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Found 7 results

  1. Surviving in Memory

    Something a little pink floydish... Surviving in Memory (The Voice at the Bottom of the Bottle) V1 Don't be cynical Lets drop this damn charade Your life’s a mess and there's only you to blame Your counting on a miracle to somehow change the game but it's too late now welcome to the bed you've made Chorus 1 You’ve lived by the sword Rending hearts with deeds and words Having not a care for those you may have burned So you'll die by the sword It's the destiny you've earned and it's coming down now like a house of cards Tides have turned V2 Is this all you offer me a future of shame and tears Are you happy now with cross that’s yours to bear This isn’t just soliloquy And this bottle you hold so dear Offers nothing more than disgrace and dark despair. Chorus 2 You’ve drowned all your fears in whiskey and beer in a line of women no one would call dear So you’ve mortgaged your years selling out with naught a care now you find yourself alone without a prayer Tides have turned V 3 Tides have turned The verdicts been heard and you can’t escape the judgment now incurred So this pointless masquerade won’t absolve you from your fate Here alone at the point of no return The tides have turned Reprise Its a long way down, can you feel it my friend can you see my concern? It's a long way down, to the point of no return.
  2. Hey this is a cover of Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. I know it isn't that great but I would like opinions. Please don't be too harsh thanks. https://youtu.be/8e6cvd6yT4U
  3. Dogs (Pink Floyd cover)

    Hey all,Finally finished mixing my band's latest installment in our Animals cover - the legendary 17-minute trip that is Dogs. We aimed for something respectful of the original but with a modern sheen. What do ya'll think?!
  4. It's Not What It Seems

    "It's Not What It Seems" This is a song that I threw together around 2007. I never put words to this song. It felt good without lyrics. It was this song that made me realize that the recording techniques are very important. Until I recorded this song, all of my previous songs were recorded poorly. This song recording is not perfect. Yet, it is a vast improvement on my many years of previous recording attempts. I took the time to program a drum loop from patterns installed on my TASCAM 2488 (original version with MIDI TG). The drums fall apart at the end of the song. I recorded the rhythm first on my Strat. Then followed by the bass. I then just noodled around aimlessly on the Les Paul. No pedals, just post reverb added. The amp is a Marshall circa '79 50W with master volume through a 1960AC cabinet. The name came about because the more I listened to the playback, the more it sounded like a butchered Pink Floyd song. So, I named it, "It's Not What It Seems". That will always remind me to be careful about over plagiarizing something that I have heard before. It is NOT a Pink Floyd tune. Therefore, it's not what it seems. http://www.reverbnation.com/BuffaloBluesBand/song/7527549-its-not-what-it-seems
  5. Hello everybody! I'm posting here to introduce you my band called LIES. We are a french band but we know that Nu-Metal still has its basics group and fans base in the US. We've read a lot about Nu-Metal's death since years, and what's often coming out from the discussions (with people who liked the 90'th decade) is some kind of a nostalgic feeling. So we're proud to let you know that our band LIES has just signed to release a pure Nu-Metal album such as you may have expected it still after the 2000'th. I'm the singer of the band, and I'm personally sure that Nu-Metal will be brought back soon in the stream of the music concern. Here is the Teaser of the album that will be released in Marsh, the 18th 2013: And To let you wait until our upcoming new album, we've put the song "Have a cigar" online, a Pink Floyd cover Thanks for your attention and tell me about your reactions, good or bad Ben.
  6. My band! I really want to hear what you have to say! http://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialOracles?feature=mhee http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Oracle/125397080862400 Please like our Facebook page and subscribe to our Youtube channel, we will be uploading more songs in a near future, also, if i see that anyone outside of sweden has liked our page, we will ofcourse write in english! Im 18 and i play guitar, and i have been for about 5 years now. I also write some of the songs and the lyrics, of which im proud of!
  7. http://soundcloud.com/rob-ash-15/chaos-theory I might as well say this here and now, because I made the decision. I'm ditching my profile on this site in a week or two. Online critique forums are not what I hoped they would be, and in light of the (very personal) reasons I am making songs in the first place, are not doing me any real good. It is worth noting that Songstuff has proven, in many ways, to be the exception to a rule I find distasteful and unfortunate. Sites like this are ruined by an extremely small percentage of elitist, asshole, egotistical musicians who think their collective sh*t doesn't stink, and have endowed themselves with special powers and privileges that could only exist in the virtual world of the internet, and in their whacked out imaginations. I choose not to waste any more of my time while a certain few publicly masturbate themselves on sites such as this one. Anyone who does not fit the above description: you know who you are. Stay cool, stay real, and try not to give too much credence to the over-inflated ramblings of a minority group who are years away from realizing they can't actually live a worthwhile life without at least a small measure of good will from all those who don't possess the so-called talent they think they have. What a waste, when your existence is so petty, that that talent is all you really have.