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  1. Hello! This is the 10th iteration of my previous attempts to write a song. I am not a native English speaker so please help me to check if what I am on right now is OK to use in my song. I wanted also to thank everyone who helped me to get to this point of this song version! Those people that offered their comments and critique on previous versions. I hope you could hand me a hand one more time. ====================================== *** Inside Your Game *** Verse 1 Call me, please call me, haul me out the jail I'm in to I'm so tired, tired of watching time, while darkness grows through Play me, like I have no name, frame me inside your game Lie to me, lie but stay with me, you know, I'll never complain Refrain 1 I try again... to get to you but you're starting to play, you're starting to play And though there was no one who won in this game I'm still gonna play the same I try again... thoughts are flying away with no sign of regret with no reason to stay Want them to break free and get out, I don't care while you're still around Verse 2 Days stretching, days get longer, I'm longing to catch sight of you The feeling like storm grows stronger, its wrong and it's past due Bridge Out of my mind! Truth or lie? I have no clue. Are you on my side or am I left behind? It's so uncertain. I can't get close to you Refrain 2 I try again... to get to you but you're starting to play, yeah you're starting to play I know there was no one who won in this game I'm still gonna play the same I try again... thoughts are flying away with no sign of regret with no reason to stay Hoping to get to the firm ground. Lost or found? Ending Call me, I want you to call, my spirit burns, it needs to know I'm tired of being tired, I'm tired of sitting here and just watching time Forever no season lasts but never say never I don't want to know the score, I wanna be inside your game forevermore
  2. I’d rather live in a world without You, than know you’re never here, I cant pretend that it’s okay when I don’t know when you’ll be back, Again, I can't hold it all together when every thing is up in the air, I’m not going to be holding your hand while I'm holding you back, But You must need to know how it is I feel, I’ll love you until until the end of time, Even if you don’t think my feelings Real, But I know it won’t feel like you're mine. You expected the world but now I cant give you my best, I know I’ve disappointed but now we're in different places, I know that you need to go and that your mind needs a rest, You’ll see the world you want to see and meet many new faces, But You must need to know how it is I feel, I’ll love you until until the end of time, Even if you don’t think my feelings Real, But I know it won’t feel like you're mine. I promise I’m not going to hold you back, I'll always have your back, While it maybe doesn’t seen that way, I will always be here waiting, For you to.come and see me, it will always make my heart ache, I don’t want to move on even if you’ll always be see travelling. But You must need to know how it is I feel, I’ll love you until until the end of time, Even if you don’t think my feelings Real, But I know it won’t feel like you're mine. You never asked my opinion, that didn’t help my decision, My minds been away, I’ll still love you until the end of time, My feelings are still real, but I can’t go for the wrong reasons, Can we be together when it doesn’t feel like you’re mine?
  3. Hi, I’m Paul from South Carolina. I’ve been writing poetry for 10 years and I’ve had other people help me translate some of my poems into songs. I can’t sing or play a musical instrument, so I’m totally dependent on other talented people to collaborate with me on the composition. The one thing I have been able to do is A/V editing to incorporate video images with the sound track. My goal is to learn more about song composition so that I can better understand how to get help.
  4. I need some criticism for this piece. It's not completely solid, yet. I hope it doesn't sound too cheesy. I wrote this about an hour ago. It's about 3:40 am right now. sorry I'm not spoiled like you sorry I don't get paid every time i do the dishes like you sorry people like you, more than me sorry you opened your heart for me, but I said run free sorry I declined your kickback, you gave me a panic attack, I'm not even lying about that go f*cking wild in your head and write text posts about me you know damn well I'm just that insane, that I'll be doing the same sorry I'd rather hurt myself than hurt the person standing right in front of me don't you see, I'm f*cking imploding But it's all good cause you got all your friends ready for my exposing Just cause you got more numbers doesn't mean you're better than me this all just feels like a waiting game all these relationships in the end are all the same this is just a long list of bottled emotions I'm not trying to start any commotion
  5. i wanna have my own window to sleep underneath , avoid the monster that cant get to me undersheets cold dark nights so afraid quickend chattering teeth crying for a mother who i could never even see locked away boy just destroyed from these streets wondering what he did to have to runaway beet feet hoping my soul is pure but i feels of ash and reeks brimstone and embers touching my soul ventures a broken path to cover up with laughs of frozen pasts when someone finally giggles at last pains gone shat returned like a pheonix who refuses to die and stay dead pained days i couldnt find ways to just get outta bed if i had a favorite color its red cuz ive seen so much its what ive bled into these words u read
  6. Hello! Have been learning more n more words so i smashed them up and made a poem about them. Feel free to say your opinion about it! Good and bad every reply are more than welcome! I take initiative to difference Climate-change behind corner Nominees are exposed Shepard of God? f*ck you with your gay segregate I seismic toss holes out of moguls Envision all the world leaders Dispatching people / mutilating freedom / hubris is evil Don't disagree - consensus is one of the keys i laud myself i m altruism as hell Embody of Kurt Cobain Think about climate change Overcome your name Elena Ferrante is NoName Cheers! -Noname
  7. In the deep deep forest Is where the crossroad came My worries could not be put to rest I was consumed by fame The fortune was my one interest No matter if what awaited me was the flame With no detour I was lead an alternate way The beast had cowered away once more In time with no delay I began my grand adventure May the gods forever remember this day
  8. I was recently ejected from my relationship - the best five years of my life. My struggles with depression brought no spoils of war, but rather drove the woman I love, far away. Without writing, I have nothing. Please, enjoy these words. I am always seeking to improve, so criticisms are most welcome. I am unsure of whether they should be considered lyrics, or poetry. Whatever they are, their origin is that of my broken heart. The title is, "Gloom." Through countless seasons did I slumber- Behind a guise of untrue qualm. Thy grail of nectarous wine has been spilled. Within a frostbitten home, before a settling winter, I awoke alone. A shortening waistline, through a mirror, she spoke in tongues at bewitching hours. I fell heir to nothing but fault - a villainous plunderer of half-decade, elder courtship. For she must bear a puzzle, I hoped, in a frenzied madness. Some sentence - a skeleton key, to rewind thy pendulum of neglect. Lost within ocular precipitation, I hunt for the jigsaw piece yet. Slaving, slaving - for El Dorado is erected beyond the riddle in her heart. An organ, frozen, though still beating with devotion. To resume midnight slumber, I swallow thy familiar potion. To a nightmare, kneeling shackled on a shoreline, as her newborn sails unravel. Her unyielding hull dexterously separates ice, in thy desolate arctic ocean. She is consumed by the horizon. I carry a hanging head. Again I awaken. And now, in her absence and shame, I dwell for a lifetime. Seeking tales of her prosperity and fruitions, by way of grapevine. Clothed in fatigue, whence yesterday neighbored her and misfortune. At the elbow of relentless bereavement did she radiate yet, remarkably divine. And so, may it be rational for her grasp to loosen, thereafter a fortnight. In the shell of a formerly fortunate gentleman, thy heart stops, cold in moonlight. And in the pursuit of a brighter future, is where I lost a future. Through primeval forests, like a phantom, I flew. From the distance we kept, pestilence grew. Down poisoned throats of the departed, antidotes splash fruitless. Alike pledges from the wholehearted, at the end, render useless.
  9. Hello all. Figured I would hop right in and get going. This is something I wrote about a month ago. Wanted to share something. If you see anything that could be improved, or have suggestions for tightening up the flow please let me know. I do love this, but know that all can be improved with editing and care. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading. Rebecca Wind up girl… Little chameleon, little liar Warranting attention When someone desires Withers under the winter snow Blinded with doubt and misery Seeking love in abstract fashion She adorns a cloak for each occasion Mask is worn in grand display So when she comes naked No one knows her She is liar, chameleon Actress acclaimed Bitch for blame Whore of shame Goddess to some And demon Glittering high on her appointed esteem She fits all sizes and sews her dreams Who she is she cannot say She’s been so many Worn different names Writer, daughter, lover, wife Witch, believer, caregiver of strife Whore, slut, psychotic adept Selfish little girl who takes and rants The hand of good The wrath of god The karma queen Of all gone wrong Wind up girl Little liar, chameleon Goddess to some And demon
  10. She’s a mess of gorgeous chaos And you can see it in her eyes She’s a taste of precious freedom Like when a bird first learns to fly She’s a rediscovered moment In a past that you now know She’s a fire you can’t hold on to And a hand you can’t let go (Chorus) And she knows you Like the ocean knows the shore And she loves you Like no one has before But you stand there With one foot outside the door Thinking she can’t weather Your brief midsummer storm She’s a whisper like an angel Calling to you by your name And a horse out jumping canyons That is much too wild to tame She’s a kiss upon your fingers And a smile that is returned She’s a mention and a hint Of a life you once thought burned Chorus She’s an instant, an eternity A lovely autumn day And a linger of a melody You can’t figure out to play She’s a hope that’s still worth having As she’s moving you along And like the rising of the sun each day Her love is never wrong Chorus
  11. Just something I wrote this morning. I noticed a slight change in my format and presentation. any suggestions for word changes or for tightening up the flow of verse are welcome. Otherwise enjoy and thanks for reading. Wolf Poised in perfect breath waits the sleeping beast Hunger drives her passion happiness is the feast Patience is perfection in light of all defeat Stare at her reflection to filter out deceit She is watching, waiting stillness She is watching, waiting pain Persistence is her honesty she knows what's at stake Poised in tamed anxiety waits the sleeping beast Hunger leaves her thirsty defiance is the beast Patience her companion in this whirling, hurling life Stare at all her demons she will not give into strife She is watching, waiting stillness She is watching, waiting pain Persistence is her honesty she knows what is at stake Patience is her virtue as the walls close tightly in Hunger makes her driven for things that should have been Poised in locked attention direction plain to see Stare down all distraction she is ready to be free R. Grusendorf 4.14.2015
  12. Seeing as my friend would rather go unnanmed I will just explain that they wrote the poem I am reciting in this song. I recorded/ preformed this song and am very proud of this collaboration! Yet again, a friend of mine that wrote this poem was very kind to let me use it within this song ! LEAVE A CRITIQUE PLEASE! Memory Tea.mp3
  13. My latest lament folks, a daring ditty about the existential dilemmas of life and how one can perhaps cope with these seemingly intractable dilemmas,,,,,, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNzCkrcg4wk&list=PLoolcyWFU9ELoI46BmJ1dz0cUxRK62T87 LYRICS Through proud pleasure's profusion Our sacrificial love Brings humble care When life's lazy illusions are abused by Reality's rude shove Let us declare WE SUFFER GENTLY - to energise pure soul WE OFFER CONTENTLY - sad style on trial WE SUFFER GENTLY - to realise each role Exercise control Emphasize our holy prayer You know sorrow tomorrow If dizzy desire Signs that devil old deal Psychedelic, angelic, sweet sticky slick Tricks quick tickling fire While the heavens reveal WE SUFFER GENTLY - every day, either way WE OFFER CONTENTLY - firm thought, self taught WE SUFFER GENTLY - to Karmically pay Calmly to stay Charmingly play for real Softly survive Strive to start what's already done For our slow arrival As part of the Sacred One The deadly debt they forget to mention Nature draining our spiritual light Leads us to Hell So our better intention Is to praise pain in spite Of the stories they tell WE SUFFER GENTLY - to energise pure soul WE OFFER CONTENTLY - sad style on trial WE SUFFER GENTLY - to realise each role Exercise control Emphasize our holy spell WE SUFFER GENTLY - every day, either way WE OFFER CONTENTLY - firm thought, self taught WE SUFFER GENTLY - to Karmically pay Calmly to stay Charmingly play so well    
  14. Ha... I'm actually a little nervous, but from what I've seen the only way to get going is to jump in with both feet and see what happens, so here goes. I've never done this before, so my form may lack musical quality. Any feedback would be helpful, so please feel free to share your thoughts or advice. Thanks for reading guys... White sands of time Wash away tears unshed Lick the tongue with compassion Swallow things unsaid Compress the doe eyed guile Into a form all seeing Witness dawning of sunrise Blanket falls revealing Cover me In psychic stardust Cover me In constant feeling Cover me In love all knowing Understanding Witness universe unfolding Under black of ignorant night Innocence lies in ash now frozen Bleached black in sun lights eye See the path to full fruition Until the death of fear is found While we focus understanding Waking to this ambition Cover me In psychic stardust Cover me In constant feeling Cover me In love all knowing Understanding
  15. A Skid Row Cascade in Bm So you think you're a gambler of the modern age And you run through life like the turn of a page You haven't seen the light or tried to get wise Or taken the time to open up your eyes Chorus: To whats going on Yeah, to whats going on King Lear is in the gutter looking for his fix Tired of the nobles with insidious tricks Of laughing it up, drinking their cup Because deep in his heart he knows he's had enough Chorus: Yeah, Of what is going on Yeah, of whats going on Venus is busy making love a tool To blind the hearts of all of you fools Everybody thinks too much of that immaculate crutch But I say to myself "I have a hunch" Chorus Yeah, of what's going on Yeah, of whats going on John D Rockefeller shed his first tear When he looked through the carnival mirror He leaned on his cane, saw his golden chains And all of these thoughts rushed through his brain Chorus: Yeah, Whats going on? Yeah, whats going on? Bridge: There must be some truth that I can find As I try to scour my conscience mind Sometimes it seems like I am blind Just waiting for some type of sign You sit on the lawn and watch the dauntless pawn Trying to tell the people whats going on You see by his lips that he reads a script You realize quick he doesn't have a grip Yeah, of whats going on Yeah, of whats going on The cathedral is crumbling and it's turning to sand You think the fires of revolution haven't been manned So you sit idly by and watch society die Why don't you take a moment to open up your eyes yeah, to whats going on yeah, to whats going on By Scott Lee https://www.facebook.com/scottleeandthewhiskeyriverboys?ref=hl&bookmark_t=page
  16. SARAH Head stockman for Ned Price her father worked on Magnet Downs; a loner and a bushman who'd a phobia of towns. He loved the isolation of the far north station runs, while Sarah she played carer to his motherless three sons. Year in, year out she kept his house, though yearned a female friend; the long hot nights and lonesome days, they never seemed to end. For sixteen years she played that role, her childhood passed her by, instead of girlish laughter Sarah sought somewhere to cry. Her clothes were men's fare ... shirt and pants ... her hands were callused too; oh how she longed to get away and live like townsfolk do. She dreamed of dresses, dances and the company of friends, but morning light would render all her dreams to dreary ends. A stranger stopped to stay a while for Ned had found him work, his ways were flash and carefree, while his smile was more a smirk. He sensed the insecurity that plagued poor Sarah's life, then played upon her heartstrings, though his song was penned with strife. So masterful the melodies, they stole sweet Sarah’s heart, within the month she’d left with him; this man she called ... her Bart. For near nine months they lived as swells and tasted town delights, till deep in debt and desperate they fled like frightened kites. Bart headed for the Bloomfield, where he'd mined for tin before, and home would be a shanty isolated from the law. Exhausted and her child near due poor Sarah lived in dread of life in isolation and the gloom which lay ahead. She raised her first-born daughter by the Bloomfield's Upper Arm and Bart the artful lover ... well ... he’d lost his luring charm. He'd fossick for their livelihood, which sometimes paid quite well, but Bart would go on drunken sprees and leave them in that hell. So often left with little food, bush tucker was their fare until her demon reappeared. Complain? She did not dare. She'd been the subject of his rage on more than one account, so for her little daughter's sake, this ploy was paramount. Her lot was further burdened for within her womb there lay, the miracle of life once more; a son now on his way. 'Twas just another mouth to feed ... was what filled Sarah's head, no sparkle filled this mother's eyes; salt water welled instead. Most fathers would be jubilant to have a new born son, but love was some forsaken thing and Bart had room for none. He often binged in China Camp for rum had claimed his brain, while Sarah's isolation slowly sent the girl insane. Like feral creatures of the bush her infants roamed at will and Sarah's soul just pined away till slowly she grew ill. 'Twas in the early part of June, the day she turned eighteen, that drunken creature known as Bart returned upon the scene. He found the shanty empty and devoid of human form, the silence ... like a deathly calm that comes before the storm. From constant bingeing on the rum Bart thought his head would burst, so staggered down towards the creek to quench his fiery thirst. Then as he cupped its contents, which was cold and crystal clear, Bart's face became so ghostly white; his eyes were filled with fear. For in its depths he saw three forms all pale and void of life; the family he'd never known ... his children and his wife. He buried them beside its bank, then simply walked away and where Bart went ... well no one cared ... not even to this day. It seems poor Sarah lost her mind and did what she thought best; she drowned her infants, then herself. She found eternal rest. An old man just some months ago recalled this tale to me, I know it made me cry a lot. Did it do that to thee? And LORD ... when it comes time to judge the living and the dead please think of Sarah and her kids ... you saw the life they led. © Merv Webster This tale was related to me by an old friend. Apparently it took place in Northern Queensland, but the names have been changed. My wife when she read the poem asked what eventually happened to Bart. My reply was, “No one really seemed to care. Sadly, there have been lots of Sarah's in this life. To their memories.
  17. When I was little I witnessed my mom make the wall red, The wall had a dent, and there was a lump on my brother’s head. When I was little I witnessed my mom make my skin blue, My leg looked like a canvas with the drawing of a shoe. When I was little I heard my mom deny me as her daughter Yet convince a strange man that he was my father. When I was little I heard my mom yell with all her might, Full of anger, every day she would pick another fight. As I grew older I witnessed my brother and sister leave My mom casted them away with a look of relief. As I grew older I became my mom’s caretaker, She would pull me out of school to take care of her everywhere. As I grew older my mom’s web of lies became untangled, Yet nobody cares how many lives my mom has mangled. They think it’s okay and that we should just forgive and forget, But she’s the contribution to all the problems I regret. I have never once heard my mom apologize for any of her actions And she will never understand that she has caused horrible reactions. Yet she is the one who took hold of me you see my real mommy wasn't very motherly. I don't know if should be grateful or hateful, I mean she took care of me but made me unstable. I suppose it's okay today she helped influence who I am I just need to let things go and enjoy life as much as I can.
  18. Hey! I am a singer-songwriter from Estonia. This is my first single "Subtle" from my first album "To Console the Inconsolable" http://aboutpoetry.bandcamp.com/ The video is also made by myself http://youtu.be/MG9Yw0S7GDY What do you think? If you like it, feel free to share it on your facebook Peace! Maarja https://www.facebook.com/aboutpoetrypage
  19. Hey! I am a singer-songwriter and I just released my debut album on my own. It's like a poetry book/CD. Check out here: http://aboutpoetry.bandcamp.com/ Let me know what you think! Also, do you have any suggestions, how to promote it on the internet now that it's out? I would be happy for any kind of advice. Love! Maarja https://www.facebook.com/aboutpoetrypage
  20. Falling Is not the coming down Is not the claw Is not the reason Falling Is an embrace Is a doorway Is a silence Flying Is the pull and pull upwards Is black ice wind Is a seeing Flying Is not escape Is not a turning away Is not on painless wings Wings Claw the air The Air Claws back Wings Push into a sky so heavy In the frozen height But only height Lays out the earth Only height Can open eyes Only height Surrenders Never Surrender is the weary wing Surrender is the eye that sees, And having seen will Close Surrender is the weary wing That folds itself And lets the Flight Become the Fall.
  21. Hello! I am a singer-songwriter from Estonia. I just released my first album (which is like a poetry book/CD) on my own. I am looking for ways to get to people. Feel free to share my music. Check out my music here: http://www.youtube.com/user/aboutpoetry And if you like it, you can buy it here: http://aboutpoetry.bandcamp.com/ Or just let me know what you think! Peace! Maarja https://www.facebook.com/aboutpoetrypage
  22. I gambled it all into one, not so wise but it's already done it was almost my time to turn the card around and see what it will bring me, I'm hoping it works just like it did for him but in the end he is captain of the football team he can gamble it all in and get it all right out, doesn't even need to see the card to find what he's already figured out. But now it was my turn to see if this could somehow pay off for me, then I hoped as she turned around praying to hear the words come out of her mouth, I couldn't believe it, it was the moment of truth for me! but instead she said, "I'm sorry no, but that was sweet." Hope you guys enjoyed this poem, it' about a guy who likes a girl and he just goes straight in and tells her, the football captain already he knows he got the girl before they even reply. I just wanted you to understand the poem if you hadn't figured it out already . More poetry coming soon! -Trent.
  23. Song 1 I wish I knew you Yet I barely know me Wishing is for the hopeful Yet we can believe one day we’ll see That beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder Love has moved mountains Why can’t it move a boulder? An obstacle in your way At first glance, has got you at dismay But know this; your troubles will set in the past Your actions are what are left to last You learn to realize you’re self And be good to others There is Too many kids here without mothers Through war, through neglect, through irresponsibility Has left these kids thinking they don’t have the ability To make a difference It’s hard to dream when you’ve never seen a white picket fence Till the day you realize That your dreams are for you to visualize Life’s serious but you shouldn’t take it like that Every day is an inning at bat Anything could happen As long as you don’t sit back and watch your own closed caption When I think of love I am instantly lost It’s hard to believe that a man like me Could have his heart glazed with frost But I know I’m the one who’s let my dreams go soft Song 2 Love life, love the strife, keep pushing on. Don't accept where you’ve been, accept the fact that you will never know when. You could be greater then you have ever been Is it the music that keeps me going Is it the hardships that keep me flowing Is it really a certain sound that brings me joy I could talk all day About what brings a smile Some people never learned to turn to that dial And that’s okay But Not with me The mass will never see That I keep truth hidden But I shower my love with the lost of the forbidden To my kin to my friends to the ones Who run on ends They say metaphors Are the best way to teach But when your saying you feel like big meech People gonna question And they got the right to Its just what people do But listen to a man who has had his heart broke Im talking real shit this aint no joke Keep yourself in line With what you choose to define Nothings better than being kind You should take that as a sign To move past your troubles History has shown What you put forth only doubles Now tell me What do you live for Is it a great man in a book Did science get you with a hook Life gives you a choice Read a book and find out you got a voice Then speak out and rejoice Because as long as your loving me There aint nothing left to see A Beat a rhyme Anyone could use a dime Aloe needs a dollar and he’ll give you the time I need a buck so I gave you this rhyme As I look at the time I realize My song is mixed emotions that I comprise All along and I am just looking for love In all the wrong places Cant say I don’t fall for cute faces Now heres something for me to look back on 21 right now but damn ive never more on the plow Hits of today will be classics and considered to be risqué And I love my life, I love all the strife Sometimes it takes the cut of a knife To bring you back to life Would greatly appreciate feedback and criticism of any sort. I am looking for some direction to take my songs. Thank you for your time
  24. She is waiting in time's shadow Wrapped in night's whisper Fever crowns her head with fire She wears illness as her garment Heartache is her design Her soulless eyes reflect Absence of life Her mouth draws breath Leaving emptiness She lifts life's veil Death embraces sorrow Flowers blanket stone memories Grief weeps to an orchestra of pain
  25. Praying all day everyday im fallin to my knees asking the Lord to help guide and forgive me. Silently lying on my bed thinkin then it pours. The thunder roars My heart dying to release the pain, needin to breathe... All the hurt nd confusion raining down to my feet. Im floatin to God hoping/ knowing he'll catch and save me... I gotta go you ever hear the sound of your momo tears fallin hard down her cheeks!... Sometimes it's like their fallin right onside of me Late at night when everybodies sleep I gotta be strong because the only one hearing is me Damn why the only one have to be hearing is me,, Never feeling complete her energy level at peek! Hopin that cry I sent to heaven would shower back on me He spoke to me, told me I was right where im supposed to be. That hurt that fear that unnecessary bs finally leavn plz..! Chapter 19 n 1/3 im feelin so serene. Today bday day #148 Where mi cake n ice-cream?! I gotta make up for that time, live my life for her dreams! Lord forgive me bt tonight ima pour it up and light up that green. For my momo ima fill up this dark ass sky with something grey n mean... The scent of cloud 9 glidin peacefully...Whats wrong with me... Lay back crack am joke, smile as silly ass smile type up my thoughts Chill in my bed, listen to music watch her sleep for a while.. But b4 I close my eyes, I say my prayer outloud. Kb