we distinguish melody from harmony because this gravity field is our melodic gravity field and only applies to melodic intervals (as opposed to harmonic intervals which we’ll learn about later). For our purposes here, a melody is a series of single notes that do not overlap. Melody may be said to be a progression of notes. This says nothing about whether the melody is good or bad. Conversely, harmony is a progression of chords. A chord can be thought to be 3 or more notes that play at the same time (2 notes that play at the same time can be said to be an interval but not a chord). Our gravity field applies to melody. A melodic interval may be said to be the distance of a melody note to the root note, or tonic, of the current scale (musical key). Oddly enough, melody and harmony follow quite different rules. So let’s learn about where melodic intervals want to pull and why! You can hear for yourself the melodic gravity of each note in the major scale. (Remember that the interval of each note is its distance from the root note, or the “tonal center.”) Pick up your instrument of choice and play up the C Major scale (C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C) and then back down until you land on the root of C. Additionally or alternatively play the chords Cmajor, G7, and then Cmajor again. After having done this, you will have established “C” as the tonal center—home base—for your brain. Now all notes will be heard as having frequency ratios (intervals) in reference to our root of C. So establish the tonal center of C as noted above, then immediately play the note “B”. You should hear a strong tension and “pull” from the B wanting to go up the octave to the closest C (1 half-step away). Re-establish the tonal center. Now play an “F”. You should hear that that F wants to pull down to E, oddly enough. What’s going on? Why are the notes of our C Major scale wanting to go somewhere else? Aren’t they happy where they are?! (They’re usually not). We can imagine a gravity field encircling the entirety of the major scale. Its work is constant and tireless. So what is this gravity field, how do we determine it, and how can we use it to our advantage? Let’s see. Before we look at why the major scale gravity field works the way that it does, let’s look at it: Notice that the major 2nd, perfect 4th, and major 7th intervals have the strongest pull (red arrows) and they want to move to the root, 3rd, and octave, respectively. Notice that the second strongest pull (pink arrows) goes to the major 3rd and major 6th who want to pull to the root and either the perfect 5th or octave (respectively). Finally note that the least strong pull goes to the perfect 5th (yellow arrow). And, of course, the root doesn’t want to go anywhere. Establish the tonal center and then try these out to hear it for yourself. What quick conclusions can we draw from this illustration? You’ll notice that there are three “restful” destinations, namely the root, major 3rd, and perfect 5th. The intervals all seem to want to pull to one of these restful locations. Let’s look back at the first several overtones of the C harmonic series with the intervals listed: The minor 7th pushes past the limit of a simple frequency ratio (it’s a bit too complex and sounds a bit dissonant to be a restful location). We’re left with the unison/octave interval, the perfect 5th, and the major 3rd as the predominant, simple intervals of the harmonic series (remember that the volume of each successive overtone diminishes as we go higher so the especially high overtones are negligible). You’ll learn later that these are also the 3 intervals that make up a major chord, the cornerstone of our theory of harmony. These three intervals are our restful locations in our melodic gravity field. So we know now that all of the non-restful intervals in our scale will want to find their way to a restful interval (the 1, the 3, or the 5). Our outstanding question is: how does our brain determine which restful location any given interval should go to? Is it the closest restful location? Is it the simplest restful location? Turns out, the interval actually wants to go to the closest restful location where it can have the greatest effect in simplifying its complexity ratio. Essentially our brain is averaging out the distance to the nearest restful location and the decrease in complexity and then determining what’s the best combination. We can use this knowledge of melodic note gravity to shape tension and release in our melodies and we can additionally use it in determining our chord pull in our harmony (oddly enough) to create more engaging chord progressions.
  17. so ive written a few songs and their vocal melodies I keep coming up with are all kinda the same. (also my rhyming patterns and song structures too haha) anyway just wondering how do other people come up with different melodies? And because I wrote the words to a melody I had in my head that's the only melody that comes to mind with these words... but its the same melody as all my other songs so maybe if theres someone out there that I can send the lyrics too and they can record themselves singing it in a melody they think of then maybe this could help. Thoughts?
  18. hi guyz,i have diffrent ways to write a song,one of them is to write chorus first. when i write the chorus first,i tend to write much better choruses usually, but the problem is i get stuck for verses,and usually my verses in this method do not exactly belong to the chorus. do u guyz have any tips or tricks?
  19. Hi Everyone. My name is Amy and I am new, so I am not sure How this works yet. I have lots of lyrics but no musical talent. I was hoping to find someone to write melodies for my songs. I have country, rock, pop, gospel and Christian songs. Let me know if you are would like to see a few of the lyrics and see if you could create something to it.
  20. Some time ago, I've collaborated with a singer on one of my old songs. He wrote his own lyrics and we received positive feedback on the song in another forum, but the recording quality was critzised. Now, I basically mentioned that beforehand, but people probably only wanted to confirm that. However, I think the song is worth being re-recorded due to the positive feedback and so I started looking for musicians to do that via a site that seemed promising to me. But except for a guitarist, no-one responded. I've come to this forum recently and would like to start looking for the following musicians here: - drummer or someone who can program dynamic rocking drum tracks - guitarist - bassist - optional: someone to mix/master the tracks, since I'm not very good at that - optional: singer (see down below) Oh, and this is a hobby project, "4 fun". If more comes from this, then we'll see that in time, but for the beginning, please only respond if you like the song and would enjoy (!) being part of re-recording this song. I'm not going to link to that other page, of course, but a guitarist responded there who did a sort of heavy version. He recorded his guitar over my poor old instrumental home-recording though, but I like his approach as well, so I'd like to have that heavy version recorded as well (same drum and bass tracks, only he will provide a different guitar track), but I'm also still looking for a guitarist who can/would like to play my original version, but properly. I'm too poor a guitarist to play the guitar properly. No re-writing, only re-recording - unless you re-write the guitar line in a way that you convince me I think this covers it all. Finally, a re-recorded instrumental version from this year (I've tried - but it's not really better than my 2005 recording): http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=1300276&songID=12306004 (Soundclick) And the song (with the 2005 recording) I've done with that singer I mentioned: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=1300275&songID=12301477 (Soundclick) One more thing: The original song has different lyrics. It was supposed to be an indie rock song. As you can hear, Ed (the singer) did a classical rock approach. After having re-recorded the music, I'm open to work with different singers. They can either go with my own original lyrics (indie), write their own or use Ed's (classic rock). And of course, Ed might want to re-record his own version as well.
  21. Greetings, Everyone :-)

    Hi guys! I've been quietly following songstuff for a few months now but have been hesitant to make a post; but now I think it's time I jump in :-) I am a medical student in Singapore, and I've enjoyed music and dance for as long as I can remember. I started with training in Indian carnatic vocal and classical dance (bharatanatyam) when I was 6, and western classical piano a few years ago. Did violin for about a year but stopped when schoolwork became too much. I've also been putting up mini amateur musicals with my cousins for New Year's every year at grandma's, so that's me writing songs, script, making props, and getting 10 cousins together for practices each year - it's so much fun. After starting with songs for the musicals I began to write songs on a more personal front, which I plan to keep up for the rest of my life as a hobby. Music keeps me sane. Writing vocal melodies is my forte, I believe. Lyrics are difficult for me even if I feel strongly about something, and instrumental arrangement is the worst (I can only jam simple chords on the piano and guitar, not complex textures). When I write songs I almost always focus on the melody which means I sometimes produce terrible lyrics - so if anyone is interested in collaborating with me for lyrics/arrangement/singing then I'd be more than willing! Except I must make it clear that I have no intention whatsoever of going commercial or pitching my songs to any companies, because I like to keep my music personal and intimate... Lastly, I will post a link to my soundcloud once I have more stuff up there - most of my songs I have crappily recorded on my phone or computer or something so I haven't posted them up, but I may work on getting them recorded on my iPad instead sometime soon So, hello once again and it is nice to meet you all! Yours sincerely, squarks PS. If you are interested in the musical I did with my cousins last year (it's not Broadway!):
  22. How To Write A Song

    Here's an indie musician's guide to songwriting by my band, Pitch Feather. We write, record, produce and promote our own music (and now, videos). We love to compose, arrange and produce songs, and thought we could share our method with the rest of you aspiring songwriters. Happy songwriting!
  23. Hey Guys!

    Hey everyone! I'm glad I found this forum! My name is Tabi, short for Tabitha. I have been writing songs for over ten years now. I have more recently been taking it seriously. I perform at cafés around NYC. I probably have about 30 songs that I have recorded at home. I work with a guitarist each time. We mainly record acoustic. I sing my melody and lyrics to the guitarist and that's how we start music magic. Please take some time to check out my website TabiNYC.com. You will find that it is focused on my music and the fact that I am a huge disability advocate. My aspirations are to get my original songs heard. I consider my genre singer-songwriter, and it is pop because they're all catchy! It's also all honest and based on experience, soulful and inspirational. Can't wait to post more! Tabi TabiNYC.com
  24. Hello everyone, I've been writing lyrics and songs for years but I have found that my best piece of writing is the one written for a melody. I would love to emulate this quality song. It would be great if someone who wrote melodies would be willing to send me an mp3 of their work for me to write lyrics to. If you are interested in collaborating with me, please PM me and we can discuss how we want to collaborate.
  25. Songwriting

    Whenever you write, you bare your soul, telling a story, not necessarily yours, but one worth telling... whenever you look for critiques, you must understand they (critiques) are objective, and sometimes people don't feel what you fealt when you wrote the song,. so, it stands to reason, that sometimes critiques won't be favorable... but the better the writer, the more those who read the lyrics will feel them.. that is a goal. Like an artist, each creation is special, if only to the artist... Collaberation... definately a good thing to do, but with an open mind... most songs today have more than 2 songwriters involved... I think 2 minds ARE better than one.. I just have to find the right people to collaberate with... everyone is appreciated, but not all mesh like gears, or blend like colors..