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Found 32 results

  1. Hey good people, Please have a listen and tell me what you think of the song/production/mix. Cheers, Geir
  2. Hey guys, I am new to the site and have a few questions regarding mapping out the drums to my songs. A little background, I have been playing instruments, singing, and songwriting for over 10 years. I have alot of live experience and a good deal of studio experience as well. now to the question. I have been working on an alt rock/pop punk album for a couple years now and am in the process of recording. I have all instrumentals and vocals worked out but my struggle is with drums. In the past I have always worked with a drummer who has written their own parts for my songs but currently I am on my own. I have a basic understanding of drums and can write basic beats and fills but lack the knowledge to write really unique and stand out pieces that I would feel comfortable releasing. So I would basically like to know, are there any guidelines to what accents should be used and when (like what beat do you typically hit an accent cymbal, and which to use ect..) ? Information I'd really like to hear as well would be mixing. I use drum programs to map out my drums such as superior drummer and dont quite understand changing the velocity and eq on drums. sorry if this is vague but I am very inexperienced with writing drums and would love to gain some insight, thanks! Eliott
  3. So for those of you who have been on this forum for some time, this is my third song and am exploring yet another genre. Its more "pop"ish, with a hint of Ed Sheeran, but also a nice bass line that gives it a dance-y vibe! Would love critique of the song as a whole!
  4. Here's one I tracked last night. I had intended to call it something with Azure in the title, but I realized there's a video game out called " Azure Dreams". I decided to call it " Press On" instead. I thought the mood seemed to fit a kind of struggle going on. I listened to it on the way to work and it seemed a little loud for this genre, I listened on headphones and it seems to have a bit of a bite in it around the 3-5K. Is it just me or do you hear it too? It seems worse on my headphones than with open speakers. Thanks!
  5. Hey All, I've just started writing an April Audio Blog and have just published the first article: "5 Reason to Record Your Song Today". I hope to continue writing articles on various aspects of song-writing, music, recording etc. What sort of topics do you feel would encourage you as you seek to grow and develop as a song-writer? Are you interested in music tech, recording equipment, songwriting techniques, music promotion etc? Any feedback is much appreciated. You can find it here: Or on the Facebook page here:
  6. Hey! So, I hope it's okay that I submit another Control Freak post because my other one got so crazy with pages of remixes and complete overhauls, and going in circles. I have spent some time to re-evaluate the production of this song and am submitting a fresh post after starting from the beginning, and letting this version sink in for a while, and still confirming to myself that I'm happy with it and would like to see it come to completion. I still may send this to a professional mixer/masterer, especially if the feedback from this forum suggests to me that I need another over-haul, but if I can avoid doing that, I would like to. So, this is what Control Freak is now, and I'm pleased with it, though it might be a bit busy in some spots, and I am forever grateful to you for your wonderful feedback, primarily regarding the production and mixing of this one.
  7. Hi! This is a quick remix I made of one of my favourite verses by Childish Gambino. Thanks for having a look
  8. I'd like to hear some feedback on this tune, Control Freak. Any suggestions about this recording and production, accompaniment, lyrics, and whatever else you can throw at me. I'm mainly concerned about the instrumentation because I'm not very skilled on synth and was experimenting. This song has been re-written a few times and I think it's improved with each re-write.
  9. Hi all - I started this yesterday morning as I was going to do a hip hop track to post up for Aloproductions. It kind of took a different route and then I thought about the track @Steve Mueske posted recently with the short different parts woven together and decided to try something like that. It's not as technical as Steve's track, as I am so far away from that level, but felt there was something interesting in this. So, looking for some feedback on all aspects of it - I feel like it needs something else in there, something big near the end, but any suggestions and critique would be welcome. Cheers Okay - I purchased Ozone 7 Elements today and wanted to do a quick comparison of the same song, but with one of the master presets. I tweaked it slightly and this is it - it was the Electronic preset. Let me know what you think of the difference and does it feel like a mastered track? I should add I lowered the stereo out volume by 5.5db prior to mastering and reduce the threshold in Ozone so that the Loudness wasn't ear splitting, which is why they both sound about the same level. There are other plugins on this track, which help to boost the volume of the overall track - this is more for the clarity and whether you can tell there is a difference.
  10. First track for me here. I have no idea whether you are interested in classical music or not. This is a lively and joyful naturalistic painting of a scene from a pond in the forest where the goblins gather to perform their ritual. The tune was written in these surroundings together with my vivid fantasy helping me to put the notes together. I hope you enjoy it and for sure critics of any kind is welcome.
  11. Thanks for the critiques so far, guys! I'm gonna temporarily close this thread while I work on the vocal melodies. I'll be back, once I have some new developments to share with you all. Thanks, Ken This is a rough track idea I started working on, today. I was looking to make a vocal melody for a lyric but one thing led to another and I somehow ended up with a track idea. It doesn't have a bridge right now but so far there's a verse/pre-chorus/chorus/verse/pre-chorus/chorus section. I would like to know whether it sounds too dated, to you? Any and all critique, please. Thanks! Ken
  12. production

    started this today tell me what you think
  13. Here’s a little weird something for you. Please let me know what you think of it! Cheers, Geir Rat Jazz GER©2017 Blue is the night, she staggers through her crooked town Street lights and laughing heads, they've seen it all, and been there too Hot jazz, from underground, the kind that sticks and burns your skin Hot rats, a million freaks, up from the dead, all hungry as Hell And she knows, it's in the air, the stench of blood from gnashing teeth The first attack, she kicks free, but then some more, and the game is lost Rat jazz, from all around, the kind that sticks and burns like acid And the moon and the stars above, have nothing to add but dead silence
  14. Hey guys, I'm mainly a composer and a songwriter working with a piano, guitar and a bass. I don't have any good recording equipment yet, other than logic pro x. I am content as a songwriter and composer, but as soon as it comes to actually producing what I've wrote, I am never satisfied. There always seem to be quiet a corny, supermario bros vibe to the sound. I'm using mostly pre-set software instruments such as the on board pianos, basses, strings, brass drums etc. I wonder if anyone else has had similar issues? I'm hoping it's my production technique as apposed to the actual intellectual property of the music. Thanks Josh
  15. Howdy! This song is the first song I ever wrote. The competition for this song is long over, and I'm just now getting around to remixing it for a possible EP release. I'd love any feedback about the mix and production. Of course I'd be happy to hear any feedback on anything about the song, but the mix and production is what I'm going to be focusing on. Since there are no deadlines associated with this song, I'll be updating this post with changes I make to the song based on the feedback I receive here, a technique I've seen other folks do to great effect. Thanks in advance for any feedback or advice! Verse 1 guess who’s staking you, ha ha only true read your profile page get deets learn the score, that’s what reddit’s for what’a ya posting these days? Chorus 1 i’m lurking in your deep sub-reddit and now i totally regret it all those things you said to those internet creeps all them lines you wrote about you and me Verse 2 can’t believe you told all those reddit trolls about the time that i cried or when you and me ate some LSD and i thought i had died Chorus 2 i’m lurking in your deep subreddit no reason for you to edit all those things you wrote that you thought were deep all that crap i read i cannot unread Bridge don’t know why i trolled you i just want to hold you this i do emote the deepest things you wrote that’s what hurt me most here have my downvote Verse 3 your words cut so deep you sow what i reap i’m the source of your woes click click i’m a dick, now i has a sick wish i’d left that tab closed Chorus 3 i’m lurking in your deep subreddit and now i totally regret it all those things you said to those internet creeps all them lines you wrote about you and me Chorus 4 i’m lurkin' in your deep subreddit no reason for you to edit all those things you wrote that you thought were deep all that crap i read i cannot unread
  16. Hiya guys, It has been a while since I've posted here. Hope it has been well. I wrote this song a couple of days ago. I envision it to be more of an RnB/Neo-Soul "Justin Timberlake" kinda production. And those who have heard my songs before know that such an arrangement is not exactly my forte. So I was wondering if you can help me out with ideas. Anything that comes to mind. Hopefully I get to work with a producer soon and get this song going. Until then, I plan to work with my DAW and learn as much I can on my own. As always, thanks for the help. And as I keep saying, I've learnt much over the years! (Edit: Thanks for the heads up @M57 ) *Finders Keepers* Don't you see what you're doing? As you sit there playing blind, All you burn is out the fire You left behind As you turn back the pages, Slip away to your alibi, I'm standing here Waiting for a sign babe Come, won't you come now... Come before we're out of time Before you change my mind Learn to see through the grime Come find me Yes, I know you have reasons For your actions and your cause, But darlin' is it love when all you do Is keep me in the dark? I am far from perfection And your standards maybe high But you know I love you More than love, you can't deny Come, won't you come now... Come before we're out of time Before you change my mind Learn to see through the grime Come find me Forgive me, I am tired Forgive me, I am lost when you are quiet Lead me to your light Won't you come, won't you come now Come before we're out of time Before you change my mind Learn to see through the grime Come find me Finders Keepers Written and performed by Mahesh Raghunandan All Rights Reserved © 2016
  17. This is one I wrote a while ago and I'm wanting to produce a recorded version. So here's the first run at it. Lyrics below Sand Dollar Dreamin’ Copyright 2015 –JH Michaels Intro: We’re sand dollar dreamin’ Sand between our toes Walkin’ down the beach Where nobody knows You’re by my side Hand in hand Livin’ our lives in our Castle in the sand Chorus: Sand dollar dreamin’ Just you and me Sand dollar dreamin’ Here by the sea Sand dollar dreamin’ The way it should be Sand dollar dreamin’ Here by the sea Verse: The big one’s are dollars The small one’s change And when ya think about it Well, it’s not that strange There’s waggin’ tails Chasin’ a ball We got sun and wind We’ve got it all <chorus> Bridge: We’re watchin’ the waves Ridin’ a few I got saltwater in my eyes But that doesn’t stop me from lookin’ at you We got a fire goin’ Makin’ s’mores Makin’ it hot beneath our blankets Oh the Hell with the chores <Chorus> Outro: -------Finish:
  18. Dear Anyone. For starters, I've read the 10 rules and utterly agree with all of them, that's how come I'm posting this here. Please critique away and I'll do a new mix, from scratch, incorporating everyone's criticisms and hopefully it'll sound better! (It can't sound worse.) For seconds - I know these are not the best available sounds, but right now I'm hoping that won't matter too much. I've got better synths but I don't know where tweaking the sounds within the synths and using EQ/whatever on them in the mix starts and finishes (when should I be tweaking them in the VST and when should I be using more EQ/whatever!?! - that's rhetorical for now.) What I'd love to hear is all 4 freebie sounds sounding the best/clearest they can, yet with the pad in back, pan-pipe on top, ripply thingy just behind panpipe and choir not 'taking over' so much when it comes in. If I turn down the choir, the pad immediately eats it (ditto with adding reverb to it - it's just a soundfont with SF2 player release on it right now). If I keep the background ripplers (you'll hear them) less muffled, they immediately eat everything. If I keep them clearer but turned down, they jump out at you in bits and disappear in bits for no apparent reason - I'm not changing any levels but they do do that. (They don't now because I've EQ'd the bejeezus outta them but I don't want to do that unless I really have to!) Ditto with the sound that occasionally ripples into life panned right - if I keep the clarity bits in there, it eats the world. (I've got other VSTs but they've got probs., like they don't obey CC changes for some unknown reason and I've gotta do everything virtually cos I'm disabled, don't let it bother you.) So basically it's remix time from scratch. Basically, say whatever you like and I'll do it all and if it comes out better I'll thank you profusely, if it don't then I'll be back asking what I've done wrong again. I've honestly heard sounds as bad as mine in easy-listening music on YouTube, but they all sound a lot clearer yet in the right places in the mix. I'd be ecstatic to be able to achieve that for starters. So go ahead, have a ball, say whatever you like, it's an object we're trying to improve, not 'Muy Bay-bee, Don't Hurt it's Wickle Feelings!!' I've been trying to get the hang of mixing for years, I've got several albums ready to hit the Internet when I can do it (can't afford to pay anyone else) so vent away. When you can't vent any more, I'll know I've got it right. And hopefully be able to use what I've learned on the next track. Yours respectfully Chris. Please_help_me_sound_better_MP3.mp3
  19. Hi I would like to make a thread sharing the good and bad expierences of song production. I have sent off to places and got a good song produced, some have been ok and some were horrible. One place took my money and never gave me a demo, so I want to share that with every one so you won't get ripped off as well. Some are cheaper and some are very expensive. Are the pricey ones really better in quality? 1)Where have you gone that you really liked the finished product? 2) Where have you gone that it was ok, but could be better? 3) Which ones were not worth the money? 4) Which ones were a better price? 5) which ones were pricey but good quality? 6) Where do you get your songs produced? Do not send songs to River bend song service in TN. I sent them money and never got a demo. he won't answer phone calls or emails. it's a scam!!!!!!!! It appears cheaper than others , but it is a scam! Please share any more tips on production that you can think of.
  20. Ive been a musician most of my life, and just recently started to produce my own work. Ive found i may never be the best guitarist, or drummer, but i do have one thing going for me! Im able to write and compose lyrics and melodies. Now with this passion, how do i make it a living? Well, with minor research, ive found that starting a label would be the wrong move. I would like to start a publishing business, and branch into a productions label. My goal is to give some control back to the artists and performers. Any hints or tips for my journey?
  21. Hi forum, I was wondering if there is a good place on songstuff (forum) to post a new video? My brother and I have been experimenting with making videos for my music as well as other artists. Any help would be great! Thanks, David
  22. From the album Banners

    © Songstuff 2014

  23. FIFTY YEARS PLAYING THE GUITAR: 1962-2012 and SIXTY YEARS OF LISTENING TO GUITAR ++SINGALONGS: 1952-2012 Part 1: Being in the generation that came into their teens in the mid-1950s, I was there when rock-and-roll was in its first decade, say, 1952/3-1962/3. When the first wave of youth, those in their teens and twenties, joined the organization, the religion, I had become a member of in 1959 with the guitar as one of its centrepieces, one of its icons, I was there struggling to get singalongs off the ground. The guitar was the quintessential instrument and it was just about impossible not to get into the guitar if one had any sense of rhythm, listened to the top 40 and wanting to utilize singing as a socializing-teaching medium. After trying to learn classical guitar in 1962/3, I bought my first acoustic some time in late 1967 just to play top-40 songs. I think it was about October where I had been travelling-pioneering for the Canadian Bahá'í community. I gave it to an Inuit kid in Iqaluit on Baffin Island in May of 1968 after purchasing a second guitar. The kid’s name was Henry and he was in grade 3. Seven years later in 1974 while living in Tasmania, I put my first booklet of songs together for singalongs. Part 2: By 1974 I had enjoyed singalongs for over twenty years, my first experiences being around the piano at home with my parents and friends sometime in the early 1950s. We had a piano until 1957, a spinet, when it was sold for financial reasons. The singalongs that evolved in the 1970s were a combination of popular folk and rock, solid gold from popular music of the past and what was then a small repertoire of songs with explicit, overt, Baha’i themes and content. That first booklet of songs was revised again when I lived in Victoria Australia, from 1975 to 1978, and several times thereafter until singalongs began to fade, at least for me, in the 1990s and 2000s as I faded into late middle age, its last ten years, 50 to 60. This booklet of resources reflected these several booklets of material I had previously put together over those years. By 2005 I had enjoyed more than 50 years, on and off, of singalongs. They had given me and others much pleasure. But for various reasons they insensibly had begun to fade from my experience, at least my guitar-playing part. Baha’i choirs had begun to emerge; Baha’i artists were beginning to put out CDs by the late 1990s, but getting people to sing informally, even with the song sheets from my booklets, seemed to be harder than ever. Slowly but surely over the ten years, 1995 to 2005, singalongs with the guitar became rarer and rarer events. I felt as if I had done my share when in 2003 I put up my guitar on the hook of retirement and in 2005 I retired from the local choir I had been a member of for three or four years. Part 3: Then I put a booklet of songs together in 2005, probably I thought at the time, a final booklet, for those rare occasions that did arise for a singalong in the years ahead. A resource that was used a great deal, then, in the twenty years 1968 to 1988 became a rarity in the following fifteen, 1990-2005. By 2001 I had a weekly radio program in Launceston for half an hour utilizing some 50 Baha’i CDs; a Baha’i radio station came on-line; professional and amateur choirs were popping up all over the world. The Baha’i music scene was developing a rich and diverse base. But singalongs seemed relatively scarce for a population that seemed more intent on watching people sing than singing themselves. My own disinclination to lead singalongs had led to a new phase of community music for me. As I say, I took part in a choir in George Town once a month(2001-2005). Part 4: Then in 2008 I began to lead singalongs once a year at an aged-care facility in George Town Tasmania using mostly “songs from the sixties.†Another phase of singalongs was opening in these my middle years(65-75) of late adulthood as some human development psychologists call the years from 60 to 80. In the last five years, 2008 to 2012, I lead these singalongs on average once a year with an audience of about 50 people all on their way to the proverbial bone yard as we used to say. I have tried here in this brief statement to capture some of my musical experience in groups over some six decades, 1952-2012, and my experience playing the guitar for singalongs from 1962-2012. Youth at this site may find this historical perspective of value. What will be their story in half a century? Time will tell, eh? Ron Price Updated on: 16 October 2012 (800 words)
  24. Self composed song. I thought I should composed something really easy and simple song to listen to. It was a bit difficult to create a title to this song... Song: Song is also available in SoundCloud: Have a listen!