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Found 9 results

  1. Here is a Lullaby that I can't stop listening to. But to keep YOU awake the finish is rather intense. And since I love folklore in my own clothes this might be my musical Lotus...: https://soundcloud.com/user-892939153/sleep-sweet-jonatan-lullaby-for-strings-and-wind
  2. Tribute to Liverpool

    This tune arose during a visit to one of my favorite cities: Liverpool. After the amazing football match I was wandering around its cultural environment. Hopefully it reflects some of the emotions: https://soundcloud.com/user-892939153/liverpool-liverpool
  3. I made music using the crying laughing emoji! 😂 This is my first attempt at creating a MIDI drawing that actually sounds good. It ended up being an epic orchestral piece with jazzy chords! What do you think? 👌🏼💯🔥
  4. Problems With Guitar Strings

    So something really odd has been happening when I tune my guitar. Normally strings snap because they are tightened too tightly BUT my high E string, including the one I applied that's less than a month old, snapped today when tuning down to a D. Why is this happening?
  5. Stars

    Hello gang. This is a song that is a bit of a different sound for me. I've never put it on anything that I've released, probably because it's so different from my usual attitude. I've always thought it had some merit though. Just wanted to share it and hear your opinions. It was recorded a while ago and maybe not up to my current standards. I still have the tracks though and can make edits. That said any and all feedback is welcome and hoped for. This introduction is longer than the song I dreamed the stars up in the sky were summer days that passed us by and the flowers and the loon were disappearing like the moon and in my fright, compelled into the darkness I ran down the hallway to your door Cold and trembling in the light I tried to tell you about my night and how the stars up in the sky are summer days that passed us by and just then there came a flash across the window and you said look... they're coming down again They're coming down again. They're falling down
  6. Finally got to work on this today. It's kind of finished but even now I'm spotting things. It's a bit ( a lot) self indulgent, but I didn't quite make the 10 minute mark Holly Holly, speak to me Holly And tell me that everything’s right Are you warm in the night? I miss you so much and I long for your touch Holly, speak to me Holly. Holly, you’ll never know how much I love you You laid in my arms and you smiled up at me. I still can’t believe just how cruel life can be Oh Holly, I miss you my Holly Holly, speak to me Holly And tell me there’s someone to hold you When you start to cry I suppose it was meant but I still don’t know why Oh Holly, speak to me Holly You will always be in my dreams You will always be part of my sea You will always be with me You were always meant to be
  7. Swallows In Flight

    So, here's another song about animals. I am in the wrong season again, as this is an autumn song. I think this is just a demo. I showed it to some people, and they thought it was a bit too fancy. But I'm very happy with how the composition turned out, myself. So I need your input. Btw, I don't know what John Lennon meant with "I am the eggman," but I thought the line was fitting in a song about birds... Riddle: what is the similarity between this song, and "White Christmas"? Lyrics: 1. Have you seen all the birds taking off on their journey, trembling of premonition as autumn times are near? 2. Melancholical feeling: they go south to abundance, they go south to the summer, while I am staying here. CHORUS: I'm gliding through open air, born of boundlessness, and free. Drunk on the shining sun on way to wonderful heavens. Gliding through open air, other birds are all I see, cloud of abundant life. And death may come, I am ready. I am the eggman, following unknown senses that guide me over the waters. I'm gliding through open air, born of boundlessness, and free. Drunk on the shining sun on way to wonderful heavens. 3. Every bird's life is hard: almost all of those swallows will be dead before reaching their wished for destiny. CHORUS.
  8. Hi There Everyone! I'm new here, my name is George. I was signed with Sony Indonesia and was planning to record / produce an album of 10 classical crossover songs. Arrangements, lyrics and actual composition were all by me. I had 2 concerts set up: one to attract sponsors, and the other an album debut. In March, 2013, I performed in my sponsorship concert, and started recording for the album which was set to launch in May, 2013, but I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer with severe metastasis. I had to abandon my album and my deal and am now am in Canada, undergoing treatment. However, if it all goes well, I'll be back to my music by Christmas . I have recordings of the live performance of TWO songs on YouTube and would love it if I ACTUALLY got some feedback from North American audiences. The first one: "How can you say our time has come?" is at : The second one: "Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue" is at: Pardon the bad sound quality. We didn't think it was necessary to actually record the sponsorship concert professionally, since we had the album and debut concert planned, but it's really all that I have of my work during my time in Indonesia. My music emphasizes "organic"-ness. Everything in the music is arranged and actually played out on an instrument: the quartet section, the guitar, the bass, the drums, back-up vocals, choir vocals, etc. Feel free to PM or e-mail me! Thanks All! © 2013 George Edward Chan All Rights Reserved.
  9. Hello, everyone! I am about 1/4 of the way through shooting a documentary about the history of the Western Church. The film, titled Isaac, the Roman, should be in post-production at the end of 2012. My username, Yarko, is a fictional character that goes through life attracted to all of the things his culture forbids. The essence I am trying to capture in the score for this film is an analogy of a boy who loses his spiritual innocence growing up in a strict church environment and having been prevented from properly exploring the work around him and coming to his own conclusions. Track one (Yarko, the Red) is the opening credits theme track and track two (Yarko’s Reprise) is the closing credits track. The film itself is shot in documentary style with interviews with scholars, members of churches and those who have left church as a result of some sort of disillusionment. I also include interviews with non-theists who have had little to no experience at all in church and even some who are outright hostile to the very notion of church. Interspersed throughout are dramatic visual reenactments (no dialog) and some pretty slick color and light treatments (think 300, HBO's Rome series and any of the Tarsem Singh films). It should be fairly unique among films of its kind. The "Isaac" in the title represents the Jewish nature of the first Christians and that personification begins to change (hence, the Roman) as he experiences Hellenism, philosophy, science, Constantinian-Rome and many other cultural changes. There will also be a book (Kefa, the Greek) which will encompass the 300 years before the church but that is of little consequence here. The soundtrack will be titled...yup...you guessed it!...Yarko, the Red. It would be helpful to see the trailer for the film to really get into the critique. I will attempt to post the trailer link tomorrow afternoon. Until, have a listen to both tracks and feel free to comment. Here's what I am looking for: 1. My hope is that the music score will create an atmosphere of moving forward through challenges as well as elements of defiance in the face of tyranny - with the protagonist experiencing defeat in many case but always pushing onward and upward. 2. Production is an issue when it comes to symphonic scores. If you have experience in this genre, by all means, let me know what needs improvement (realizing I haven't yet gone to post-production; I'm certain there is plenty to critique and now is the time!). 3. Yarko's Reprise: Imagine watching the last few seconds of the film. Does it feel like it resolves anything - or does it feel like it wants to keep telling the story? 4. Yarko, the Red: This one may be re-written after the first 1:30 of the song. I don't like how the strings interact towards the end. Feel free to tear into this one. It should be the more emotional of the two. Other than that, all comments are welcome! I grew up with a classical pianist for a mother. But mom's always say "that's nice son! Such a talented boy!" Bah! Thanks, mom. I really have no training in this area. Any and all pros (and even those who just have an ear for theatrical scores) jump right in. I'm looking for intuition from movie fans as well. How does it feel? Here are a few specs: I babied these tracks like you wouldn't believe. I think my control-freak nature clawed its way through and really man-handled this process. I hand-crafted and manipulated each note until it sounded as close to convincing as I could get it. If anyone knows a better way - please let me know! We can't have a phony-sounding musical score in this film. Composed using Pro Tools 9 Midi Controller: M-Audio Axiom 49 Strings: East-West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition Choir and Solo Strings: Miroslav Philharmonik Orchestra & Choir Workstation Piano: Native Instruments Berlin Concert Grand Now, the links (please turn your speakers or cans down first as these are hot recordings and I don't see a volume control on these players - I don't want your precious ears getting bludgeoned!): Yarko's Reprise: http://www.johnsilveronline.com/Yarko_Reprise.mp3 Yarko, the Red: http://www.johnsilveronline.com/YarkotheRed.mp3 I'll re-post to this thread once I upload the trailer for the film (rough as it is right now). That will give you are much better feel for the whole thing. Thanks again, everyone. I look forward to the insight of this innovative group of musicians. You've all been brilliant thus far. - John