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  1. Hello! a new song from the band i'm in. seeking any comments about this song! your comments will be helpful for my bandmates and me to improve the song! my concerns are that the song is a little bit uninteresting, and that the instrumentation of the song is not up to mark. the synth seemed muddy and messy. my wife also commented on her ambivalence about the lyrics. the lyrics are below, and thank you in advance for your comments! ========== lyrics ========== [verse] staring at your back my gut has a gnarly feeling, something is wrong inside if only i can slice deep into your mind, Mental swiss army knife Wild Knots that need unwind and find that light [verse] your phone incessantly rings is it work or i suspect Well, it could be him? didn’t we have moments Of Blissful clarity Unyielding loyalty? Things we make-believe Like Love will set you free [chorus] I'll pore over the memories shore up misgivings, blame my deficiencies Tenderness haunts me after dark, oh Now that we are over, Now that we are over Somehow [verse] Something's wrong i swear I checked your phone logs and find the ghost of him is there Am i losing you like a fistful of sand, I don’t understand, Your illicit affair, This love is second-hand.. [Bridge] digging into your neck my spirit’s sapped to a wreck asphyxiation last drag of the cigarette Shards of broken dream It wasn’t a silly fling adulteration Rupture at the seams
  2. Hi there! Has been a while since I last posted something. We had a gig last weekend and performed this new song for the very first time: We had the opportunity to the audio directly out of from the mixer, so we placed some cameras to also get some images. What do you think? Please have in mind that this really was a live recording - including all mistakes Lyrics: I am protecting you from all the things that can hurt you and still I am trying to help you and tell you all the things so listen to me You look in my face and lie to me You just disagree Your intentions are good but all I see is conspiracy You dont wanna hurt me In fact you really like me you are scared about how I might react Every word you say to me is being processed by me Im trying to guess the real meaning I want the truth I am scared of loosing you You dont know what I’m going trough My behaviour is not easy too Im making it worse I Just wanna let you know that Im falling on my knees right now Now you can look down on me not just in your mind but literally Why dont you just drop your last bomb and let me free No more lies from you no more fear for me Thank you! Yves
  3. I think I'm getting close with my mixes, I'm pretty dang happy with this, I see it's not... it's sort of crammed together, or like... forced to work, but I kinda like that. Reminds me of those 70's and 80's punk bands that produced themselves and it came out awful and gorgeous at the same time. Still suggestions are appreciated cause it could always be better. Oh yeah and the song too, I'm not... the vocal isn't kiilllling me, but with all the difficulties I've had lately I feel like I need to settle at some point just to get something out there, confidence will probably come as I get positive feedback again. Anywho... I'm talking too much, here's the song.
  4. Musicians Invited: Any musician whatsoever is welcome to take this, process/rework it and use in a song. I'm grateful for whatever music someone can turn this into! Harrowing background sound, cruel, heavy and callous voice acting and a mysterious tone are welcome, but do whatever you feel like. Ideal Tone: Think dark fantasy. Think fantasy Dwarfs, but malicious, mysterious slavers, idolaters and sacrificers. Think heavy, deep Dwarf voice, yet harsh and arrogant. Think contemptuous toward lesser slave beings. Think cruel monument builders and demented megalomaniacs. Think torturers and evil geniuses. Think bull worshippers, think shadow and flame, think fire and lightning. Think sons of Darkness. Think nightmare ash wastes, obsidian ziggurats, storms, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and pollution. Think death and misery. Think dark industry and fire temples. Think blacksmiths of Chaos who forges Daemons into armament.Think hearts of stone. Genre: Whatever you can bring to the table! Ancient oriental impressionism, metal, classical, folk... The list goes on. Give us your take on this! Don't be afraid to chop up the lines, polish, add and improve to make it a working song. We're happy with what we get. Setting: Games Workshop's Warhammer fantasy world. However, this can easily be made setting-inspecific and fantasy generic by exchanging "holy Hashut" for "Bull God" "Dark Deity" or whatever. This is particularly relevant for anyone wanting to turn a profit out of this. Find out more song texts by me and others in the same vein here, all of which are open for musicians to grab themselves onto. Song Text: Low-quality, I presume, since it's written by a raw amateur. Should you nevertheless find promise, then by all means rework it into something you like! Disclaimer: This is non-profit project, but I won't object if anyone uses it for profit ventures so long as I am credited and so long as I have full access to the audio files and have unlimited rights to use and share this for free however I see fit for hobby purposes. Also, should someone for some reason make a small fortune out of this or other song texts of mine I would advice you to toss me a small cash sum, but otherwise profit don't interest me here. __________________ Gate of Contempt "They pick at lice, the dumb their wise. Enthroned in glory dark, am I hereby proclaimed insane, by inert lowly simpletons who care but for the grain? Great works in stone they quietly bemoan as heavy drain, and ask why giant portal must be built in empty plain? O why, o why? They are but mice, can't see the prize. I swear to holy Hashut and by His rending horns twain, stragglers and doubters will be whipped back into lane. Appeasing Father's molten fury I will ramp up all the slain, and by this hill o' skulls and bones remake our terrain. O why, o why? With reddened eyes, their deathly cries. Restful joy of hale and lowly thrall remains our foulest stain, so burden them with labour and lock on the rusty chain! Their bones will snap, their backs will break for cruelty, their bane, will haunt their dreams and breath awake alike under my reign! O why, o why? They mouthed their lies, we cut their ties. The smallfolk may complain and whine, as they die off like flies, but I, o mighty one, am risen to the skies!" - Chaos Dwarf song from the construction of the Gates of Zharr, during the reign of Zhargon the Great
  5. Damn. Just realized I clipped a few seconds off the beginning. Since I'm working on it, I'll leave it for now. I finally got around to redoing this 2011 song. I've got some ideas on what I might do with it but wanted a few opinions first. Lyrically, I was glad to find it out it is still as relevant today as it was when I wrote it. There are a couple lines I'm so-so with so if they get pointed out, I'll probably change them. Probably will regardless, I went with the lines that sounded better, not necessarily the one's that would work the absolute best. It may or may not matter. Overall I'm pleased with it, but also think maybe the third time may be the charm. Chow. Watershed Just 1L, Randy Drilingas 2011 I fear we'll never get another try. Gone are the days, we could do as we like. Seems like everything we do Hurts another side. Can't seem to find a plot of common ground. Sides are too far apart. Lands too unsound. Sit back and join the fight that's going 'round. And that's no damn good. (2x) We keep pointing our fingers At the other side. Never once do we ask ourselves How it might affect the others plight. It's just "Mine, it's all mine. Stay away from my side or I'll desecrate your freedoms tonight." I love it when we're told "Comply!" Or else we're wrong. Sarcasm aside, many freedoms have gone. Shit like that makes me think We'll never get along. So we keep living making livings Trying to find our way. We get used to the change. Does no good to complain. Often glancing back at What we call the "good old days." And that's no damn good. (2x) We used to think that the Watershed Would give us life. It did that. It did more. It also taught us we all know how to fight. My gains what you despise. The watershed turns to bloodshed in the blink of an eye. Used to think that the Watershed Would give us life. It did that. It did more. It also taught us we all know how to fight. Their gains what you despise. The watershed turns to bloodshed in the blink of an eye. And when somebody pulls their gun. Everybody's on the run. The watershed turns to bloodshed in the blink of an eye. And so on and so forth ,,, yadda yadda yadda, and the songs over.
  6. We would be what folk sounds like, if folk wore steel capped boots. We will post some covers, please check them out. Lovre from Aurora.
  7. Hi all. I've recorded a song, and would love to you guys' and gals' opinions on it. It's a rough mix, a bit out of balance especially in the coda. Please let me know what you think! Update: New version: https://soundcloud.com/will-sketches/rock-with-your-love-new-demo Old version: https://soundcloud.com/willem-h-de-boer/rock-with-your-love-additional-vocals
  8. I hope you like this song. It is inspired by Stephen King's book of the same title. It was recorded at home, except drums which were recorded in a proffesional study and mixed at home. Lyrics: A story was told a long time ago when Roland was fourteen and got his guns And he’ll never forget the days of believing That he would be safe from the wizard and glass Susan was returning from her visit to the witch She was forced to marry the old mayor of the town but she Deserved to be free Roland met her and they rode together on his horse Trying to deny their feelings only led to get things worse Starting a war. At night in my nightmares I always remember People from this town telling lies And I’ll never forget the days of believing That we would be safe from the wizard and glass The mayor was found murdered, they threw Roland into jail Susan came to free her love, the crystal ball discovered her The witch could see them People from the village planned to do a sacrifice The offering for harvest would be Susan on a burning pyre She wouldn’t survive Come on now, come on now Come on, save Susan, Roland (x4) Wizard and glass (x2)
  9. Hi guys, I've recently started producing this track and was inspired by Sting's "Ten Summoners Tales" album whilst writing. The theme to the tune is when you meet someone special, get to know them, get on really well just for a brief time, and then part and never see each other again. It has no lyrics, but I would love some feedback if possible on the track. If you would like to add vocals or lyrics, please let me know as I would love to hear vocals on this track. Many thanks, Kevin
  10. Been working on this one for a while now. Any comments are appreciated. I think the structure of the song and the lyrics are more or less carved in stone, but there is work to be done on the mix. I would be happy to have Your opinion on instumentation, Levels, pannning and eq. I will have my vocals redone later by someone who actually can sing, and maybe keep some of my own "vocals" as backingvocals. The song is a bit long, but I think it will stay this way. http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13551439 The Pills Here`s a pill for the stormy weather and here`s a pill for your pain. Here`s a pill for the traffic jam to keep you from going insane Here`s a pill for the nighttime and here`s a pill for the day Here`s a pill that might stop you In case you got something to say Here is a pill for depression and here`s a pill just for fun Here`s a pill for your troubles that might stop you from reaching your gun. Here`s a pill for the emptiness That haunts you all the time Here`s a pill that will numb you and prevent you from using your mind Chorus: You live by your medication So apart from reality Does it make you feel any better Does it make you feel more free The pills you take will change you But do they make you a better man Are you ready to live without them Are you ready to take your stand Here is a pill for the feelings you miss and all the memories you want to forget Here is a pill to make you feel alive and here`s a pill you will regret Here is a pill for the sunshine Here is a pill for the rain Here is a pill for the pills that you take Here is a pill in vain Chorus – solo- chorus x2
  11. This is the controversial rapper POLISH from Luton Town. I give you my music that contains strong and offensive lyrics with big, booming, bad-ass base. http://www.polishjangsta1.bandcamp.com if you wanna hear my first 3 albums POLISH'ED, The things I get called and other such nonsense, The Drugs Ladder.
  12. Hi guys! I wrote a bunch of instrumentals that need vocals. Various genres (in the rock umbrella, though) All vocals styles welcome! Just download the tracks, sing over em, and let me hear what you come up with! Thanks! https://soundcloud.com/nickishere12345/corleone https://soundcloud.com/nickishere12345/dawn https://soundcloud.com/nickishere12345/february https://soundcloud.com/nickishere12345/atmosphere
  13. Secret Message © Ben Burton April, 2017 Dropped in on Beggar's Banquet for some tea cakes A smell of hashish meant the chef was stoned Dear Doctor, help, if they start serving raw steak Or sushi overcooked and filled with bones The cover charge is stiff, but after entry Mixed drinks at fifty pence, you'll let it loose The barkeep offers sympathy aplenty Just jump off of his cloud, no parachute Forget all expectations Turn that forty-five around Could be a secret message Don't let Charlie bang you down If he hears a secret message Hold your breath, it's over now Turn up the jukebox, Jigsaw Puzzle's playing With Satan in the lyrics, listen close For Mick becomes a stray cat when he's ailing A prodigal who street fights holy ghosts Forget all expectations Turn that forty-five around Could be a secret message Don't let Charlie bang you down If he hears a secret message Hold your breath, it's over now
  14. This is a new mix based on responses received... Re sung the bridge Low pass shelf on drums Other minor changes in volume and effects Thanks! TURNING BACK THE TIME It's Monday again but it was Monday yesterday You're bleeding again but you just bled out yesterday You'd rather live in a black hole Where time disobeys The event horizon protects you And keeps him at bay You turn around and realize You turn around and realize His paradigm has you confined Turning back the time Turning back the time Turning back the time (repeat 3 times) Your gut is aching everyday You fall again and again He just smiles He won't relent You turn around and realize His paradigm has you confined Turning back the time Turning back the time Turning back the time (repeat 3 times) It's his holiday... Psychopathic misbehavior Never understood the danger You are searching for a savior one Just one Just one Turning back the time Turning back the time Turning back the time (repeat 3 times)
  15. "Hey, can you come play my party for free beer?!" "If you come play guitar for me for $50 this time there will be more gigs to follow!" "Do you have some unlicensed or royalty free music I can use for my video?" "I can pay you in (insert social media platform) more followers if you do this for me." Knowing one's value or worth is the best advice I could ever give anybody wanting to jump in this crazy music industry...OK, the end!! Whew, thank goodness you don't have to read anymore! Seems so simple, right? Monetarily speaking, knowing your worth can be an incredible advantage to your career, or not knowing what your "product's" value is can be a horrible disservice to you and your fellow colleagues. This is what I mean. What we do in the music industry whether it be a song writer, jingle composer, player, artist, manager, booking agent, etc. is entirely different than any corporate structure set in any other genre of business. There is no infrastructure to evaluate how much you should be making on a global scale. There isn't a chart on the internet to tell you how much you should be making. That certainly would make it a lot easier. From what I've learned, culture and the city you live in seem to set a standard. Granted I can only speak as an American understanding the evaluation process in music. Los Angles, New York, and Nashville are what I call the big 3. From there I would say the next tier cities could be an Austin, Texas or a New Orleans, Louisiana for example. But the big three usually set the trends in the largest commercialized music markets (Pop, Rock, and Country). They also have more opportunities in all areas of music as well. How much should I charge for my services? It all depends on your culture, city, and what will you gain out of it. In Nashville, a guitar player hired to play some songs have a pretty standard base rate of a local show getting paid $150 and if there is travel involved no less than $200. But I've excepted gigs for a lot less. Even $50! In corporate business suit and tie world they would ridicule you for taking a 75% cut. I don't blame them. Let that percentage sink in. I didn't know what I was doing was undermining a system that would devalue and under appreciate a player that would be well deserved of a base pay of $150. Integrity in the market place is a concept that , in monetary terms, people will know what to expect. Consistency if you will and it even sets a bar predicated to a system that can establish tiers. For example, do those local shows for $150 and when you have the street credit eventually you can make the jump up to $200, then $225, and then so on, and so on!!! Your culture may have something set in place. Maybe? Maybe not? Isn't it funny? Do you ever wonder if somebody slapped a sign on your back that says "will work for free" instead of "kick me!" Know your worth. Set a standard. Educate yourself from other musicians/writers/engineers/blah/blah/ bah. Let those that have walked that path mentor you. Help your community by establishing that your vocation as a creative is important to be worth given money. I had a coffee with a friend when I first started traveling to Nashville. I expressed that I didn't know my value or even when should I take a gig. I still use this rule to this day and I absolutely love it, and I think it applies here. After he mentioned base rates in Nashville he ended the subject by saying, "Two out of three ain't bad." 1. Is the money good? 2. Do you like the music? 3. Are they good people or are they fun to hang out with? "If you can say yes to at least two of those...two out of three ain't bad."
  16. I've went in and done some things with this. Different guitars, switched the verses, extended fade-out, etc… Any comments are welcome but I'm mainly looking at the mix. My goal is to get it to sound good enough for a free download. Gracias - Randy Donkey Kong Randy Drilingas, Just1L ©2016 I never did care for what you said. It didn't even make much sense. Trick all the dreamers. Make 'em believers. Then you let it go to your head. When you're high do people stare? And if so, do you even care? Did'ja read too much of everything? And turn your mind to dust. The rumors, the trollers, agenda promoters. You never know who to trust. When you're high, do people stare? And if so, do you even care? Donkey Kong's got Mario on a string. He's gonna need to pass him. To beat the game. Sometimes the eyes that gaze from a stranger. Can't see past the nose. No need to fear the jeers from a neighbor They'll never make you feel at home. Could you be, Should you be, Do you even wanna be, Do you even wanna be loved? Then don't forget the words of a mother: "If you can't say anything nice, say nothing at all." When you're high, do people stare? And if so, do you even care? Donkey Kong's got another trick up his sleeve. Well... When you're high, let 'em stare. When you're low, let 'em stare. I don't care. Finally posting another tune. It's been a while. I've got multiple things I'm going to do/change to this but I figure it's at least at the listenable stage. Some things I know I'm going to do, some things I might do depending on feedback. The 2 musts lyrically are switching verse 1 and 2, and changing "win" to "beat" as noted in the copy. Also concerning the lyrics, I'm not really interested if you read through it and get it all. I don't consider this to be that kind of song. I'm going more old school with the vision of "if you hear it on the radio with no lyrics" what stands out and what feeling do you get from it. There is a reason for each of the lyrics though. For example each of the chorus "When you're high…" lines has a slightly different meaning each time, pertaining to the preceding lines. I plan to re-sing it all on a day when I'm feeling more mo-jo. And I also plan to re-do the lead riff guitar and bass. It's the first song I've struggled nailing the guitar parts for, at least my definition of nailing. Mixing thoughts are of course welcome as well. Enjoy if you can. Ideally, you'll want to turn it up.
  17. Hi everyone. Here's a video of my band rehearsing a new song called Coastal. Sorry in advance about the quality, the sound is mostly being picked up by an iPhone. I hope it's marginally listenable, at least for the sake of criticism This song is in its early stage, what I'm looking for is just your initial impressions. Does the song feel cohesive? Any opinions are very much appreciated.
  18. VERSE she gave me a reason to live perfect world as she's my love i can't decide with all my best efforts needle and spoon she is there in a burning hell and i will take her gentle hand once again CHORUS beautiful breathless kiss a sigh of sinful bliss it's all that I want che-mi-stry of calm VERSE for every day since one i love to the one i will hate step back in pain to be someone else a pinch of you to make a move ahead push it to the end i know you know how the taste of life is so perfect now CHORUS beautiful breathless kiss a sigh of sinful bliss it's all that I want che-mi-stry of calm ----------------------------------------------------------------- I'm not sure of my English too, so really any criticism is welcome. I would like to gain some skills and see my own mistakes.
  19. VERSE I turn another page in my head left all the questions unanswered let this story happened to the end I still stay here, when she is gone she's gone with all memories (i know) it’s a price I have to pay it’s a price for no regrets CHORUS only desperation prevail fairytale’s gone only inspiration remain fairytale’s gone my obsession is lost I know fairytale’s gone (she's gone) VERSE lived in a daze for all the time until the day i almost die love... how can i do this to her last case i hide inside my heart if we could start from the very first time look at me now... she's got me again tell me where's your loving god to give us a second chance CHORUS only desperation prevail fairytale’s gone only inspiration remain fairytale’s gone my obsession is lost I know fairytale’s gone (she's gone) OUTRO a fairytale is lost, i stay here with my thoughts she’s gone with all i ever could could recall it’s a price I have to pay to have no more regrets ----------------------------------------------------------------- I'm not sure of my English too, so really any criticism is welcome. I would like to gain some skills and see my own mistakes.
  20. This is not a finished song yet, needs fast bridge part. I am very new at mixing so any comments/critique welcome. I already tweaked the eq on cymbols to take off the harsh high end and dialed back a bit on the reverb. A Prophetic Déjà vu Verse1: Earthquakes, famine, sickness, floods Implanted chip security Good called evil, evil good Lose your head if you dare believe Pre-chorus: Is it just happenstance, coincidence of circumstance? Chorus: The signs are all around you Put together two and two The bible speaks and it seems to be A prophetic déjà vu A prophetic déjà vu It's a prophetic déjà vu Verse 2: Matching up the ancient names With current nations in the news As they march in their campaigns Just as predicted right on cue Chorus Instrumental (idea - with end times scripture reading - deep voice) Bridge: Words that were written about the last days Are making up the headlines of the front page Chorus Ending: It’s a prophetic déjà vu (x3) Happening right in front of you
  21. Thanks for You opinion!
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  23. Hi! I am a new writer working on editing my second novel. My book is about a musician experiencing some crazy mental problems on a rock tour and so I've written a song into the storyline. I have no experience as a song writer, just as a music fanatic, so I'm hoping to get some feedback here to validate that the song in my book actually sounds like it could really be sang and played, not just read like a poem. I envision this as a rock song. Let me know what you think! Every day and every night another city scape defined. Those in front and those beside, giving meaning to my life. Existence too fast and realizations too slow. On we go through my memory full of holes." Weaving, leaving, barely seeing being. The map ahead, the road behind, A dark and gapping empty mind. Empty mind, blinded eye, oh not mine. Betrayal slithers and winds with only one purpose. Too many suspects to hide, the true intention of this lie. Existence too fast and realizations too slow. Forward we move with the faint shadow of proof. Weaving, leaving, barely seeing being.The map ahead, the road behind,A dark and gapping empty mind. Empty mind, blinded eye, oh not mine. Empty and gone, forgotten and wrong. The words are an echo that can't be defined. Shallow and thin, secret and song. Wanted too much so he took the whole fall. Weaving, leaving, barely seeing being.The map ahead, the road behind,A dark and gapping empty mind. Empty mind, blinded eye, oh not mine.
  24. Dear All, this song was submitted for an electronic synth Brand contest. I would like to hear about critique of songwriting impressions, vocals (my daughter) and production. Thanks! https://soundcloud.com/kv331synthmaster/not-now-with-me-by-diego-rengifo?in=kv331synthmaster/sets/synthmaster-2016-song-contest
  25. I first posted this a bit over a year ago. The critiques and insights from everyone helped me to completely revamp this song. New chorus, new arrangement, new vocals, and a new mix. All critiques and comments are welcome. 12/19/16 The biggest question in my mind now is: HARMONIES IN THE CHORUS, YES OR NO? I would be interested in any strong opinions one way or the other. GRANITE WALLS Sneaking down the corridorLight steps sound like thunderStand before your granite doorLike a beggar at the altarI know you’re in thereLike a thousand times beforeLurking in the darkest cornerAfraid to face the coming stormEar down the corridorHear the sound of screaming silenceVoices that I’d known beforeDisappear in tranquil violenceFeed the monster, kill the lightJustify some dark desireRemolding truth to feed the lieTear down these granite wallsLeave no stone upon anotherTear down these walls and climb outsideStand upon the sea of glassCast your crown upon the altarTear down these walls and say goodbyeSymbols in the corridorLambent words disguised as wisdomBut we've seen it all beforeWe'll keep you safe if you sell your freedomFeed the fever, Starve the cureJustify your dark desireRemolding truth to feed the lieTear down these granite wallsLeave no stone upon anotherTear down these walls and climb outsideStand upon the sea of glassCast your crown upon the altarTear down these walls and say goodbye