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Found 13 results

  1. Hi Songstuff Community, I am a Toronto based producer, recording artist, studio owner, and videographer. I create my own audio and visuals as I market myself and those who I work with. This video was shot by an artists friend of mine and edited collaboratively. It captures a raw edge to a TranceHop Live Mix that I put together, blending aspects from SBTRKT, Tyler, The Creator, MGK, & Lil Wayne. I would love to get your feedback and comments on the overall video and audio of this track. This video was shot using: Sony A5000 Mirrorless Camera HD This video was edited using: iMovie FX were created using: After Effects If you enjoy the music and the video, please like, comment, share, & subscribe.
  2. Real Reel to Reel

    There is a wealth of interesting public domain video footage to be found on archive dot org. My bandmate has been wading through it looking for something he could use for a music video. Real Reel to Reel is a song he wrote for this bit from Plan 9 From Outer Space which I was surprised to learn was in the public domain.
  3. Computer Geek

    This is an animation I did for one of my songs. Sometimes ya just gotta have some fun! Rickie
  4. Music video collage

    i did some video editing from old movies about sewing machines :))) on my old homemade song that I have never shown to anyone and I am more satisfied with the video than the music :))) lyrics are in croatian, but there are english subtitles if you're interested but eventually, the catch of this post is funny video, not the music
  5. Mind of Jasmine

    Mind of Jasmine posted to YouTube. Our (Asylum of Truth) first song to go all the way through recording, mixing, and mastering. https://youtu.be/FRT_ULtoo78 For written lyrics, music notation, and bio on Jasmine go to http://asylumoftruth.com has review survey at http://www.asylumoftruth.com/mind-of-jasmine.html thanks
  6. Tips For Making a Music Video

    Making a music video can be a challenging process especially when you are working on a budget. But they prove to be a very important part in presenting and ultimately selling your music to the fans, new and old. Fortunately, the advancement in computer technology has made it easy and affordable to produce decent to great music videos. Making a music video involves a creative process which arguably matches that of making the song itself. The video needs to take the viewer on a journey that aligs with the song itself. The following article gives you an educated insight about the core aspects that go into making a good music video. It also gives you tips that you can use to make most of the resources available and produce a video that you can be happy with. http://www.songstuff.com/recording/article/tips-for-making-a-music-video/ Be sure to share and like the article if you find it useful. If you have any questions, feel free to discuss it on the Songstuff Community Forums.
  7. Beyond Dance Music (Music Video Showcase)

    Nick Festari - Beyond Dance Music (Music Video Showcase) 30 years long music career told in a 6 minutes video with a few "CALL TO ACTION"s
  8. Terrance From 3000 Records

    Hello everyone. I wanted to briefly say "hello" to everyone here after discovering this forum. After 16 years of growing the company "3000 Records" I have decided to spend more time reaching out personally to musicians and bands. We have worked with (ironically) over 3000 bands since 1996 and going strong. Feel free to say "hello" back at me through email or phone.. you can find this on our web site! Cheers, Terrance 3000 Records
  9. Hello all, i'm a singer/songwriter from Northern Ireland and just wanted to share with you a new tune i put together a few weeks ago called Tonight. I was lucky enough to be invited over to perform in Nashville USA at the famous Bluebird Cafe back in June and it was that trip that inspired me to write this song. Its a pretty chilled out tune with a summery feel to it. Check it out below if you have a spare moment for new music. All feedback welcome Cheers Chris http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyFxtLCouiQ
  10. So, Hi everyone my name is Paul and Im new here. Basically I came in to learn, possibly get some collaborations and in general see whats going on. I basically emcee/host and direct music videos and commercials, currently living in Greece, doing well, working with major artists especially in video.... Looking for more!!! (if anyone would like a professional music video it can happen and will be much cheaper if you come to Greece or we could fly out with my DP and post produce it here). You can see my work as an artist here: www.mcpauld.com Thanks
  11. A re-Interpretation and Live Performance of a track from my first album Reflections of the Soul created in 2000. Track Performed on a Korg Kronos 88 using the German Grand Piano. Basically I am going through all my old songs and updating them to a professional level so that I can sell the tracks. While the Roland VA7 is a great keyboard just to much reverb on allot of its instruments so I needed a much higher quality level piano sound. The original can be found in the discography section of my website down the bottom of the page if you wish to compare it. Awe was a song born out of a piano finger exercise on the left hand and as such while I was happy with the tune in 2000 I felt listening back to it it lacked feeling and was a little to mechanical so this is the re-interpretation of that song any comments good, bad or ugly is appreciated.
  12. [media=] my friend Pete Murray from the band(s) LoPro/Ultraspank (on Aaron Lewis' {of Staind} label) guest appears on this track LETTERS NEVER SENT Words & Music by Daren Thomas Turner © 2009 MRI Letters never sent to no one Written out of passion storming Sentences of self destruction Stacked inside a box of donuts Scrawled onto gum wrappers Etched into walls Letters never sent to no one Sticks and stones will break your homework Habit of possessive language Harsh, direct, imperfect wording Scrawled on old newspapers Etched into stones Letters never sent to no one Each replacing of the former Burning not a bridge too far and Close enough to hear some laughter Letters never sent to no one Double negative to grow on.... ---------------------------------------------- MRI is Daren Thomas Turner: vocals (baritone), guitars, loops; Pete Murray [guest appearance]: vocals (tenor); Alan Cruz: percussion; loops Daniel Denial: bass ----------------------------------------------
  13. Donna Dahl Featured Video

    Check out Donna Dahl's video, featured on our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Songstuff