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  1. Hey All, I've just started writing an April Audio Blog and have just published the first article: "5 Reason to Record Your Song Today". I hope to continue writing articles on various aspects of song-writing, music, recording etc. What sort of topics do you feel would encourage you as you seek to grow and develop as a song-writer? Are you interested in music tech, recording equipment, songwriting techniques, music promotion etc? Any feedback is much appreciated. You can find it here: Or on the Facebook page here:
  2. I'd like to hear some feedback on this tune, Control Freak. Any suggestions about this recording and production, accompaniment, lyrics, and whatever else you can throw at me. I'm mainly concerned about the instrumentation because I'm not very skilled on synth and was experimenting. This song has been re-written a few times and I think it's improved with each re-write.
  3. Hello guys, I'm at the beginning with covers and recordings, and becouse this is my first recorded cover posted on internet, i would like to hear your opinions, critics and thoughts about my performance, improvisation and the quality of recording (mostly the audio). Thank you so much for your time, have a great day!
  4. I am certainly no techno-genius. A few Christmases ago, my husband purchased a headphone and microphone combination for me as a gift (JVC HA-RX300 headphones and CAD u37 Micorphone). It came with only the instruction to put together the, oh...what do that call that thingy? The spit shield, the plosive softener? Anyway...after much messing around with the computer to have it recognize the new device (and learning to plug the microphone into the back jack, not the front, we finally got the two to work at the same time. So now I have recording ability, but I must go through Audacity. I loaded Audacity onto my computer back a few years ago when I took the PP songwriting course, but used it only for the requirements of the class with no fancy modifications and don't know what all those numbers and adjustments are. I finally figured some things out playing around with it. One of the things I would like to learn is in regard to vocals. I did a sample vocal on it and when my voice gets loud, it has a sort of buzzing or vibration with it. I am sure there is a way to fix that, but I don't know what it is. I'm not even sure I have it properly labeled as reverb, else I'd google it. My stand-by has been a Sony IC recorder, which I love, but lately I've had some collabs where its been requested I send vocals only and the way in which I've used the Sony recorder is to record my vocals along with the music, forcing me to experiment with this new set-up and Audacity. Any help and suggestions are welcome. Be aware that my computer language and such is pretty limited.
  5. preferably listen with reference headphones, id like to know what you think of the sound i created playing with a piano and wether its distored. ps i think it sounds similar to the intro of sims lol
  6. Just two days ago Mixcraft released a sales email for price drops. My upgrade from Pro 6 to Pro 7 was $45USD Well worth it. I hate to start off on a negative.... Since I'm using WaveRT and an hdmi output for my audio monitoring the sound is both thin and crackly. That is not the fault of Mixcraft by any measure. Microsoft produces a free alternative to asio and waspi (direct sound) called WaveRT. It's fixed all my latency issues associated with running Win10. However it's not supported by Microsoft which is why many other daw's/hosts refuse to allow it's use for audio / midi. WaveRT will give off crackles if you use another program in the background which taps into audio resources. This doesn't occur if you are only using the host/Daw and close out any programs (including browsers) that may be using the sound card. I plan to try it using my Yamaha THR10 as a monitor/sound card later. (Too much to do today) Because I've covered Mixcraft 6 in great detail in the past I'll concentrate on my findings regarding the Pro7 version. First off... Practically no latency with midi. I've opened up a few of the demo files and played along with some rather extensive pre loaded content. Not even a whisper of latency. Most of this has to do with WaveRT. Though some has to do with a powerful system (Dell i7 3.60 Ghz and 16 gigs of ram. It's simply stunningly fast. Next Mixcraft has added a lot of features borrowed from Ableton Live. Performance view for looping and enhanced quantification, sync and so much more A long time back I was equally fascinated with and frustrated with Ableton live. I'd quite frequently comment that the reason they had crazy cool editing tools was more about how badly it failed with regards to latency in order to get things right the first time. After 10 minutes using performance mode in Mixcraft 7 I've lost any desire to use Ableton Live ever again. M pro 7 pro has added a few virtual instruments and enhanced many of those included. If there is one pet peeve of mine regarding these instruments is lack of fully developed banks./ programs / presets (FXB. While in years gone by I'd love to tweak knobs to find "famous sounds" These days I'm much more content to find a close enough approximation. Like Sonic Projects OPX-Pro I've yet to transfer over my countless third party effects and virtual instruments onto my Windows 10 machine. I often debate which to keep and which to leave behind. Not for storage as much but for ease of access my vst folders are a nightmare.
  7. Hey guys, Zack here, So my band is coming over for rehearsal tomorrow and Im pretty pumped. But I've run into a slight hitch. I own a full 8 piece sound percussion drum set, but I don't have an amazing way to record it. The recording gear I use is an AudioBox USB 2x2 system that came preloaded with Studio One 2 Artist, It works great with my guitar and vocal recording, but what I could find digitally in the drum department was less than savory.. Alternativly, I do have a mic I can record with and worst case scenario just record the whole set with one mic by adjusting the mic placement. But I have not yet tested that theory out yet nor am I positive it will work. And I don't really have the cash to purchase digital drum sounds that sound great and I don't know of a place I can download free ones that sound good. Does anyone have an Idea of what I should or could do? Any and all suggestions appreciated. If there was already a topic on this and I overlooked it I apologize. But I figured it would be best to post my own new topic. And if anyone needs to know we play metal and different things like that. I just need a thick, heavy, classic drum sound if I were to do it digitally. That and I have no experience using digital drum machines or drum machines in general. Thanks in advance, Zack
  8. Having reasonable knowledge on Noise Gates and Expanders goes a long way in making your recordings sound cleaner and more professional, especially when you are recording out of your home studio. While recording, noise may arise due to a various number of factors such as the surrounding environment, electronic equipment used etc. Noise can become very problematic if it is cumalated from a number of tracks in your project. Noise gates and expanders are tools using which the noise can be isolated and removed to a significant extent if used correctly. Though it may vary, some of the basic controls/knobs you would find within noise gates are Release, Attack, Hold and Ratio. The following article takes you through a basic understanding of these various controls to help you on your way in making your recordings sound the way they should sound - awesome. Be sure to share and like the article if you find it useful. If you have any questions, feel free to discuss it on the Songstuff Community Forums.
  9. Just made this video, using a Rode Videomic. However, i want to get a more professional recording studio. Can Anybody give me suggestions to improve the audio as well as tell me what studio setup i should use, i have 1000dollar budget
  10. hi, i'm TheHitman. my life revolves around making music. i've been making a living for 17 years as a studio engineer/producer & live sound engineer. i have been a musician for as long as i can remember. my main instruments being drums and 10 string touchguitar (Chapman Stick and Krappy Touchstyle). i also program and sequence music. i pretty much do everything except sing. i'm not the most internet savy person, but i like to share my knowledge and experience with others. i grow and learn everyday in music and i like to try new things. i get very excited working with talented artists and for me there is no greater satisfaction than listening to any song i had a part of working on and feeling the life of the music speaking through. i'd like to hear new original music and share some of my own music on this site simply to be a part of the world music community. thanks for reading and i hope you check out some of the music i post.
  11. It's been a while but here's a new one. Hot wheels, hot babes concrete. it feels so good It looks so real. Brown hair, high heels Fast cars, cold steel. While my motor runs We better seal the deal. I want it. I need it. High speed gotta win this race. My gasoline Adrenaline Pumping through my veins. Burning my engine down I better go. I better leave this town. You gotta blame it on fever. You set the road on fire. Your wheels keep choking on smoke. You're drifting.You're out of time. No food. No bank account. But I feel all right Got chicks around. A few bucks to eat. I know it sucks to be down on the ground. (on the ground) Push the pedal to the metal High speed. Gotta win this race. My gasoline Adrenaline Pumping through my veins. Burning my engine down I better go. I better leave this town. You gotta blame it on fever. You set the road on fire. Your wheels keep choking on smoke. You're drifting.You're out of time.
  12. ...The result of another discussion over on another thread, I thought it might be interesting to look at the current offerings in recording software and see if there are any clear winners. Things have changed a bit over the last several years in regards to the software available. Not all of us have the means to simply buy multiple programs to try. Thankfully there are several companies that offer free demos to try. Some have decided to try cracked software which I highly advise against for not only the most obvious reasons, but also because you essentially forfeit future supports and upgrades...not to mention that sometimes a company will offer a sweet deal on an upgrade if you possess a registered copy of a lower version of the software, in fact, this has been the way I have upgraded several programs...I waited for a sale which always happens, especially around the holidays. If you happen to be shopping for a DAW or recording software you might have started to notice a trend. When one company adds a feature, the competition usually follows up with something similar, so we end up with many similar feature sets on different programs. What you discover to be best for you might not be best for someone else. How can you know what is best? This all depends on what type of music you plan to make since these programs all have strengths and weaknesses. For the longest time all you would hear was pro toosl, pro tools, pro tools....all of the big players had it and used it. Then Avid almost went bankrupt and are still trying to catch up. People who don't understand the technology might think that when Avid/M-audio announced 64 bit software it was some kind of milestone. Many of the big players had already adopted it years ago...64 bit was simply a sales pitch. Pro Tools has mainly one thing going for it right now. Name recognition, and this is slowly going away as users start to see the offerings of other companies.Many smaller studios have abandoned Pro Tools altogether. Logic is another popular player with the Apple and pro recording crowd. Unlike Pro Tools Apple has a very relevant and capable program. Nothing head and shoulders above the other big players though. The main draw in Logic is that it is designed to run on Apple Computers from the ground up.Another big advantage is that it is inexpensive in the DAW world..something like 199.00...absurdly inexpensive for what you get. If you own an Apple computer you would be hard pressed to do better, and it is cross compatible with the lighter Garage Band. The disadvantage being that it only works with apple computers and you can't load a Pro Tools session into a Logic program..Apple- good system but closed system. Under Logic and Pro Tools come all of the other companies who make software for recording... Here are some questions to ask yourself- Do you want to produce or simply record? Do you plan to use a pro studio to complete a project, or do you intend to bring your music to master yourself? Software is simply a tool to accomplish an why make so much of it? Mainly because decent software and the accompanying DAW can be quite an investment, so it pays to investigate the best for you. If you simply need to get a vocal and a guitar recorded, an iPad might even do just fine with a low cost software app in it or Garage band. It's when you start to look at the music as a production that things get a bit more complicated. A certain level of production is now expected or people seldom even listen to it. Within the first few seconds of a recording most listeners have already decided if they want to continue based on the quality of the recording. Comments welcome!!
  13. Native instruments have a history of making fine software and have become a staple for both home musicians and for those who make music for epic movies. All it takes is one look at what they have to offer and you can see why. With the advent of a program called Kontakt which is a sample player that doesn't really record samples things took off considerably. Since the release of Kontakt their product line has moved upward and onward. Today it is difficult to find any serious studio without one of their products. The largest heavyweight in their product line presently is a product called Komplete....Now they like to start things with "K" at Native Instruments. Not sure why..a German thing maybe, the main thing is they make killer instruments designed to fit inside your DAW and can be just as comfortable on stage as in your studio. Enter Komplete 10 and Komplete 10 Ultimate. You will try hard to find a more full featured set of tools anywhere on the planet. Remember me metioning Kontakt? Kontakt is full to the brim with everything from orchestral instruments to pop,rock and techno sounds. Before I bought Komplete all I used was Kontakt and it usually filled all the gaps. You get Kontakt when you buy Komplete.130 Gb of sheer music power in the Komplete basic version. Ultimate is even more than that. No matter what kind of music you like there is sure to be a lot of usable sounds there for you. Before I tell you a few things about Komplete I need to mention a requirement of it. You will want another hard drive to stream the sounds off of. Fortunately in the ultimate version a hard drive is provided. I have three seperate hard drives on my computer right now. Word of advice- Don't use "green" drives or anything that advertises power savings. All of those drives can hamper you getting the samples off of the drive. Get a straight 7200 rpm high performance drive before you ever think about Komplete.It isn't a matter of size. Two drives work better with one working the OS and another streaming the sound files. I You have at least two drives? Ok we're ready. Komplete 10 is 13 dvds if you opted for the basic version. Set aside some time for the install, maybe have another task to do alongside this as there is no fast way to install 130 gb of data into a hard drive. The first disk has the installer on it and if you already have NI's factory update program on your hard drive from prior installations then it will recognize you and registration will be straightforward.If you don't have that program, no real problem either as it will install it for you. From then on it will offer updates when they become available. Here are some of few programs you get in Komplete 10- Reaktor- It doesn't seem like much if you say it fast. What is Reaktor? Reaktor itself houses at least a half dozen synths ready to play complete with arpeggiators and effects. It's probably more than that, and they all sound good. In addition Reactor is programmable and is known for having a robust following of third party content creators on the web.You can program it yourself or look to see what others have done. Not necessarily intuitive, but once you get onto it you won't believe what you can do! Guitar Rig Pro 5- A big contender and a top one in guitar software. With GR5 you can plug your guitar into your audio interface and have that Fender or Marshall sound you always wanted. Deep and extensive don't begin to tell you all it is capable of. Chances are, if you can imagine a guitar tone of any kind..its in there Not just amps but tons of effects. Presets to play just about any guitar sound made in the last 40 years. Scarbee Bass- If you need a really good bass in your mix this is it. Various synths to fill any techo, electronic or soundscape desire- Monark,Rounds,Kontour, Ansynth and more lots more! Pianos- Tons of them. Kontakt has a slew of them already but Komplete has even more and they all sound good. Of special mention is the "Giant" piano. A nice peasant full sounding piano that sits well in mixes and had presets for the more adventurous. Yamaha,Bosendorfers, Steinways, Uprights. If you play piano you get a lot of bang for your buck. And each can be adjusted to your liking. Electric piano -The FM synth has all of the tine bases covered in addition to others. Organs? Want that B-3 sound with lots of presets? There are some sweet organs in Komplete! Battery and DRUMLAB are a few of the drum players in Komplete 10. In Battery Pads can be drug to selected pads and played to midi rhythms in any way you want.Same with DRUMLAB. Studio Drummer- A full featured and great sounding drum program competeing with the likes of Addctive Drums 2 and BFD 3. It has tended to me one of my go to drum programs many times because of the included loops and the sounds. Orchestral Music?- It's covered well in Kontakt. Its more than the sounds. Loops,patterns and presets abound in all of the different programs. The only limitaion really is getting your head around all of it. Kind of like eating an elephant, One bite at a time. It's really not that bad, especially if you happen to take well to things technical. You don't need to learn all of it in a day. Collectively speaking you get a LOT in Komplete. If you had to buy all of it seperately it would cost far more than the sum of its parts. If you already own an NI product you can get some kind of a discount to buy Komplete. Once you get into their system and own a product future buying is less painful. Cheer! Tim
  14. From the album Banners

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  15. From the album yousonics

  16. How can you get rid of a muffled guitar sound? I've tried an expensive microphone, audacity, turning up the equalizers on the out put of the stereo. Nothing seems to work. Everyone that listens to the recordings thinks my husband is using the Wah- wah effect, when in fact he's playing an acoustic guitar. It's ruining what could be a half decent recording. Any suggestions would be so appreciated. Thanks Goldy Here is a sample of what it sounds like
  17. I know I'm going to go through studio withdrawal soon as I'll be away from it for I worked to get this one out. I rewrote some of the words as posted in the lyrics forum.. This is an unusual I guess that makes me unusual I'll need to work on the drums more....any other suggestions are welcome and thanks! Lady By The Sea- She stands gazing wispy islands far, she's lost her amusement on shame..a wandering thought moving on as a soul..and she sees in the night with no eyes. While darkness is rampant afar, she seeks for a place she can rest,her calls no one hears, as dawn slowly nears. She sees spirits who live behind walls. She's the lady who stands by the sea, sorrows friend crying endlessly..ran away from destiny and it pierced her with arrows of sorrow. She's been dead nearly 200 years, but that really means nothing here, she's caught in between a place like a dream and the spirits know that it's real. Oh where will she go when it's time...the voices that speak they do lie, the choice will be hers and the lessons are she leaves in the dark, to go home. She's the lady who stands by the sea sorrows friend crying endlessly...ran away from a destiny and it pierced her with arrows of sorrow. Note- I will be improving this mix in the next several weeks.
  18. Hail, I'm glad I found this forum. I'm a musician that never completes a song/recording but I'm getting very excited to change that! Here is a track I am starting to really like but feel like there could be more (less is more?) So far I have no lyrics but I'm working on them right now. I really enjoy honest critique! note: The drums are MIDI which I'd like to replace with real drums. A few tracks/instruments aren't perfect. I don't know how to mix well but I do try my best Here is the soundcloud link. Thanks for taking a look and listen!
  19. Hello everyone, just wanted to share a song that I wrote few years back. Recently I just finished composing and recording everything in the song. Any feedback would be appreciated. Morning Rain (New Beginning) Music and lyrics by Jon C. Am I the only one who enjoys the morning rain? The great big sky that helps to ease the pain Dreams you have, the life you've got They ain't gonna be the same I can't help asking myself Where's my soul right now? Am I the only one who hides behind my memories? I replay all the pieces just to escape the reality Days go by and I realize It's not about the destiny but a beautiful journey Say goodbye to the dark nights I am gonna get through it one more time Falling down, from thousand miles to the ground Let the rain turn into rivers Flow away yesterday Moving on... I gotta leave it all behind Gotta rediscover my soul This is my new beginning with the morning rain Am I the only one who trapped inside my fantasies? What it seems don't always match with what it means Days go by and I realize It's not about the things you see but the choices you're making Time to stop asking myself where I'm going right now Falling down, from thousand miles to the ground Let the rain turn into rivers Flow away yesterday Moving on... I gotta leave it all behind Gotta rediscover my soul I'm gonna find a new beginning in this morning rain
  20. I recently spoke with Alan Tubbs on his experiences recording. Can be heard directly from the player at or on iTunes at
  21. Hi, full disclosure, I dropped out of Berklee College of Music after 3 semesters. I couldn't afford it. I play guitar, bass, piano, drums, banjo, harmonica, mandolin, and saxophones. I worked as sound tech and a recording engineer. Okay, fuller disclosure, I am mediocre at banjo, but I do play the other instruments professionally. I've spent the last ten years learning how learning works, digging for songwriting and performance insights, and performing, recording, and teaching what I've discovered.
  22. This is the new sound my band is going to have. The mix is in the experimental stage. Just looking for feedback.
  23. The latest article from Recording Hound . If you are new to recording this is a must read! Recording Hound- Read Here-
  24. I have become increasingly frustrated with my current stock of daws. Many of the issues had become show stoppers that disuaded me from purchasing upgrades in the past. So far back that I'm not eligible for upgrade pricing to current versions and I find the pricing of those current models not consistent with the value they represent to me as a consumer. I'm choosing not to go back to any DAW I've had in the past. And I've tried to keep an open mind to daws I haven't tried. I'm not going to try every DAW in the universe. The three daws I've chosen to test are... Reaper, Presounus Studio One, Mixcraft. It's looking like Mixcraft after two days of testing and several days of accumlulating opinions of others. Each are offered in a price range I find acceptable. I had no horse in the race to begin with though I did recognize the popularity of reaper amongst budget concious novices and the stalwart reputation that Presonus has earned in the industry over a very short time against the DAW giants. Reaper Reapers footpint is very small. A small lean daw should mean faster, more stable operations and reduced latency. When I asked around what reaper users thought the most compelling reason to buy it I got "Yeah it's really cool, this thing is amazing" type responses which did nothing to educate me as to the actual benefits of using reaper beyond price. Reaper didn't come supplied with a project file. (,,,hmm) It. Did have an option to run both 32 and 64 bit plugins built in. Even after recognizing my vsts, vsti's and Direct X plugins it failed to load them. The UI was quite atrocious. Not only in appearance but in window feature sets. Even after setting all my preferences correctly I still had problems handling the most basic of functions, such as importing a midi file. When I did import the midi file and hit play no sound emminated from my speakers. I had to manually assign the midi out on each track to my microsoft wavetable synth. Even though I'd already set that up in my preferences. Simply getting something midi to playback was a challenge. And then it was out of sync.. I took my findings back to the daw forums I frequent and the response from reaper users was mostly along the line of "you're lying, that's impossible" to the rare supportive response of "Oh, you need to become a member of the forums and get this extension and do X,Y,Z" The reaper forums are rather helpful and they seem like a nice bunch but something stuck in my crawl. Why should I have to install brakes to test drive a new car? I spent about two days following everyone's advice and I'm still not satisfied with the results. Presonus Studio One II Producer I like the presonus brand of hardware devices. They have a lot of very solid ideas when it comes to mixers etc. Studio One is highly regarded by Daw critics and casual users alike. Studio One has quickly become the go to daw for "real musicians" and stage (band) engineers who, while being very tech saavy prefer a streamlined workflow with stability being of greatest concern. I can't begin to tell you how many people I know personally who have moved to S1 from both more expensive and less expenive daws to embrace presounus's flagship daw. All lavish praise to it's sensible workflow and most importantly stability. Which is key when working in "band" situations. One quibble I have with S1 is the pricing structure. One is required to purchase the pro version simply to use third party plugins. Quite frankly I think that's a rip off and it does not bode well going into the program when one is forced to accept the supplied plugins which may or may not be up to standard with third party developers be they free or pay. First impressions. Upon start up an startup wizard page is displayed. I've always found this to be a marketing ploy designed to guide amatuers over having any real value. I downloaded the 64bit version and it was having a hard time recognizing my 64 bit plugins (forget a pre installed jbridge) Only Independence free was recognized. No project demo file. (really? really?) I loaded a standard midi file into the program and....Yes the GM sounds properly loaded for the corresponding instruments. Not bad, not great. I'm less interested in the supplied plug in instruments then how well it handles the wide variety of virtual instruments I already own. While I did like the included instrument plugin display and the tabbed view of the instruments on a per track basis. I wasn't impressed with the footprint. Making it very hard for me to access simple things like the mixer and the transport controls while said plugin was displayed. I did some cursory exploration with the automation mixing and effects. Yes it was highly stable. Yes I did notice improved latency issues. No the included plugins for all the pretty showed only minor enhancement and nowhere near on par with third party plugins I've used in the past. I tried to create a mixdown of the then prepared midi file to .wav I tried and tried and tried. When the program exports to wave it has to shut down so that the .wav can play in an external media player (windows media player) Tried as I could the first few .wav files were trunicated (did not last as long as the song) When I got one that wasn't trunicated it crashed the windows media player. I had to test it in winamp. The wave file set to 44.1 16bit was... impressive when I could play it. I found no dithering issues present as I've found with major brands (Abelton Live) It was a very clean mix with a wide dynamic range, plenty of separation and nicely saturated headroom. But still the fact that I couldn't play the file in windows media player was a downer. up Mixcraft