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  1. I've got lots to learn. I am not a performer, but I do sing in a worship team at my church and record my songs into a recorder. I used to belong to a a small church of older folks and led familiar hymns, often a capella because the pianist passed away and the organist had some major health issues. Last fall, my life got crazy and I had to make some changes in my life. One of them was moving to a church closer to home. At this church, I joined the worship team--much more fun than singing alone and lots of musicians/vocalists. I'm not the leader (which I like) and I'm not singing EVERY Sunday, I like singing with others because its fun, I like the harmonizing and I get a little bit of a vocal break when singing with others and its just much easier than singing (leading) alone every weekend. Anyway, prior to the service, we practice once through as a team. What I noticed after practicing is that partway through the service, my throat starts to get dry and feels a little raw. It doesn't happen all the time, but seems to happen a lot more lately (also in my mid 40s if that affects things). That made me wonder, How do performers sing night after night for hours sometimes? Perhaps I'm not singing right. I've never had the cha-ching $$$ to take any lessons (remember, I'm a writer who sings, not a performer), so seeing someone sing for hours blows me away at how its possible. The other thing....Did anyone see the Macy Day parade where Taylor Swift sang live? How did she not kill her vocals doing that? It was freezing cold! How can you "warm" vocals under those circumstances? I've also noticed everything flows better in warm weather or after having a warm drink, but everything constricts in the cold! At least for me!
  2. SUPPORT NEEDED !!!!! FOR ONLINE FACEBOOK SINGING CONTEST Hi everybody, I'm in this facebook contest. Would really appreciate if u could go to this link like,comment and share if u like the video. Forward it around too. singing is my passion. Do help spread the msg around. Tq so much! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1855878314634518&id=1841922472696769
  3. So for those of you who have been on this forum for some time, this is my third song and am exploring yet another genre. Its more "pop"ish, with a hint of Ed Sheeran, but also a nice bass line that gives it a dance-y vibe! Would love critique of the song as a whole!
  4. Thanks for checking out my cover! Drop me a like on youtube if you enjoyed it! I'll be pumping out a lot more. Stay tuned =) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXakB4k4fSE
  5. Let me know what you think and drop a like on youtube if you enjoyed it=)
  6. Let me know what you think!
  7. Hey Guys! Please give me some feedback on this cover I just created! If you like it please subscribe =D
  8. Hello everyone, Excitedly and humbly presenting my song, 'Fade Away'. Please view/listen and give your critique on lyrics, music, playing, singing, video... Looking forward to hear your constructive criticism to learn and better. Thank you, Priyan 'Fade Away' Lyrics: It's a nice morning To fade away There are winds calling To sail away Am I through with the blues Changing hues of the truth Can I fade away Then my words stumble And they fall And I see the writing On the wall As we go down life's road Searching for the pot of gold Can I stay away Plenty of voices fill the air The louder you scream, the more you're heard I wanna blank out all the noise Ride away from all the choice Where I just can be me It's a nice morning To fade away There are winds calling To sail away
  9. HI

    My name is Isaias I am 30 years old from the USA, and I currently live in Northern California. I have played piano since I was 7 years old. In high school and college I sang in many different choirs and acapella groups most notably The Innocent Men from the University of WI Eau Claire. I also play tuba, guitar, and various ethnic instruments. I went to college for 3.5 years, and after changing my major for a 3rd time left. The prospect that going to college and being 45,000 USD in debt with no job prospects scared the crap out of me. so I left school 7 years ago moved to California, Got a job working with at risk youth, and started doing theater. Most of the theater was for non profit groups as volunteer, but I was lucky enough to win a regional award for local theater in the Sacramento area (Best supporting actor in a musical Avenue Q). I was also blessed getting some opportunities performing for a local cabaret theater (Basically glorified Karaoke), but it paid and that was an amazing experience. Getting a check for going up on stage and making people laugh and have a good time it clicked. I figure I spent my 20's trying to figure out who I am, and I hope to spend my 30's acting on it. I want to be a songwriter more then anything. If I can look back on my life 10 years from now I want to be able to say that at the very least I chased my goal and it was a dead end for me. I have a youtube channel, and plan on posting a new video at least once a week. the name of the channel is Day2Take1 which is a metaphor for getting up and trying again. Thank you Shine Always Shine Away
  10. So I have two songs on the internet right now and here they are on my soundcloud which I will link in a second. I wrote these songs very differently, Brand New Company was a melody and then I found a chord progression to fit it, and I mixed and matched different vocal patterns and lyrics to the same rhythm. It worked out really well but there wasn't a lot of diversity, but all in all I think it is a good song (Check it out.) All for you was written on the guitar and then I matched lyrics and a melody to it, actually a few melodies, just too different strumming patterns. The chorus is the only part where I actually change the chord progression, and I like that because its the catchiest part so it is nice that there are changes and it sounds good together, it's almost happy but still matches the songs! That was just a little insight to how I have been songwriting, there are obviously much more songs too come, if you are interested please check out my youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyYKBCayJ0ap2v6bvtvVZXw And my soundcloud for studio versions! -
  11. Breathing is one of the most neglected aspects of vocal training. That's pretty ironic since breathing is the most fundamental process when it comes to speech and singing. Some would like to assume that there is not much to breathing and that it is pretty straight forward since we breathe all the time. But, proper breathing and support plays an extremely vital role in allowing you to sing powerfully and with ease. Practicing diaphragmatic breathing and including it in your everyday vocal routine will significantly improve your singing by creating a steady and consistent flow of air. The following article deals with a few tips and exercises to help you on your way to better singing. http://www.songstuff.com/vocals/article/breathing_exercises/ Be sure to share and like the article if you find it useful. If you have any questions, feel free to discuss it on the Songstuff Community Forums.
  12. It is not enough for a singer to be able to stay in pitch and remember the lyrics to give an impressive performance to the audience. A true performer is the one who can deliver a song confidently and expressively, whether it be inside a studio or in front of an audience within a live stage set-up. There is very strong proof that the confidence of a singer on stage directly affects the quality of the vocal performance in terms of pitch, expression and power. Building confidence takes time and experience of being on stage. But there maybe a few things that you could try or keep in mind to accelarate that process. The following article deals with those tips and tricks that you could use to build confidence for the stage. http://www.songstuff.com/vocals/article/5_tips_to_improve_confidence_on_stage/ Be sure to share and like the article if you find it useful. If you have any questions, feel free to discuss it on the Songstuff Community Forums.
  13. Though it might not be an absolute necessity for a singer to have a wide vocal range, it does prove to be a huge asset when it comes to giving a powerful and emotional performance. Singers such as Freddie Mercury (Queen), Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) and Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge) are great examples of singers who've shown vocal power and range being used to its maximum potential. Even for an experienced singer, the vocal range cannot be expanded in a day or two. It needs consistent and dedicated vocal routines and the right technique used in combination. The following article presents you with a few exercises and tips to help you expand your range without pushing and straining your voice but through the application of correct and proven techniques. http://www.songstuff.com/vocals/article/3_ways_improve_your_singing_range/ Be sure to share and like the article if you find it useful. If you have any questions, feel free to discuss it on the Songstuff Community Forums.
  14. Vocal warm-ups are an invaluable practice and some would even say, an absolute necessity when it comes down to being a professional or semi-professional singer. I'm sure there is no one here who would want to settle for a mediocre performance or for something that could easily be made better with proper vocal practice. One of the most important realizations I've had as a singer-songwriter and a performing musician is that I'm able to express better and to move the audience better when I'm at ease with the songs I'm singing. While singing a song, if the singer is too worried (and distracted) about whether he or she will hit that high note or whether that vibrato can be easily sustained, then the emotional quality of the performance maybe compromised. The following article deals with a few tips and exercises that maybe used in your warm-up routine to help you deliver a powerful performance! http://www.songstuff.com/vocals/article/vocal_warm_ups/ Be sure to share and like the article if you find it useful. If you have any questions, feel free to discuss it on the Songstuff Community Forums.
  15. I've been learning the guitar and started doing a little songwriting. Mostly folk type stuff. I feel like my lyrics and melodies are really good, but be tough but honest in my critiques- I can take it. I know my singing isn't great and I could definitely use help in that area. I've never performed for anyone before except my family and I don't want a career out of this-just for fun. I'm also looking forward to meeting some like-minded people. Thanks for letting me join!
  16. Hello i am Marc, born in 1987 and fascinated in singing and recording songs I am from Luxembourg / Europe and want to share my Coverversions with you Music is my passion and a very big habbit of mine, like all i love to share and listen to new songs and nice work. Kind Regards and a good time My Youtube Profile --> https://www.youtube.com/user/f1r3 Marc W. aka firef0xlu
  17. https://soundcloud.com/mrsick2/mr-slick-dont-wanna-see-u-cry Out Of Ten What Would You Rate This Song Mr. Slick - Don't Wanna See You Cry © Chorus Don't wanna see you cry baby drys your eyes honey dont let your life pass you by its time for you to cross that line. My girly Ohhh, my girly dont wanna see you cry dont wanna see you cry nooo V1 Tell me what is wrong with you (tell me what is wrong, wrong) baby you need somthing new (new in your heart, heart) Tell me what is going on you need to leave that joker alone (You need to leave, Need to leave) and come on over here to my arms Pre-c Come on here girl, come on over here i wont hurt you come on over here i will love you come on over girl, ohhhhh V2 Tell me what you gonna do if he comes back to you Tell me what is going on, i tell you right now you need to leave that joker alone ohhh Bridge Dont wanna see you cry... Dont wanna see you cry noooo, ohhhh.
  18. I just finished this one up this week. https://soundcloud.com/jd-tate/its-you It's You It’s not the reason I stay up at night It’s not belief that I can win the fight It’s not some courage that I summon at will It’s not the shoes that I hope to fill Oh – It’s you It’s always knowing the next step to take It’s understanding what we’ve got at stake It’s never needing what you can’t receive It’s not retreating when you want to leave Oh – It’s you It’s not regretting what you used to have It’s not pursuing what somebody else has I don’t believe in the wisdom of youth I'm growing old and I've learned the truth Oh – It’s you Oh – It’s you
  19. Hey. I recently discovered that my voice is most comfortable in the key of c and a minor. I've been playing guitar for a while and I have never really found a song that I can sing well with the exception being after all by the david crowder band. I need to find more songs that I can sing. Suggestions?
  20. PART I The following 2000 word essay explores my singalongs and my two-2 ring binders: 1943 to 2014. What follows is the story of the gradual evolution of singalongs and singalong booklets in my life: 1943 to 2014. Both my mother and father had been involved in singalongs before I was born. In my prenatal, neonatal, and childhood life singalongs were part of my environment and my lived-experience. The first booklets of music in my life, at least those I remember, go back to 1950 when I was five years old. The first booklet of music that I put together myself in order to run singalongs was in the late 1960s, in 1968 when I was twenty-four. From about 1950 to about 1965, my years of growing up in the family home, I ran along on the singalong booklets of others: my parents', my friends’ and, of course by the decade 1959 to 1969, TV’s and radio's many-idiomed and formatted aural-texts. During the period of more than 70 years, then, from 1943 to 2014, I have been involved in singalongs in one form or another. In the years of this 3rd millennium, 2001 to 2014, singalongs using booklets of songs I created took place for the most part at an aged care facility, an Australian government-funded aged care home, called the Ainslie House. This collection of buildings is located beside the Tamar River, an estuary, that runs beside George Town and Low Head in Tasmania. The residents of this home in this the oldest town in Australia, live in a modern and attractive facility about one kilometre from the Bass Strait, an extension of the Great Southern Ocean at the other end of the world from where I was born and grew to maturity in southern Ontario Canada. I have been in at least two dozen aged-care buildings in my life. In the late 1990s I taught aged-care studies at a Technical and Futher Education college in Perth Western Australia. These are places where home--at least in one of the main styles of facility--means living with many other people under one roof, getting used to other people doing some of the everyday things you might have done previously for yourself and by yourself or with your immediate family. These places for the old and the dieing require a working-out of new balances between one’s need for privacy and the inevitable community nature of such a life. There are now, of course, an increasing variety of such facilities which this short essay will not attempt to explore in any detail. Aged-care facilities are slowly becoming an increasing presence across our culture as war-babies like myself and baby-boomers all come into their late adulthood(60 to 80), and old age(80+) incrementally year after year beginning early in this 3rd millennium. Any child born in the first year of WW2, that is, in 1939, was seventy-four in 2014. Aged-care was becoming very quickly a vast industry. PART 2 So it was that leading singalongs with the very old was, in some ways, a natural event. In 2014 I was 70. This is an age of many of the residents of this aged-care facility here in Tasmania. So I was right at home as I sang my songs. I had been a lecturer in aged-care studies programs where I finished my teaching career in an Australian technical and further education college. I dealt with students studying aged-care and other specialist training programs in various human services certificate and diploma courses. I became, as I had so often before, “an instant expert†in a field about which I had previously known very little. I became a quasi-expert in more and more subjects as the years went on in my teaching career. The process tends to be the opposite of PhD studies in which one knows more and more about less and less---or so it is often said. A range of different levels of care as well as specialist services are available here in these buildings, this aged-care facility. This facility is beside a river, the Tamar River, an estuary, Port Dalrymple, a stone's throw from the Bass Strait. It's under one management and organizational structure: high and low level care, short and long term care, independent unit and shared accommodation, transitional as well as particular and multi-service care are all available under one roof. Care and services such as: respite care, care for particular cultural needs and health conditions, care for end-of-life clients, for war veterans, for the socially and financially disadvantaged, for the mentally-ill and for people living in rural or remote areas. PART 3 To a lesser extent I also led singalongs in the years 1999 to 2005 in the Baha’i community. I had, by 2005, been associated with the Baha'i Faith for six decades. By 2005 my singalongs with Baha'i groups were rare occasions but, it was my hope that they would increase in my life in the Baha'i community when and if my health improved. My final singalongs in classrooms took place as my teaching in FT, PT and volunteer teaching wound down in that same decade. These singalongs became rare events in my last years in Perth Western Australia in large Baha’i communities and the smaller ones in northern Tasmania where I lived after 1999, and in the several classrooms where I taught. During the first 15 years that I lived in Tasmania during my early retirement, 1999 to 2014, guitar-playing and singalongs slipped to the far periphery of my life with one main bastion of singing-activity with the old and dieing. In the last three years, and settling-in to a new cocktail of medications for my bipolar disorder, I have only played twice with an audience of some 30 people at this local aged-care facility, Ainslie House. The Distraction Therapists at Ainslie, the ladies who invite me to play and entertain the troops, tell me their work-load is too heavy to develop the music and entertainment program for the residents. In some ways it was fitting that the last few years of the singalongs in my life, 2002-2014, involved mostly senior citizens, the aged, old people, those in late adulthood(60 to 80) and old age(80++)--here in George Town, as I say above, Australia’s oldest town. I used large-print songbooks published in the UK with a small singing group, choir was not quite the right word, until 2005. I say “fitting†because the content of these booklets was mainly for the two generations born before WW2--in the first four decades of the twentieth century—the earliest years in Canada and Australia of the activity of the Baha’i community, the religious community I have been associated with now for more than 60 years. The Baha'i Faith began in Canada in 1898 and in Australia in 1921. By 2010, though, the material in my two volumes, my two 2-ring binders, that I used for singalongs was for all age groups. There are very few songs that originated in the period, the two generations that were born in the last 40 years, my years since arriving in Tasmania, from 1974 to 2014. The group born in the years after about 1974, the year I arrived in Tasmania, will find few songs that were popular from their years of listening experience in these two binders. I did not listen to the music of those two generations. For the music of some two generations(1974 to 1994 and 1994 to 2014), of the great mass of popular music; for example, the songs of groups like Abba, among a host of others, I never bought the sheet music nor did I learn how to play the songs in some personally inventive way by figuring out the chords. So it was that, by 2014, I did not know the songs of those under forty well enough to sing them in groups informally in the Baha’i community or in any other communities of which I was a part as a teacher in primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions, as an adult educator, as a quasi-entertainer or as a person in one of a number of other roles I have had during those years. PART 4 The resources in these music booklets, these files, this collection, are here for singalongs in the groups I am involved with as I head, in 2014, through the last decade(70 to 80) of late adulthood(60 to 80), and finally, old age(80++), if I last that long. I have multiple copies of what I have come to call 'the music of other interest groups'--for those not familiar with the Baha’i musical experience, booklets of songs I put together for students in classrooms where I used to teach as well as other groups. I have many editions of song books in multiple copy form that I made for Baha’i groups, as I say, as far back as the late 1980s. Songbooks from the previous two decades, the years 1970 to 1990, and the two decades before that, 1950 to 1970, have all been lost, or they have been thrown away. Many just disappeared into the sands of time, the time that has been my life, as it has slipped irretrievably from my grasp. These musical experiences called singalongs have returned to my life now here in George Town in recent years, but only on the rarest of occasions. In July 2008, some six years ago now, I put together a package/booklet of 75 songs as requested by the local aged-care centre. Who knows when and who knows where and how these singalongs will develop in these years of my late adulthood. In the 5 year period, July 2009 to July 2014, I only sang four times at this old-age home. My wife and son had become more than a little tired of hearing the same old stuff back in the 1980s and 1990s, and when I sang at home it was in our spare bedroom with the door shut. I am not a particularly talented guitarist and it is understandable that my wife and son have got tired of hearing all these old songs, this repertoire of mine. Singing in groups seemed to become passe, perhaps even to become seen as declasse or lower in social status/standing in the wider society or at least many sectors of the wider society that I came to live and have my being in by the 1990s and 2000s. Of course, this is not true everywhere in the 1000s of cities, towns and hamlets across the planet. Part 4.1 This form of self-entertainment and group entertainment that does not rely on the electronic media is far from dead and I feel it will again be part of my life in these years before my demise, my passing from this mortal coil. In some ways it has been fitting, as I say, that most of the singalongs I have been part of in the last 15 years, 2000 to 2014, have involved residents of a home for those in aged-care, for people on their last legs. I often thought that American writer William Faulkner's spirit may have been present in those sing alongs. I often thought, too, as I led these old folks in song that the spirit Faulkner had when he wrote his now famous book As I Lay Dieing may just be at the back of the leisure-social-room where we had our singalongs; perhaps this great writer, this winner of a Nobel prize in literature, hangs around the ceiling or occupied another place in these rooms. Perhaps he was outside just by the windows where the poet-historian Arnold Toynbee says we are peopled by the lives, the unseen, unknown, unobserved souls, millions upon billions of souls at just one remove, one step, beyond our senses in a land of lights never to return to this earth, its beauties and its uglinesses, its bitter-sweetnesses and its joys. These people who now sing along with me from time to time all lay, sat up or palely loitered about, dieing slowly. Each month that I went back to this old-folks home during the latter years of these singalongs someone else had died, sometimes two or three had died or had moved to the very edge of their final hour. Some sat in some state of increased decrepitude to the state I had observed in my previous visit; some looked brighter and more alert. Sometimes I was brighter and more alert. The term ‘old-folks home’ was the term we used to call these places for the old and dieing when I was a kid. And of course it was just that, a home, the last for those who were old. It was their home, their last home on this earthly plane. PART 5 Slowly I got to know many of the names of these souls, got to know their life stories, their particular ailments in great detail—as some old people are want to tell you to the nth degree of finitude. I also got to know a little of their philosophies and their religious proclivities. The resources in my personally prepared, tenderly fostered, not-oft-used-and-repeated booklets of singing material that are here in my files, my collections, are getting a new, an occasional, lease on life. They had often been kept, in this first decade of the 3rd millennium, tightly sealed with a big rubber-band around them, in keeping for a future time when singalongs would once again return to my life. These singalongs would one day return to the groups I was involved with in these years of my late adulthood and what would become, finally, old age. The rubber bands are now off and its action-stations for singalongs once again. Perhaps, when I get my own life on medications sorted I will be more use in the singalong world. Old age begins, say some human development psychologists, at the age of 80. I've come to like that model since the 1990s when I was a teacher of a psychology course on human development. This model gives me now, as it has given me in the last decade, many more years before the onset of old age. As things stand now in 2014, I have another 10 years before I'm actually, officially, or shall I say psychologically, in theory at least, de facto, old. So, I have plenty of years left, potentially, for singalongs. Perhaps they may still be in my life in the 2040s, the decade when I become a centenarian. We shall see what those mysterious dispensations of a Watchful Providence provide in this the evening of my life as nightfall gradually approaches and “I go into a hole for those who speak no more,†as that great prophetic Precursor of Baha'u'llah, the Báb, once expressed life's experience of one's final hour so very graphically and so literally in His voluminous writings back in the 1840s. Ron Price 29/6/10 to 20/5/'14.
  21. Mr. Slick - My Girl (The Temptation Cover) https://soundcloud.com/mrsick2/mr-slick-my-girl-the-temptations-cover Mr. Slick - My Girl (The Temptation Cover Acapella) https://soundcloud.com/mrsick2/mr-slick-my-girl-the-temptation-cover-acapella How I Sound Good Or Bad?
  22. I'm new to singing (I pretty much got into it six months ago when I started learning the guitar) and would love constructive criticism on how to improve my voice and technique from more experienced singers. Feel free to be mean if necessary, I'm aware that my singing is far from prefect and I have no real technical training. It would also be really helpful if someone could tell me if I'm an alto, mezzo or soprano etc. I'm not looking to become a professional, I just love to sing for fun alone and with my friends and want to improve my voice. Here's my soundcloud and a few quick recordings that may give you a idea of my singing: https://soundcloud.com/tiinamaria Thanks if you take the time to respond!
  23. I've been trying to cultivate a vibrato instead of holding out straight notes. Is this something I either have or don't have, or is it something I can learn? What are your thoughts?
  24. https://soundcloud.com/mrsick2/mr-slick-loving-you Here is a song i made for a PreSonus contest, I hope I win what do you guys think of it?
  25. Here is one of my songs from my album "Incredible" Free download for the song on Soundcloud, tell me what you think all feedback is welcomed. https://soundcloud.com/mrsick2/in-my-arms-2014