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  1. I made music using the crying laughing emoji! 😂 This is my first attempt at creating a MIDI drawing that actually sounds good. It ended up being an epic orchestral piece with jazzy chords! What do you think? 👌🏼💯🔥
  2. Hi! I live in a dormatory and therefore need to find a way to play around with my RC-30 loop station quietly - for now my setup is this: Guitar -> Pedals -> RC-30 -> Amp -> Headphones | | PC (Drum pad and midi) The problem with this setup is that the effect pedals going through the RC-30 sounds awful, and the amp is making the drum pad & midi sound awful. THIS setup sounds way way better: Guitar -> Pedals -> Amp -> RC-30 -> Headphones | | PC (Drum pad and midi) The problem with THIS setup is that the mono/L output from the RC-30 doesn't work with my headphones, the sound is only in my left ear Can you help me?
  3. So I might have some extra money coming my way in the next few months, I'm looking to buy myself something as a Christmas gift to myself. I've got the chance to buy a zb2 which is an instrument I've been in love with since about 2001 but never could afford. It's a 12x24 grid layout tuned to 4ths which is roughly 6.5 Octaves but if you split it in half you get 2 5.5 octaves and you can even split it into three and still get 3 5 octave "Zones" It's finely programable and is based on starr labs ztars (Of which I'm quite familiar with. When starr labs was selling them they went for $5,000 I have the opportunity to pick it up for 2k As far as I'm aware there are only 10 ZB2's in existence. One owned by Alan Holdsworth. It doesn't however mean they are collectors value as I've seen the same one on the market for 3 years now. So the resale value is very low. The other option is the linnstrument. The linnstrument is only an 8x25 is capable of only doing one split and doesn't have the features (knobs, joystick, touch-strip) or the programability of the zb2 What the linnstrument does offer is x/y control within the note region. easy "frettless" slides left and right and two other parameters for up and down (like modulation) giving the linnstrument full aftertouch in ways that cannot be created on a conventional keyboard or even the new "seaboard" instrument. The linnstrument is a brand new instrument released this year. It's mass produced and so far as I can tell they aren't going up for resell on the used market. They are very popular with "touch" musicians (chapman stick et all) And a number of my fellow "ztarists" have made the conversion to the linnstrument without looking back. If I had the financial means I'd get one of each. The ZB2 for harmony and the linnstrument for solo's That isn't going to happen. I've given myself till December to decide. And in doing so the decision may already be made for me. As the zb2 I intend to purchase is up for auction on ebay (even though it hasn't sold in 4 years (relisted)
  4. Greetings, Songstuffing Forumers! It's time to get involved in a "Fender Bender" with Engle/Snellgrove! [Link removed. Improved recording below.] "FENDER BENDER FLIPSIDE (FULLY ORGANIC VANTOGRADE MIX)" (February 27th) Unedited improvisation. On chords and scales associated with Fender Bender. Incorporating a bass pattern from Fender Bender. Using a notated chord progression on the music stand. Including a very nice, fully improvised melodic section starting at 2:07. [Link removed. Improved recording below.] "FENDER BENDER FLIPSIDE" (March 19th) Keyboard performance of musical ideas developed around chords and scales associated with Fender Bender. STRUCTURAL CONTENTS: 0:00 Primary harmonic statement 0:14 Theme w/Alberti-type bass 0:48 Theme (minor) w/alt. bass pattern 1:21 Transition 1:43 Theme (shifted) with counterpoint 2:09 Theme (shifted) with counterpoint (variation) 2:34 Harmonic section A 2:57 Harmonic section B 3:26 Primary harmonic (re)statement 3:40 Motivic development 3:59 Motivic development w/extra voices 4:17 Motivic development w/extra voices (variation) 4:35 Motivic development (repeat) 4:54 Theme (shifted) w/counterpoint (repeat) [Link removed. Improved recording below.] "FENDER BENDER FLIPSIDE (MIDI)" MIDI rendering from notation, including rudimentary cello parts. Notation available in attachment. Fender Bender Flipside.pdf
  5. From the album Audio stuff

    This track would not be anywhere near as frustrating to work on if I owned a MIDI controller of some sort.
  6. So, I got a DAW setup - yeh, party time. I got all my plugins to link (well 99% of them) correctly - yeh, party time. I got a Novation Launchpad hooked-up and making noise- yeh, party time. But there hasn't been any time for a party You see 'between' each potential party-time of the first three lines, are a lot of things each respective company doesn't tell you. How could it with all the permutations of OS, DAW's, Plugins, Soundbank file types, Sound Card setups, Keyboards, Controllers etc. Well it could go a long way if truth be told !!!!! Take this Presonus example; they offer you a list of compatible and tested 'external devices'. But if your 'things' aren't in the list, then you set them up manually. To do this you choose which category your 'thing' fits under: New Keyboard New Instrument New Control Surface. But that creates a problem, since if your 'surface controller' acts as a Midi interface and you add it as a surface controller, it will not act as the Midi interface it is supposed to. So you have to add it as a keyboard. They don't tell you that, but they could (and if they do, I haven't been able to find it 'from them'). Then take the Novation Launchpad problem. They made it to work with Ableton Live, so that DJ's could perform amazing live sets. DJ's seems to have united to the Launchpad and have been busy creating various maps etc that will allow them to use it with FL Studio, VDJ and a host of other DJ type programs. But it has the ability to be used like a Midi keyboard, just pads to hit instead of keys, and to organise the pads in the way you want (called mapping). So if you have EZDrummer, you can create a Midi drum track quite easily. But there's little help in this area, probably in one respect due to all the permutations of OS, DAW's, Plugins, Soundbank file types, Sound Card setups, Keyboards, Controllers etc. But it doesn't stop the frustration of knowing it 'will' do the job you want it to do, but taking a lot longer to work out how to. Couple that with the hours spent going through say Youtube and people's so called tutorials that are just them showing off what they can make the Launchpad do without saying how, and finding out way, way down the line about how you setup the wrong permutations of connecting and routing a Midi external device .............. you end up not feeling very much in the party mood. People create these amazing 'map' files, but they seem to omit where you put them to work. All these little types of things just mount up in frustration and time spent tracking down answers that offer solutions aswell as joining multiple forums to ask basic questions that leave you in 'limbo land', as you wait for days for a kind person to answer your question. It's no wonder really that musicians walk away from mixing and production - they'd have no time left to make music So, if you're the kind of person who gets a new toy and opens the box and plays with it without reading the instruction manual first (requiring some doctorate in language interpretation), or you have zero PC / technical skills, or you have no patience .......... I advise you to think carefully before going down this path I mean, install Ableton and be left wondering why the 64 bit version will not utilise your 32 bit plugins, I dare you I bet you're glad this is 'my' mountain to climb now Onwards and upwards ......... as they say!
  7. Anyone able to help me? I have Samplitude Music Studio 15 and I am trying to use drum kits from Kontakt by drum map. I can select the drum kit from kontakt in the output in Samplitude.......... but when I create a midi object and open a drum map it is all of Samplitudes drums
  8. Educational tip for ableton live midi major scale composition. You can use this technique with any other DAW around. Cheers!
  9. Personal Thoughts on Humanization of midi tracks. Can of worms? Probably. A bit of back ground on myself. I played in my own and others bands thru out my teen years into my 30’s. I finally can afford Logic. I am retired. I'm back into making music. During this time I was also learning theory composition, arranging, and songwriting. The Songwriting being my favorite. Now I have time to play. I have logic and other music apps for my Macbook and my iPod. I score all my music, I do not do Classical but Rock. I started sequencing using a Roland MC 101 and a TR909. I wrote everything on Paper then programmed it into the TR 909 and the MC101 synced with Midi. While doing this I was playing in bands. No on to how I feel about humanization. Neither the TR909 or MC101 had humanization. Logic does. I am not a fan. When I score something that is the way I would like it played. If I wanted it played off the notes, etc. I'd play it myself. I think the people hollering about humanization should go ahead with it if that’s what they want. But don’t bitch about the “midi sound†of other peoples work. After years of dealing with “Human Players†I'm Thankful for my machines. Who are at the ready to work don’t show up on cocaine, heroin, various pills and liquors. Actually do show up and are not late, do not have to “Play it their way.†And are capable of playing what I have written. So as for humanization no thank you. Tried it don’t like it. If you like it that’s fine with me I won’t complain about you using it.
  10. I've been working on this composition for several weeks now. It is a sort of classical piece, built around a handful of musical themes and (rough) harmonic ideas. It is meant to be performed on piano, melodica, glockenspiel, and recorder. For now, it only exists as a computer performance. I'd love to hear what you all think of the composition. Thanks! E/S THE INQUISITIVE STRANGER [instrumental]
  11. The other day I was seeking out overs on the tyros (It's not in my budget) The yamaha tyros is considered the cream of the crop in auto accompianment. Just for the record I hate the redundant 1 measure loop that comprises an auto accompianment system. None the less I do a great deal of two and three part arrangements these days (bass/chord, chord/melody/ bass/chord/melody) and... It's work to make things happen. Sometimes I wish I could break things down to simpler forms and get on with the process of writing/learning songs more quickly I've been thinking about buying OneManBand v11 I've got omb original but it sucks as you have to use split points as opposed to midi channels which doesn't work to well.
  12. The Background MIDI stands for multiple Instrument Digital Interface. It is a means of communication from one musical device to another. Alot has happened since the inception of midi. It's now also used as a reliable means of data transfer for many applications including sound re inforcement and lighting. Before the advent of midi there was a demand for interoperability in the electronic music industry. Many pre midi companies produced devices that would communicate with each other in the house brand but would not communicate with other devices. This led to walls and walls of keyboards as well as other devices for stage use. It became extremely unmanageable. The protocols established for midi support and interoperability have stood the test of time. It's been a golden ride with midi specific devices compared to the long and winding one of computer connections through the years. Computers in general Computers as they serve many purposes are not ideal for midi still. Regardless of operating system or hardware computers really were'nt designed for midi use. Midi is an appendage not a primary function of computers. And so long as midi takes a backseat in operating system and hardware there will be glitches to contend with. Sure todays computer technology has come a long way but it still has a long way to go. Midi transmits small amounts of data very quickly. The speed limit of midi is 1 millisecond. It can go no faster regardless of promises made by manufacturers, software vendors and sound library companies. A workstation keyboard is designed to do one thing well. Make music As it is not running a million operations and the processing is RISC the flow of data from keybed or external midi is streaming on the output and streaming on the input. The computer aspects of a workstation keyboard understand the midi language. It is part and pacel of the unit. On a computer things are a bit different. The fastest route from midi out on a controller to midi in on a computer is hardwiring the midi to the motherboard. The second fastes is a pci slot for dedicated midi. While pci cards are still made for desktops both mac and pc many pc's and laptops really aren't designed for using the available slots if there are any. If you have an "all in one" you don't have the slot. And newer laptop's have forgone the pci e card slot. Interrupt. Unlike a dedicated workstation who's primary function is the conversion of singal and push as it pulls. Computer technology uses an interupt method. Computers are always processing something. And usually processing several things. There is a pecking order in which the computer decides what it will process next. When midi is sent to a computer the computer receives it as an interupt. If the computer processor is too busy doing what it's already doing it will put the midi signal on hold. What this means is even if you have a super fast computer your midi signal has to wait it's turn. (unlike audio signals but I digress) So lets say you've got the super duper system and your not at 1millisecond latency you are prolly at ten or 5. Well it may be five for the first note you play and it may be 10 or 7 or 15 depending on what else the computer is occupying it's processor at. A fixed latency is easier to work with then an irrattic variable latency. This is also known as jitter. Drivers If you are working with a pc system you have various midi drivers wmd (windows media driver, sometimes called direct x) and asio. (or ASIO4ALL) One of the things they try to do is lock and hold onto both the input and output processing so it's faster. Honestly they work about the same. ASIO works better for external sound cards and wmd work better for internal ones. You can chose. Many external sound cards will accept direct x and many internal sound cards will accept asio. But generally you only get to choose one at a time per daw/host whatever. If I'm not recording, just playing along. I'll have one window open for my host which runs from the external midi device and another one for the background music. It's fast and it's glitch free. Remember way up there when I made comments alluding to midi as a language? Part of the drivers job is to take information in one language (midi) and translate it into something meaningful the computer understands so it can process. It's not like converting English in to say....Mandarin but it is a process. It does take time and it's not a simple siv. USB Of all the possible means for sending midi to a computer usb is both the most convienent and least effective. Most midi to usb convertors still rely on usb1 technology. Even newer midi controllers with usb outs. USB is fast for large amounts of data however it is'nt really a streaming technology. It sends data in chunks. Midi is the opposite. It doesn't contain or use massive amounts of data but it streams the signal fluidly. The reason why midi > usb conversion is so popular is because it's easy for users to understand (plug it in and it works) and economical to produce. Remember when I spoke about language conversion? In order to send via usb the information has to be converted to a format that translates well on usb. Then inside the computer the usb driver has to translate it back again and a third translation occurs after that. It's like when you need to speak to someone who only speaks chinese you have a person who speaks english and korean and then you have a person who speaks korean and chinese. Stuff gets lost in translation. Midi over firewire does happen albiet rare as a simple midi to firewire device usually it's coupled with audio. In the form of an external sound card. The stability of many of these units. Firewire isn't as plug in play as usb. Many daws and host software can reject it completely. Sometimes it's the daw and sometimes it's your computer that is fighting the signal. I really like firewire devices. Longer cables more audio channels with higher recording settings for audio. If you really want to move up to a better sound card and don't want to install a pci this is the best way to go but..... Make sure what you buy is compatible with what you are doing. Midi over ethernet is stricky for the dominion of computer to computer. This is for if you want to us a uniwire setup in a big studio or your using muse research as your external sound host and your computer for the grunt work of recording. It is a very sound novel approach. Having a dedicated computer that just handles the sound and another to handle the recording. It's also rather expensive. Midi over wireless. This is still in it's infancy. And there are several forms of transfer the most popular but not the most effective is wifi The most effective requires embedding a transmiter into the midi controller and uses the 2.4 gig range. Yes it is more expensive then most cable based methods. Oddly the way usb works with it as opposed to against it makes this the smoothest method for midi over usb as it tunnels via eithernet protocols rather then usb protocols http://www.starrlabs...nsceiver-system
  13. From the album My Stuff

    This is axe number one. While not perfect it spoiled me for all stringed instruments. I play it every morning and every night.
  14. The one constant in regards to computer technology over the last 30 years has been midi. It's the one true plug and play protocol that works wherever whenever. It's acually faster for moving small bits of data then usb, firewire eithernet or wifi. Midi is not without limitations. A prime example is note bend. Note bend is sent channel wide. And while the newer breed of keyboards offer per note (upper most voice only) single note bends it isn't transferrable to an external device. Many manufacturers derail midi for thier own internal operations and then try to compensate for midi standards on the way out. Such as,,, Roland GR series and Eigenharp. Impressive yes, expensive yes, midi no. In order to get the per note as opposed to channel wide they moved away from mid. Essentially you get a box that sits on the floor with all the sound and the processing tools which is controlled by the instrument and hardware management tools that reside on the computer. If you try to use a standalone vst or port it to hardware most of those amazing features won't work. So you are saddle bagged with what the manufactuer provides. Same goes for the roland GR series. Trust me I was a roland midi guitar fanboy since the gr300 it was slow in the box and slower out of the box not to mention thousands of glitches which lead me to the ztar. I tried to love the 13 pin system, I had GR30, GR09 GI10 not to mention other brands of guitar to midi convertors and they drove me quite mad. In the box latency of the roland GR55 is about 20 milliseconds taking the midi out to something usually adds another 20 milliseconds so we are talking 40 miliseconds. Any direct midi to midi device is 1 millisecond and the best speed you can get out of midi to usb is rougly 5 milliseconds. How much resources are being drained on your computer your DAW or standalone and your sound card will also add to the delay time. So yes there is great potential by ignoring the midi standard as in the case of Eigenharp. But then consumers run into a proverbial brick wall when trying to get the global functionality that midi has provided all these years. The next two relevant questions are,,,, what's being done to upgrade midi 1.0 and who is willing to adapt. Several proposals have been presented and some companies have tried to latch on to newer methods however they tried to put strings attached to the protocols making them proprietary such as yamaha. As a result no one else is willing to play ball. Because everyone wants their own standards implimented or they specifically don't want to have someone else's standards shoved down their throat. Back in the 80's I did data entry work. Once computer would spit out data to a piece of paper from which I would have to manually enter into two different machines because they were'nt compatible and I couldn't simply transfer a file or run all the same programs on the same machine. It paid the bills and drove me insane. I kept on thinking if midi can do this seemless communication why can't computers. Midi isn't broke, so why fix it you ask? Well that's a very good question. It's not broke but it could be better if midi software and hardware vendors did get together and put aside differences to work for a common good. However that wont be happening anytime soon. Midi is more then just sending bit data for sound conversion. It's also used in lighting and hundreds of other loosely or completely separated fields. Happy Tapping, Mike