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Found 25 results

  1. My name is Theoren, people mostly call me Author. I'm a 22 year old who just got a BOFA in Vocal Performance this May. I write piano based compositions but also acoustic singer/songwriter stuff. I work out of my home and I'm also a writer. I have written, produced, and directed 2 theatre plays. It's nice to meet you all and I look forward to sharing compositions with you!
  2. I wrote this song about 8 years ago but was never happy with a certain lyric. I finally finished it up last week and went to make a quick recording. My sweet 12 year old jumped in to do harmonies last minute and did a great job! Anyways, this is a true story that I wrote when I was really missing my dad who passed from cancer when I was a kid. My hope is that it can bring peace to anyone who is having a hard time. I think anyone can relate, especially if you have lost a loved one. I'd love some feedback. Thank you in advance! You left us when I was 7 years old, Though you had no choice, I just can’t let go Years down the road, and here I am, Wishing for another chance to hear your voice again, Lord knows I’ve tried, but I still struggle to get by, And in my time of doubt, I wonder why, Pre-chorus Then I opened up the good book, and a note fell on the floor, Tears rolled from my eyes, I found what I was looking for, Chorus My dear son, I won’t be here long, The time has come, where I must move on, I’m going home, When you find this note, I’ll be gone, But I want you to know… matter where you go, you’re not alone, If you find yourself wondering if someone loves you, Look up above, I’ll be watching you, Remember… who you are, There’ll be times when you’re lost, and don’t know where to go, Get down on your knees and follow that road, And remember… that I love you son. 2nd Verse Can’t believe what I just read, I never knew what he would have said, Now I know, my fathers’ watching over me, Now I’m here with my own son, Asking myself if I have done, Enough to let him know how I feel, Pre-chorus I’m here watching you dream, And I need you to know, that you’re everything to me, Chorus My Dear son, I may not always be here, The time may come, where I must move on, but for now I’m home I’m here for you, no matter what you do, And I want you to know… matter where you go, you’re not alone, If you find yourself wondering if someone loves you, Look up to me, I’ll be here for you, Remember… who you are, There’ll be times when you’re lost, and don’t know where to go, Get down on your knees and follow that road, And remember… Bridge Life’s hard I know, but we all have room to grow, Without a challenge, how would we learn, Chorus If you find yourself wondering if someone loves you, Look up to me, I’ll be here for you, Remember… who you are, There’ll be times when you’re lost, and don’t know where to go, Get down on your knees and follow that road, Remember… that I love you son.
  3. Hi! My name is Tamara Hey. I'm a singer-songwriter and music teacher. I teach guitar and music theory workshops in NYC and online. My workshops are tailored to the needs of songwriters/lyricists/singers and include basic lead-sheet and chart-writing techniques. I've joined Songstuff today because I'm interested to know what music theory questions songwriters bring up so I can continue to serve those needs. Also, I love songwriting more than anything.
  4. Hello everyone! Humbly presenting my second song here- 'Why Should I Run' This was written around the same time as 'Fade Away' and is thematically similar, but as the titles suggest, while one wants to Fade Away from the situation, the other says Why Should I Run, rather defiantly. Yves had suggested last time around, to have the credits appear at the end of the video, which has been incorporated here. Would love to hear all of your thoughts and critiques. Thank you, Priyan Why Should I Run- Lyrics: Why should I run Around your sun Emptiness blind My conscious mind Bound by your rules In a ship full of fools And I wonder if it’s all a dream Something that I’m made to believe This daily grind Don’t be left behind Seek and you’ll find Name it all mine And I wonder if it’s all a dream Something that I’m made to believe I wonder if it’s all a dream Something that we’re made to believe Consider this An ironic touch Each breath we take Kills us that much And I wonder if it’s all a dream Something that we’re made to believe Yes I wonder if there’s more than it seem Is it all a lie made to deceive Why should I run
  5. Hey guys... this is my first post here. I am very new to songwriting and I am having quite a bit of difficulty with the chorus of this song (it's not finished yet). I feel like the chorus just isn't catchy enough... it doesn't sound like a chorus to me for some reason. If any of you could critique the melody/lyrics specifically I would be very grateful. Thank you!! Never left your house all summer You shoulda never gave me that glow Rain rose, steaming thunder We could've been beautiful My tongue started speaking your language Felt that pull like a magnet But the thrill wore off for you Chorus: Now you're on my mind keeping yourself around Hiding in the cracks and you know we're going down Still hear your voice even though you're gone Will you ever go Go will you ever go.mp4
  6. Lyricist wanted! The band "The Arctic Knights" are currently in the start of a project, so we are in the search for a good lyricist for collaboration. Mostly we do conceptual projects, meaning; our music and lyrics are connected with one story through a project. A few examples can be found here: -- Requirements -------------------------------------------- We hope you have some experience in writing lyrics/song writing You need to master the english language fluently, both in writing and orally. We prefer it is your native language, with all the characteristica of a native english accent. You have the possibility to make recording of melody line and phrasing. -- How to apply -------------------------------------------- We prefer applicants who send us two -2- written lyrics, of different themes. The lyrics should be sent to us as either in txt, richtext, (notepad, wordpad), or as a pdf. On the top of the lyrics, you should write your name (real name), and email address. Later on it will be required that you give us your phone number and address for registration of intellectual property. -- The process further ------------------------------------- You will be given a spesific tune (no melody line or vocal, only arrangements), with a lyric title and some key words which need to be in the lyrics. -- Other Information -------------------------------------- If necessary, you must have the possibility to come to Norway during recording session, shelter and food will of course be provided, and travel expences will be covered. Payment can be discussed, but key words here is: we are on a small budget. Lyricists will be registered as participant to the project, and also registered in GRAMO/IFPI for receiving mechanical and digital rights payment according to IFPI regulation, before project is released. Signing of a non-disclosure agreement and a musical rights agreement will be required. -- Time schedule ------------------------------- We prefer to get all applications, before february 28. 2014. Application(s) can be sent to: ak [at] Best regards, R.Mollvik
  7. This is another aspect that is obviously very important for a good performance. Assuming you are a solo performer, how do you go about doing your soundcheck? Now, it definitely is much simpler and smaller as compared to doing a sound check with a band, I'm interested in knowing how you think about how you sound to yourself. How much reverb do you use for your vocal monitors? How do you prefer your guitar levels to be? DO you do any EQ on your vocals (or guitars) depending on the acoustics of the place on your monitors? Do you find yourself doing or noticing something repeatedly in all or most venues and stages? Interested to know your thoughts on this.
  8. The Ways of the Road Easy rider won't you come with me I know you yearn to be free You seem locked down by a ball and chain Chasing the dust that remains Well, you got knocked down you say you can't get up The whiskey won't flow to the top of your cup Do you want to lie here cry like a broken man? Or pick yourself up and say Chorus: Those ways of the road Still roll and flow Like blood through steel Tell me how do you feel?? You were wild for a golden child You were Walking through a land defiled Trying your best just to catch the wind Rendering your thoughts thin Well hearts grow cloudy and minds turn gray You never found those right words to say Deep in your heart you feel the righteous storm You know you've felt before Chorus: Your mind races now but your feet stand still You keep longing for some type of thrill You feel like you're running out of time Making you want to roll on down the line The road is waiting, you feel it in your breast Wheels are rolling, you can't bare the stress You've been beaten by the hours on the constant grind You gotta leave all that behing Chorus: By Scott Lee
  9. Hello, I am an English singer - songwriter based in Geneva Switzerland. I am looking to start a band in the area. I like Coldplay, Oasis, Pink Floyd, Cream, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan,The Verve, The Beatles and many more. If you live in Geneva and want to meet for a jam, send me a message. I love music of all genres and enjoy talking about stuff like, theory, lyrics, song structure, albums and all the geek stuff. LOL. This is a link to my soundcloud page All the best Will
  10. Hi, it is so nice to find a forum where I can read and talk about music.. When I write my songs, I sometimes find the second verse a pain to finish. Has anyone got any tips they would like to share? Thanks All the best Will
  11. Hi, I am an English singer - songwriter based in Geneva Switzerland. I would much appreciate it, if you found the time to listen to my songs. Here is the link to my soundcloud Thanks Best Regards Will
  12. Hello all, I am a teen vocalist just starting out. I have had vocal training but only through school. I am having trouble finding high-school-aged local talent. My goal is to become a singer-songwriter. My favorite genres are progressive metal and melodic/symphonic rock, but my tastes span rock, punk, metal, pop, and more. My influences include A Perfect Circle, Avril Lavigne, Evanescence, Muse, Paramore, and Queen. I am currently trying to get more Facebook Likes. I am just starting to write lyrics and music. Thanks, Lara French
  13. I recently started to record full versions of my songs instead of just acoustic sets. I am mainly a guitar player and vocalist/lyricist so I am a little iffy when it comes to bass and drum parts. I would love to know what you think of my arrangement mainly but any critiques are welcome and helpful. Thanks so much. LYRICS: Lyrics: Starting’s harder than I thought. Each time I screw up, I try to think of little ways to justify my circumstance maybe this is who I am...Is this who I am? And my baby, makes me so much better And yet lately, I’m ashamed each time I let her Down when I don’t follow through. maybe this is who I this who I am. if I wait long enough, all of this will pass If I wait long enough, someday I'll look back and laugh And my heart beat flutters. I'm just trying to survive Every detail going through my mind. I fall Behind but I'm not letting go until I this who I am if I wait long enough, all of this will pass If I wait long enough, someday I'll look back and laugh Impatiently I used to rush the finish but now I slow it down I slow it down, down if I wait long enough, all of this will pass If I wait long enough, someday I'll look back and laugh
  14. Hi Everyone, I've found a great amount of useful info on this website over the years and am now excited to see what further, more personalised info I can find/get in this forum. Dougie
  15. Hi

    Hi I'm a singer songwriter ... have a band for fun - Idle Hands - doing quite a lot of original stuff... would also like to market songs and lyrics
  16. Hey All, would love for an opportunity to have my music shared with you! hope you enjoy it!, Blessings!, -jeremy
  17. I just joined this forum and I'm definitely looking forward to meeting fellow songwriters and sharing stuff around! My name is Olaf, I'm 17 and live in Ingatestone (a tiny place you've probably never heard of) in the East of England. I'm a singer-songwriter, and as much as I love it and treat it as the biggest passion, unfortunately I can't spend too much on time because I'm tied by schoolwork. Hopefully when I finish school and people like my songs, I'll be able to devote my life to writing and composing. I play guitar and sing - I also write a lot of lyrics, often in random places. Once I wrote a song while sitting on a tree. My single "Hand In Hand" came out on iTunes today, I'd really appreciate it if you could give it a listen )
  18. Hello everyone, I wanted to get peoples opinion of my new DEMO album before I got into the studio to finalize the tracks and re-cut vocals and drums. The DEMO version you will hear is just that, a DEMO. The drums are programmed Reason drums and the mixes are pretty rough. I'm looking for any feedback you want to give on the production, lyrics and songs. Be honest and critical if need be. I have thick skin so it won't bother me but please try to have constructive criticism. Thanks everyone for your time and I look forward to hearing what you think. This player will play ALL 10 songs in a row. If you want to hear songs individually go here:
  19. Bar Room Massacre I found myself a kernel of corn and im ready to pop i found myself a fire and Im ready to douse I saw myself an angel leaving with the strangest man Bar room massacre social acetone leaving me all alone Bar room massacre social acetone leaving me all alone but i'll rock until the planets drop ill rip until the mountains roll i'll ride until day the is done don't you know? I'll probably drink too much and trip over the roots in the morning ill repent in search of the truth i've traded all my poetry for prose trying to make myself feel alive if thats all i ever wanted is that such a crime leave it up to me to have all these dreams but no one to share them with leave it up to me to have all these games but no one to play them with but i'll rock until the planets drop ill rip until the mountains roll i'll ride until day the is done don't you know? Well i'd leave all the games i'd give up the plans for a symphony i got all the angles i got all the hooks but i have nothing without your looks i imagined myself too many times holding you in my arms if that ain't something than i am nothing and this is all a dream I found myself an angel leaving with the strangest man Copyright 2013 © Ryan Foss
  20. Yep. It's me. I'm in England. Well, I am now. Born in Surrey, UK, we moved to Stillwater, Minnesota in 1974, which is where I spent my formative years. And it didn't do me any harm! Anyway, I'm on iTunes now. Does this mean I'm the first Stillwaterian to be on iTunes?
  21. Hi everyone, my name is Math (Madel) I'm from Belgium and I'm an amateur singer/ songwriter. I'm interested in sharing my music with other people and having criticism on it to improve in my musical skills
  22. Ey Guys, This is a song I write for the drummer of my (ex-)band. He broke up with his girlfriend and asked me to write about it. Curious to hear your critique. Lyrics: Broken view There is this Island I lived on I was making plans Based on the beauty of my view One rock in the sea To stabilize, to complete the sea The real world is a dream world on the shore Broken rock A broken view There is nothing on the shore The view just stays the same for years Lights shine on the shore The rock is blocking all my view The distance’s coming close The time goes by, the rock stands still Trust? The dream world is a real world on the shore Broken rock A broken view Alcohol is on the shore
  23. Hi, Here is my newly recorded acoustic song called "like you" Recorded on an 8 track
  24. Hi all, My name is Psyve and I am a singer songwriter currently located in Bahrain. I have been writing and playing my own music for over 35 years now. Look forward to listening to what others are doing and sharing some music on this site. Regards, Psyve
  25. Here's a song that I recorded last year. This forum seems to have a lot of individual singer songwriters so I thought this one would be a good one to seek feedback on. Any comments, advice and feedback would be appreciated. Lyrics are below. Thanks! Go to Waste ********************* Just do what comes natural Let thoughts run free Cause in the end it will never be So remarkable So noteworthy Cause in the end it will never be never be Just let it settle in And slowly bleed Across the lines until they're all blurry It'll come to me afterwards You know it will I just need to stop thinking about it until How many things have I started And let slip away, slip away How many things have I started And let go to waste, go to waste Just do what comes natural Come on, get out of here This is the end Cause who the f*ck am I to pretend