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Found 18 results

  1. Hey guys, I am new to the site and have a few questions regarding mapping out the drums to my songs. A little background, I have been playing instruments, singing, and songwriting for over 10 years. I have alot of live experience and a good deal of studio experience as well. now to the question. I have been working on an alt rock/pop punk album for a couple years now and am in the process of recording. I have all instrumentals and vocals worked out but my struggle is with drums. In the past I have always worked with a drummer who has written their own parts for my songs but currently I am on my own. I have a basic understanding of drums and can write basic beats and fills but lack the knowledge to write really unique and stand out pieces that I would feel comfortable releasing. So I would basically like to know, are there any guidelines to what accents should be used and when (like what beat do you typically hit an accent cymbal, and which to use ect..) ? Information I'd really like to hear as well would be mixing. I use drum programs to map out my drums such as superior drummer and dont quite understand changing the velocity and eq on drums. sorry if this is vague but I am very inexperienced with writing drums and would love to gain some insight, thanks! Eliott
  2. Control Freak (again!)

    Hey! So, I hope it's okay that I submit another Control Freak post because my other one got so crazy with pages of remixes and complete overhauls, and going in circles. I have spent some time to re-evaluate the production of this song and am submitting a fresh post after starting from the beginning, and letting this version sink in for a while, and still confirming to myself that I'm happy with it and would like to see it come to completion. I still may send this to a professional mixer/masterer, especially if the feedback from this forum suggests to me that I need another over-haul, but if I can avoid doing that, I would like to. So, this is what Control Freak is now, and I'm pleased with it, though it might be a bit busy in some spots, and I am forever grateful to you for your wonderful feedback, primarily regarding the production and mixing of this one.
  3. champion

    started this today tell me what you think
  4. Rat Jazz

    Here’s a little weird something for you. Please let me know what you think of it! Cheers, Geir Rat Jazz GER©2017 Blue is the night, she staggers through her crooked town Street lights and laughing heads, they've seen it all, and been there too Hot jazz, from underground, the kind that sticks and burns your skin Hot rats, a million freaks, up from the dead, all hungry as Hell And she knows, it's in the air, the stench of blood from gnashing teeth The first attack, she kicks free, but then some more, and the game is lost Rat jazz, from all around, the kind that sticks and burns like acid And the moon and the stars above, have nothing to add but dead silence
  5. What's your advice on mixing low frequencies without low bass equipment? Because I find it really hard to mix a sub.
  6. recording in protools

    For a few years my recording went something like this. Open protools, test the mic level on the edit screen to make sure it wasn't pegging out, hit record, play and sing, hit stop, bounce to disk, post it. Then I began to see the eq and compression plug ins and messed around with them a little, but found it kind of difficult to find a preset that I really liked. But I did use them, along with some reverb. I wasn't consistent. But now I've started to see there are a few things I can do to make it sound better and be more consistent. My questions start with some basics. I now try to record at least two tracks, one for guitar, one for vox. I still need to pay closer attention to mic placement to start with and initial level settings, but once I have two tracks, or maybe three if I add some keyboards, where is the best place to start? Please remember, I'm only just now beginning to understand anything to do with mixing. Do I start with adding eq for my first plugin or compression? when is the best time to add reverb? Any response will I'm sure be helpful, but it won't take much of an answer to go straight over my head. If you could find or suggest three things to use in order of importance to make a simple 1+1 sound better, what would you suggest? MP
  7. Hi There! We just recorded our new Song "This Is Not Me". It is a live recording in our band room (except for the guitars, those have been recorded a second time to "fatten" the distortion). Any feedback, comment, opinion is appreciated and helps us to improve ourselves for the next record Cheers! Yves Lyrics: I lost the ground, can't feel it anymore, where I have to go? Oh I lost the ground, can't feel it anymore, there's nowhere left to go. Let them push me hardly and threw it all away, let it destroy myself until I'm done and gone. You believed in me and gave me all your trust, now you let me be and I feel so lost. My heart is full filled with sorrow, so deep that I can't run away. And empty is the room, where I feel hollow, so sad and freezing cold. I lost the ground, can't feel it anymore, my voice has gone away. Oh I lost the ground, can't feel it anymore, dark clouds have come my way. Oh I never felt so lost, I don't know where to go. This is not what I used to be. Oh I never felt so lost, I don't know where to go, this is not me. Please believe me I need your help to stand, I cry out here just to hear myself. I don't know what I used to be, this is not me. This is not me. Not me.
  8. Get a professional mix to make your songs sound great - free. Female vocal only. Arranged; Mixing; Vocal Tuning ; Mastering - free. suvorin@gmail.com
  9. Compression - An Overview

    One of the most important tools available to a music producer while working on a song inside a studio is compression. Compression is used to control the level of dynamics within a song. A compressor engages itself and brings down the volume/level of the audio signal when it exceeds a set threshold value. There are various controls to a compressor such as threshold, ratio, attack, hold, release, gain and bypass using which one can control how the compressor behaves. In many cases, dynamics within the song is generally considered to be a good thing but taming and controlling the difference between the loudest and the quietest parts in a song may lead to increased presence and more clarity. This article gives you an introduction to compression and its various controls. http://www.songstuff.com/recording/article/compression/ Be sure to share and like the article if you find it useful. If you have any questions, feel free to discuss it on the Songstuff Community Forums.
  10. Iv recently upgraded my music computer and now I have enough processing capabilities to mix. I have a whole lot of tracks that iv put a side for mixing maybe 30 or 40. some advice on a more professional mix would be appreciated I think iv got kicks and bass down with compression, filter and eq but when it comes to instruments like hats im not so sure what else too apply I like to give snares a slight reverb and raise up the low/mid frequencies a tad any advice would be very much appreciated thanks ALO
  11. Mixing Blog

    Hey, we've just started a new mixing blog at http://www.samplepho...roaching-a-mix/. h This week we spoke to Dan Parry from Metropolis, Simon Gogerly and Steve on the approach to the mix and how to get in the right frame of mind. More to come, we hope you enjoy!
  12. Hello everyone, just wanted to share a song that I wrote few years back. Recently I just finished composing and recording everything in the song. Any feedback would be appreciated. Morning Rain (New Beginning) Music and lyrics by Jon C. Am I the only one who enjoys the morning rain? The great big sky that helps to ease the pain Dreams you have, the life you've got They ain't gonna be the same I can't help asking myself Where's my soul right now? Am I the only one who hides behind my memories? I replay all the pieces just to escape the reality Days go by and I realize It's not about the destiny but a beautiful journey Say goodbye to the dark nights I am gonna get through it one more time Falling down, from thousand miles to the ground Let the rain turn into rivers Flow away yesterday Moving on... I gotta leave it all behind Gotta rediscover my soul This is my new beginning with the morning rain Am I the only one who trapped inside my fantasies? What it seems don't always match with what it means Days go by and I realize It's not about the things you see but the choices you're making Time to stop asking myself where I'm going right now Falling down, from thousand miles to the ground Let the rain turn into rivers Flow away yesterday Moving on... I gotta leave it all behind Gotta rediscover my soul I'm gonna find a new beginning in this morning rain
  13. Yamaha Aquired Line6

    As some of you know I've been singing praises over my Yamaha all in one THR10c. It's a practice amp with amazingly accurate amp simulations, it's a portable stereo amplifier for mp3 players, It's an external sound card for computers and it's got some great firmware to access features one can't get from the physical panel. I'm starting to believe it was a collaboration project from Yamaha and Line6. I only just recently found out about Yamaha aquiring line6. I'm guessing a few jobs will be lost in the process. While most of the time I have less then favorable opinions of aquisitions and mergers this may be a really good thing for Yamaha. Yamaha makes some amazing mixers for TV, Movie, radio and houses of worship. The problem has been. They are rather quirky pieces of machinery that are hard to get used to working with. They have been losing ground to presounus and other companies with easier to manage ui's and greater versatility. Having something like the Line6 StageScape technology could be a real feather in Yamaha's pocket and return some of ground they have been losing in the mixer realm. I really really hope they have a hands on approach to the Variax. Even though the Tylers have faster processors then previous verions Line6 hasn't broadened the number of guitar sims through the years. Yamaha not really been seen as a leader in the guitar world could really use Variaz to beef up it's under appreciated electric guitar field. As well Guitarists who prefer all in one guitars really need an all in one guitar that embodies more then the current fair which line6 provides. Would it be so bad if variax had a few ibanez, bc rich, parker, prs or other notable guitars taht have made their mark on the industry post 1980.
  14. Hi Everyone

    I'm new to this forum and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Peter Young . I have deep passion for working with songwriters , musicians and recording artist. I'm a independent producer / mixer , musician and composer. Oh did I say musician, I mean drummer....LOL. Really I do play various instruments as well but the drums have been my life's work. I signed up to let the community of songwriters & artists on this forum that I am here to help anyway I can. We all the the bug and the inspiration to commit our lives to this crazy force that we all seem to love. I look forward to reading through the site and seeing how things work and whats going on within. You can view some of my info here. http://www.ultraaudioproductions.com Online Drum Tracks http://www.nashvilledrumtracks.com Regards, Peter
  15. I have some homemade demo songs (rock), I propose make a video with musicians from any country playing that songs. Every one records his part (audio and video) and then we make a mix in only one video. We could have a web page or just a channel in a "tube" site, maybe. If some one is interested let's speak and I upload a demo song. The song could need lyrics and a vocalist, if you don't like my voice, I mean... songs were recorded with my voice but without lyrics, just a kind of language to give shape to the voice, so it could participate somebody as a lyricist too. If all goes well later could participate other mixing videos, other mixing audio, if a song needs a violin could participate a violinist, actors and actresses for a conceptual video, a graphic designer, a web designer... I mean, we could make a band with many people participating. Base musicians would be drummer, bassist, guitarist and me as rhythm guitarist and vocals, or other guy or girl as a vocalist if everyone is agreed. Well, I think it could be interesting. Regards.
  16. Hi Songstuff Family

    Hello my name is Derrick and I am an audio post production engineer/mastering engineer from Sonik Soundworks Mastering. Glad to be here!
  17. Ear Training For Mixing Engineers

    I found this interesting app for ear training... http://quiztones.net/#home Identify frequencies by pure tone, and EQ changes in program material. Works well for free in FireFox, and I think it's downloadable for the iPhone as well.
  18. Hey everyone! I just found this site, so thought I'd drop in and see if I could meet a few like-minded people! I write and arrange songs in various genres, play several instruments, offer full production out of my studio here in Toronto, and am always looking to work with new people! Drop me a line and say hello! Cheers! Jon Mychal www.thesonicspa.com