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Found 37 results

  1. Producer from Norway

    Hi there! I just joined this forum, to have an easier access to others in the music industry! I'm a music producer and composer from Norway, running my own studio. Looking forward to check out some new music and contribute in music forums! - Sander Amadeus Thoresen :):)
  2. I made music using the crying laughing emoji! 😂 This is my first attempt at creating a MIDI drawing that actually sounds good. It ended up being an epic orchestral piece with jazzy chords! What do you think? 👌🏼💯🔥
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a pop songwriter. Live in the NYC area now. Have been writing songs on and off for years. Last worked with a few producers in Los Angeles when I used to live there. My goal right now is to find a producer that wants to collab with me. They send me the beats, I create demos with the ones I like (lyrics, melodies, vocals). Ideally I would like to work with someone who is connected in the industry so that we can pitch the songs we make. I'm not looking to work with producers that want to be artists, and therefore will try to keep the songs to themselves, or any shady characters. Contracts will be drawn up for every song we work on. My demos can be heard below. Looking forward to hopefully getting some responses. DEMOS
  4. Under The Moonlight

    Hi everyone, Never got this song critiqued. I wrote it, came up with the melodies and harmonies and laid down the vocals for the demo (I'm not a singer or rapper). Lyrics below. Let me know what you think in general. I'm just starting to look for pop producers to work with so I'm trying to figure out what songs could attract them to want to collab with me. Thanks in advance! Under The Moonlight LYRICS Verse 1 Hey babe I’ve been looking at you Doing your thing the whole night Had to say something before You walked out my life I don’t got no lines I’m just hoping that I’m your type Cause you’re my type Yeh, eh Eh, eh Pre-chorus One dance Is all I need girl To show Show you my world And maybe We’ll fall in love tonight One dance Is all I need girl To show Show you my world And maybe We’ll fall in love tonight Chorus 1 Under the moonlight (5x) Verse 2 Come with me I can see a smile Coming in It’s starting to show All you gotta do’s take my hand And we can go, oh Get lost in the moment While we’re dancing real slow Real slow Oh, oh Oh, oh Pre-chorus Chorus 1 Bridge Ready Hold on me real steady Don’t worry bout a thing Cause I’mma treat you like a lady Like a diamond Girls like you It’s hard to find them You got something special And that’s why you outshine them It feels Like this right here was meant to be This magic between you and me It’s like we’re starting our story Starting our history Chorus 2 Under the moonlight (9x)
  5. Hello Songstuff Community, I am Palm Baker, and I am a Toronto based music producer, studio owner, and recording artist. My journey as a musician started with a cheap guitar at a young age. I have since learnt guitar, along with piano and a handful of classical brass instruments. Aside from being a multi-instrumentalist, I am also a studio engineer. Building my first studio four years back in the basement of a London, ON. apartment, I began working with friends and close networks to figure out the ropes. I have since worked with artists and producers across Canada, the United States, and even one team of EDM producers and rappers from Sweden. As an artist I have performed across venues in Toronto, ON. Some of these venues include The Opera House, Revival Bar, & The Mod Club. To organize my live set I use the Roland DJ 808 where I can control my studio produced tracks along with my vocals mic-ed through a vocal processor that lets me control Volume, EQ, Pitch, and Reverb. Here at Songstuff I hope to develop networks and build my company, while sharing feedback and my music. Looking forward to what this community has to offer. All the best, Baker
  6. Established & successful electronic producer here looking for lyricists to collaborate on forthcoming new album. Although I work in the world of electronic music I'm looking for lyricists of all styles; poignant, emotional lyrics with depth. I'm great melodically but struggle lyrically, have worked with some great artists over the past 20 years including Sarah Mclaghlan, Carla Werner, Clare Stagg, Roger D. Smith, IKO, Hurts etc. Based in Wales, UK.
  7. Hey All, I'm Andy. Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland and now living in Belfast, PEI (Canada). I have been a musician and songwriter for many years now. Mostly involved with Contemporary Christian Music (CCM). I have written several songs that have been published and covered by some top artsists within the CCM industry (Chris Tomlin, Toby Mac, Robin Mark etc). I now run a small music production company called April Audio. The basic idea is that I take your rough song recordings and produce a full band version that you can either sing the vocals over yourself or let me provide a pro singer. I can work with any style really. Favourite bands include Led Zeppelin, Simon & Garfunkle, Muse, Kris Kristofferson, Larry Norman, Carpark North, Sigur Ros.... Looking forward to connecting with you guys and girls and hearing lots of great new songs. Andy
  8. Hello, my name is Ronaldo and I am a Brazilian songwriter with a few songs released commercially, plus some independent tracks available (most of them through collaborations I was able to find here in this forum). I'm starting a project with some colleagues called Sharp Radar. Our goal is to connect songwriters and singers and make great music together. A lot of times, people have something with huge potential in their hands (either lyrics, music or a voice...), but can't find other people who might have the parts they are missing. We believe that internet should be a very powerful tool to allow this type of collaborations to come true and we think this project brings the vision, the focus and the organization to accomplish that. It is a quest for synergy, above all. In this first stage of the project, we are building a close team of songwriters, who will, later, create music for/with the singers we will bring to the project (chosen by the songwriters themselves, as this will work as a collective). We are currently finishing our web site, where you can find all the details about how we plan this to work: http://sharpradar.biz.tm/ I know there are many lyricists here (being one myself), so I would like to point out that we certainly have space for top-line writers (those who write lyrics over pre-existing music). Whether you are a songwriter, a producer or a top-line writer, feel free to get in touch. If you might have any questions or would like to know anything else about the project, feel free to ask and I will answer as soon as possible. You can ask here in the forum, send me a personal message, contact us by the website... Looking forward to hear from the great community we have here!
  9. Dave Michels

    Hi Everyone I'm Dave Michels, I' m 50, NY born, raised in CA, in 1983 went to Europe for about 13 yrs toured in 2 different bands(Perfect Stranger & Holey Wood) all over Europe as the lead singer, did a lot of studio time for commercials, vocals for many other artists projects, background vocals, voice overs & also had my own studio called Froggy Studios where I helped local up and comers to get into the music industry over in Europe. Moved back to AZ met up with John Nightwolf and grounded Stress Monkey, left AZ in 2006 moved to S.E Asia, eventually landed on the beautiful island of Borneo where I owned several tourism based businesses in different parts of Malaysia, sold them all off in 2010 and retired, bored of retirement I opened up BTW Music here in Kota Kinabalu, Now I support local artists and help record, promote & market them for free or donations. I feel its a awesome way of giving back to a music industry that has been very good to me. I'm very happily married and we travel several times per year all over the world, we are foodies and love to blog about our adventures as well as where we eat & go out to. I don't drink or smoke pretty much a healthy person through and through 1. Do you sing, play an instrument or instruments? What instruments? Vocals, Guitar, bit of keys When did you start playing? 18 Did you teach yourself? Yes 2. Are you in a band or bands? What is the name of the band? Stress Monkey What do you play? Anything that is needed What other instruments are in the band? Anything that is needed Do you have a band website? Label https://www.facebook.com/BTWMusic.My/ 3. Do you write songs? Do you write lyrics, music or both? Both Do you have a writing partner? Team 4. Do you record your music? Do you use a home studio? If so what gear do you use? DAW : Mixcraft 7 pro(about 310 Effects, 50 instruments), USB Interface : focusrite 2i2, Analog Interface Tascam 488MKII(Run all my physical instruments through here and the 2 outs go into my Focusrite 2i2 to keep plug in & out wear & tear down), Midi controller : xkey m.......... too much to list Do you use a recording studio? BTW Music, Ram studios & Megaboogie studios Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia Do you have music available on the web? if so where? https://www.facebook.com/BTWMusic.My/ also 5. What other roles do you perform in the music business? Management? Label owner? Publishing? Promotion? Other? Everyone listed & more 6. Are you a tech head? Yes 7. What country do you live in? I live on the Island of Borneo in Kota Kinabalu Malaysia 8. What are your ambitions? Already reached them, retire by 50 on a beautiful Island in the middle of a tropical region & be very involved in the local music industry 9. Do you draw/paint/write stories/computer art/dance or other creative pursuit? No What are your pastimes? 10. What would you like to get out of Songstuff? 1. Collaborations, 2. Points of view, 3. Feedback & 4. Intl. Friendships Thx for reading Dave Michels BTW Music
  10. Watch Me Go (New Song 2016)

    Hey guys! https://soundcloud.com/micky-shiloah/watch-me-go-shiloah Watch Me Go is about leaving a lasting impression. When a relationship ends (with a lover, friend, boss, etc.), and wanting to give that person one final glimpse so they know we’re OK, that we’re on top of the world…even though we’re not. Lyrics: I’m gonna tighten my lips I’m gonna set my mind I’m gonna wait until the morning Cuz I come alive after midnight I got my skinny tight jeans I got my slicked back hair I feel like ooh I’m ####### ready To pretend that I don’t want you to stare You’ve all got nothing on me Chorus: I don’t want to be alone But I can’t wait to turn you on Turn around And have you watch me go Go home alone but you’ll never know You’ll think I’m running with the best You’ll think I’ve made it after all You’ve got your candy-coated sweetheart Looking happy as pie I got tequila and a cigarette cuz i’m a positive kinda guy I see you headed to the bathroom I think I caught your eye I run my hands through my hair I take a sip and then I head outside You know they’ve got nothing on me Chorus Bridge: Watch me go Even though I’m alone Watch me go Even though I’m alone Watch me go You don’t know I’m alone Watch me go Repeat Chorus x2 Thank you for any feedback!! Micky
  11. Sleepless In Seattle

    Hi everyone My name is Edward Bryant and I own and operate Dreamweaver Studios near Seattle Washington. I love composing and performing all sorts of music and most of all I love to collaborate with other artists. I heard about this site from other members I've collaborated with via Soundcloud (hello Gry and David ) and signed up in hopes of meeting and collaborating with new artists. I'll be lurking about the forums so be prepared =)
  12. What's up, everybody? I go by SilverDollar. I write my own songs, make my own beats, and record my own songs all by myself. My songs are 100% clean but still manage to capture different types of styles and feels. I'm currently working on a mixtape that will drop this summer. I would be willing to collab with people if they you want to- just email me at silverdollar.rap@gmail.com. Nice to be a part of this forum!
  13. I am a singer/songwriter in need of a producer. I have rough versions of songs I can send anyone who is interested. I write the songs just plunking out some chords on the piano. My style is somewhere between Lana Del Rey and Zella Day.
  14. Here is a very different and interesting collaboration idea. NRK, Norway's public broadcaster, recently released the rules for its Melodi Grand Prix 2015 (http://fido.nrk.no/54f6f3040ee480e2ea9fe2d9ed6f3aa2942beae7bbbb72e10d799ccb1a1b8a8b/pamelding2015.pdf - it's in norwegian, but Google Translator helps a lot). For those who don't know it, it is a big television show where they choose the song that will compete at the Eurovision Song Contest. As happened last year, they will allow songwriters from any nationality to take part. So, anyone can write a song and send to them. The jury then listens to every song and chooses a few for the TV show. If your song is chosen, they have the right to select a new singer to perform it live, probably a norwegian one. I've participated before, but never made it to the live show. Last year, they received around 600 songs and had to choose only 15. So it is pretty tough competition. What is my general idea? I can mostly contribute with lyrics and melody. I'm not a good singer and I don't have much experience playing instruments, so I don't think I can help a lot with the recording itself, if we want to do something at a more "professional" level. Regarding style/themes, I don't have any preferences. In projects like this, I usually find a singer, first, and then write something that fits him/her. In this case, I think we can do anything, there is no "pre-concept" here. Who do I need? - Someone who can create and play music (the "backing track"). It doesn't have to be an experienced producer (but it can, if you are avaliable ), it can be just someone who can play guitar. As long as it fits the song and sounds good, that's perfect. - A singer. If he/she wants, he/she can also contributes with the songwriting, of course. Just remember that this is only about recording a demo song. If the song ends up being selected, NRK may pick a new singer, so there is no long-term compromise here. - Other songwriters? I can write the song by myself, if no one shows up, but I think it would be cool to collaborate with other songwriters, as well. Getting different opinions, building some synergy... There is a lot of room for ideas here. Whens and Hows? We have to create, record and send the song by September 1st. That means we don't have a lot of time, so we should start as soon as possible. All the songwriters will be credited as songwriters (of course ), so the rights will be shared equally. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. You can also send me a personal message, if you prefer. Looking forward to see who wants to join this!
  15. Newly released today from The Netherlands. (My own contribution was co-writing the lyrics on Track 4 together with singer BOB (aka LoveHurts http://forums.songstuff.com/index.php?app=core&module=modcp&do=editmember&mid=9636) who performed and wrote the music) Querist artist description: "I'm a producer, a re-mixer, and a musician. I rock analog synths and drone guitars and basses. Bass player for 'The Light Parade' and part of 'When Logic Fails' " The album involves contributions from various artists including Elektrolove, BOB, members of 'The Light Parade' & 'About Today'. Available on the following links: https://play.spotify.com/album/2Rwtw2RSVUujVPCAkN6nYt https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/choosing-sides/id880211538 Album trailer:
  16. hey, I'm an aspiring singer from Chile, I'm 15 and I'm searching for a producer to collaborate with me if you're looking to produce for artists, contact me and I'll send you some acapella demos for you to have an idea of my voice and style. I'm looking for synth-pop, indie beats. I love beats like this: (Please do not place a link to a video with a Parental Warning here) so if you can do something similar it would be amazing contact: (please do not put any contact details within a post)
  17. Hello! I'm an ameture producer but i want to be pro. I am looking for singers to help me with my demos. I'm into pop/dance music, so lady gaga, kesha and electronic music like zedd and deadmau5. Here is some of my work without singing or lyrics Please contact me and lets practice and make some fun music!
  18. Hi were A&W two producers/Dj's and we are looking for some vocalists as we believe our tracks would benefit a lot from vocals. We are mainly looking for EDM or progressive/House vocals so if you interested message me or contact me on will.mw@hotmail.co.uk. Here is our Soundcloud so you can get a better idea of what we are about: https://soundcloud.com/a-w-official
  19. Hey everybody, I'm a producer of various genres of electronic music, but I mainly focus on progressive and electro house. I recently finished a track: https://soundcloud.com/romos-1/romos-telemores-radio-edit that I think would go great with a vocalist. (The first verse would probably start at 30 seconds in after the intro) If you're interested in collabing, you can hit me up at itsromosx@gmail.com Thanks!
  20. I've got a dancepop song ready. Everything's done and all we need is a producer who can remake the backing track of the song If you wanna work, den add me up at www.facebook.com/alexx.zade
  21. Okay! So! Hey guys. I just wanted to share my new remix with you. I've never produced something like this, and I'm really satisfied. I hope you like it aswell! Peace
  22. Do You Need A (Dance) Remix Of Your Song

    Hi there, I'm a remixer, from Barcelona. I've been remixing for 10 years now, participating mostly in contests, and almost getting tjere lately, as I remixed ''love revolution'' for Levi Kreis' EP, and 3 remixes for Olivia newton-john's upcoming new album. Please check out my site where you can see/hear the knind of music I make (my references are Moto&Blanco and Freemasons, all from Brighton) http://davidhornos.com/ To star working, all I need is your (clean) acapella vocals Cheers, David
  23. Greetings, I'm Greg Anderson, a producer/composer/songwriter in Atlanta, GA. I compose music for film/tv as well as for recording artists. I've had my music featured on television shows as well as composed original scores for short films. I'm always looking for talented singer/songwriters to collaborate with on various projects. I'm very professional and timely when it comes to work. I also operate with honesty and fairness when it comes to business. I look forward to hearing from other members. You can check some of my music out at http://www.soundcloud.com/gregandersonmusic. Peace, GA
  24. Hello all Hope you guys having a good day I'm creating progressive house tracks in the style like this And i'm happy tell you that most of my songs are getting released soon on labels:)And you could check out my other tracks too! I'm a multi genre EDM artist I've got a new melody and i want to make a vocal progressive house track! If you have any unused vocal stems or you want to write a new and record new vocals I would like to work with it! Better if its something around 128bmp! It doesn't have to be much! But something nice and meaninfull enough to create a feeling i guess! I think you get what i'm saying and you guys do listen to edm so If any of you are interested please let me know:) Looking forward to hear from you guys Cheers! -Inspector Bass Talk to me on facebook: facebook.com/inspectorbass twitter : twitter.com/inspect0rbass soundcloud : soundcloud.com/inspectorbass
  25. Hi, I'm a dutch producer and looking for vocals. I have some tracks ready, but I'm also looking for a writer/ singer to write tracks with together. If you give me a song I like, I might make it to a fully produced song. Can be almost any type of music, aslong it's mostly electronic. This would be just for fun, but maybe it will lead to something good ) It would be very convenient if you live in holland, but maybe it's also possible over internet. Listen to some stuff on: https://soundcloud.com/dither-noize Thanks! Thomas.