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Found 14 results

  1. Dear all, I am a singer-songwriter from New Delhi, India. I write for and perform with a voice ensemble by the name of The Manta Sidhu Ensemble. The music leans towards folk-pop. I would love to have you all take the time to go through my music and offer comments, feedback, suggestions...so I may integrate them in my forthcoming collection of songs. Many thanks and warm regards.
  2. Under The Moonlight

    Hi everyone, Never got this song critiqued. I wrote it, came up with the melodies and harmonies and laid down the vocals for the demo (I'm not a singer or rapper). Lyrics below. Let me know what you think in general. I'm just starting to look for pop producers to work with so I'm trying to figure out what songs could attract them to want to collab with me. Thanks in advance! Under The Moonlight LYRICS Verse 1 Hey babe I’ve been looking at you Doing your thing the whole night Had to say something before You walked out my life I don’t got no lines I’m just hoping that I’m your type Cause you’re my type Yeh, eh Eh, eh Pre-chorus One dance Is all I need girl To show Show you my world And maybe We’ll fall in love tonight One dance Is all I need girl To show Show you my world And maybe We’ll fall in love tonight Chorus 1 Under the moonlight (5x) Verse 2 Come with me I can see a smile Coming in It’s starting to show All you gotta do’s take my hand And we can go, oh Get lost in the moment While we’re dancing real slow Real slow Oh, oh Oh, oh Pre-chorus Chorus 1 Bridge Ready Hold on me real steady Don’t worry bout a thing Cause I’mma treat you like a lady Like a diamond Girls like you It’s hard to find them You got something special And that’s why you outshine them It feels Like this right here was meant to be This magic between you and me It’s like we’re starting our story Starting our history Chorus 2 Under the moonlight (9x)
  3. Greetings fellow musicians, This was my first "epic" written and first recorded in 1999, This is the 3rd recording since now that I have access to modern recording techniques. The natural string arrangements took days to piece together but is superior to the original keyboards. Also the first track to feature my new Agile Interceptor 828 Pro.
  4. Greetings all. I'm Andrew Scott (or AndyRooJ as a silly yet unique alias). I am a multi-instrumentalist who loves music and records in a home studio. I teach young aspiring musicians after-hours and plan to complete a new album this year. I'll check out some of your works before posting one of my new tracks Speak soon. Andrew Scott (AndyRooJ) My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb4_8zOkpxxG7xEHxSCxnbg
  5. Wise Man Of Wongo

    I don't really know what to say about this one. Self explanatory I suppose. About a man who went to see a noted wise man. Fictional of course, but maybe some parallels to real things. I appreciate any comments or crits/nits. Wise Man Of Wongo There lives a man in Wongo, who studies all the credos He sits atop a mountain, some say he's a hero In Wongo In Wongo Way up in Wongo Way up in Wongo I climbed the mountain where he sat in a robe of white He said he'd been expecting me,said there was a fight Over mind and matter here to take away my life- Our win has been secured over future hurt and strife In Wongo My eyes were opened In Wongo
  6. The Lady By The Sea

    I know I'm going to go through studio withdrawal soon as I'll be away from it for awhile...so I worked to get this one out. I rewrote some of the words as posted in the lyrics forum.. This is an unusual subject...so I guess that makes me unusual I'll need to work on the drums more....any other suggestions are welcome and thanks! Lady By The Sea- She stands gazing wispy islands far, she's lost her amusement on shame..a wandering thought moving on as a soul..and she sees in the night with no eyes. While darkness is rampant afar, she seeks for a place she can rest,her calls no one hears, as dawn slowly nears. She sees spirits who live behind walls. She's the lady who stands by the sea, sorrows friend crying endlessly..ran away from destiny and it pierced her with arrows of sorrow. She's been dead nearly 200 years, but that really means nothing here, she's caught in between a place like a dream and the spirits know that it's real. Oh where will she go when it's time...the voices that speak they do lie, the choice will be hers and the lessons are learned...as she leaves in the dark, to go home. She's the lady who stands by the sea sorrows friend crying endlessly...ran away from a destiny and it pierced her with arrows of sorrow. Note- I will be improving this mix in the next several weeks.
  7. Hi there, We are S & I, we are a band of two girls and a boy, and are currently working on songs for our album "Gold Rain". In the meantime, we wanted to let you hear some of the things we did to see what You think about it. Re§cue - this song is just the music for now, without the singing. We want to know if it's worth investing in the song and in the Field. Opinions are important to us .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YWWl9Z_YXI https://soundcloud.com/gold-rain/recue
  8. I Hope

    Hey Guys, I'm new here. I am currently writing in Nashville, TN. I'm posting a song called, 'I Hope'. I wrote it with my friend Scott Moffatt. Let me know what you think! Thanks in advance. https://soundcloud.com/jamesmcnair/i-hope-james-mcnair-scott
  9. "if I Wait"

    https://soundcloud.com/michael-amaron/if-i-wait-ep I recently started to record full versions of my songs instead of just acoustic sets. I am mainly a guitar player and vocalist/lyricist so I am a little iffy when it comes to bass and drum parts. I would love to know what you think of my arrangement mainly but any critiques are welcome and helpful. Thanks so much. LYRICS: Lyrics: Starting over...it’s harder than I thought. Each time I screw up, I try to think of little ways to justify my circumstance maybe this is who I am...Is this who I am? And my baby, makes me so much better And yet lately, I’m ashamed each time I let her Down when I don’t follow through. maybe this is who I am...is this who I am. if I wait long enough, all of this will pass If I wait long enough, someday I'll look back and laugh And my heart beat flutters. I'm just trying to survive Every detail going through my mind. I fall Behind but I'm not letting go until I know...is this who I am if I wait long enough, all of this will pass If I wait long enough, someday I'll look back and laugh Impatiently I used to rush the finish but now I slow it down I slow it down, down if I wait long enough, all of this will pass If I wait long enough, someday I'll look back and laugh
  10. So I Made These Two Albums...

    ... and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on them! I spent about 2 years working on these cds and I'm excited to say they're both finally done. The first one is a full length, full band LP called Pixelated Nonsense: http://dantematas.bandcamp.com/album/pixelated-nonsense And the second is a mellow acoustic EP called More Lost Than You: http://dantematas.bandcamp.com/album/more-lost-than-you I also just finished a series of professionally-shot live videos for a bunch of those songs: http://www.youtube.com/user/dantematas?feature=mhee Anyway, let me know what you think! If you like it and you're interested in future updates, here's my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dantematasmusic I'll like you page or subscribe to your channel too! That's how musical communities are formed anyway isn't it? Thanks!
  11. Hi, My name is Nick Thompson and I am a singer/songwriter. I just finished a DEMO version of my new album "Listen For A Sound" and wanted to get some feedback before I re-cut the tracks in the studio. I am looking for feedback on the songs and production. ALSO PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that the drums are programmed drums and I will have a real drummer recorded for the final album version and the mixes are REALLY ROUGH. Be honest and critical if need be. I have thick skin so it won't bother me. LINK TO MUSIC: https://soundcloud.com/nick-thompson-music Thanks everyone!
  12. I was in the barbers getting a hair cut a little while ago , the barbers i go to , the 2 guys who work there are in a band and whenever it's a bit quite in there they get their guitars off the wall and play , it's a great place to go !! We were talking , and the subject of shopping trollies came up , you know you find them everywhere. well i said , "there's even one on the moon" with that bob says "bet you can't get that in a song" with a bit of help from my friend Ron Rouch here's the result. lyrics, there's a bomber plane on the moon it must be there cuz i read it in the press did the pilot just lose his way or did he run out of gas in the milky way ------------------------------------------- there's a shopping trolley on the moon see it right there when you zoom it in did the aliens put it there ? they like to wind us up and they just dont care yes they like to have a laugh and they just dont care. -------------------------------------------------- they put an astronougt on the moon see him right there on the tv screen not everyone thinks its true but it's on the tv so what you gonna do on the tv so it must be true.
  13. Divided They Fall

    This is my band Divided They Fall. Looking to see what people think of our music! Just a warning, we play HEAVY music with melodic choruses. The verses are screamed and the choruses are sung. Let me know what you think, and if you like us check out our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel, etc. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Divided.They.Fall Twitter: https://twitter.com/DividedTheyFall YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/DTFOfficialBand?feature=watch Thanks! -Myles
  14. Where's Dave

    This is a song about taking recreational drugs , or rather the result of doing it to much , it's not about one particular person i know , but the experiences of a few people rolled into one. mainly episodes of paranoia . i picked the name dave because it rhymed with behave sorry to any Daves on site. i did the writing plus rythym guitar / vocals my mate Ron Rouch did the tripping out section ( guitar and vocals ) also did lead guitar/bass/keys lyrics. (chorus) what has my friend been on he's been taking drugs too long he's been acting like a child his eyes looking big and wild just what has dave been on --------------------------------------------------- verse one we got into my car he slams and locks the door whats that noise he said can't hear it ,its in your head is there someone in the trunk ? no - just a load of junk ! -------------------------------------------------- what has my friend been on he's been taking drugs too long he's been acting like a child his eyes looking big and wild a hoby he should find and leave that crap behind just what has dave been on ---------------------------------------------------- verse two you're just being paranoid dave thats no way to behave dave i'm not paranoid man they just think i am man they've got it in for me look police behind a tree , no waaaay ----------------------------------------------------- chorus ------------------------------------------------------- verse 3 well daves in the clinic now he doesn't know why or how into his body drugs he poured till his mind could take no more ------------------------------------------------------- chorus nice to know what you good people think