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Found 2 results

  1. I'm Not the Bad Guy

    Hi folks Here's a new song that I wrote and recorded. Nits and crits welcome. I'm Not the Bad Guy Written and performed by Staypress V1 I'm sick of saying sorry for things I did not do I'm tired of building bridges so I can get to you V2 I feel like I've been branded a monster among men I think I'll build a time machine and put it right again. Ch I'll admit your jealousy didn't bring out the best in me But I'm not the bad guy i don't deny I lost my cool, being made to feel a fool But I'm not the bad guy V3 I'm tired of feeling guilty for things I should have done I'm sick of being sorry for fights I never won Ch Middle bit I'd be the first to admit I was wrong If you'd allow me to talk that long The thought of you was heavenly, reality was hell Who's the guilty party? You know damn well Ch to end
  2. Abigail

    Hi Folks Here's a song I wrote and recorded - nits and crits welcome. Abigail Written and performed by Staypress Verse 1 There was a time, before my prime when friends were hard to come by I must admit, it hurt a bit and made me wonder why Prechorus Before you appeared my life was a mess I was a loner I have to confess Then you found me and opened my eyes I learned to love to my surprise Chorus Abigail, you beautiful thing You light up my day in a wonderful way and never ask for a thing Abigail you beautiful thing There's never a day when you don't make me say 'You make my heart sing' Verse 2 I found it hard to be off my guard - quite a sad existence So in you came to shelter from the rain, the path of least resistance Prech Chorus Middle bit I fed you I bathed you i had you spayed You're such a great cat I'm glad you stayed Chorus to end