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Found 41 results

  1. How did they do it?

    Hi all, I'm listening to George Maple and I wonder how did do one achieve the bongo effect that runs throughout the song. it sounds like the left side is the source and the right side is the reverb sound Can someone back engineer it?
  2. Getting it at the source?

    So I have this cooky idea that the reason I haven't been getting phenomenal mixes is I don't "get it at the source". The biggest reason I think this is because of what happened when I just took my condensor mic, put it in a shoe, placed it in front of my amp with no soundproofing or anything, re-recorded the bass and guitars for a song I couldn't do anything with and suddenly it was just like... there was information to work with, I had WIGGLE ROOM. It seemed like direct-in just had no girth in the sound, it was paper thin. So this has me very curious, if that big of a difference was made sticking a vocal condensor mic in a shoe, how do I REALLY get it at the source? What is like... the sort of, bare bones DIY way to get a foundation going, should I get a shure SM57? Should I get a couple of different mics for variety? Is there some sort of box I should put around my amp? What about sound proofing, should I hang up some foam squares? If this has already been covered in detail just point me to the topic please, thanks
  3. Hello :)

    Hi everyone! the name is Ophir I'm a singer-songwriter, know my way around Cubase and Abletone Live. I worked in the past with a producer on my own materials but haven't completed the project. Nowadays I write for my self and take experiments with different tools and production, still looking for my sound I guess I'm on Soundcloud:
  4. Mixing Philosophy

    When I was first creating music as a teen, I would do whatever I felt when I mixed, I had no fear, no method, just feel. None of these mixes were as they should be, but many of them were very vibey. Then I met a producer who mentored me 5 years and taught me all kinds of things about mixing. None were very easy to implement, but his ideas of sonic correctness, creating space, making room, what eq does, what makes a good mix, what makes a bad mix etc. These ideas went whirling through my head, I decided "he makes good productions, he knows what he's talking about" and began implementing such ideas when I mixed. I'm not saying these ideas were bad, but they took over, and I lost something. My mixes just got worse, and worse, and worse, I began to fear mixing, feel it was never ending, and never release my songs, I am still kind of at this phase, but I'm nearing the end of it. Recently, I've begun asking God to show me what it is I'm missing in my mixes, and whether or not you believe in the source this is how He has been changing my thought patterns and I'm hearing improvement. I feel like rather than the rigid philosophies that my producer taught me, the philosophies I get through faith are more life engaging and freeing. So here are some things I believe I have learned. They are true for me, and apply to me, decide for yourself if they may be true for you. 1. Do not FEAR your controls and do not believe in "perfection". There is no perfection, there are vibes and you are pulling them out of the frequencies you have to work with. If you strive for perfection you will nitpick and pull yourself out of a creative and inspired mindset and into a scientific and rigid one. Fool around, play with the controls, have fun, see what can be done. You can't screw up what isn't right yet, just be sure to remember anything you may want to get back to before you tinker with it. 2. PAINT. Every sound has a shape, a thickness, a weight, a color, a coolness a warmth, a tone, use these to paint a picture. Rather than focusing on one single instrument at a time and thinking "How can I bring that out" or "I want to hear more of the umph of this sound" or trying to emulate things you imagined in your brain, try to listen as a whole and paint a picture. Once you get it in the ball park volume wise, what kind of picture do you have? Is it flat? Hollow? Not giving you a feeling? Boomy? What do your ears want to hear, and I don't mean idealistically. It's not what your brain wanted to hear when you wrote the song, or imagines on the radio, what does your brain want to hear from the real sounds coming out of your speakers. examples: There's no rhythm, I'm not feeling the beat. It all sounds apart from each other, there's no congruency. My voice is piercing. 3. MIX FROM THE HEART. If you are trying to emulate something you've heard or a band you want to "beat" or your motivation is to be the most "slammin" or "poppin" or whatever it is, you are probably not being very realistic and not getting very good mixes. Center yourself, be honest, quench pride, now listen, and pull out something that is compelling. This is your chance to make yourself feel something from your creation, come to that with reverence, awe that you are allowed to do something so expressive and wonderful and now see what can be done! See what can be done! 4. LEAVE NOTHING OUT. Keep a watchful eye over your whole creation, don't let anything go left amiss, it's easy to think guitar and bass or voice and piano are all there is and then Mr. Hi Hat or Ms. Snare are destroying your whole world. Be conscious of your entire creation from the commanding guitar solo to the sprinkles of a shaker. You can liken this to the love you would put into fine cooking or building a home, love your entire mix. And if you don't love a part? Get it out, and replace it with something you do love. 5. KNOW WHEN TO QUIT. Your brain is a divinely created machine, but it is still a machine and one that isn't even functioning at high capacity! (various reasons, wrong thinking, state of the environment, health etc) Sometimes the desire to finish is so strong that we keep going even when we know we aren't having fun, aren't feeling it, we're tight. It's always good to stop then, even if it's 5 or 10 minutes, just be peaceful, let your brain stop straining, get back to the essence of your song, all of mixing should be a joy, if it's a chore, stop. 6. LISTEN HONESTLY. Sometimes I find myself mixing as I think about other things, mixing but focusing on the sounds and not the feeling, and the whole time I'm telling myself "this is sounding pretty good, it's going alright, I'm making progress" but in reality I'm aimlessly making changes, mixing but not LISTENING. You've got to let your song take you on a journey, that means learning to space out, not having expectations, not dwelling on the last moment, not anticipating the next, but LISTENING. This is also a huge part of hearing the voice of God but that's for another blog and possibly another forum But yes these principles apply to life but they apply to mixing as well. Being in the moment, having a still heart, closing your eyes and being taken off on a journey, this is how you will know if you are really getting what you want. I think sometimes it's easier to just pretend the journey is going how we want and not listen for fear of disappointment, but if you have faith you can correct the problems and achieve your goal, it's the only way to truly know what's wrong. You have to be unafraid to close your eyes and objectively listen and see if you are happy with the journey you've created, if not, don't fear the correcting process, it's how you grow as a mixer. You tinker, honestly, and are unafraid to acknowledge the flaws. And DON'T be afraid to re record, sometimes you can't make a sound work because the sound ITSELF doesn't work. 7. KNOW WHEN TO QUIT FOREVER. A mix can always be changed and made better, but usually by the time you have something you can really live with (if you're being honest with yourself and it gives you good feels every time you hear it) the audience would rather just have it than have you tinkering away forever. At some point you have to consider it good enough to put out there, and this is usually when you are already happy but your brain keeps wanting to go "weeeeell... I mean maybe I could get that just a liiiiiiittttllleee more" or when you start to think it's ready but say "well it doesn't sound like this band..." or you get fearful people will compare it to *blank*. At that point? Just put it out, if there's something wrong with it the people may tell you, but who cares, we get better at mixing by sharing mixes, you won't bust out of nowhere with perfect sounding songs, you will grow and grow and grow forever and ever. Amen. Most churchy mixing post ever hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahahahahaha Deal with it. I might make more of these as more come, let me know what you think my friends.
  5. Help Me Please! :D

    So I roughly created this chorus to a song I'm interested in creating in about 3 hours. I'm pretty new to making music (so don't yell at me about no mixing lol) I am currently at a stuck point. I made this melody, and I REALLY REALLY like it. I have some chords and drums. The problem is I don't think the melody fits the BPM. It may not be the BPM but something just doesn't sound right. Maybe the drums are too fast for it. I don't know. That's why I wanted some of you geniuses to help me! What should I do differently? Here is a link to a video of my project.
  6. Get Me Down

    Hello! So, I'm working on a song called 'Get Me Down' and I have had a time working on the production and mixing on this one. I think I'm close, but I could probably use some better mixing of the background vocals, and I hear a few weird things. I'd like to know your thoughts and would greatly appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
  7. She's got that Sparkle

    Dear forum members thanks so much for all your feedback on the last tune (plasm), lots of ideas and suggestions i got from different forums made it into the new tune... so here it is, i hope you find it as sparkin' as i do! https://soundcloud.com/cto-7/cto-feat-sibyl-hofstetter-shes-got-that-sparkle feedback is highly appreciated! thanks for checking it out <3 theo
  8. I made music using the crying laughing emoji! 😂 This is my first attempt at creating a MIDI drawing that actually sounds good. It ended up being an epic orchestral piece with jazzy chords! What do you think? 👌🏼💯🔥
  9. Ho Hum

    Hey good people, Please have a listen and tell me what you think of the song/production/mix. Cheers, Geir
  10. Hey guys, I am new to the site and have a few questions regarding mapping out the drums to my songs. A little background, I have been playing instruments, singing, and songwriting for over 10 years. I have alot of live experience and a good deal of studio experience as well. now to the question. I have been working on an alt rock/pop punk album for a couple years now and am in the process of recording. I have all instrumentals and vocals worked out but my struggle is with drums. In the past I have always worked with a drummer who has written their own parts for my songs but currently I am on my own. I have a basic understanding of drums and can write basic beats and fills but lack the knowledge to write really unique and stand out pieces that I would feel comfortable releasing. So I would basically like to know, are there any guidelines to what accents should be used and when (like what beat do you typically hit an accent cymbal, and which to use ect..) ? Information I'd really like to hear as well would be mixing. I use drum programs to map out my drums such as superior drummer and dont quite understand changing the velocity and eq on drums. sorry if this is vague but I am very inexperienced with writing drums and would love to gain some insight, thanks! Eliott
  11. So for those of you who have been on this forum for some time, this is my third song and am exploring yet another genre. Its more "pop"ish, with a hint of Ed Sheeran, but also a nice bass line that gives it a dance-y vibe! Would love critique of the song as a whole!
  12. Press On

    Here's one I tracked last night. I had intended to call it something with Azure in the title, but I realized there's a video game out called " Azure Dreams". I decided to call it " Press On" instead. I thought the mood seemed to fit a kind of struggle going on. I listened to it on the way to work and it seemed a little loud for this genre, I listened on headphones and it seems to have a bit of a bite in it around the 3-5K. Is it just me or do you hear it too? It seems worse on my headphones than with open speakers. Thanks!
  13. April Audio Blog

    Hey All, I've just started writing an April Audio Blog and have just published the first article: "5 Reason to Record Your Song Today". I hope to continue writing articles on various aspects of song-writing, music, recording etc. What sort of topics do you feel would encourage you as you seek to grow and develop as a song-writer? Are you interested in music tech, recording equipment, songwriting techniques, music promotion etc? Any feedback is much appreciated. You can find it here: https://www.aprilaudio.com/5-reasons-to-...ong-today/ Or on the Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/aprilaudiomusic/
  14. Control Freak (again!)

    Hey! So, I hope it's okay that I submit another Control Freak post because my other one got so crazy with pages of remixes and complete overhauls, and going in circles. I have spent some time to re-evaluate the production of this song and am submitting a fresh post after starting from the beginning, and letting this version sink in for a while, and still confirming to myself that I'm happy with it and would like to see it come to completion. I still may send this to a professional mixer/masterer, especially if the feedback from this forum suggests to me that I need another over-haul, but if I can avoid doing that, I would like to. So, this is what Control Freak is now, and I'm pleased with it, though it might be a bit busy in some spots, and I am forever grateful to you for your wonderful feedback, primarily regarding the production and mixing of this one.
  15. Hi! This is a quick remix I made of one of my favourite verses by Childish Gambino. Thanks for having a look
  16. Control Freak

    I'd like to hear some feedback on this tune, Control Freak. Any suggestions about this recording and production, accompaniment, lyrics, and whatever else you can throw at me. I'm mainly concerned about the instrumentation because I'm not very skilled on synth and was experimenting. This song has been re-written a few times and I think it's improved with each re-write.
  17. Hi all - I started this yesterday morning as I was going to do a hip hop track to post up for Aloproductions. It kind of took a different route and then I thought about the track @Steve Mueske posted recently with the short different parts woven together and decided to try something like that. It's not as technical as Steve's track, as I am so far away from that level, but felt there was something interesting in this. So, looking for some feedback on all aspects of it - I feel like it needs something else in there, something big near the end, but any suggestions and critique would be welcome. Cheers https://soundcloud.com/moodman-1/glass-08032017-1621 Okay - I purchased Ozone 7 Elements today and wanted to do a quick comparison of the same song, but with one of the master presets. I tweaked it slightly and this is it - it was the Electronic preset. Let me know what you think of the difference and does it feel like a mastered track? I should add I lowered the stereo out volume by 5.5db prior to mastering and reduce the threshold in Ozone so that the Loudness wasn't ear splitting, which is why they both sound about the same level. There are other plugins on this track, which help to boost the volume of the overall track - this is more for the clarity and whether you can tell there is a difference. https://soundcloud.com/moodman-1/glass-master-09032017-1413
  18. Goblin Dance

    First track for me here. I have no idea whether you are interested in classical music or not. This is a lively and joyful naturalistic painting of a scene from a pond in the forest where the goblins gather to perform their ritual. The tune was written in these surroundings together with my vivid fantasy helping me to put the notes together. I hope you enjoy it and for sure critics of any kind is welcome.
  19. Thanks for the critiques so far, guys! I'm gonna temporarily close this thread while I work on the vocal melodies. I'll be back, once I have some new developments to share with you all. Thanks, Ken This is a rough track idea I started working on, today. I was looking to make a vocal melody for a lyric but one thing led to another and I somehow ended up with a track idea. It doesn't have a bridge right now but so far there's a verse/pre-chorus/chorus/verse/pre-chorus/chorus section. I would like to know whether it sounds too dated, to you? Any and all critique, please. Thanks! Ken
  20. champion

    started this today tell me what you think
  21. Rat Jazz

    Here’s a little weird something for you. Please let me know what you think of it! Cheers, Geir Rat Jazz GER©2017 Blue is the night, she staggers through her crooked town Street lights and laughing heads, they've seen it all, and been there too Hot jazz, from underground, the kind that sticks and burns your skin Hot rats, a million freaks, up from the dead, all hungry as Hell And she knows, it's in the air, the stench of blood from gnashing teeth The first attack, she kicks free, but then some more, and the game is lost Rat jazz, from all around, the kind that sticks and burns like acid And the moon and the stars above, have nothing to add but dead silence
  22. Hey guys, I'm mainly a composer and a songwriter working with a piano, guitar and a bass. I don't have any good recording equipment yet, other than logic pro x. I am content as a songwriter and composer, but as soon as it comes to actually producing what I've wrote, I am never satisfied. There always seem to be quiet a corny, supermario bros vibe to the sound. I'm using mostly pre-set software instruments such as the on board pianos, basses, strings, brass drums etc. I wonder if anyone else has had similar issues? I'm hoping it's my production technique as apposed to the actual intellectual property of the music. Thanks Josh
  23. Deep Subreddit

    Howdy! This song is the first song I ever wrote. The competition for this song is long over, and I'm just now getting around to remixing it for a possible EP release. I'd love any feedback about the mix and production. Of course I'd be happy to hear any feedback on anything about the song, but the mix and production is what I'm going to be focusing on. Since there are no deadlines associated with this song, I'll be updating this post with changes I make to the song based on the feedback I receive here, a technique I've seen other folks do to great effect. Thanks in advance for any feedback or advice! Verse 1 guess who’s staking you, ha ha only true read your profile page get deets learn the score, that’s what reddit’s for what’a ya posting these days? Chorus 1 i’m lurking in your deep sub-reddit and now i totally regret it all those things you said to those internet creeps all them lines you wrote about you and me Verse 2 can’t believe you told all those reddit trolls about the time that i cried or when you and me ate some LSD and i thought i had died Chorus 2 i’m lurking in your deep subreddit no reason for you to edit all those things you wrote that you thought were deep all that crap i read i cannot unread Bridge don’t know why i trolled you i just want to hold you this i do emote the deepest things you wrote that’s what hurt me most here have my downvote Verse 3 your words cut so deep you sow what i reap i’m the source of your woes click click i’m a dick, now i has a sick wish i’d left that tab closed Chorus 3 i’m lurking in your deep subreddit and now i totally regret it all those things you said to those internet creeps all them lines you wrote about you and me Chorus 4 i’m lurkin' in your deep subreddit no reason for you to edit all those things you wrote that you thought were deep all that crap i read i cannot unread
  24. Finders Keepers

    Hiya guys, It has been a while since I've posted here. Hope it has been well. I wrote this song a couple of days ago. I envision it to be more of an RnB/Neo-Soul "Justin Timberlake" kinda production. And those who have heard my songs before know that such an arrangement is not exactly my forte. So I was wondering if you can help me out with ideas. Anything that comes to mind. Hopefully I get to work with a producer soon and get this song going. Until then, I plan to work with my DAW and learn as much I can on my own. As always, thanks for the help. And as I keep saying, I've learnt much over the years! (Edit: Thanks for the heads up @M57 ) *Finders Keepers* Don't you see what you're doing? As you sit there playing blind, All you burn is out the fire You left behind As you turn back the pages, Slip away to your alibi, I'm standing here Waiting for a sign babe Come, won't you come now... Come before we're out of time Before you change my mind Learn to see through the grime Come find me Yes, I know you have reasons For your actions and your cause, But darlin' is it love when all you do Is keep me in the dark? I am far from perfection And your standards maybe high But you know I love you More than love, you can't deny Come, won't you come now... Come before we're out of time Before you change my mind Learn to see through the grime Come find me Forgive me, I am tired Forgive me, I am lost when you are quiet Lead me to your light Won't you come, won't you come now Come before we're out of time Before you change my mind Learn to see through the grime Come find me Finders Keepers Written and performed by Mahesh Raghunandan All Rights Reserved © 2016
  25. Sand Dollar Dreamin

    This is one I wrote a while ago and I'm wanting to produce a recorded version. So here's the first run at it. Lyrics below Sand Dollar Dreamin’ Copyright 2015 –JH Michaels Intro: We’re sand dollar dreamin’ Sand between our toes Walkin’ down the beach Where nobody knows You’re by my side Hand in hand Livin’ our lives in our Castle in the sand Chorus: Sand dollar dreamin’ Just you and me Sand dollar dreamin’ Here by the sea Sand dollar dreamin’ The way it should be Sand dollar dreamin’ Here by the sea Verse: The big one’s are dollars The small one’s change And when ya think about it Well, it’s not that strange There’s waggin’ tails Chasin’ a ball We got sun and wind We’ve got it all <chorus> Bridge: We’re watchin’ the waves Ridin’ a few I got saltwater in my eyes But that doesn’t stop me from lookin’ at you We got a fire goin’ Makin’ s’mores Makin’ it hot beneath our blankets Oh the Hell with the chores <Chorus> Outro: -------Finish: