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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I am kinda new here. A songwriter that plays guitar. Here I wanna share an application for guitar players that I did build for myself. There are a lot of applications that show you scales and chords but I just could not find where I was really looking for, so I build it myself (It’s a Flash application so you need a Flash-player). Since I am the only one using (and loving) this app I was thinking maybe there are other people how would like this to. By all means: be my guest J Why is it differed and what does it do? 1. It Has two guitar necks/fretboards (to easily compare) 2. On top (above) of every guitar neck there are two menu’s (left “guitar scales” and right “guitar chords”) Here you can choose the key and kinda scale or/and chord. If you choose a scale the positions of all the notes in that scale will be shown on the keyboard (nothing special). 3. If you choose a chord it will not show you chord positions as you used to, but it will show you all the notes that are in that chord spread out over the keyboard! 4. Then there is the possibility to tune every string in the application! So if you put your guitar in another (let’s say “open”) tuning then the standard tuning, you put the app in the same tuning and you can then Easley find the positions of scales and chords in that tuning. (to tune: open the scale menu (on the left top of one of the guitar necks) find the tuning arrows (up and down) and hit the up or down arrow and see)… It’s free, no commercials and nobody owns me anything J just sharing a tool that I use a lot myself. A3D Guitar Scales and Chords Tool
  2. Learning scales on your guitar fretboard is very essential though some may argue that it is not absolutely necessary. Legends such as Eric Clapton and BB King never learnt scales but the importance of it cannot be denied. Scales are like the grammar of the language called music. One of the most important scales in music theory is the Major Scale. Most other scales in music is built upon the major scale. The following article teaches you how to learn the Major Scale with a guitar and 30 minutes of your time. http://www.songstuff.com/guitar/article/guitar_tutorial_scales/ Be sure to share and like the article if you find it useful. If you have any questions, feel free to discuss it on the Songstuff Community Forums.
  3. Soloing And What Scales To Use

    Hey guys, I've been feeling kind of lost lately, in my soloing that is. There's just so many things you can do and I have no clue where to start. So I thought Id post here. So when you guys solo, (If you solo), what scales do you use? And does it ultimately matter? Are you a fan of pentatonic? Aolian, Phyrgian, Phyrgian Dominant, Mixolydian, or any of the others I can't remember? Or do you guys even know what I'm talking about? xD. I'm primarily a rhythm guitar player trying to switch over to lead, and it's extremely difficult for me. I wish I had a book that taught me how to do all the different soloing techniques you can do and how to apply them, but alas I have not yet found one. So honestly this topic can be for any and all talk soloing or scales or theory related. Im curious and looking for a bit of guidance because I don't know where to start. Thanks, Zack
  4. My Quest On Learning Modes

    So I started learning about the theory about modes in guitar and I started learning the shapes to play. (is that how you say it in guitar talk?) Anyway, I just wondered, should I start learning from the proper order of the modes? (Ionian then Dorian then Phrygian and so on...) or can I just learn them in any order?