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Found 17 results

  1. Surviving in Memory

    Something a little pink floydish... Surviving in Memory (The Voice at the Bottom of the Bottle) V1 Don't be cynical Lets drop this damn charade Your life’s a mess and there's only you to blame Your counting on a miracle to somehow change the game but it's too late now welcome to the bed you've made Chorus 1 You’ve lived by the sword Rending hearts with deeds and words Having not a care for those you may have burned So you'll die by the sword It's the destiny you've earned and it's coming down now like a house of cards Tides have turned V2 Is this all you offer me a future of shame and tears Are you happy now with cross that’s yours to bear This isn’t just soliloquy And this bottle you hold so dear Offers nothing more than disgrace and dark despair. Chorus 2 You’ve drowned all your fears in whiskey and beer in a line of women no one would call dear So you’ve mortgaged your years selling out with naught a care now you find yourself alone without a prayer Tides have turned V 3 Tides have turned The verdicts been heard and you can’t escape the judgment now incurred So this pointless masquerade won’t absolve you from your fate Here alone at the point of no return The tides have turned Reprise Its a long way down, can you feel it my friend can you see my concern? It's a long way down, to the point of no return.
  2. Plants band hello

    Hey, we are a songwriting/production duo from Canada hoping to get some feedback on our new stuff.
  3. Hello everyone! I was honored to make a remix out of the pre-mixed vocals of Bonnie Legion, singer from California. I hope You enjoy it! I will be very grateful for every feedback, no matter how negative will it be. To fulfill the melody and make vocals more variable, I cut vowels from the vocals, so there is no certain word that you can hear, just vowels, perhaps „the eye“ can be recognized, but that was just a coincidence. Here are the lyrics: I am gonna run to the outside... (Vowels Vocalic Lead) I am gonna run to the outside... (Vowels Vocalic Lead) Lost my faith on the inside 4x[i am gonna run to the outside] Lost my faith on the inside I am gonna run to the outside... 3x[Lost my faith on the inside] I am gonna run to the outside 4x[i am gonna run to the outside] Lost my faith on the inside I am gonna run to the outside Lost my faith on the inside I am gonna run to the outside (Vowels Vocalic Lead) You can check out her songs: https://soundcloud.com/bonnie-legion You can also check out and pick up her vocals: https://soundcloud.com/bonnie-legion-vocals
  4. We Are The Monarchy..

    Hi, I'm Tim Sullivan of The Monarchy, We are a songwriting dup from New Jersey and released our first album "Decree" this summers. We also write music to be licensed in media (film, tv, games, etc). Our band website is www.monarchyband.com and our commercial site is http://sullydkc6.wix.com/tdsongwriting# Would love to know any thoughts on our material. Also, any tips on licensing would be appreciated. the entire catalog of our music can be heard here: www.soundcloud.com/tim-sullivan-24
  5. Hey, i would like to show you a song i've made 1 year ago, The lyrics are about two natural entities, a river and the sea. the River don't wanna caught in sea's hands, but finally understand there's no other possible destiny and accepts it, Lyrics river.... you are so pure running wild across the mountains giving life to other creatures you got the water that protect us from death All along the coast, your domains are so long. you seems afraid to melt with sea sweet and salty turns into less salty, i'm with you The time has come, it's time to melt Sea speaks River give me power, i'll be more strong with your help I need your crystal waters, and your flora River speaks Your needs meant nothing to me, but my destiny is caugh in your web Oh baby, i'm ready for you, let me lie you about our love Now baby now, my waters are coming now, i can feel your pleasure, don't you feel my sorrow Enjoy baby Enjoy, you are the truly king, i can't do nothing to keep my waters sweet.
  6. Hey! I don't know if this is the right forums to post in, but I've made an instrumental track that can be found here: https://apps.facebook.com/meltwaterpromo/998362/entry/1147047 Maybe a little different to the other stuff here, but tell my what you think! Thx!
  7. The Right Side Of Midnight

    Hi guys! For this one, I really wanted to write something that sounded quite chilled, but progressive and atmospheric at the same time. I'm still a bit torn on whether I should add vocals or not, or whether they would even work, so if you have any suggestions regarding that, I'd be happy to hear them. I'm not really looking for any specific critique, so if you have any critique at all, I'd love to hear it. Thanks! Sam
  8. Hello, everyone! Here's one of my songs: https://soundcloud.com/alex-pilkevych/now-you-know The music video: Lyrics: Stop Stop speaking Turn Turn around and walk away Some Someday they'll find Themselves covered with your shadow Lying calmly in their graves One more try to change the world But what are you gonna do when it changes you? Wait, don't leave just yet (there's) Justice to search for Time Give them a little time To turn into dust Vanish from the face of earth Take some time Wait, don't leave Lay your gun down Is wasting your life worth unfolding Their clouded minds Lay Lay your gun down You can always pick it up some other day For now just lay it down and think again... In shameless lies your essence dies Cause you're now Slave of your sick mind Awake, then leave Now you know that you've been nothing...
  9. Hello all Hope you guys having a good day I'm creating progressive house tracks in the style like this And i'm happy tell you that most of my songs are getting released soon on labels:)And you could check out my other tracks too! I'm a multi genre EDM artist I've got a new melody and i want to make a vocal progressive house track! If you have any unused vocal stems or you want to write a new and record new vocals I would like to work with it! Better if its something around 128bmp! It doesn't have to be much! But something nice and meaninfull enough to create a feeling i guess! I think you get what i'm saying and you guys do listen to edm so If any of you are interested please let me know:) Looking forward to hear from you guys Cheers! -Inspector Bass Talk to me on facebook: facebook.com/inspectorbass twitter : twitter.com/inspect0rbass soundcloud : soundcloud.com/inspectorbass
  10. Worms

    I wrote the music for this piece in 2010. The song however did not come together until 2012 when I added lyrics. The first time around it had another name and different lyrics which came from a poem my ex wife wrote. I put this version together some months ago and was in a silly mood when I came up with the lyrics and title. http://soundclick.com/player/single_player.cfm?songid=12414486&q=hi
  11. How Goes It!

    Hello everyone! I decided to make this account to not only promote my band among my peers and fellow songwriters, but also to get some critique on my lyrics/ songs, ideas, help, influences as well as home recording advice and insight into what else I should add into my music! I am located out of southern Connecticut, home of the impending blizzard Nemo I will be posting links to my band page on Facebook and other social media soon, but first I want to get some material up there and perhaps a demo out! Thanks in advance
  12. Hi! I am a drummer in a progressive metal\rock\pop-ish at times band from Norway, and I have written 7 songs (so far) for an upcoming self-released album. We're just a hobby band really, but unfortunately, none of us are any good with lyrics. I have pre-recordings of the 7 songs, which includes keyboards, bass and drums (all programmed), and sometimes guitar recorded. The music have a tendency to use odd-time signatures (7\8, 9\8\, 5\4, and so on), so there are some creative possibilities here. (Or maybe it will just drive you crazy if you're not used to it!) If you can record your suggestions for vocal melody, that would be great too. I personally am a very big fan of harmonized vocal melodies. (thirds, fifths, sevenths, utilizing counterpoint and whatnot) There is no money involved, as we will probably spend more money on the recording (equipment and such) than we make on this. We're just doing it for fun, and to learn from the experience (writing music, learning it, recording it, and perhaps play live someday) The music can be heavy, mellow, dark, light - it's supposed to be filled with nuances, so maybe the lyrics should reflect that in some way too. Other than that, there really is no requirements topic wise. I have written section charts for all the songs, as it can be confusing with this sort of music. ("is this a verse?") I have also vocal melody suggestions for the better half of two of the songs. So don't be shy, and please send me an email, and i'll send an mp3 (or seven) your way. joachim.aspera@gmail.com - looking forward to hear from you! (and sorry for any bad english!)
  13. My band! I really want to hear what you have to say! http://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialOracles?feature=mhee http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Oracle/125397080862400 Please like our Facebook page and subscribe to our Youtube channel, we will be uploading more songs in a near future, also, if i see that anyone outside of sweden has liked our page, we will ofcourse write in english! Im 18 and i play guitar, and i have been for about 5 years now. I also write some of the songs and the lyrics, of which im proud of!
  14. ALERT: Link to song is updated. This is heavilly edited based on input from you guys and a sight called Muse's Muse. Major canges. I hope you like where this is going. I sure do. Over the last 7 or 8 months or so, I've been enjoying a budding friendship and musical collaboration with a guy named Darin Morgan. Some of you may know him better as CapM. Darin writes song, plays killer guitar, and sings a lot better than he gives himself credit for. He is also a really great and groovy guy... the kind of dude you hope you make friends with. In less than a year, Darin has come to be someone I respect, admire, and strongly desire to be good friends with. I love his songs, and I love what he does to my songs when he works on them. I couldn't ask for a better partner, and the fact that he is also becoming a good personal friend just makes it even better. I am in very poor health. I have a disease which has been sytematically attacking my circulatory system and shutting it down for the last 6 years or so. I've had 7 major operations since early in 2007, incuding 2 to save my life, and 2 more to save my leg from being amputated. There is no cure for what I have, and it is slowly going to kill me. In the last 6 months, an effort has been underway to try to keep from having to amputate my right leg below the knee, due to a a complete clogging of the femoral artery in my right leg, which was robbing my foot of blood. Eventually my surgeon decided to try a new operation, which has not been done many times. If the procedure had failed, I would have lost my leg. The procedure succeeded. My leg will never be 100 percent again, but I get to keep it. I also quit smoking a month ago now, in an effort to do all I can to help slow the progress of my didease. My wife and I bought new bikes, and are riding every evening. We have begun to closely monitor our diets. Things seem to be going very well right now, and for the first time in more than 5 months, I do not feel like I am a slave to this medical condition I have. About 2 months ago, Darin wrote and recorded the attached song. He told me wrote it for me, as a freind, as a way to help support me as I went through this recent surgery. There are no words for how this made me, not to metion my wonderful wife Laura, feel, and what it meant to my prognosis for us to have this awesome song to listen to while I went through the surgery and recovery. You may have heard this already, with Darin singing. Here is my mix, with me singing. I plan to use this song as the title track for a CD I am compilling. Your comments welcome and appreciated. http://soundcloud.com/rob-ash-15/circulation-revised-051812
  15. What's up guys? This is the new song of In Colors named For Roses http://soundcloud.com/incolors/for-roses http://www.facebook....nColorsOfficial Feel free to subscribe Enjoy
  16. http://soundcloud.com/rob-ash-15/chaos-theory I might as well say this here and now, because I made the decision. I'm ditching my profile on this site in a week or two. Online critique forums are not what I hoped they would be, and in light of the (very personal) reasons I am making songs in the first place, are not doing me any real good. It is worth noting that Songstuff has proven, in many ways, to be the exception to a rule I find distasteful and unfortunate. Sites like this are ruined by an extremely small percentage of elitist, asshole, egotistical musicians who think their collective sh*t doesn't stink, and have endowed themselves with special powers and privileges that could only exist in the virtual world of the internet, and in their whacked out imaginations. I choose not to waste any more of my time while a certain few publicly masturbate themselves on sites such as this one. Anyone who does not fit the above description: you know who you are. Stay cool, stay real, and try not to give too much credence to the over-inflated ramblings of a minority group who are years away from realizing they can't actually live a worthwhile life without at least a small measure of good will from all those who don't possess the so-called talent they think they have. What a waste, when your existence is so petty, that that talent is all you really have.
  17. This is a part of my new song - just instrumental. Feel free to comment or to make suggestions http://soundcloud.com/diamanten-joe/contortions Greets