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Found 106 results

  1. Hi everybody! My name is Tiffany Hill. I love making music. I sing, I perform, I write etc. Alotta different genres. Mainly r and b/soul, and alternative rock. Never heavy meter tho. Anyways, yup yup, that's me in a nutshell I guess lol
  2. Hello Songstuff community, My name is Ken. I'm glad to find a community of people passionate about music and songwriting. I have a day job, family, kids, mortgage, etc., but I've always had dreams of writing songs for other people to hear. Only recently, I realized I can write songs other people can hear even though I have a day job, family, kids, mortgage, etc. Whether they are good or not, I'll let you all decide. I am my own worst critic but I am also not very objective. Although I've always followed and admired songwriters, I haven't written many songs it a 30 year writer's block. Over a couple months this year, I got out of my inertia and tried to write a song a week. I didn't quite get a song a week but I have about 10 songs now and I'd love some feedback. I'll post them gradually, I want to respect the guidelines and offer feedback of my own. The songs are in a rough demo state because I don't have the musical and production talent (and patience) to make them radio if there's any interest, I'd be interested in collaborating (production, singers) to polish them up. My influences are all over the place and range from late 60s/70s era rock and RnB (Bowie, Beatles, Boston, EW&F); 80s new wave and alternative (Smiths, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran), heavy metal (Scorpions, Van Halen) ; 90s alternative rock (Nirvana, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Toad the Wet Sprocket); and current modern rock (Foo Fighters, X Ambassadors, Young the Giant, Panic!), indie, pop, etc. I'm not strong in production, but I love to geek out with gear and software. I don't have much of a budget (family, kids, mortgage, etc.) so I try to get as much mileage out of budget gear. Here's a rundown of my gear: * Reaper DAW * Alesis iO4 interface * Tascam TH-02 headphones * MXL 990 condensor * Ibanez SR885 5-string bass * Fender Tele (made in China) * M-Audio Keystation 49 key controller * various free VSTs I'm looking forward to participating here and hearing some great stuff. Thanks for reading. Cheers.
  3. Hey everyone, looking forward to hearing some great music!
  4. Hey! I just started attempting to song write, and I'm super excited to hear everyone's stuff! I mostly try to make some simple acoustic songs, and usually I fail desperately! I've already heard lots of amazing stuff already in the little bit of time I've been looking, and I'm looking forward to listen to some new art. I hope to learn from many of you, and to get to know you too!
  5. Hello one and all!My name is Joe. I am a professional multi genre lyricist. (Singer/composer/musician.) I happen to have a lot of free time on my hands for the next moth or two so I decide to checkout some forums.I am writing a book on songwriting as well as finishing up a library of content for my blog.I'm here to help others out when I can. Hopefully, I can get some informative feedback from other writers regarding my own works.The only other thing I can tell you, is I am 42 years young and I currently live in Texas.Catch you out there!
  6. Yeah, I am pretty new here. Thought I would submit this, I am a noob to song writing so feel free to tear this apart. Thanks for reading. Chorus 1:I don’t,I don’t even careYa I don’t care anymoreI don’tI don’t even careI don’t care anymoreVerse 1:She don’t look the same wayBrain cells waved byeThe shakes clocked inIs this a reflection?A reflecting sphere?Predict my terminationChrous 2:I don’t Care!Ohhh I don’t CareMomma I don’t CareI don’t care no moreHigh DefinitionSacrifice my wishesI will not bow down to youI don’t Care! Verse 2:Daddy said bye byeYour mind was about to die, dieIt’s okay, it’s okayI know it wasn’t you!I know it wasn’t you!The angerThe angstThe painI know it wasn’t you Momma!I loved you too!I share the same curse as you!The shakesThe emotionsThe strainI know it took a part of youIt will take a part of me too.Verse 3:Ohhh I don’t care no moreI just don’t care anymoreNo G, T, A, CGoing to Kill meOhhh MommaMommaI wished you were dead MommaI’m blessed your shackles are freeFree from high definitionMommaI changed your diapers as you did mineI wish I could have declined.MommaYour will was inside I knew it wasA shell of a beautiful womenMommaI’m a bigger person nowOutro:The past is the pastLearn from itThe future is nearPrepare for itThe present is hereLive it
  7. Hello to anyone reading this... My my name is Steph and I am a junior music education major from Illinois. I'm currently working on some songwriting stuff because I want to be a more well rounded musician and I think being able to create is very important. I hope to teach little kids one day, but my lyric style is a little more adult, content-wise. Hopefully I can get them to a more appropriate level at some point so I can write some songs for young people, too. hope you check out my stuff so I can get some good critiques. "Let music never die in me." -Steph
  8. Here's my latest track. Nobody Gets Out of Here Alive. Check me out on Nobody Gets Out of Here Alive My star crossed lover Watch you falling from the sky A crash of thunder Then you disappear from sight Baptized by fire Lighting my desire And nobody gets out of here alive tonight Nobody gets out of here alive My senses screaming But I don't hear a single word Strangers creeping But careless fingers will get burned I'll beg steal or borrow For another tomorrow But nobody gets out of here alive tonight Nobody gets out of here alive Nobody gets out of here alive tonight Nobody gets out of here alive When it comes I'll run Far from the light When shes gone So long I live another life But I won't dare look twice For I worry that she might return I'll beg steal or borrow For another tomorrow But nobody gets out of here alive tonight Nobody gets out of here alive Nobody gets out of here alive tonight Nobody gets out of here alive Tonight Tonight Tonight Tonight Nobody gets out of here alive tonight Nobody gets out of here alive
  9. so i made this mixtape and im looking for some feedback from people that like hip hop.
  10. Hi , my name is Tez , i am new here , hoping to collab with someone who can make use of my lyrics ,
  11. NEW TRACK of ToMix & Genish - Midnight FREE DOWNLOAD in decription!
  12. Hey. First time poster. This is one I wrote a long time ago. Not sure if I am supposed to say what's the song is actually about but will clarify if asked. Any and all feedback is welcomed. To be played just with one guitar, slowish pace. I am the captain of the ship and you will follow me Even if it's to suicide, follow me Even if we fall overboard, follow me I am the captain of this ship You are standing aboard the good ship discovery You will listen and do as I say So stand down or I'll cast you to the ocean deep I am the captain of this ship This is, the last thing I will say to you Before we roll out to sea I know, man is doomed to die Not while guarded by me Through thunder storms and through hurricanes Through lightning bolts and through tidal waves To the abyss and back again I am the captain of this ship Tonight we set sail in search of our destiny Tonight we set sail in search of the sun And if we don't come home our lives will live in infamy I am the captain of this ship I won't tolerate talk about mutiny You will listen and do as I say So stand down or I'll cast you to the ocean deep I am the captain of this ship This is, the last thing I will say to you Before we roll out to sea I know, man is doomed to die Not while guarded by me Through thunder storms and through hurricanes Through lightning bolts and through tidal waves To the abyss and back again I am the captain of this ship
  13. Hello, My name is Oscar, hello. I am 20 and from Australia, I started song writing last x-mas after learning a bit of piano and I just cant stop! I really want to learn and get feedback from other people, and just want to find out more. I'm looking forward to talking to all of you.
  14. Hey fellow site memebers, My name is Moore and I'm new to this site. It would be nice to connect with people and share inspirations and create new friends in a passion I love. Hope everyone has a good day, Moore x
  15. Hi im stark a hobbyist who likes music ! Im working on a project with my friends we are trying to make a song and we got everything ready except for the lyrics so i came here looking for songwriters to help me complete my goal.
  16. Heyo, I'm Lola, I live in Australia and I am 16. So, I just joined here ( well duh ) and I think music is pretty groovy? I'm not sure what to say, WARNING, I may ramble a tad I really like Twenty One Pilots, Frank Iero, Rise Against, MILK TEETH, Cat Empire and, really I could go one for quite some time. I play electric bass, and am teaching myself piano and that's going quite well. I also write lyrics, which are really shitty at the moment but that's why I've joined here, to improve them. I want to make music after I finish school and I want my music to help people, even if it touches just one person and helps them overcome whatever it is they're going through I feel as if that would be a success to me. Feel free to shoot me a message!
  17. Hey GUYS & GIRLS, My name is Brandon. I'm from Nashville, TN. I wanted to try a forum out to offer any advice that I might have to help you guys and maybe learn a thing or two. I've been all over the world touring professionally for 15 years now. So, whatever you guys want to know or I can help just let me know! I'm a musician first and learning the ways of being an entrepreneur at the same time. My first A-list band I played for was a band called Evanescence. Before you get to excited, I was never a member. I was the funny dude that got to hang with the band in 2003-04 that got to play guitar every once in awhile. From there I've played with Frank Sinatra Jr., Kris Allen (American Idol), and even my own project for Fox's America's Next Greatest Band...It Sucked! Then moved to Nashville! Since then I've been the Christian music genre playing for Sidewalk Prophets, City Harbor, Royal Tailor, Wavorly, to name a few. Then a couple of years ago I wanted to try country. I played with Brandon Lay (Universal Recording Group) and currently playing with Olivia Lane (Big Spark). I own Tour Solutions & Agency. We are a head-hunting agency that seeks musicians and tour personnel for touring commercial artists and managements. Basically, Kelly Clarkson needs a guitar player and a Front of House guy they call us! New adventure and it has been amazing. We are also in the works for a weekly podcast as a free resource for anybody interested in the music industry. It's called Surviving the Music Industry (SMI). My co-host, business partner, and I have a total of 58+ years in this crazy industry. So we want to be a resource that is useful. We invite guests in all aspects of the industry (Stylists, Models, Guitarists, Artists, Techs, Crew, etc.) and get them to share their crazy stories and give you some insight on how they are surviving working in the industry. We are gearing up to release our first episodes in May of 2016. Below is some more info if your tired of me rambling!! Love to help in any advice that I can offer. Talk to you guys soon! 1. Do you sing, play an instrument or instruments? What instruments?Guitar, Banjo, Bass, Keyboards, Accordion, Bazooki, Violin...anything with strings When did you start playing?I studied violin at 6 then picked up a guitar at 16/17. I then studied classical guitar i loved it so much. Did you teach yourself? Guitar...the early years...yes 2. Are you in a band or bands? What is the name of the band? I currently play for Nashville country/pop artist Olivia Lane What do you play? Lead Guitar What other instruments are in the band? Rhythm guitar, Mando, Bass, Drums, and a ton of Tracks Do you have a band website?....She has one somewhere, eh? 3. Do you write songs? Do you write lyrics, music or both? I love writing. I don't get to do it much these days and i decided to shift my focus on other things. I do have a couple of cuts but nothing lucrative what so ever. Do you have a writing partner? This town is built on co-writes 4. Do you record your music? Do you use a home studio? If so what gear do you use? I do have a very basic home set up. My gear is mostly used for live playing than the studio. So much gear, so little space. Do you use a recording studio?I do session work from time to time. I get hired a lot to look and play the parts. Do you have music available on the web? if so where? I decided to support other artists a long time ago and it has been very lucrative for me. Their maybe something out there in the abyss. 5. What other roles do you perform in the music business? Management? Label owner? Publishing? Promotion? Other? I own Tour Solutions & Agency and soon Surviving the Music Industry Podcast. 6. Are you a tech head? eh, yes and no. It has to work for me and what i'm currently doing. 7. What country do you live in? USA 8. What are your ambitions? To be a resource for the Music community and to be the best musician entrepreneur i can be! 9. Do you draw/paint/write stories/computer art/dance or other creative pursuit? No, not really. I work FULL-TIME What are your pastimes?Sports. I like watching just about any sport. But more than anything I love music and people. 10. What would you like to get out of Songstuff? I'd like to meet like minded individuals. Also, I really just want to help anybody that is interested in the music industry. I definitely don't have all the answers. I just have my stories, but I'm happy to share.
  18. Hi I'm new looking for constructive feedback always trying to improve as a writer .
  19. After reading about MS discontinuing updated for 98/vista and constant reminders from many software programs (including chrome) about their subsequent discontinuation of support for Vista, I've decided it's time for a new computer. I've had this vista computer since 2007, I can't get the free upgrade to win10 so I'd have to purchase it separately. Looking at my dated specs I decided it was time. I found a refurb\upgrade on ebay that is still under warranty and fully supported by Dell. The specs are. OS - Windows 10 Pro Harddrive - 2 terabyte @7200 rpm Additional 256gig SSD Ram: 16 Gigs Processor: i7-4790k I checked out a lot of reviews for the product as it's a refurb and a year old. The only caveat gamers have is that the power supply is underpowered as is the video card. If you want to replace the video card you also have to replace the power supply. Don't really care, not a gamer. Care more about the sound processing power and... security. The pro version of windows 10 has added features for greater control over things like ...scheduling updates. It's also (believe it or not) less intrusive and doesn't use your computer like a torrent.
  20. hello just wanted to introduce myself to everyone:)
  21. My name is Jay. I just came across this site by accident, but after taking a look around I'm very excited to join the community and be a part of what looks to be a fantastic forum. Thanks to the creator(s), admin, and whoever else has contributes to the upkeep of the site! Cheers, Jay.
  22. Hello all. Figured I would hop right in and get going. This is something I wrote about a month ago. Wanted to share something. If you see anything that could be improved, or have suggestions for tightening up the flow please let me know. I do love this, but know that all can be improved with editing and care. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading. Rebecca Wind up girl… Little chameleon, little liar Warranting attention When someone desires Withers under the winter snow Blinded with doubt and misery Seeking love in abstract fashion She adorns a cloak for each occasion Mask is worn in grand display So when she comes naked No one knows her She is liar, chameleon Actress acclaimed Bitch for blame Whore of shame Goddess to some And demon Glittering high on her appointed esteem She fits all sizes and sews her dreams Who she is she cannot say She’s been so many Worn different names Writer, daughter, lover, wife Witch, believer, caregiver of strife Whore, slut, psychotic adept Selfish little girl who takes and rants The hand of good The wrath of god The karma queen Of all gone wrong Wind up girl Little liar, chameleon Goddess to some And demon
  23. Hello I like to organize music
  24. Hi everyone! I'm new here and wanted to say hi! I'm a singer-songwriter from St. Louis getting ready to record a new album, and wanting to meet new people and make contacts in the industry. Network, network, NETWORK!!! That's what we're told Looking forward to engaging and showing you some of my music!
  25. HI, my first post. I'm an independent artist (singer/songwriter/musician), grinding it out in western Kentucky. Hoping this forum will lead me to some more productive and creative music.