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  1. Hello everyone!! I'm TripMX, an aspiring artist in the music community! I'm starting my newest biggest music campaign ever! This campaign is called "TripMX Great Music Expedition". ***CAMPAIGN LAUNCHED*** [-->>ENTER<<--] What is TripMX Great Music Expedition? TripMX Great Music Expedition is my newest campaign celebrating all the music I've created over the years. It's my way of creatively giving back to the wonderful community that supported me throughout my endeavors. Become an Explorer! As an Explorer, you will have a chance to get your hands on some musical treasure! Simply post that you want to be an Explorer, and I will add you as an Explorer. ***CAMPAIGN DETAILS [SIMPLIFIED]*** 1. Every month has 4 weeks, so here's what will happen each month: Week 1 - PHASE week Week 2 - REQUEST WEEK Week 3 - PHASE week Week 4 - REQUEST WEEK 2. PHASE week A new PHASE song will be introduced with a preview. During PHASE week, Explorers can use the "Mysterious Treasure Map Scanner". The scanner will yield a Discovery Code. Explorers can post ONE Discovery Code in this topic per PHASE week. 3. Discovery Codes Discovery Codes will contain one of the following rewards: Gold Diamonds PHASE SONG (current) VIP Pass 4. REQUEST WEEK Request Rights are the official rights to request a full PHASE song for download during REQUEST WEEK. Discovery Code results are revealed during this week. The Explorers Board is also updated during this week. During REQUEST WEEK, Explorers may exchange items and use their Request Rights. Explorers can post what they want to exchange directly in this topic during REQUEST WEEK. Gold (100) can be exchanged for Diamonds (10). Diamonds (10) can be exchanged for the current PHASE SONG and/or Custom Designs. If you obtain a PHASE SONG, you will also be given the Request Rights to that song. A VIP Pass can be exchanged for the current PHASE SONG or saved for a future PHASE SONG. 5. Explorers Board Explorers will have a place in the "Explorers Board" on the page. You may check these boards to see your stats as well as other Explorers' stats. NOTE: All new Explorers start with 50 Gold and 1 VIP Pass. CAUTION: Please use the [FORUM USERS CLICK HERE] link on the campaign page. ***CAMPAIGN DETAILS [FULL]*** The full campaign details are on the TripMX Great Music Expedition page. I highly recommend that all Explorers take the time to review them. I will update this thread as the campaign progresses. Thank you all very much, and I hope that you can become an Explorer! Campaign Logs Log #1 [02/01/2016] - Campaign Launch Log #2 [02/01/2016] - PHASE 1 START Log #3 [02/08/2016] - PHASE 1 REQUEST WEEK START Log #4 [02/15/2016] - PHASE 2 START Log #5 [02/22/2016] - PHASE 2 REQUEST WEEK START Log #6 [02/29/2016] - PHASE 3 START Log #7 [02/29/2016] - New Custom Design [Flare] added Log #8 [03/07/2016] - PHASE 3 REQUEST WEEK START Log #9 [03/14/2016] - ITEM SHOP added Log #10 [03/14/2016] - Japanese iTunes Card (5000 JPY) and new Custom Design added to item shop. Log #11 [03/14/2016] - PHASE 4 START Log #12 [03/21/2016] - Explorers Board hierarchy is now sorted by Influence and Music Synergy. Log #13 [03/21/2016] - PHASE 4 REQUEST WEEK START Log #14 [03/28/2016] - Changed "THIS Month's Custom Design" to "Featured Custom Design". Log #15 [03/28/2016] - New Featured Custom Design [Reach] added Log #16 [03/28/2016] - PHASE 5 START Log #17 [04/04/2016] - Synergy Selection #1 event announced Log #18 [04/04/2016] - PHASE 5 REQUEST WEEK START Log #19 [04/11/2016] - Synergy Selection #1 event ended Log #20 [04/11/2016] - PHASE 6 START Log #21 [04/18/2016] - PHASE 6 REQUEST WEEK START Log #22 [04/22/2016] - Added "When Doves Cry (High Speed Trip MiX)" to ITEM SHOP (Limited-Time). Log #23 [04/25/2016] - New Featured Custom Design [Enigma] added Log #24 [04/25/2016] - PHASE 7 START Log #25 [05/02/2016] - PHASE 7 REQUEST WEEK START Log #26 [05/09/2016] - PHASE 7 REQUEST WEEK EXTENSION (+1 day) Log #27 [05/10/2016] - PHASE 8 START Log #28 [05/10/2016] - Map Scanner OVERCHARGE announcement Log #29 [05/16/2016] - PHASE 8 REQUEST WEEK START Log #30 [05/23/2016] - New Featured Custom Design [Infinity Bands] added Log #31 [05/23/2016] - PHASE 9 START Log #32 [05/30/2016] - PHASE 9 REQUEST WEEK START Log #33 [06/06/2016] - PHASE 10 START Log #34 [06/06/2016] - Added new Campaign Logo Log #35 [06/04/2016] - PHASE 10 REQUEST WEEK START Log #36 [06/14/2016] - Synergy Selection #2 event announced Log #37 [06/20/2016] - Synergy Selection #2 event concluded Log #38 [06/20/2016] - Added "Mystery Item" to ITEM SHOP Log #39 [06/20/2016] - PHASE 11 START Log #40 [06/20/2016] - New Featured Custom Design [V-Spectrum] added Log #41 [06/27/2016] - PHASE 11 REQUEST WEEK START Log #42 [06/27/2016] - Minor changes made to Featured Custom Design "V-Spectrum" for mobile devices Log #43 [06/27/2016] - "Mystery Item" REVEALED -> New Limited-Time song "Love Triangle (English ver.)" Log #44 [07/04/2016] - "Love Triangle (English ver.)" removed from ITEM SHOP Log #45 [07/04/2016] - PHASE 12 START Log #46 [07/11/2016] - PHASE 12 REQUEST WEEK START Log #47 [07/18/2016] - PHASE 13 START Log #48 [07/18/2016] - New Featured Custom Design [La Rouge] added Log #49 [07/25/2016] - PHASE 13 REQUEST WEEK START Log #50 [08/01/2016] - PHASE 14 START Log #51 [08/01/2016] - Map Scanner OVERCHARGED Log #52 [08/08/2016] - PHASE 14 REQUEST WEEK START Log #53 [08/15/2016] - PHASE 15 START Log #54 [08/15/2016] - New Featured Custom Design [Paintbow] added Log #55 [08/20/2016] - Removed Custom Design [Sparkwave] from the ITEM SHOP Log #56 [08/20/2016] - Added previous Featured Custom Design [Flare] to the ITEM SHOP Log #57 [08/20/2016] - Added a dynamic and semi-dynamic SPECIAL INFORMATION section Log #58 [08/20/2016] - Changed obtained Custom Designs from plain text to visual graphics Log #59 [08/20/2016] - Implemented the new Avatar Extraction System (AE-System) Log #60 [08/22/2016] - PHASE 15 REQUEST WEEK START Log #61 [08/29/2016] - PHASE 16 START Log #62 [08/29/2016] - Introducing CAMPAIGN EXCLUSIVE DEBUT SONGS Log #63 [09/05/2016] - PHASE 16 REQUEST WEEK START Log #64 [09/12/2016] - PHASE 17 START Log #65 [09/12/2016] - New Featured Custom Design [Galaxis] added Log #66 [09/19/2016] - PHASE 17 REQUEST WEEK START Log #67 [09/26/2016] - PHASE 18 START Log #68 [10/04/2016] - PHASE 18 REQUEST WEEK START Log #69 [10/10/2016] - PHASE 19 START Log #70 [10/10/2016] - New Featured Custom Design [Pinque] added Log #71 [10/10/2016] - Added "Mystery Item" to ITEM SHOP Log #72 [10/17/2016] - PHASE 19 REQUEST WEEK START Log #73 [10/17/2016] - AE-System UPDATED with enhancements + 10 NEW avatars Log #74 [10/17/2016] - "Mystery Item" REVEALED -> FRINGE Theme Song (Paranoid MX edit) Log #75 [10/24/2016] - PHASE 20 START Log #76 [10/24/2016] - FRINGE Theme Song (Paranoid MX edit) removed from ITEM SHOP Log #77 [10/24/2016] - Previous Featured Custom Design [Reach] added to ITEM SHOP permanently Log #78 [10/24/2016] - Small modifications to ITEM SHOP Log #79 [10/24/2016] - New campaign PHASE logo added Log #80 [10/31/2016] - PHASE 20 REQUEST WEEK START Log #81 [10/31/2016] - Synergy Selection #3 event announced Log #82 [11/07/2016] - Synergy Selection #3 event concluded Log #83 [11/07/2016] - PHASE 21 START Log #84 [11/07/2016] - New Featured Custom Design [Leylines] added Log #85 [11/07/2016] - Map Scanner OVERCHARGED! Log #86 [11/15/2016] - PHASE 21 REQUEST WEEK START Log #87 [11/22/2016] - PHASE 22 START Log #88 [11/29/2016] - PHASE 22 REQUEST WEEK START Log #89 [12/05/2016] - PHASE 23 START Log #90 [12/05/2016] - New Featured Custom Design [Solar Burst] added Log #91 [12/13/2016] - PHASE 23 REQUEST WEEK START Log #92 [12/16/2016] - Mini RPG Project Announcement Log #93 [12/20/2016] - PHASE 24 START Log #94 [12/20/2016] - Unknown Christmas Gift added to ITEM SHOP Log #95 [12/27/2016] - Christmas Gift REVEALED -> Beat of the Rising Sun (Trip MiX) [Limited-Time] Log #96 [12/27/2016] - PHASE 24 REQUEST WEEK START Log #97 [01/03/2017] - Beat of the Rising Sun (Trip MiX) removed from ITEM SHOP Log #98 [01/03/2017] - PHASE 25 START Log #99 [01/03/2017] - New Featured Custom Design [Tiara] added Log #100 [01/09/2017] - PHASE 25 REQUEST WEEK START Log #101 [01/16/2017] - PHASE 26 START Log #102 [01/16/2017] - Map Scanner OVERCHARGED Log #103 [01/20/2017] - TripMX GME Mini-RPG [AE-RPG System] Integration UPDATE LIVE Log #104 [01/20/2017] - AE-System in ITEM SHOP is now "AE-RPG System" Log #105 [01/20/2017] - 5000JPY iTunes card now replaced by 500JPY iTunes card for reduced cost Log #106 [01/20/2017] - Explorers Board now updated with RPG stats and content Log #107 [01/20/2017] - Influence Ranking table on campaign page has been updated Log #108 [01/20/2017] - TripMX GME Mini-RPG Tutorial video available on YouTube Log #109 [01/24/2017] - TripMX GME Mini-RPG Tutorial added to SPECIAL INFORMATION section Log #110 [01/24/2017] - PHASE 26 REQUEST WEEK START Log #111 [01/30/2017] - PHASE 27 START Log #112 [01/30/2017] - New Featured Custom Design [Optics] added Log #113 [02/01/2017] - TripMX Great Music Expedition 1st Year Anniversary Log #114 [02/01/2017] - ACTIVE MUSIC LIST page link added to main campaign page Log #115 [02/01/2017] - TripMX Great Music Expedition 1st Year Anniversary gifts issued Log #116 [02/07/2017] - "Walking on Fire" added as a FREE DOWNLOAD Log #117 [02/07/2017] - Fixed a critical bug in the TripMX GME Mini-RPG Log #118 [02/07/2017] - ALTERNATIVE campaign site OFFLINE due to domain expiration (!) Log #119 [02/07/2017] - PHASE 27 REQUEST WEEK START Log #120 [02/13/2017] - PHASE 28 START Log #121 [02/21/2017] - PHASE 28 REQUEST WEEK START Log #122 [02/21/2017] - Introducing the new PHASE REVIVAL event Log #123 [02/21/2017] - PHASE REVIVAL 1st WAVE released Log #124 [02/21/2017] - Replaced song previews for Primitive Association, High x Lows, and LEVEL 1 -TripMX
  2. One of my all time favourite songwriting collaborations is that of Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook - the founding members of UK band Squeeze. All the Squeeze hits were co-written by the pair - Chris writing the lyrics first and then Glenn composing the music. Chris has compared the moment he first hears Glenn's compositions as like opening his Christmas presents. I met Glenn Tilbrook last year and shook his hand which was a dream come true for me I'd be interested to know about other Songstuff members' all time favourites........and have you ever met them?
  3. I wrote this originally because I was inspired by Aaliyah's original Back And Forth track. After I recorded this song it became my literal reality and I called my engagement off. I poured a lot into this song. But what do you think?
  4. so first things first, my name is Patrick and i'm from Germany, i love to sing and to writing my own songs in english. by the way i'm 15 years old. i don't even know how to describe myself, but I hope you find it out in my lyrics if you want to. heh thanks to everyone who's giving feedback and viewing my lyrics and I hope you guys do well. See ya, Patrick
  5. Hey Guys! Please give me some feedback on this cover I just created! If you like it please subscribe =D
  6. Hey guys, iv been playing for a year now and i decided to make a solo. I dont have a teacher to analyze my work so it would mean a lot if you guys could listing to my solo and tell me what you think and what i can improve on.
  7. Hello Everyone! My name is Gary, but I call my music project What A Waste. I am a 23 year old musician out of Chesapeake, Virginia. I first learned to play drum's at a young age because my father played, but took up guitar and singing at around age 12. Ever since then I have progressed and taught myself how to play piano and many other instruments. I am looking forward to talking with all of you, hearing your music, and sharing my own! Thanks
  8. electronic Hi. I was saw deadmau5 's masterclass. that get stem multi snowcone, I tried to remix. Thank you for listen. thank you for your feedback. Friends are welcome too.
  9. Have you ever felt really bad about little things like that gift that you really wanted so they bought it and when you got it, said you loved it but it just sat in your closet might sound weird but i just wanted to say sorry that i lost it You asked if i wanted to visit my aunt and I said that I might but I spend the night playing games on the computer then I heard that she died and I sat and watched my mom cry I didn't even know her that well but I'm sorry for just sitting and switching the tv channel it might be random but I just wanted to say sorry because I really am though Its really hard for me to let that shit go say that I'm going to try harder but then I just don't Seriously I'm going to be try harder but honestly I probably won't damn, i don't know.... //CHORUS// I always feel bad about the little shit apologized but when you couldn't hear it had an opportunity but i missed it Im sorry, guess ill try to fix it I always feel bad about the little shit apologized but when you couldn't hear it ill try to try and fail but I suppose that thats expected //VERSE 2// Im sorry that when you asked me to do the dishes i complained and said it waste of my day You said ok, went up stairs and swept the hallway like you did yesterday then went and cleaned my laundry like pretty much everyday, I'm really sorry Im getting choked up while writing this sorry for making so many excuses sorry i couldn't just say it and had to turn it into music This song is starting to feel therapeutic, in opportunity for apology and i don't want to lose it Im sorry you gave me trust and i abused it Told me to stop but i kept on usin instead of homework just turned up my music sorry for the drugs, probably why I'm so f*cked up Im at the point where I'm at a loss for words, don't even know what to say maybe that I'm having a pretty shit day or that I'm sorry for f*cking up and that I'm happy you love me anyway //CHORUS// I always feel bad about the little shit apologized but when you couldn't hear it had an opportunity but i missed it Im sorry, guess ill try to fix it I always feel bad about the little shit apologized but when you couldn't hear it ill try to try and thats a promise Ill do better and you can expect it
  10. I was recently asked about what success means to me as a songwriter and musician. Explaining what this broad term means took me good thought. But recently, something that happened made things much easier for me to answer this question. Every individual is on the journey of finding some purpose in life. There are good times and bad that each of us wade through. Though we cannot possibly quantify all of it in a sentence (or a hundred), there are certain experiences that embrace the essence of it. I’ve been a singer-songwriter for years now and fortunately, being among the right people and the right situation, I’ve been able to make a living out of this. Not long ago, while unwinding among friends, I was asked to sing a couple of songs of mine that they were familiar with. I was happy to oblige as I‘ve been in the past among the same friends. It was a day with amazing food, new friends & family and the energy, so pure and serene. I savoured every bit of singing my heart out. What happened once I finished is what, I think, reasserted my purpose for making music. There were tears, hugs and kisses that came by me. Then it went among each other, where people expressed love and gratitude with heavy emotions. It was a surreal night. I did NOT just say that to praise myself and what I will say next should hopefully clear that. As a musician, a lot of people tell you — “You’ve got to work on your skills to give the listener your best” which is absolutely true. But as the words repeat in your head and outside of it, some tend to lose direction and ego takes over. The pressure to impress rises. But you know, to people with struggles, life goals and the need to find purpose, the only thing that matters is how something makes them feel. One can look over the mountains and be lost in recording the moment with their phones to show the world of their conquest. Another can be lost in the mountains themselves. The sheer beauty of it. Neither of it is necessarily wrong. Believe me, I’ve done both of ‘em. It doesn’t even have to be a mountain. It can supposedly be the ugliest thing in the world, but many see through it and find beauty and peace, in the darkest of moments. These mountains aren’t the way they are because they want to impress somebody. They are what they are, and remain to be, allowing for memories to be made, love to be shared and worries to be forgotten. That evening, I felt like the mountains. Ego had no room because love & gratitude was strong among everyone in the room. Stories and struggles that I don’t know of became the guests that were served; with words and melody. You see, songs don’t have to be good or bad to make people feel that way. They are just catalysts to heal unspoken words and tangled emotions. Success, to me, was seeing this unravel before my eyes and then staying with it, in silence.
  11. I know nothing about composing, but plan on learning lessons on youtube. I am very serious and am willing to put in the effort of many years to become a professional composer. But recognition for my music is my only reason for pursuing composing. All my effort would just be wasted if I can't get my awesome music recognized and featured on youtube, soundcloud, etc. I have a heart condition that could kill me before I get the chance to attain my goal. If I can't attain my goal, then I would not even bother with composing at all. So should I even bother with composing then if this is my only reason for doing it? I don't think it is an idiotic attitude at all. It's no different than how a body builder wishes to attain the goal of being in the magnificent muscular body of his dreams. Otherwise, if he had some sort of condition that somehow prevented him from building muscle, then he would not even bother body building. He would not even bother lifting weights just to lift them and the whole process of lifting weights would now be meaningless to him since he cannot achieve the goal he wanted. Some people would lift those weights anyway. But I know that I wouldn't. So in that same sense, I would not compose just to compose. My reason for composing is to attain that goal of having my music featured and recognized on youtube, soundcloud, etc. You can pay to have your music and videos promoted. Lastly, I have created awesome and strange unique music in my mind that I don't want to go to waste. But the only way for that music to get recognized would be to become a professional composer because that is the only way I can reproduce the music just as I hear it in my mind. I plan on then getting that music promoted on youtube where it can get recognized by many viewers. I do not plan on just getting recognized. It is the music I hear in my mind that I want recognized.
  12. Producing abnormal electronic music and abstract patterns out of Portland, OR. Inspired creative productions while watching Mad Max: Fury Road.
  13. Producing abnormal electronic music and abstract patterns out of Portland, OR
  14. Producing abnormal electronic music and abstract patterns out of Portland, OR.
  15. Hiya everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself and share a bit of my journey! Well, first I'm a singer/songwriter I play guitar, piano...and just recently got back into songwriting...In the past 3 years or so I've been recovering from addiction to alcohol and addiction in general....It's been a long road but I'm committed to sobriety & recovery mainly for the music! It has been what has kept me alive...reminded me of my purpose. I put out an EP in 2013 but only had a couple performances to promote and such because I was basically drunk all the time....a high-functioning drunk, but a drunk at that. I didn't know how to perform sober and it started to really scare me. Long story short, I couldn't keep it together and so to save myself I stopped performing and focused solely on getting sober for quite a few months... I had a rush of inspiration in 2014 after a friend had passed away but then I got scared....all the self-doubt just poured in... it all seemed too much.... so I focused my creative energies on dance, painting and cooking/baking...merely anything to avoid music...but fast forward to this year my grandmother passed and I sang for her and couldn't avoid that it's been so much of my identity and brings so much joy to others even if I don't make money off of it ...singing for my grandma showed me how valuable my gift is. So I guess you could say that now I am giving it "one last shot" in a way....Well, at least I told God like You need to help me, protect me, and strengthen me if this is what I'm meant to do because my fears are trying to bring me down making me feel like I can't handle the emotion of it all again....or give up/sacrifice/bleed for it all over again....I know music isn't what made me drink but it opens up so many emotions and once you share it it's like a drug for other people....I guess I'm just trying to figure out if/when I'll be ready to share my that's kinda where I'm at....I've given myself the deadline of October 31st to finish at least 5 of the main songs I've been working on and decide if I wanna record them or what to do....but wow what a journey it's been I've gone through years of lyrics, journals, past old/unfinished songs to try and find any diamonds in the rough! There's so much I want to say through song and I know I must be patient but at least for October I'm working super hard because I've taken big risks to pull this all together again...mainly that I'm in heaps of debt and been writing part-time as I waitress part-time praying that it's gonna be worth it.....I'll be picking up another job in November to bring in more income so I gotta trust that God will be workin miracles through me this month. I mean it is His work anyway. So any prayers and good thoughts would be greatly appreciated and will be sending the same back to you!! Looking forward to conversing on different topics here and hopefully helping one another out! Love & blessings, Anex
  16. Hello Guys, My name is Larry, Just joined the site. I am looking for artists/songwriters to collaborate with. I have reliable contacts in record labels,TV and advert firms. If your interested in collaborating with me just send me a message. My email address is :
  17. my name is Luisa. you can follow me on instagram, if you want. It's blessedsuffering i listen to a variety of different shit. I'm pretty into Mac Demarco and Tyler The Creator as of right now. I used to be emo, I regret it. Old and nostalgic things make me feel shitty for some reason. I think memes are f*cking cool.
  18. Hi Just released a new song called “Alright Today”! A pretty punk rock song reminding the sound and soul of bands like The Sex Pistols, Oasis, Supergrass… It´s about leaving all problems and relax in the sunshine :-) a real summer tune! Listen here: Punk Rock / Raw Rock is not everybodys favourite, but I like it! I´d love to get some feedback Hope you enjoy cheers
  19. NEW TRACK of ToMix & Genish - Midnight FREE DOWNLOAD in decription!
  20. Hi all, I'm hoping to find some people to do some lyric brainstorming with. I have a few topics I want to start working on but am having a bit of a hard time with some of the words. If anyone is in the same spot, we can help each other hopefully, songwriter to songwriter!
  21. Hey guys! Watch Me Go is about leaving a lasting impression. When a relationship ends (with a lover, friend, boss, etc.), and wanting to give that person one final glimpse so they know we’re OK, that we’re on top of the world…even though we’re not. Lyrics: I’m gonna tighten my lips I’m gonna set my mind I’m gonna wait until the morning Cuz I come alive after midnight I got my skinny tight jeans I got my slicked back hair I feel like ooh I’m ####### ready To pretend that I don’t want you to stare You’ve all got nothing on me Chorus: I don’t want to be alone But I can’t wait to turn you on Turn around And have you watch me go Go home alone but you’ll never know You’ll think I’m running with the best You’ll think I’ve made it after all You’ve got your candy-coated sweetheart Looking happy as pie I got tequila and a cigarette cuz i’m a positive kinda guy I see you headed to the bathroom I think I caught your eye I run my hands through my hair I take a sip and then I head outside You know they’ve got nothing on me Chorus Bridge: Watch me go Even though I’m alone Watch me go Even though I’m alone Watch me go You don’t know I’m alone Watch me go Repeat Chorus x2 Thank you for any feedback!! Micky
  22. Hello!My name is Oliver, I'm a composer. I have written music, since I was 14 years old. I compose songs in different style, and with many instruments. If you are interested in my songs, check my soundcloud, or youtube profile! Check out my patreon profile! youtube: soundcloud:
  23. I usually hum on my android mobile anytime during the day, and then try to play and write the notes (not the chords) roughly on a music sheet. The humming consists of key lyrical words/phrases which need to be worked out by a co-writer lyricist. Also, a pro pianist need to come up with the key chords and maybe a riff. So, I am looking for a lyricist and a pianist (or lyricist/pianist if we are lucky!). I am ready to share the credits equally between the two or three co-writers (melody, lyrics, and chords). My genre is rock, pop, and R&B. I am an Armenian based in Thailand for the past 5 years (and don’t ask me why and how!). I wonder if we can co-write without meeting. In case you listen to my melodies and believe that we can be successful, jump on the next plane to Bangkok and stay in our villa in Chaiyaphum Province until the project is over (food and accommodation on my behalf but you need to cover your return air ticket expenses). Take care and welcome to Thailand.
  24. Hello everyone, I just released a new song! Made this one on iOS (iPhone/iPad) via Xewton Music Studio app, as usual. This took me around 18 hours to finish within a 2-week time span, as I've been quite busy these past moons. Honestly, I didn't think I'd finish this song, but somehow I mustered the strength to finish it. Please enjoy, and thank you all! ***NEW MUSIC RELEASE*** SONG: Darkness Divine || GENRE: Contemporary ***HEADPHONES OR SURROUND SOUND SPEAKERS RECOMMENDED FOR BEST EXPERIENCE***
  25. Hi, This is the kind of thing I do: These are some chart pop ideas for melodies that need homes. Think Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Icona Pop, Max Martin, Dr Luke, Charli XCX, Natalia Kills. I want to write some hits, basically, and I know that I'm only really good for the melody (and, I guess, the chords). I don't consider myself anything more than average in terms of my pop lyric writing and production skills, so I need to hear from lyricists (of which I understand there a few on this forum!) and producers (to make the tracks banging, shit hot, and awesome - not middling, dull and cheesy like my demos!). I also concede that my voice is not right for the material (I'm male, for one thing) - so finding a good singer for demos would be good but that's getting ahead of ourselves. Edit: I especially need to hear from lyricists - I've heard from many talented people, most of whom are producers... but lyricists are in such short supply. If you are a lyricist, hit me up! And if you know someone who is, let them know! Thanks. Hopefully, despite the crude demos, you can feel the strength of the tunes. About me: I am established, in the sense that I'm experienced, good at music, not an idiot, not a timewaster, genuinely interested in getting stuff done. 30 years old, with a resume of variety. I am not going to give a spiel about my successful life full of name drops and spin. Everyone can do that (everyone does!). I'll just let the melodies do the talking - if you like them, send me an email with a SoundCloud link or similar - it can't hurt... Thanks